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Bobby Matos Sextet at Jazz Live San Diego 2010.06.29

Bobby Matos Sextet at Jazz Live San Diego 2010.06.29
Blog Name: Jazz LiveAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: June 29, 2010
Some photos from the show...

Here's the chat log from the show...

Hello! This is Vince and I'm about to go frontstage to introduce Jazz Live San Diego and Bobby Matos Sextet!

19:45 outlawv I'll be back after I kick off the show!

20:10 outlawv OK...back upstairs in the perch...picture from on top coming soon...the first tune written by violinist Daniel Weinstein was called Flunky...or Phlunky...must be something to do with Latin Funk!

20:12 outlawv Mark Weinstein wrote that last tune...which Bobby didn't name on the stage.

20:13 outlawv Tune 3 of the set, from Beautiful As The Moon...a yiddish tune...

20:18 outlawv great violin work by Daniel Weinstein...and a quote from something yiddish at the end too...

20:21 outlawv Oh...and that last tune was called "Beautiful As The Moon"

20:21 outlawv ...and now they are doing "Blue Monk" (I think that's the Monk tune we are listening too)...

20:24 outlawv Daniel sets down his violin and plays the trombone on this one. Bobby playing the sides of his timbales.

20:27 outlawv Nice mellow intro and kicking it up mid-tune!

20:30 outlawv Oh..."Monks Mood" was the tune...Bobby saw Monk tap dancing in front of the 5 Spot in NYC back in the day..

20:32 outlawv Mongo Parasas Matamor Mambo...not quite right...searching...that was Bobby dancing on stage that the crowd dug!

20:34 outlawv Nice solo by pianist Theo Sanders....

20:36 outlawv Tune: <no title> written by the sax player in the band, Pablo Calogero...

20:37 outlawv I think I'll ask Bobby about his early switch from Conga to Timbale AND about his playing on Jim Croce's "I Got A Name" album...for that San Diego Jazz (club) connection...that's coming up in 23 minutes....

20:39 outlawv AFter the sax solo, a little bit of muted trombone from Daniel. The band list is

20:42 outlawv No intro on this tune...just sticks to kick it off!

20:43 outlawv host of the show, I always get a bit scared when the band runs through lots of short tunes...they have to play 1 1/2 hours straight, so I worry...We've had artists run out of tunes before the gig is done...we'll see!

20:49 outlawv Bobby tunes us in with the cosmic music from above...and lots of hours sitting on the piano composing...

20:49 outlawv Tune: Early Morning Song...that's when it came to him!

20:50 outlawv 10 minutes to Legal ID and Q&A...

20:53 outlawv OK...I'll have to see if they are going to do another tune before the break...from back...woa...great 'bone solo by Daniel...and now Theo working the keys!

21:09 outlawv Back after the break...added a shout out and Bobby's props to Jack Costanzo, Mr. Bongo, I believe!

21:11 outlawv Catching up on tunes...sort of...

21:11 outlawv Tune (before break): Nice ballad-style opening and closing with flute and violin...didn't get the name.

21:13 outlawv Tune (after break, now): Herbie Hancock's Maiden Voyage (I believe, he didn't announce, but I should really know that tune after years as Jazz DJ!)...anyway, nice flute work on it by Pablo...and Theo Sanders taking a great piano solo, naturally

21:14 outlawv ...everyone is taking something on this one...violin...and now the congero Robertito...

21:16 outlawv Tune (and right into it too): <no name>, but violin and flute doubling...with a little vocalizing by Bobby...

21:23 outlawv dudes stretching out on that one...woa...

21:23 outlawv Tune (and right into it again): <no name>. I think they are stretching to get to the time limit....

21:23 outlawv Oh...I gotta get down there....

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