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2013-03-04 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: March 4, 2013
The Jazz 88 Music Library gets a varied set of New Jazz Music in for the week of March 4, 2013, including Latin (Aguanko), vocals (New York Voices with the WDR Big Band, Jan Shapiro, and even "Luke Duke" aka Tom Wopat), guitar (John Stein, Dave Haskell), the latest from Clint's little boy Kyle Eastwood and Scott Hamilton, and more...the full list is after the split! Check it all out when it debuts on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw, Monday, March 4, 2013 from 6 to 8 PM PT. 

Here's a great story about pianist and composer artist Mike Prigodich who is releasing his first CD after his experience as a cancer patient...way to go Mike!
2013-02-25 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: February 25, 2013
The bounty of New continues to flow in the Jazz 88 Music Library and this week, in addition to a mix of ensemble sizes from trio to big band and large ensemble and highlights of regional tributes from Indianapolis to Harlem and Afro-Caribbean, we've got probably one of the most ambitiously technical improvisational projects around with Pat Methany's 2 Disc recordings from his Orchestrion Project. We will be debuting as many as we can get to on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw, Monday, February 25, 2013 from 6 to 8 PM PT. The full list of The New is after the split, but here's an excerpt from The Orchestrion Project...

2013-02-18 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: February 17, 2013
WOW...what a HUGE list of New Jazz Music to add to the Jazz 88 Music Library for the week of February 18, 2013! And it ranges from vocals to Big Band, straight-ahead to Brazilian, and standards to LOTS of original compositions...Jazz it ALIVE AND WELL! And we'll be debuting as much as we can on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw, Monday, February 18, 2013 from 6 to 8 PM PT...then check it out all during the coming weeks on Jazz 88! The full list is after the split, but first here is a taste from the new Joe Clark Big Band disc "Lush"....

2013-02-11 Adds To The Jazz88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: February 17, 2013
Missed getting this up before I missed TNJT on 2/11, but want to keep the record complete as possible, so here are the adds for last week, Monday, February 11, 2013 with some fantastic San Diego Jazz (Johnson, Road Work Ahead, Sprague, Thorsen) that I will try and at least mention on 2/18 TNJT...

(Hard core Latin grooves, with an edgy feel to it).

straight-ahead standards).

ROGER CHONG – “LIVE AT THE TRANE” (Guitarist, with an organist, with a live set
of straight-ahead originals and standards).

CHRISTIAN HOWES – “SOUTHERN EXPOSURE” (Violinist, with a tango-infused,
Latin session).

STEPH JOHNSON – “NATRUE GIRL” (Local vocalist/guitarist, doing folky originals
and more jazzy versions of standards).

GRACE KELLY – “LIVE AT SCULLER’S” (Saxophonist/vocalist, with a mostly vocal
live session).

doing the Dave Frishberg songbook).

JEREMY PELT – “WATER AND EARTH” (Trumpeter, in a very edgy contemporary
session ).

BUFORD POWERS – “TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE” (Male vocalist, doing straight-
ahead standards).

ROAD WORK AHEAD – “INTERSECTION” (Legendary quartet, comprised of mostly
locals, doing straight-ahead standards and originals).

HARVIE S – “WITCHCRAFT” (Bassist, with pianist Kenny Barron, performing
straight-ahead standards and originals).

a string and percussion ensemble in all originals).

ROB THORSEN TRIO – “LIVE” (Local bassist, with Joshua White and Duncan Moore,
doing Jazz tunes and standards, a bit on the edgy side).
2013-02-04 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: February 4, 2013
A fantastic mix of New Jazz Music being added to the Jazz 88 Music Library this week, including the latest from Jazz stalwarts Kevin Eubanks, Benny Green, Chris Potter, and Wayne Shorter and styles ranging from guitar-led duos to blowing big bands, and latin grooves to New Orleans-style Brass Bands! And we'll debut it all on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw, Monday, February 4, 2013 from 6 to 8 PM PT! The complete list of New is after the split, but here's a taste of something from Kevin Eubanks "The Messenger"...

2013-01-28 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: January 28, 2013
We've got a great mix of New Jazz Music being added to the Jazz 88 Music Library this week, including the latest from Grammy Award winner Terri Lynne Carrington (her first for last year's "The Mosaic Project"), Jazz Live San Diego guitarist Mimi Fox, and lots more! You can hear it all unwrapped and debuted on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw, Monday, January 28, 2012 from 6 to 8 PM PT! 

Dig Terri Lyne and "Money Jungle: Provacative in Blue"...we are gonna DIG THIS!

The complete list is after the split
2013-01-21 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: January 21, 2013
The 2013 stream of New Jazz Music releases is starting to come in now and we've got a great batch being added this week. You can hear these new releases FIRST on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw, Monday, January 21, 2013 6-8PM PT! The complete list of new is after the split and to get you there, here's a clip from Karen Marguth, whose new release "A Way With Words" features San Diego's Gilbert Castellanos who will be appearing with Karen at Dizzy's San Diego Saturday, January 26, 2013 (and isn't that Eva Scow playing Mandolin on this clip...she just played Jazz Live San Diego with Danny Green a couple weeks back!).
2013-01-07 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: January 7, 2013
Happy New Jazz Year! For the first new adds to 2013, we've got several San Diego (ex-resident pianist Randy Porter w/Madeline Eastman, current-resident trumpeter Gilbert Castellanos on "Skipper" Franklin's new, bassist Bob Magnusson w/Accidental Tourists) and Jazz 88 Jazz Live (Henry "Skipper" Franklin in 2010, Lorraine Feather in 2006) tie-in's to highlight and we'll do that while we sample them all on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw, Monday, January 7, 2013 from 6 to 8 PM PT! The complete list of New comes after the split and to get you started, here's a sample from the gals of Nouveau Stride..

2012-12-03 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: December 3, 2012
It looks like this will be the last batch of New Jazz for 2012, but it comes with a stocking stuffer...New Holiday Jazz! Along with some new straight-ahead, progressive, Brazilian, and vocals, comes lots of New holiday vocal music from the likes of Susie Airioli, Jay Hoggard, and even Dino's daughter Deana Martin with a Big Band...HO HO HO!! Get in the spirit and check out ALL THE NEW on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw, Monday, December 3, 2012 from 6 to 8 PM PT!

The full list is up after the split, but here's a little nutmeg on your nog from Jason Paul Curtis to get you in the mood...
2012-11-19 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Posted on: November 19, 2012
Getting near the end of the year and the New continues...

(Pianist leads an international quartet in a session of all progressive originals).

(Composer & Musical Director bringing together a swinging quintet of soulful
performances. All music composed and arranged by Anthony).

(Young saxophonist with his debut album. A quartet doing compositions of Clancy’s
musical upbringing, including tunes from jazz icons such as Coltrane, Nat King Cole, and
Thomas ‘Fats’ Waller). -

(Pianist leads a trio offering a set of straight-ahead originals and some classic bop tunes.)

(Collective improvising quartet led by this bassist doing all originals inspired by Ernest
Hemingway and his way of writing).

(Afro Latin percussionist, composer/arranger, and Jazz Live performer doing collective
tunes inspired by band members families and influences).

(Canadian trumpeter and California-based saxophonist with their third recording on
the Bicoastal Collective series. The duo combines a quartet of improvisers for a set of
dynamic originals).

(Trumpeter/flugelhorn player and his New York jazz octet doing straight-ahead tunes
arranged and composed by him). -

(New York-based saxophonist/composer leads a sextet presenting a collection of nine
original compositions. Textural and orchestral options stretched out a bit).
2012-11-12 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Marcus Rosario Posted on: November 12, 2012
Here are this week's new adds to the Jazz 88.3 library. Lots of good stuff as always!

Check it out after the jump!

2012-11-05 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: November 5, 2012
Lots of great new Jazz vocals being added to the Jazz 88 Music Library this week, including former San Diegan Cath Eckert (known now as Cat Conner), plus Big Band, Guitar (with and without Organ), some well known players (Houston Person, Frank Kimbrough), and some international Jazz. You can hear it all debuted Monday, November 5, 2012 from 6 to 8 PM PT on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw!

Here's some live video of Cat Connor to wet your whistle for The New...

Complete listing of all this week's NEW after the split...
2012-10-29 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: October 29, 2012
San Diego's own Jason Robinson has just one of the list of great NEW Jazz Music in the library at Jazz 88 this week...there Beatles Brazilian, vocals, progressive, and lots MORE! Hear it for the first time on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw, Monday, October 29, 2012 6-8PM PT! 

Here's some samples, along with some explanation, from Jason...and the complete list is available after the split...
2012-10-22 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: October 22, 2012
It's the Fall Membership Campaign at Jazz 88 this week and the breadth of New Jazz Music made available by paying members illustrates the importance of what we are doing here. We'll be hearing these and talking about the importance of financial support and membership on The New Jazz Thing, Monday, October 22, 2012, 6-8PM PT. 

Here's a taste of what's New this week...the complete list after the split....

2012-10-15 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: October 15, 2012
List mix-up and The New Jazz Thing is just seeing the New along with You. It's happened before. And we got through it just fine. 

The Complete New after the split...
2012-10-08 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: October 8, 2012
Among the treats in the batch of New being added at Jazz 88 this week includes Big Band music featuring Jeff Hamilton, new solo work from The Bad Plus' drummer Dave King, the Harris / Sanchez / Scott "Ninety Miles" guys go Live, and piano legend Mike Longo pays tribute to Diz (his once collaborator) and Miles! Here it all debuted on Monday Night, October 8, 2012, 6-8 PM PT, on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw! Complete list of the New after the the meantime...

Here's a taste from Ninety Miles, Live at Cubadisco...

2012-10-01 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: September 30, 2012
Lots of different New music this week being added to the Jazz 88 Music Library, including The Bad Plus (Jazz Live alums!) adding some electronics, new discs from pianists Cables and Mabern, progressive outings from McCaslin and Mazurek, and San Diego's own Danny Green's New One (interview soon?!), among others. Tune in to hear the debut of these on Jazz 88 on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw, Monday, October 1, 2012, 6-8 PM PT! Here's a little taste from The Bad Plus...

The complete list, descriptions, and videos after the split...
2012-09-24 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: September 23, 2012
Vocals (Brazilian, standards), Latin, Big Band, Solo, and More...and give the Sax Man Some (Maceo's got some new Soul out)! Check out all the new adds to the Jazz 88 Music Library on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw, Monday, September 24, 2012 6-8 PM PT on Jazz 88.3 KSDS San Diego!

Here's the low down on the new Anat Cohen release "Claroscuro"..

Complete list of The New after the split....
2012-09-17 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: September 17, 2012
Fantastic set of New music you will be hearing on Jazz 88 in the coming days and that we debut LIVE on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw, Monday, September 17, 2012 6-8 PM PT! The complete list with some hand-picked videos (thanks Chad!) after this taste from Lionel Loueke and the split...

2012-09-03 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: September 2, 2012

Among the gems being added this week include trombonist Steve Davis' latest, drummer Lewis Nash, and the always great Big Band sounds of The University of North Texas One O'clock Lab Band.

Here's a little taste of the New from Neil Cowley Trio to get you in the mood...

Complete list after the jump...

2012-08-27 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: August 24, 2012
Don't you love it that there are so many NEW and/or unfamilar names added each week to the Jazz 88 Music Library!? This week we've got NEW piano, clarinet, vocal, big band, progressive...alive and well, Jazz is! And we will be debuting these as we do each week on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw, Monday, August 27, 2012!

Here's a taste of the Rob Scheps Big Band doing one of the Ezra Weiss tunes LIVE...

The complete list of this week's new after the jump...

2012-08-20 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: August 20, 2012

Dig the great NEW discs this week from Basile (bari-sax!), Duke music (tribute, that is), drum-man extraordinaire Sinnett, sweet sounding (and too-little recording) Luciana Souza tributing Chet Baker, and last week's TNJT guest (scroll down to hear the interview online) Brian Bromberg gets further more! Here is all debuted on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw, Monday August 20, 2012 6-8 PM PT!

Luciana not only has The Book of Chet, but Duos III also coming out next week...dig...

2012-08-13 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: August 13, 2012
Lots of great New Jazz Music being made including original compositions (Marquis Hill, Fast Citizens), covers of Lennon tunes (Ochipinti), Brazilian (Ben-Hur / Debriano collab), vocals (Sylvia Brooks), progressive large ensemble (Josh Berman), Organ Monk (YEA!)...and an appearance by San Diego's own Gilbert Castellanos (Donald Vega). The complete list after the split. 

Dig the new each week, debuting Monday nights 6-8 PM PT on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw!

Here's a little Organ Monk to get you in the mood for The New!

2012-08-06 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: August 2, 2012
HUGE list of New Jazz Things in the 2012-08-06 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library, including big names like the Brubeck Brothers, Randy Crawford and Joe Sample (with a "Street Life" redo), Dr. Lonnie Smith and Joey D doing their swingingly creative organ things, along with San Diegans (YEA!) with The New from Sue Palmer, Diane Moser, and 7/30/12 TNJT guest Red Fox Tails...along with LOTS MORE NEW! And Marcus Rosario will be sitting in on The New Jazz Thing to spin it all (or as much as can be squeeeeezed into 2 hours), Monday, August 6, 2012, 6-8 PM PT!
2012-07-30 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: July 30, 2012
Adding some New discs this week from some Old hands in the Jazz scene, including John Abercrombie, Marcus Miller, and Avery Sharpe, a double disc from trumpet searcher Christian Scott, the second New Brian Bromberg disc in 2 months, and lots more (complete list after the split)! Check out the debut of the New and more on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw, Monday, July 30, 2012, 6-8 PM PT!

Here's a taste of the "In The Spirit of Jobim" disc from bassist Brian Bromberg..
2012-07-23 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: July 23, 2012
Wide variety of ensembles this week in the adds to the New section of the Jazz 88 Music Library, including sax/piano duet (Clatworthy/Coleman), clarinet/piano duet (Daniel McBreaty), Jazz Harp, groovy contemporary electric Jazz guitar, solo piano, Latin Jazz from an All-Star band (Rodriquez, Woodard, Matos), and much MORE! Tune in to hear it debuted on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw, Monday, July 23, 2012 6-8 PM PT. Full list after the split...
2012-07-16 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: July 14, 2012
Among the New being added this week to the Jazz 88 music library is the latest from Javon Jackson and Tom Harrell, solo piano works from Jessica Williams and Larry Willis, reaching pianist Orrin Evans, several new vocal albums, and a ton of fresh, exciting Jazz music (check out the whole list after the jump)! Get your first listen on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw, Monday, July 16, 2012 6-8 PM PT!

Here's a quick taste of Orrin Evans new disc "Flip The Script"...
2012-07-09 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: July 8, 2012
The new adds this week into the Jazz 88 Music Library include a couple of tribute bands (Ellington Legacy, Spectrum Road tribute to Tony Williams), guitars (Dave Styker with Kevin Mahogany, Grant Geissman, local San Diego slinger Nate Jarrell's newest...busy dude!), Latin Jazz (Miguel Zenon's latest), and lots more! And it all gets unwrapped on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw, Monday, July 9, 2012 6-8 PM PT!

2012-07-02 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Marcus Rosario Posted on: July 2, 2012
Check out the new adds for this week! Be sure to tune into tonight's New Jazz Thing as Michael Rovatsos sits in for Vince Outlaw.

Brazilian Trio Constelacao
(Collective piano trio doing an open-ended style of arrangements of some rare straight-ahead Brazilian tunes). Motema

Todd Clouser's A Love Electric Entre: Selections in Garage Jazz
(Guitarist with his Love Electric group featuring players from South, Central, and North America. Session includes a wide range of edgy avant jazz grooves, delta blues, 70s soul, funk and rock. All originals). Royal Potato Family

Fly Year Of The Snake
(Collective pianoless trio project with each member contributing original tunes. The date offers improvisations with a sound thats closer to contemporary classical music than jazz tradition). ECM

Fundamental Development
(Texas based band (all graduates from University of North Texas) with their debut album. A progressive outing that includes nine original compositions that draws inspiration from many sources ranging from Indian classical music to indie-rock). Armored Records
2012-06-25 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: June 24, 2012
Adding some great New Jazz from some big names (legend and Jazz Live San Diego alum Curtis Fuller, Branford Marsalis, Bela Fleck with Marcus Roberts, local crooner Gregory Page with a Big Band) and new names alike. We will be debuting some of these on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw on Monday, June 25, 2012 6-8 PM PT!

Full list of New Adds after the jump...
2012-06-18 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: June 18, 2012
Dig all the NEW in the Jazz 88 Music Library this week, which we will debut on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw, Monday, June 18, 2012, 6 to 8 PM PT!

RUTH AGUILAR AN INVITATION (Female vocalist, doing a collection of standards and Billie
Holiday tunes).

MIKE ALLEN QUARTET A HIP COSMOS (Saxophonist, leading a quartet, doing straight-ahead

PETER APPLEYARD SOPHISTICATED LADIES (Vibraphonist, heading a session featuring female
Canadian vocalists, doing standards and jazz tunes).

RALPH BOWEN TOTAL ECLIPSE (Saxophonist, backed by an organ trio, doing all straight-ahead

RAVI COLTRANE SPIRIT FICTION (Saxophonist, leading a mostly progressive session of

BILL EVANS LIVE AT ART DLUGOFFS TOP OF THE GATE (Legendary pianist, in a previously
unreleased live session).

TOWNER GALAHER UPTOWN! (Drummer, leading an all-star quintet, in a collection of jazz tunes
and originals).

GUILLERMO KLEIN/LOS GUACHOS CARRERA (Keyboardist, leading an eclectic, Latin-tinged
session with some vocals).

PAT METHENY UNITY BAND (Guitarist, leading a quartet, doing all originals, with some very edgy
tracks and some very melodic tracks).

OSCAR PENAS FROM NOW ON (Guitarist, with a Latin-tinged collection of originals. Some tracks
with accordion).

RALPH PETERSON THE DUALITY PERSPECTIVE (Drummer, leading a quartet and sextet in a
collection of originals. Quartet tracks are on the edgy side).

KELLY POWERS PROJECT (Pianist/vocalist, doing a straight-ahead mix of originals and new

LENORE RAPHAEL/HOWARD ALDEN LOVERLY (Pianist and guitarist, doing straight duet takes
on standards, with a couple of originals).

3 BRAVE SOULS (John Beasley, leading a trio, with special guests, on a contemporary session, with 4
vocal tracks).

UPTOWN VOCAL JAZZ QUARTET HUSTLIN FOR A GIG (Vocal group, doing straight-ahead
vocals. All but one written by one of the groups singers, Ginny Carr).

NICK VAYNES (Trumpeter/trombonist/vocalist, doing a mostly straight-ahead collection of originals
and standards).

CORY WEEDS UP A STEP (Saxophonist, backed by an organ trio, paying tribute to Hank Mobley,
with mostly Hanks tunes).

BRANDON WRIGHT JOURNEYMAN (Saxophonist, leading a quartet in a straight-ahead collection
of mostly originals).
2012-06-11 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: June 9, 2012
Wow...a great set of NEW this week including Jazz Live San Diego alum Joe Chambers, Sara Gazarek, Al Jarreau, Mintzer Big Band, Eric Reed (doing Monk!), Mike Stern, and a trombone duo...YES! And we will be debuting as many of these as we can spin on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw, Monday, June 11, 2012, 6 to 8 PM PT!

leading an all-star big band, recorded live, doing straight-ahead originals and jazz tunes).

RICK DAVIES SALSA NORTENA (Latin grooves, with a mix of vocals and

MATT GARRISON BLOOD SONGS (Sax player, leading a sextet, with some
others, doing mostly straight-ahead originals).

SARA GAZAREK BLOSSOM & BEE (Female vocalist, with a mix of the Great
American Songbook and originals).

(Female vocalist, swinging old-school, on standards and obscure tunes).

AL JARREAU AND THE METROPOLE ORKEST (Legendary singer, doing many
of his familiar songs, backed by an orchestra, recorded live).

doing some Lees better and lesser known tunes, with a couple of originals).

BOB MINTZER BIG BAND FOR THE MOMENT (Straight-ahead big band, doing
originals, standards and Brazilian tunes).

MOSSINGER THE NEW JERSEY SESSION (Pianist, in a solo/trio/quartet setting,
doing a collection of edgy originals).

SUE RANEY LISTEN HERE (Female vocalist, still in good voice, backed by Alan
Broadbent, doing a collection of standards).

ERIC REED THE BADDEST MONK (Pianist, leading a quintet, in a collection of
Monk tunes, plus 2 originals).

MIKE STERN ALL OVER THE PLACE (Guitarist, with an edgy set of straight-
ahead, contemporary and vocal tracks).

straight-ahead and contemporary big band tracks).

TROMBARI THE DEVILS HOPYARD (Progressive session, with Glenn Wilson
and Jim Pugh, doing all Thomas Chapin originals).
2012-06-02 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: June 2, 2012
Here's the New we are adding to the Jazz 88 Music library and debuting on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw on Monday, June 4, 2012 6-8 PM PT!

(Conductor, constructing a big band album that fuses jazz and experimental Influences, all while exploring the theme of World War II era music and its role in moral and propaganda of the time. The date features Grammy winning trumpeter Cuong Vu). Dazzle Recordings

(Saxophonist with his debut release featuring ten straight-ahead originals inspired by life in Colorado and the unique mountain landscape). Dazzle Recordings

(Flugelhorn/trumpeter leading a brass-heavy, nineteen-piece, big band doing original compositions and arrangements with vocals by Diana Torto). Cam Jazz

(Vibe player with fifth recording as leader. The date thrives on its multicultural beat, grounded in jazz, Latin jazz, and salsa originals). VOF Recordings

(Pianist led modern jazz session with his sequel to Some Love Songs. Date includes a variety of jazz love songs). Pirouet

(Vocalist/trombonist/songwriter backed by a trio, with a number of special guests doing all originals). Canopy Jazz

(Vocal project, made up of popular international artists. The date was inspired by the 1962 hit Jazz Samba, and includes bossa nova tunes and treatments of contemporary jazz and pop classics). Independent

(First live recorded performance by this vocalist, which took place in Paris. Backed by a quartet, she delivers interpretations of the Great American Songbook as well as a number of interesting French standards). Blue Note

(A veteran drummer leading a trio, as they put their spin on jazz standards and modern originals). Origin

(Pianist in a live-recorded session that took place at The Cave at the Nashville Jazz Workshop. Performance includes twelve compositions, with a mix of classic standards and ballads). Green Hill

(Alto saxophonist, performing duos and trios with Han Bennink and Aki Takase. An edgy session). Independent

VIRGINIA SCHENCK VA *title represents the basics of who she is; first & last letter of her name.
(Vocalist backed by a piano, bass and drum trio, doing arrangements on a varietyof jazz tunes). Airborne Ecstasy

(Guitarist, (grandson of Django Reinhardt), leading a trio in a wide repertoire of original material and classics. Cristal Records
2012-05-28 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: May 27, 2012
The bounty of NEW continNEWs and we'll be adding this to the Jazz 88 Playlist this Monday, May 28, 2012 6-8 PM PT on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw!

(Composer/arranger on first project as bandleader, featuring special guests on a mix of originals and other arrangements). Mama Records

(Bay area quartet fusion project led by multi-award winning guitarist Terrence Brewer, doing arrangements of Miles Davis, Corea, Shorter, and Mingus tunes). Strong Brew Records

(Pianist leading a straight-ahead session performing all originals and a highlight cover of Chick Coreas Matrix). OA2

(Jazz super group celebrating their fifth anniversary as a working ensemble, the project features an all-star lineup of collectively written originals). Motema

(Vocalist, doing unique duo parings with a variety of musicians. Original illustrations are by Lennie Peterson, with original poetry by James Cudworth). Bee Boy Records

(UKs award-winning and premiere contemporary quartet with their third release. The date offers gritty saxophone melodies, driving rhythms, and moody guitar riffs that mix many eras and genres into a hybrid fusion). Naim

(Pianist-led sextet, with first date as leader. Draws from his love of hard bop, modern jazz styles and features his work as a composer and arranger). Dazzle Recordings

(A quartet session, led by this native German, now New York-based pianist. Presents a set of all unique modern jazz original compositions). OA2

(Drummer offering a wide range of organ-based soulful styles on his debut release. The Album covers music from Stevie Wonder and Steely Dan to Chick Corea and Weather Report). Random Act Records

(Bassist/composer with a compilation of original compositions, with the first seven tracks showcasing a unique big band sound recorded and released on vinyl in 1980. The remaining six tracks were taken from various sessions produced in Southern California during the 1990s). LifeForce Jazz

(Guitar, piano, bass and drum quartet comprised by Steve Kovalcheck [guitar]. Straight-ahead jazz that preserves the swinging hard bop music of the 60s. All originals). Dazzle Recordings

(Progressive project. An octet that presents an eclectic mix of boundary-pushing electronic music, borrowing influences from jazz, drum-and-bass, funk, and rock). Dazzle Recordings

(Drummer and founder of this jazz/fusion juggernaut group releases a live-recorded set from a date played at a small venue called The Mobius in Ashland, Oregon, 2007. Features an all-star lineup serving up some slamming funk, second-line grooves to some swinging up-tempo B-3 burners. They are currently on their 30th anniversary tour with a stop at Anthology on May 31st.). - BFM

(Retro funk group out of New York with an instrumental soul album layered in blues and gospel, sunshine pop and the rhythmic groove of soul jazz). Daptone

(Southern California-based pianist leading a straight-ahead trio in his debut record. Features a set of nine originals). Sunstone Records
2012-05-21 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: May 20, 2012
A full spectrum of New Jazz Music being added to the Jazz 88 Music Library and Playlist this week, including Brian Bromberg (feature TNJT 5/21/12 guest Jeff Lorber), Grammy-nominated vocalist Melody Gardot, Arturo Sandoval's new tribute to Dizzy, and a couple new San Diego disc from The Mission Bay Preservationists (leader JP Balmat recently on TNJT) and the Styletones (funk it up!)! To hear this New first, check out the debut's  on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw, Monday, May 21, 2012, 6-8 PM PT!

(Boston-based sextet headed by saxophonist/composer Matt Steckler. The date is
an edgy session that draws inspiration from blues and funk, as well as Caribbean,
Brazilian and West African traditions). Cuneiform

(Grammy-nominated bassist with a live studio release that includes eight original
compositions, a ten-piece horn section, a full orchestra string section and a
supportive cast that features artists such as Jeff Lorber, Bela Fleck, Randy
Brecker, Vinny Colaiuta and many others. Showcases a variety of jazz styles).

(Quartet session by this Toronto-based guitarist and composer with his sophomore
effort. Features a set of mostly originals, all, which have a mellow and melodic
style of play). Independent

(Tenor/soprano saxophonist with the sextets debut album. The date has unique
arrangements that fuse elements of world music with special emphasis on Middle
Eastern music, but still staying loyal jazz tradition). - Origin

(Third release from this Grammy-nominated vocalist. Together with an all star
band, the collection features all originals that reflect the music of varied cultures
visited during her last tour). Decca

(Vocalist, accompanied by pianist Takana Miyamoto, honoring the
collaboration(s) between Tony Bennett and Bill Evans. The collaboration consists
of two albums: The Tony Bennett/ Bill Evans Album and Together Again).
Love Productions

(Mission Bay High School Jazz Ensemble under the direction of Jean-Paul
Balmat. The release focuses on the city of New Orleans, with everything from
Dixieland, gospel, boogie-woogie, swing, Cajun, Afro-Cuban, and brass band).

(British violist leading a quartet, plus a trio that pays tribute to French violinist
Stephane Grappelli. The trio features Gary Burton and Julian Lage doing three
tunes, one of which is the albums centerpiece written for Burton by Grappelli in
1969, but never recorded by Burton until now). - Independent

(Bay area pianist/composer in a straight-ahead quartet session, showcasing a
repertoire of originals, standards, and other jazz tunes). Bijuri Records

(Trumpeter-led session paying tribute to Dizzy Gillespie. Features top-shelf
musicians such as Burton, Mintzer and DeFrancesco doing Gillespie compositions
framed in big band arrangements spotlighting elements of bebop). - Concord

(San Diegan group delivering a wide selection of energized punky-funk, soul,
blues, lounge and R&B). - Independent
2012-05-14 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: May 14, 2012
Lots of great New being added to the Jazz 88 Playlist this week, including guitarist Broom, a killer large ensemble from Budman / Levy Orchestra, and international Jazz from Jazz 88 friend Cheryl Pyle with Kazhargan World! Check out the debut of this batch on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw, Monday, May 14, 2012 6-8 PM PT!

(Tenth release as leader, and first recording of entirely original compositions. -
Straight-ahead trio session). Origin

(Orchestra highlighting the current generation of dynamic L.A. jazz musicians.
Features a wide-range of compositions and arrangements, showcasing nine of
Levys originals). OA2 Records

(Collective trio project by Thomas Marriott, Mark Taylor and Matt Jorgenson.
West coast jazz that features eight original compositions recorded live in Seattle
at the 2011 Earshot Jazz Festival). Origin

(Pianist with his second album as leader. The trio features six modern creative
jazz originals and a reworking of two covers.) - Independent

(Montreal based saxophonist leading a quartet featuring a straight-ahead, tight
knit set of ten originals and one standard). Origin

(Multi-instrumentalist leading a quartet in his eleventh title as leader, and first on
his new label. Mix of originals and other jazz tunes.) Plastic Sax Records

(N.Y. based alto-saxophonist session offering a straight-ahead collection of
six originals and two jazz classics by Wayne Shorter and Bronislaw Kaper).
Wepa Records

(Alto saxophonist leading a quintet with an organic blend of mostly originals).
Artists Recording Collective

(Vocalist backed by an all-star cast of veterans on her fourth release. features a
dozen classical melodies and familiar standards). - Motema

(Creative trumpeter/composer with a progressive 4-disc live release performed
over the course of three concerts. The compositions are offered up in a variety
of settings, with performances by his Golden Quartet/Quintet, and Southwest
Chamber Music conducted by Jeff Von Der Schmidt). Cuneiform

(Twin city guitarist offering a double dose of all original compositions. The two
volumes take the music into two different directions. Quartet offers a more
composed, post bop jazz approach, while Quintet has a rock fusion orientation).
- Independent

(International collective project spearheaded by Russian pianist Stanislav
Zaslavsky. Features flautist Cheryl Pyle). -Dewey Records
2012-05-07 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: May 7, 2012
Looks like there is some fun ("FROMAGE"), creative ("SMASHUP"), and swingin' ("WOBBLE WALKIN") NEW, along with some other great prospects in the new adds to the Jazz 88 music library this week. Check them out on The New Jazz Thing 6-8PM PT, Monday, May 7, 2012!

straight-ahead mix of standards and originals).

AMINA FIGAROVA TWELVE (Another great recording by this pianist/composer/
arranger. All her originals, straight-ahead).

EDDIE GOMEZ PER SEMPRE (Bassist, leading a quintet, in a straight-ahead
collection of band originals).

CHRIS HAZELTON TRIO PEREGRINATION (Organ/guitar trio, doing straight-
ahead originals and standards).

GILAD HEKSELMAN HEARTS WIDE OPEN (Guitarist, leading a quartet, in a
straight-ahead, somewhat edgy collection of originals).

RANDY HOEXTER GROUP FROMAGE (Imaginative jazz arrangements of goofy
pop tunes from the 70s [i.e, Yummy, Yummy, YummyBilly Dont Be A Hero}, but
very well done). (Fromage cheese in French).

JAZZ PUNKS SMASHUP (Edgy re-workings of familiar Jazz tunes). (Frank A. Matzner): "...successfully baited the hook..."

REYNOLD D. PHILIPSEK LAST SUMMER (Guitarist, leading various
configurations, in a collection of originals).

JOHN PIZZARELLI DOUBLE EXPOSURE (Crooner/guitarist focuses on new

ahead session of originals and standards).

leading an edgy session, featuring Ponty originals and others).
2012-04-30 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: April 30, 2012
Happy Inaugural International Jazz Day!!! Here is the historic lineup of NEW Adds to the Jazz 88 Music Library for this week and that we will be featuring on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw, Monday, April 30, 2012 between 6 and 8 PM PT!

PLAYED LITTLE BIRD (Drummer-led quartet featuring a beautiful set of rarely heard
gems from Ornette Colemans catalog. Origin Records release).

English horn player leading a progressive chamber ensemble (Wrack) with unusual
instrumentation. Porter Records release).

ROMAIN COLLIN THE CALLING (Edgy piano trio, doing mostly originals).

SARAH ELGETI QUINTET INTO THE OPEN (Danish female reed player, leading
a variety of ensembles in original material).

STEVE KUHN TRIO WISTERIA (Piano trio recording, doing mostly straight-ahead

DAVIE LIEBMAN-NANCY REED NEIGHBORS (Female vocalist, backed by
saxophone-led quartet, doing straight-ahead standards).

SHAWN MONTEIRO TO CARMEN WITH LOVE (Female vocalist, backed by
piano trio, doing standards in tribute to Carmen McRae).

heading a quartet with Cedar, doing a straight-ahead collection of standards and

BRIA SKONBERG SO IS THE DAY (Female vocalist/trumpeter, doing a collection
of mostly originals).

MARY STALLINGS DONT LOOK BACK (Female vocalist, backed by an all-star
trio, doing standards and jazz tunes).

CURTIS STIGERS LETS GO OUT TONIGHT (Male vocalist, doing jazzy versions
of country tunes).

TOM TALLITSCH HEADS OR TAILS (Saxophonist, backed by an organ trio with
Jared Gold, doing all originals, save one Neil Young tune).

UN X PECTED BRAZILIAN PROJECT UNITE (Collaborative project between a
Swedish guitarist & drummer, featuring an ensemble doing collective Brazilian grooves
as well as open improvisations. Kopasetic Productions release).

JENS WENDELBOE BIG BAND FRESH HEAT (Straight-ahead big band, doing
originals and jazz tunes, with a couple of great vocal tracks featuring Deb Lyons).

SPIKE WILNER LA TENDRESSE (Piano trio, with a mix of originals and jazz
2012-04-23 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: April 22, 2012
Dig the Dionne Warwick Jazz vocal disc in the pile of New adds to the Jazz 88 playlist this week...Cool! Check out as many of these as we debut this Monday, April 23, 2012, 6-8 PM PT, on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw!

(Trumpeter, backed by Tri-Fi, doing a straight-
ahead collection of originals).

CRISTINA MORRISON I LOVE (Female vocalist, doing mostly originals, with a
couple of fresh takes on standards).

GUNNAR MOSSBLAD CROSSCURRENTS (Saxophone-led quartet, doing
straight-ahead band originals).

HAILEY NISWANGER THE KEEPER (Female sax player, leading a quartet/
quintet, doing all but 3 straight-ahead originals).

MILES OKAZAKI FIGURATIONS (Guitarist, leading quartet, doing edgy material,
recorded live).

DANIEL ORI EMUNA (Bassist, leading a quintet, with Mark Turner and Oz Noy,
doing all straight-ahead originals. On the edgy side).

JAMIE SHEW A PLACE FOR ME (Female vocalist, doing the Great American
Songbook, with one Jobim tune, as well).

ANDREW SWIFT SWIFT KICK (Drummer-led session, doing an edgy collection of
originals and jazz tunes).

THREE VOICES TRANSITIONS (Flugelhorn/vibes/bass trio, doing a collection of
straight-ahead standards, jazz tunes and originals).

mostly Sammy Cahn tunes). (William Ruhlmann): "She ignores previous interpretations, making each song her own."
2012-04-16 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: April 16, 2012
Lots of great NEW JAZZ MUSIC being added to the Jazz 88 Music Library this week, including new music from San Diego pianist Geoffrey Keezer (with his longtime collaborator vibest Joe Locke) and some Jazzy covers of the baddest Curtis Mayfield! And you can get a taste of it when they are debuted TONIGHT, Monday April 16, 2012 on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw, 6-8PM PT!!

MINA AGOSSI RED EYES (Female vocalist, with an eclectic mix of tunes, backed
on a couple by Archie Shepp).

SUSIE ARIOLI NIGHT LIGHTS (Female vocalist, doing a collection of standards,
with gypsy-style arrangements).

quintet in his usual straight-ahead collection of Hard Bop classics).

BENOIT DELBECQ BECAUSE SHE HOPED (Piano/clarinet duet recording, doing
all progressive originals).

the group in all progressive originals).

BRIAN HO ORGANIC (Organist, leading a quartet, doing straight-ahead originals, a
couple of jazz classics and an Amy Winehouse tune).

interpretations of the Soul masters classics).

DARIUS JONES QUARTET BOOK OF MAEBUL (Quartet, doing all progressive

progressive originals, with 3 jazz tunes and one standard).

quartet, in a straight-ahead collection of originals and jazz tunes). (Dan Bilawsky): "This music can be explosive, earthy, driven, touching or terrifying, but, most importantly, it's always unpredictable.
leading a variety of ensembles, paying tribute to the late pianist).

RHIANNON SPONTANEOUS (Hawaiian female vocalist, doing progressive
interpretations of her owns songs).

ERI YAMOMOTO TRIO THE NEXT PAGE (Piano trio, doing all straight-ahead
original material).
2012-04-09 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: April 9, 2012

Lots of great new Jazz music being added to the Jazz 88 Music Library this week and featured prominently on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw, Monday, April 9, 2012, 6 to 8 PM PT!

DIRTY DOZEN BRASS BAND TWENTY DOZEN (Contemporary, hard-groovin brass band, New Orleans style, with some vocal tracks).

JOHNATHAN BLAKE THE ELEVENTH HOUR (Drummer-led quintet, featuring special guests doing mainstream originals and other jazz tunes, performed in a straight-ahead manner).

PETER DANEMO LED: THE OCEAN (Swedish drummer leading a sextet, featuring improvised Led Zeppelin-music with Indian influences. Mostly night & evening day parted).

DEVIN GRAY DIRIGO RATAPLAN - (Drummers first date as leader, doing a set of all progressive originals with a great line-up). (Hrayr Attarian)Dirigo Rataplan is an eloquent debut from an immensely talented musician. Hopefully this is just the introduction to an impressive oeuvre to come.

JOYRIDE ARE YOU FER IT (Male vocalists/instrumentalists, doing mostly swing classics).

DAYNA KURTZ SECRET CANON, VOL.1 (Male vocalist/guitarist, doing blues-based vocal standards).

TONY MONACO CELEBRATION (Organist, in a double-disc release, doing straight-ahead hard grooves).

JEFF PARKER TRIO BRIGHT LIGHT IN WINTER - (Chicago guitarist and his trios third release of collective edgy originals)

ELLYNE PLOTNICK I WILL (Female vocalist, doing minimalist (guitar/bass) versions of originals and 3 standards).

JUDI SILVANO INDIGO MOODS (Mrs. Joe Lovano, doing minimalist (piano/trumpet) versions of the Great American Songbook).

MICHAEL TRENI BIG BAND BOYS NIGHT OUT (Swingin big band, doing a mix of standards and originals).

2012-04-02 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: March 30, 2012
A great mix of styles, instruments, and ensemble sizes in the new adds to the Jazz 88 Music Library, which you can hear Monday, April 2, 2012, 6 to 8 PM PT on The New Jazz Thing on Jazz 88 (with Jeff Dalrymple sitting in for VO...thanks Jeff...and maybe drummer Jeff will tell a drum story when he plays drummer Pete Zimmer's New)!

Cyrus Chestnut Quartet (Pianist, leading a straight-ahead quartet sessions, doing all originals).

James Danderfer Trio Swingin At The Patricia (Clarinetist, with piano and drums, doing vintage Jazz, recorded live).

Peter Donaghy I Still Hear The Tune (Albany, New York guitarist, leading a quartet, in a straight-ahead mix of standards and originals).

Epicenter Featuring Bruce Mishkit Just The Beginning (Sextet, doing a collection of straight-ahead band originals).

Jared Gold Golden Child (Organ/guitar trio, doing a straight-ahead collection of originals, jazz tunes and standards, old and new).

Randy Napoleon The Jukebox Crowd (Guitarist, leading a septet, with a straight-ahead collection of originals and standards).

Melissa Stylianou Silent Time (Female vocalist, doing a straight-ahead, eclectic mix of tunes).

Introducing The Eyal Vilner Big Band (Swinging big band, with a mix of originals and standards).

Pete Zimmer Prime Of Life (Drummer, leading a quartet, doing a straight-
ahead collection of band originals). (Dan MCClenaghan): "...Zimmer's fifth recording as a leader, has a clean, crisp, soulful sound. The players of the quartetall top-notch musiciansmeld their talents into a polished cohesion. Zimmer is a fine drummer capable of impeccable timekeeping and intricate, though usually subtle percussive flourishes. Zimmer's music, with its tight grooves, sounds like heartland jazz, like the quintessentially American sound of an organ triowithout, in this case, the Hammond B3 breathing into the mix."
2012-03-26 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: March 26, 2012
WOW! Check out the killer adds to the Jazz 88 Music Library, including Alexander, Herring, Braden, Escoffery, Garrett, Hart, Herwig / Beirach / DeJohnette, Iyer, Mehldau, Riker, Roney....on and on!! And you can get a taste of what you'll be hearing in the weeks ahead on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw from 6 to 8 PM PT, Monday, March 26, 2012!

Eric Alexander & Vincent Herring Friendly Fire (2 great sax players, recorded in concert, doing straight-ahead originals and standards).

Dmitry Baevsky The Composers (Sax player, in a swinging, straight-ahead tribute to jazz writers).

Don Braden & Karl Latham Big Fun(k) Live (Hard driving, contemporary jazz, recorded live).

Chaise Lounge Insomnia (Vocal, lounge-style, jazz, performing originals and some offbeat standards).

Wayne Escoffery The Only Son Of One (Sax player, doing typically, straight-ahead, if somewhat edgy, originals).

Kenny Garrett Seeds From The Underground (Great, hard-driving sax-led quartet/quintet, doing all originals).

Billy Hart All Our Reasons (Drummer, leading a quartet, featuring Ethan Iverson from the Bad Plus and Mark Turner, doing very edgy band originals).

Herwig / Beirach / DeJohnette Tio Of The Sword (Trombone/piano/drum trio, doing all progressive originals).

Lisa Hilton American Impressions (Pianist, leading a trio and quartet, in a collection of mostly originals. A little more edgy than her previous stuff).

Jim Holman Explosion! (Pianist, leading a quartet/quintet, doing straight-ahead standards and originals).

Vijay Iyer Accelerando (Pianist, leading a trio, in a progressive mix of originals and jazz tunes).

2012-03-19 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: March 19, 2012
Check out all the GREAT NEW Adds to the Jazz 88 Music Library, which I get to debut on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw on Monday, March 19, 2012 6-8 PM PT!!

Dheepa Chari Some New Fashion (Female vocalist, singing old and new standards).

Dan Cray Meridies (Pianist, leading a quartet in a straight-ahead collection of mostly originals).

Bill Evans Dragonfly (Can only be described as progressive, folk-jazz, mostly vocal tracks).

Alex Goodman Quintet Bridges (Guitarist, doing mostly straight-ahead originals. A couple of adaptations of Classical melodies).

Joel Harrison Search (Guitarist, leading a progressive session of mostly original compositions, along with Whipping Post by the Allman Brothers).

Jonny King Above All (Piano trio recording of all edgy, straight-ahead originals).

Esperanza Spalding Radio Music Society (Female vocalist/bassist, with a mostly contemporary set).

2012-03-12 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: March 12, 2012
Here's the new music you will be hearing on Jazz 88 starting Monday, March 12, 2012 with debuts on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw!

(Drummer, leading an ensemble featuring San Diegos own Gilbert
Castellanos, doing straight-ahead tunes made famous by The Messengers, and a couple of

CHANO DOMINGUEZ FLAMENCO (Pianist, playing a Latin-flavored tribute to
Miles Davis).

Orleans style brass band, featuring our own Drew Miller).

BILL HARRIS QUINTET INSIDE OUT (Trumpeter, leading an ensemble doing
straight-ahead standards, Jazz tunes and one original).

big band sounds).

HALIE LOREN HEART FIRST (Female vocalist, doing old and new standards and
2012-03-05 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: March 5, 2012
Here's the list of the New in the Jazz 88 Music Library starting Monday, March 5, 2012 and debuting on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw, 6-8PM PT Monday night!

Lynne Arriale Solo (Solo piano outing of originals, standards and a couple of Monk tunes).

Karen Johns & Company Peach (Female vocalist, doing a mix of classics and originals).

Thea Neumann Lady & The Tramps (Female vocalist, doing a mix of standards and jazz tunes).

Johnny Padilla Bright Morning (Saxophonist, doing a collection of straight-ahead originals).

Frank DRone Double Exposure (Vocalist/guitarist, doing the Great American Songbook).

Adrian Cunningham Walkabout (Reed/flute player, doing all originals, with nice incorporation of strings).

John Autin Piano Town (Pianist/vocalist, with New Orleans influences, backed by an all-star lineup, doing originals and standards).

2012-02-27 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Marcus Rosario Posted on: February 27, 2012
Lots of new music this week for our library this week. Check 'em out!

Anna Borges & Bill Ward Receita De Samba (Female and male Brazilian vocals, from a variety of composers).

Mel Carter The Other Standards (Singer of Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me fame, doing a collection of familiar and obscure standards).

Claudia Quintet + 1 Featuring Kurt Elling and Theo Blackman What Is The Beautiful? (Percussionist, leading a quintet with some spoken word, edgy stuff and vocal tracks).

Scott DuBois Landscape Scripture (Guitarist, leading a quartet, in a progressive collection of originals).

Cynthia Felton Freedom Jazz Dance (Female vocalist, doing standards and jazz tunes).

Robert Glasper Experiment Black Radio (Eclectic mix of vocal tracks, hip-hop and rock featuring a variety of vocalists).

2012-02-20 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Marcus Rosario Posted on: February 19, 2012
Here are this week's new adds to the Jazz 88.3 music library. Lots of goodies as always! Be sure to tune into Vince Outlaw's New Jazz Thing to hear some cuts from these, in addition to a live interview with jazz singer and lyricist Lorraine Feather in the 7pm PT hour of the show!

Bobby Bradford Live in L.A. (Brass and bass trio, doing progressive jams).

John Brown Quiet Time (Bassist, leading a quintet in a straight-ahead session, as the title implies, of ballads).

Chris Brubeck Triple Play - Live At Zankel (A very eclectic mix of tunes, folk and blues vocals, some of Chris Dads hits, with Dad sitting in, and some straight-ahead tunes).

Royce Campbell All Ballads And A Bossa (Guitarist, leading a quartet, playing, as the title implicates, a mixture of originals and standards).

John Cocuzzi Groove Merchant (Vibes-player, leading a sextet, in a straight-ahead collection of jazz tunes and standards).

Gene Ess A Thousand Summers (Guitarist, featuring vocalist Nicki Parrott, doing the Great American Songbook and jazz tunes).
2012-02-13 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Marcus Rosario Posted on: February 13, 2012
Here's this week's new adds to the music library. Be sure to tune into The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw for a chance to hear them first!

Jon Gold Bossa of Possibility (Keyboardist, leading a variety of configurations, in a collection of Brazilian-tinged originals).

Sue Halloren  & Ken Hitchcock I Can Cook Too!" (Female vocalist, doing straight-ahead standards).

Sheila Jordan & Harvie S Yesterdays (Female vocalist, with bass accompaniment, recorded in 1990, previously unreleased).

Jonathan Karrant On And On (Local male vocalist, with local musicians, doing a collection of straight-ahead old and new standards).

Paul Van Kememande Who Is In Charge? (International collective, doing a collection of edgy originals).

Jim Ketch A Distant View (Trumpeter, leading a quintet, doing straight-ahead originals and jazz tunes).

Carmen Lundy Changes (Female vocalist, doing mostly straight-ahead originals).

Paul McCartney Kisses On The Bottom (Sir Paul, doing a commendable job on the Great American Songbook).
2012-02-06 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: February 3, 2012
Lots of new vocals (including friend of TNJT Ms. Feather!), Don Byron's new take on soul, and a great set by San Diegans led by Danny Weller (who will be on TNJT 2/27/12!)...lots of great new adds to the Jazz 88 Music Library this week! We will be debuting as many as we can on The New Jazz Thing, Monday February 6, 2011!

Ehud Asherie With Harry Allen Upper West Side (Very nice set of straight-ahead duets
on standards).

Patrick Butler Solar Sailing (Mix of traditional and contemporary sounds).

Don Byron New Gospel Quintet Love, Peace and Soul (Soulful vocal set).

Lorraine Feather Tales of the Unusual (Female vocalist, singing straight-ahead, featuring, as usual, her own witty lyrics).

Audiophile Audition (John Henry): "There are so many female jazz vocalists recording today; it takes something really special in the way of voice, song selection, lyrics or instrumentation to interest me.  Lorraine Feather has it."

Honolulu Jazz Quartet Remembrance - Live At The Triple Door (Straight-ahead originals, with one vocal track).

Don Marks Fire Escape In A New Light (Contemporary grooves on familiar tunes by this sax player).

Nick Mazzarella Trio This Only A Test: Live At The Hungry Brain (Sax, bass and drum trio doing progressive originals).

Tomas Ramirez Tres (Saxophonist, leading a quartet, doing a funky collection of originals).

Dennis Rollins Velocity Trio The 11th Gate (Trombone, organ and drum trio, doing a collection of straight-ahead originals).

Catherine Russell Strictly Romancin (Steely Dan backup singer, doing all straight- ahead vocals, vintage style).

Jane Sscheckter Easy To Remember (Female singer, doing all straight-ahead vocals, vintage style).

Triosence With Sara Gazarek Where Time Stand Still (Straight-ahead vocals on all nice originals tunes).

Trio Subtonic Ill Meet You There Tomorrow (Contemporary collection of originals).

Steve Tyrell I'll Take Romance (Male singer, with a mix of old and new standards).

Elio Villafranca & Arturo Stable Dos Y Mas (Pianist and mutli-percussionist, pairing for a session that comes out straight-ahead).

Hristo Vitchev/Weber Lago Hartmony (Guitar/piano duet, doing all acoustic originals).

Ernie Watts Oasis (Saxophonist, leading a quartet in straight-ahead originals standards and new standards).

Doug Webb Swing Shift (Saxophonist, leading an edgy session, with mostly originals and a couple of standards).

Danny Weller Third Story (Local bassist, with local musicians, doing a collection of edgy originals).
2012-01-30 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: January 29, 2012
Vocals, contemporary, straight-ahead and avant guitar...even a previously unreleased session from legends Thielemans and Grappelli! Lots of great new adds to the Jazz 88 Music Library this week, which we will be debuting on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw, Monday, January 30, 2012, 6-8 PM PT! Listen Now!

GERRY BEAUDOIN THE RETURN (Guitarist, leading a straight-ahead session of mostly originals, with a couple of standards).

CYNTHIA KAAY BENNETT DREAMS OF YOU (Female vocalist, singing straight-ahead, tunes familiar and unfamiliar).

DARK CHOCOLATE CAPER (Eclectic mix of contemporary vocalsmostly vocalese).

JOSE GARCIA SONGS FOR A LIFETIME: LIVE (Male vocalist, doing primarily the Great American Songbook).

STEPHANE GRAPPELLI/TOOTS THIELEMANS BRINGING IT TOGETHER (Previously unreleased recording of straight-ahead standards).

JOSH LEVINSON SEXTET CHAUNCEY STREET (Trumpeter, leading a straight- ahead set of originals).

MCG JAZZ ALL-STARS HILL DISTRICT BEAT: A TRIBUTE TO TEENIE HARRIS (Straight-ahead session paying tribute to one of Pittsburghs own).

MICHAEL MUSILLANI TRIO + 4 METTLE (Guitarist, leading an avant-garde session of originals).

RODRIGO Y GABRIELA AND C.U.B.A. AREA 52 (Mostly progressive Latin big band sounds).

FRANK RUSSELL CIRCLE WITHOUT END (Bassist, leading a funky, contemporary session).

PAUL SERRATO ALTERNATIONS: SOLO AND COLLECTIVE EXPRESSIONS (Pianist, alternating quartet and solo originals).

SHARMAN UNCONDITIONALLY (Female vocalist, doing mostly straight-ahead originals, with electric piano).
2012-01-23 Adds to The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: January 23, 2012
Lots of great new Jazz music flowing into Jazz 88 in 2012! Here are the New ones to be added and featured on The New Jazz Thing, Monday, January 23, 2012, 6-8PM PT!

AMY CERVINI DIGGING ME DIGGING YOU (Female vocalist, doing a mix of familiar and obscure standards, backed by some great musicians).

LIZ CHILDS TAKE FLIGHT (Female vocalist doing some fresh takes on the Great American Songbook).

MEREDITH DAMBROSIO BY MYSELF (Female vocalist/pianist, doing the Arthur Schwartz songbook).

HANS GLAWISCHNIG JAHIRA (Bassist, leading a pianoless trio, doing mostly originals).

VINNY GOLIA QUARTET TAKE YOUR TIME (Sax/trumpet pianoless quartet, doing all progressive originals).

CHARLIE HADEN/HANK JONES COME SUNDAY (Bass/piano duet, doing religious songs).

BILL KINGS RHTYHM EXPRESS BEAT STREET (Sextet, doing a mix of straight-ahead and contemporary originals).

AARON KOPPEL QUARTET MUTLIVERSE (Eclectic mix of contemporary/traditional/progressive).

N.C.C.U. JAZZ COMBOS AND BRASS ENSEMBLE SLIGHTLY BLUED (College band doing a nice an admirable job on a selection of jazz tunes).

THE SOUL REBELS UNLOCK YOUR MIND (Contemporary brass band, with vocals, doing a mix of originals and a couple of new standards).

TANIA MARIA TEMPO (Brazilian pianist/vocalist, in a duet with bassist Eddie Gomez, doing some brazilian vocals and instrumentals).

NEW WORLD JAZZ PROJECT BRAVE NEW WORLD (Quintet, doing a mostly contemporary mix of originals and new standards).

TRIO M THE GUEST HOUSE (Mark Dresser, Myra Melford and Matt Wilson doing an edgy mix of originals).

RICHARD UNDERHILL FREE SPIRIT (Sax player, leading a quintet, doing all straight-ahead originals).

TOM WETMORE THE DESIRED EFFECT (Electric piano, doing a collection of originals)

2012-01-16 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: January 16, 2012
Here are the new additions to the Jazz 88 Music Library for Monday, January 16, 2012 and set for debut on The New Jazz Thing from 6-8 PM PT Monday evening!

Clipper Anderson � �The Road Home�
Bassist, leading mostly a trio, in a straight-ahead session of originals, jazz tunes and standards.

Bruce Babad � �A Tribute To Paul Desmond� 
Alto saxophonist, fronting a quintet, in a straight-ahead tribute.

Carl Bartlett, Jr. � �Hopeful� 
Alto Sax player, leading mostly a quartet, with a straight-ahead mix of originals and a couple of standards.

David Bennet Thomas � �Jazz Portrait� 
Mix of contemporary/straight-ahead and progressive, featuring the leader playing a lot of EVI [Electronic Valve Instrument].

Chick Corea/Eddie Gomez/Paul Motian � �Further Explorations�
All-star trio, recorded live, paying tribute to Bill Evans.

Jack DeJohnette � �Sound Travels�
Drummer, leading an eclectic mix of contemporary, world, straight-ahead and vocal tracks.

Janice Findlay � �Anywhere But Here�
Multi-reed/flute player, leading a quintet, doing mostly straight-ahead originals.

Marlene Rosenberg � �Bassprint� 
Bassist, leading a quartet, doing mostly her original compositions.

Josh Rzepka � ��Into The Night� 
Trumpeter, leading a sextet, doing all straight-ahead originals.

Gary Smulyan � �Smul's Paradise� 
Baritone sax player, leading an all-star organ quartet, with a mix of originals, standards and classics.

Michael Vlatkovich Ensemblio � �An Autobiography of a Pronoun� 
Progressive big band, featuring some local musicians.

�Gary Ward's Phonic Juggernaut�
Pianoless sax trio, doing a progressive session of all originals.

Mike Wofford/Holly Hofman Quintet � �Turn Signal� 
Local luminaries, with Terell Stafford, performing a couple of originals, standards and jazz tunes.
2012-01-09 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: January 9, 2012
The first adds of 2012 are in! I will be featuring as many of them as possible Monday, January 9, 2012 on The New Jazz Thing, 6-8 PM PT on Jazz 88.3 FM KSDS San Diego and Webcast at!

Note: I'm investigating why a lot of these least the ones I checked so far, are from previous years. Mysterious New...












Jazz 88 Does The 2011 Holiday New Music Big!!
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: December 12, 2011
Happy Holiday! We've added a LOT of new holiday music for 2011 and we are going to play it all this season!!! Listen to The New Jazz Thing, Monday, December 12, 2011 6-8PM PT and we'll get into that, Jazz Week Jazz Charts and more!

GERI ALLEN A CHILD IS BORN (Solo piano versions of Holiday classics, and some
others, with some vocal tracks). (Josh Langhoff): Geri Allens mostly-solo, mostly-jazz-piano album A Child Is Born flows through traditional Christmas songs and hymns with much facility, some invention, and a couple of surprises. Combining all three is Angels We Have Heard On High, that most contrapuntal of carols, which in Allens hands resembles a Bach three-part invention, albeit one with Keith Jarretts harmonic language.  Pleasant enough when it pops up in a holiday playlist shuffle, this album raises money for Newarks YWCA and Bethany Baptist Church.

TONY BENNETT THE CLASSIC CHRISTMAS ALBUM (As the title implies, all your
holiday favorites performed by legendary crooner).

CYNTHIA KAAY BENNETT THATS THE SPIRIT (Female vocalist, doing classic
Holiday tunes, and some obscure ones, as well).

HARRY CONNICK, JR. THE HAPPY ELF (Mostly piano trio recording, doing all Harrys

CHRIS DAVS THIS CHRISTMAS (Straight-ahead, trumpet-led quartet, doing Holiday

NICOLE HENRY Female vocalist, with a live recording of Holiday favorites).

DAVID IAN VINTAGE CHRISTMAS (Straight-ahead piano-led group, with some vocal

JILLAINE JAZZY CHRISTMAS TO YOU (Female vocalist, with a mix of classics and
obscure tunes).

BRADLEY LEIGHTON HOLIDAY OF LIGHTS (Latin and contemporary versions of the

ahead session, with some vocal tracks).


TRI-FI TRI-FI CHRISTMAS (Straight-ahead piano trio).

CHRIS BAUER IN A YULETIDE GROOVE (Harmonica player, leading a straight-ahead

vocal versions).

with straight-ahead versions).

vocal album, doing all originals).

vocal duo, doing straight-ahead jazz vocals).
others, with some vocal tracks).

TONY BENNETT THE CLASSIC CHRISTMAS ALBUM (As the title implies, all your
holiday favorites performed by legendary crooner).

CYNTHIA KAAY BENNETT THATS THE SPIRIT (Female vocalist, doing classic
Holiday tunes, and some obscure ones, as well).

HARRY CONNICK, JR. THE HAPPY ELF (Mostly piano trio recording, doing all Harrys

CHRIS DAVS THIS CHRISTMAS (Straight-ahead, trumpet-led quartet, doing Holiday

NICOLE HENRY Female vocalist, with a live recording of Holiday favorites).

DAVID IAN VINTAGE CHRISTMAS (Straight-ahead piano-led group, with some vocal

JILLAINE JAZZY CHRISTMAS TO YOU (Female vocalist, with a mix of classics and
obscure tunes).

BRADLEY LEIGHTON HOLIDAY OF LIGHTS (Latin and contemporary versions of the

ahead session, with some vocal tracks).


TRI-FI TRI-FI CHRISTMAS (Straight-ahead piano trio).

CHRIS BAUER IN A YULETIDE GROOVE (Harmonica player, leading a straight-ahead

vocal versions).

Happy Holiday! We've added a LOT of new holiday music for 2011 and we are going to play it all this season!!! Listen to The New Jazz Thing, Monday, December 12, 2011 6-8PM PT and we'll get into that, Jazz Week Jazz Charts and more!

with straight-ahead versions).

vocal album, doing all originals).

vocal duo, doing straight-ahead jazz vocals).
2011-12-05 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: December 5, 2011
he last New for 2011 is in! We will be debuting these on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw, Monday, December 5, 2011, so LISTEN NOW!

THE ASIAN JAZZ ALL-STARS POWER QUARTET (Live recording, on the edgy side, with a mix of
jazz tunes, standards and originals). (Ian Patterson)Jazz-fusionfor want of a better termis alive and kicking in Asia, as this excellent recording demonstrates. So far, only Asian audiences have been fortunate to see this incendiary quartet on tour. Hopefully, it will go into the studio with some original material soon and launch itself beyond Asia.

CORINA BARTRA CIELO SANDUNGUERO (Female vocalist, backed by a big band, doing Latin
tunes, and Latin versions of other tunes).
PowerderFinger PromotionsCorina Bartra from Peru. Corina Bartra is an original. When she proposed to blend jazz with Afro-Peruvian & Creole music from Peru, her sound was unprecedented. She has pioneered a ground-breaking fusion of jazz and Afro Latin music with her releases: Corina Bartra Quartet, Son Zumbon, Travelog, and Bambu Sun, where for the first time one could hear the incorporation of the cajon (Peruvian percussive box) and the festejo groove blended with jazz. Corina was the first vocalist to blend Afro-Peruvian criolla music from Peru with Jazz.

TONY BENNETT DUETS II (Legendary vocalist, with a very eclectic mix of duet partners, singing
the Great American Songbook).
Pop & Hiss (LA Times Music Blog, Mikael Wood)Some of these May-December cuts sound great, particularly Bennett and Gagas The Lady Is a Tramp, in which he cant stifle his amusement with her drama-kid shtick. (I love to rowboat with you and your wife in Central Park Lake, Gaga ad-libs pricelessly.) 

DAVID BUDWAY A NEW KISS (Pianist, leading a very edgy session, with mostly originals and a
couple of standards).
Critical JazzA thoroughly engaging and at times electrifying performance by one of the most gifted if not sadly overlooked pianists of our time. A New Kiss makes it easy to understand how such a dynamic talent caught the ear of Liza Minnelli with Budway going to perform with such jazz legends as Dizzy Gillespie, Joe Pass and Jimmy Heath.

A release of three dimensional sound and texture, a musical tapestry that gives off new and subtle shades with each listen.

TITO CARRILLO OPENING STATEMENT (Trumpeter, leading a variety of band configurations,
doing mostly straight-ahead originals).
Origin RecordsA confluence of the post-bop trumpet legacy of Miles, Hubbard, & Shaw, along with the complexities of Cuban rhythms, lyrical ballad phrasing, and boundary-breaking free exploration, "Opening Statement" is a powerful recording by one of the more prominent fixtures on the vibrant Chicago jazz scene of the past 15 years. Though having appeared on over 20 CDs alongside luminaries such as Willie Pickens, Chuchito Valdes, and even pop icon Phil Collins, this project marks trumpeter Carrillo's first recording as a leader, revealing a singular modern trumpeter with an expressive and original compositional voice. 

duet, doing mostly standards).
Audiophile AuditionBoth of these highly-respected performers are equally at home in the classical or jazz genres and most anything else. Together and separately they already account for a half dozen releases on the IPO label. And this is actually a sequel to their earlier IPO duo album, A Duet of One. This is not one of those historical concerts from the Library of Congress issued by Bridge, but a new recording made February 25, 2010 in the Librarys Coolidge Auditorium.

RYAN DAVIDSON TRIO (Progressive Texas Swing, if you will).
Audiophile Audition (Robbie Gerson): As a member of the six-time Grammy-nominated One Oclock Band Lab Band, Ryan Davidson shared the stage with jazz artists like Dave Brubeck, James Carter, Eddie Gomez and George Garzone. All of this was accomplished as a student at the University of North Texas, where he earned a degree as a Master of Music in Jazz Studies. Within the community of country music, he has done sessions with dozens of acts. His project with the One Oclock Lab Band (Lab 09) received two Grammynominations. The alchemy of country and jazz is complex, but interesting.

DOUG EBERT POOR DOG (Bassist, leading a quartet, doing all straight-ahead originals).

originals, but one).
The Guardian (John Fordham)When the conversation between pianist Andrew McCormack and saxist/composer Jason Yarde began on CD two years ago, the pair showed they could read and expand each other's thoughts with an impulsive empathy. The My Duo album's followup finds Yarde concentrating on soprano sax a little less, now applying a wider tonal range to a similar repertoire of seductively hooky, Keith Jarrett-like piano vamps embroidered by adventurous sax lines, swoony lyricism and minimalist sax-pattern whirlings reminiscent of Portico Quartet. 

SAM PANNUNZIO TRIO GOIN HOME (Straight-ahead piano trio, doing all originals, but one).

ENRICO RAVA QUINTET TRIBE (Trumpeter, leading a quintet/sextet, doing low-key, but edgy
tracks). (George de Stefano)Trumpeter Enrico Rava, born in Trieste in 1939 and raised in Torino, has had a distinguished and varied career spanning five decades. He has played on nearly 100 recordings and as a leader on 40. Rava commands virtually the entire history of jazz, from classic New Orleans styles he started out as a Kid Ory-influenced trombonist to bebop to avant-garde, free playing. Ravas career began in the early 1960s, as a sideman with Leandro Gato Barbieri, the Argentine saxophonist of Italian roots. Later in the decade, Rava recorded and performed with many of the leading exponents of the free jazz movement. 
Now, at 72, Rava has made one of the best albums of his career, Tribe, and certainly the best since he returned to ECM. Tribe is both a summation and an extension of his art, a mature work that points to new directions for the veteran player, composer, and bandleader. The albums mood is, for the most part, contemplative, even dream-like; the tempos mostly run slow to medium. The music rarely breaks a sweat, but is nonetheless compelling. Eichners typically crystalline production, with every instrument well defined, perfectly suits Ravas music, with its emphasis on space and texture.

MARCUS ROBERTS TRIO NEW ORLEANS MEETS HARLEM (Pianist, leading a straight-ahead
trio, with a mix of tunes from composer heralding from both cities). 2009 Release (Jacob Teichroew)

New Orleans Meets Harlem, Vol. 1 underscores this history, but the album is not merely a tribute. With each of the classic songs that Roberts performs with his trio (consisting of bassist Roland Guerin and drummer Jason Marsalis), the old melodies are played with a fresh approach that is consistent with the piano jazz tradition by blending old and new.

quintet/sextet, with an edgy mix of Keith Jarrett tunes and originals). ( 
: 2008 Release. It might seem like adulation of the highest order to state that by the end of the piece, heart rates will quicken and pupils will dilate, but why not praise what is praiseworthy? Increased heart rate is nothing but a physical symptom of something called love and falling in love with Like Before, Somewhat After is one physical phenomenon that even the left-brained among us can understand with ease.

SPERO (FB) ACOUSTIC (Piano trio, doing mostly straight-ahead originals).

Spero is hosting a National Music Video Competition, "Make Hills, Win Bills" a $1000 Video Challenge for his new single, "Hills".

A panel of renown film and music professionals will judge the submissions, and we will announce the winner on December 12th at 12:01AM (midnight). The winner will receive a $1000 cash prize and his/her work will be premiered at the album release show on December 16, 2011, in Chicago.

TRI-FI (FB) THREE (Straight-ahead piano trio, doing all band originals).

CHRIS WEST TRILOGY 3 (Very edgy collection of traditional and contemporary originals).
Examiner.comSaxophonist Chris West has released "The Surprise Trilogy" a 3 CD set of all original material, featuring some of Nashville's finest including Jeff Coffin, Don Aliquo, Rod McGaha, Derek Phillips, Pat Bergeson, Adam Agati, Greg Bryant, Charles Treadway and many others.

DEBORAH WINTERS LOVERS AFTER ALL (Vocalist, backed by a big band, doing mostly the
Great American Songbook). (Dan Bilawsky)On Lovers After All, the Bay Area-based vocalist establishes herself as a ballad singer with which to be reckoned. She can sing over swing with confidence ("Get Out Of Town") and sway to the subtle sounds of the bossa nova ("Haunted Heart"), but her ballad work eclipses all else. Her voice has depth and warmth that instantly soothes and seduces; her use of vibrato is rare and judicious, and her pacing, clarity and diction are perfectly suited to this particular style of song.

RESUME ON 1/9/12.
2011-11-21 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: November 20, 2011
New music being added to the Jazz 88 Playlist Monday, November 21, 2011 and debuted Monday, 11/21/11 6-8 PM PT on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw: Luis Disla, Hal Galper Trio, Yoko Miwa, Michael Pedicin, Kate Reid, and Sunnie.

Check out album artwork thumbnails, artist website, Facebook, Twitter, and select album reviews after the jump...
2011-11-14 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: November 11, 2011
Here are the tunes picked out for adding to the Jazz 88 Music library this week by Assistant Music Director for Jazz 88 Chad Fox (sitting in for our esteemed director and traveler Joe Kocherhans). We will be debuting as many as we can on The New Jazz Thing, Monday, November 14, 2011.

GREG ABATE - "HORACE IS HERE" - (Straight-ahead tribute album to Horace that consists of all standards, re-
harmonized with new/fresh arrangements).

needed, but as the title implies, this is a compilation of hits and B-sides during this prolific period, 1960-1972). (Greg Barbrick): While preparing to review the new Ray Charles box set, Singular Genius: The Complete ABC Singles, I had a look at what Dave Marsh had to say about Charles in 1978. In essence, his opinion was that Ray had committed virtual artistic suicide by leaving Atlantic Records for ABC-Paramount in 1959.

Wow. Maybe the guy was suffering from some form of rock-crit inferiority complex or something, because nothing could be further from the truth. The set contains 106 tracks, laid out over the course of five CDs, and presents a pretty convincing case that Rays time with ABC-Paramount Records was one of the strongest and most productive associations of his career.

TED CLOUSER (@ToddClouser, FB)- "A LOVE ELECTRIC" Contemporary guitarist, doing an edgy mix of all originals, many cuts
for nights/evenings, but some accessible for AM and afternoons; read the notes). (Chris May): Musicians and painters from the US have long since been relocating to Mexico, hoping to deepen their art through immersion in a slower pace of life. Guitarist Todd Clouser is a recent emigré, who moved south in 2006. A Love Electric is his third post-relocation album. It catches him in transformation from a straight ahead rock player to one embracing jazzspecifically, hard bop and the Rhodes-spiked crossover of pianist Herbie Hancock and trumpeter Miles Davis' early 1970s bandsand old-school rhythm & blues.

EVAN COBB (@EvanCobbJazz, - "FALLING UP" (Nashville-based saxophonist, featuring a set of eight original straight-ahead
tunes in a quintet setting; debut release).

AMIR ELSAFFAR (@AmirElSaffar, FB) - "INANA" (Trumpeter-led outing, doing all progressive originals with influences of Middle
Eastern music. Follow-up to his critically acclaimed 2007 release, Two Rivers; recently added to the progressive
drawer. Check it out as well). (Troy Collins): Named after the ancient Mesopotamian goddess of carnal love and warfare, Inana blends the ceremonial intensity of maqam with the polyphonic melodies, contrapuntal harmonies and syncopated polyrhythms associated with sophisticated jazz structures. More fully realized than many similar ethnic fusions, ElSaffar's incorporation of maqam's microtones, flexible pitches and meter-less bar lines yields a highly personalized language that reaches well beyond the confines of Western pedagogy for inspiration. Gracefully poised between two worlds, Inana builds upon ElSaffar's previous accomplishments, establishing an impressive precedent for the creative possibilities of a new global jazz aesthetic.

DELFEAYO MARSALIS (@Delfeayo, FB) - "SWEET THUNDER" (Acclaimed trombonist, backed by a variety of all-star
personnel, streamlining Ellington & Strayhorns original charts from the 1957 theatrical production of Such Sweet
Thunder.) (Edward Blanco):

Acclaimed trombonist and member of the first family of jazz, Delfeayo Marsalis launches Sweet Thunder: Duke & Shak, an original theatrical jazz production culled from live performances in thirty-six locations across the country. The play was born from Marsalis' affinity for the music of Duke Ellington and the poetry of Shakespeare: first brought to the musical stage in the 1957 production of Such Sweet Thunder at the Shakespeare Festival I Stratford, Canada. Both Ellington and Billy Strayhorn were invited to compose music in tribute to The Bard, and came up with 15 compositions for that date.

Sweet Thunder streamlines Ellington and Strayhorn's original charts into a 12-movement suite, bringing an all-star list of players, including brothers Branford and Jason. for the recording.

CHRISTIAN MCBRIDE (@McBridesWorld, FB)- "CONVERSATIONS WITH CHRISTIAN" (Straight-ahead release with each cut
featuring jazz greats and others, e.g., Corea, Hargrove, Ron Blake, Regina Carter, Dr. Billy Taylor, and oh yes,
an appearance by Sting. Mix of originals & other jazz tunes. Contains 3 vocal tracks).

LATimes Blog (Chris Barton): Bassist/bandleader Christian McBride isn't a guy who likes sitting still. The L.A. Phil's Creative Chair for Jazz from 2006 to 2010, the 39-year-old McBride has recently toured with the jazz-fusion super-group Five Peace Band as well as his throwback acoustic ensemble Kind of Brown, which released a sharp debut in 2009. This year marks another active one for McBride with September's rambunctious big-band album "The Good Feeling" and this month's "Conversations With Christian," a collection of duets that rose out of a 2009 podcast series of the same name.
JACQUI NAYLOR - "LUCKY GIRL" - (Vocalist/songwriter in a quartet setting, doing a mix of jazz tunes).

Fans pick the songs for the album

Jacqui hosted a gathering of about ninety people where she performed twenty-five songs and let the listeners rate them on a scale of 1 to 5. Without exception, the top fifteen rated songs did become the cuts selected for the new album. Jacqui said that there was a little bit of nervousness in letting her fans choose the songs, but when it was all said and done, the fans made excellent choices.

I think that a lot of the time fans are pretty much right on. At least mine. I feel like they know me. And in this particular case I wanted them to really know my heart in this album, and I think that comes through.

Acoustic smashing continues

Jacqui Naylor made famous what she defined as acoustic smashing, or taking a jazz tune and a rock tune, and singing one while the band plays the other in a seamless fashion. On this album, Jacqui smashes Surrey with the Fringe on Top with George Bensons Breezin.

THE DANIEL ROSENBOOM SEPTET (FB) - "FALLEN ANGELS" (Progressive release, composed and arranged by
this trumpeter. Some cuts day friendly). The Los Angeles that Daniel Rosenboom illustrates on his latest album, Fallen Angeles, is a ghost. They're portraits in spectral black and white, a collection of film noir images that unreel with barely contained vigor and explosive imagination.

THE DAVE SHANK QUINTET - "SOUNDPROOF" (Vibraphonist, known for his fusion style play, leads a
quintet that showcases ten new compositions; all straight-ahead).

Something Else!: The project also includes pianist Barry Miles and drummer Terry Silverlight, a pair who first worked together on Miles 1971 fusion delight White Heat. Bassist John Patitucci, a longtime member of Wayne Shorters Quartet and former member of Chich Coreas Elektric and Akoustic bands, was part of the same LA jazz scene with Shank in the late 1980s and early 90s, but this album is the first time the two have worked together.

RANI SINGAM (FB)- "WITH A SONG IN MY HEART" (Singapors vocalist sensation in Asia with her debut release,
(now out of print), on the JazzNote imprint).

RANI SINGAM first started creating a stir in the Singapore jazz scene in the year 2000 when she started doing performances at corporate parties and community concerts. In 2002, a few prominent Singaporean and visiting American musicians were sitting in the Blue Note in Singapore and one of the musicians put on demo CD of Rani without telling the other who it was. One of the musicians said "hey...this sounds like an early Billie Holliday recording, except that the sound quality is too clear to be from that era." It was then revealed that the recording was by Rani Singam. All present were extremely impressed and they asked someone who knew her to ask her to come down to the Blue Note and perform that very night as a guest!

WADADA LEO SMITH'S ORGANIC - "HEARTS REFLECTIONS" (2 disc set featuring one of Smiths many
working bands Organic, a fourteen-piece group marked by four guitarist. Sound can be described as part
fusion and part jazz-rock orchestra). (Mark Carroto): Organic, one of Smith's numerous working bands, is a continuation of his Yo Miiles! project with guitarist Henry Kaiser, the jazz/rock love child of Miles Davis' electric era. Organic was first recorded as the second disc on Smith's Spiritual Dimensions (Cuneiform, 2009), and is positioned to take Yo Miles! one step beyond with an electric sound that begins with the blues and funk, then evolves into modern composition. Smith also updates the Milesian electric sound with two laptop computer artists,

TYSHAWN SOREY (FB)  - "OBLIQUE - 1" (Progressive session, led by this drummer/composer, doing all originals.
First drummer to release a record as leader on the PI label).

TRIO THIS - "THAT" (Collaborative project featuring a traditional mix of originals and re-examinations of works
by Wayne Shorter, Henry Mancini and Les McCann. Note; an earlier 2010 release).
2011-11-07 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: November 6, 2011
New Keith Jarret, Manhanthappa...and San Diego's own Nate Jarrell (who will be on TNJT Monday 11/7 at 6:40 PM PT)...among some other great progressive, duo, debuts, and other great New Jazz Music! And being played for the first time on Jazz 88 on The New Jazz Thing, Monday, November 7, 2011 from 6-8 PM PT.

REZ ABBASIS INVOCATION (FB, @RezTone) SUNO SUNO (Progressive session, led by this
guitarist, with an all-star band of progressive artists).

AllABoutJazz (Something Else!): More important, in particular as it relates to this album, must have been the impact of Coltraneespecially in the way this group often works toward an almost unbridled release without losing musical coherence. That was the risk as Coltrane struggled through his spiritual awakening on the career-defining A Love Supreme, and it remains so hereas Abbasi tries to blend his native country's praise song forms and jazz. Invocation's exultations, in particular on the more overtly Qawwali-influenced numbers like Thanks for Giving" and Onus On Us," walk the same fine lineand they emerge with a statement of similar artistic breadth, religious wonder and musical intrigue.

EMMET COHEN (@EmmetCohen) IN THE ELEMENT (Debut release by this 20-year old pianist,
mostly trio stuff, with trumpeter Greg Gisbert guesting on 3 tracks). (Edward Blanco): At the ripe old age of 21, jazz piano prodigy Emmet Cohen has already racked up an impressive list of awards among them, Downbeat's Best Jazz Soloist and Best Jazz Combo (for the Emmet Cohen Trio), placed first in the Kathleen T. and Philip B. Phillip's Piano competition at University of West Florida and was selected as a finalist for the 2011 American Pianist's Association's Cole Porter Fellowship.

duet recording, doing mostly standards).

JazzWrap (Stephan Moore): This is the first album on DiRubbo's own label and its a great way to begin. Four Hands, One Heart is a wonderful contemporary album that merges both the talent of a legendary pianist and the already accomplished and well respected saxophonist. This is great stuff that deserves everyone's ears...

HARRIS EISENSTADT CANADA DAY II (Drummer, leading a quintet, with a
mix of contemporary and straight-ahead originals). (Mark Corroto): If you believe most recordings by drummer/composers are positive statements, then Harris Eisenstadt's Canada Day II is more than a glass half full. It is a brimming cup of music. The disc follows 2009's Canada Day, on Portugal's Clean Feed label, with the same lineup. The glue here is the perpetual groove, be it applied by the drummer, bassist, or vibraphone as on "To Be," someone is always carrying the freight. That makes for better solos and a crisp accessible sound.

KALI Z. FASTEAU (FB) AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE (Progressive, pianoless trio,
recorded in the 90s, newly released).

Squidco: "A recording of three musicians with superlative and fascinating careers. The musical lineage of multi-instrumentist and composer Kali. Z. stems from her musician grandparents hosting sessions with the Gershwin brothers and Kali's college and graduate studies of world music and jazz. Her musical trajectory then flows through her marriage and musical partnership with the great multi-instrumentist and composer Don Rafael Garrett (he recorded 4 albums with John Coltrane), and decades of living in 16 countries, leading ensembles of wonderful musicians, recording some 18 albums of her world jazz, and performing on more than a dozen instruments.On this recording, these extraordinary artists deliver their unique powers to the collective sound, combining their creativity in fiery sessions recorded in the first days of 1992. An Alternate Universe, finds these musicians roaring along the high energy road.

KEITH JARRETT RIO (Double-disc solo piano improvisation concert, complete
with humming).

The Guardian (John Fordham): The story goes that Jarrett was on the phone to ECM boss Manfred Eicher barely before the applause had died down, convinced this was his best gig in years and he's right. Warmer and less abstract than his still-remarkable 2006 Carnegie Hall solo show, a constantly changing (and totally improvised) soundscape of rocking African and Latin vamps, fragile love songs, guitar-like blues and sparingly deployed free jazz, Rio represents Jarrett at his most exuberant.

NATE JARRELL (FB) THE NEXT CHAPTER (Local guitarist, in an edgy outing, with a
mix of originals and jazz tunes).

San Diego Reader (Robert Bush): The Next Chapter is an excellent example of modern electric jazz guitar, which, in it's best moments, veers slightly to the left of center. Creative stuff, highly recommended.
RUDRESH MAHANTHAPPA (FB, @RudreshM) SAMDHI (Typically progressive outing from this
Indian saxophonist). (Mark F. Turner): About halfway through the aptly named "Killer," it becomes apparent that saxophonist Rudresh Mahanthappa's Samdhi is up to something just a little different. Amid the track's impossible changes and blistering tempo, the saxophonist's alto undergoes acoustic-electric alterations that are processed through a laptop. Samdhi is the product of Mahanthappa's receiving a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2008, which allowed him to explore the fusion of electronic music, ancestral Indian music and jazz. It spawned a new group with a number of early dates and the results are striking. From start to finish, the music never abandons its flavor. Stimulating, open-minded, and never pretentious, this is Mahanthappa's most accessible release to date.

(A variety of guest artists, performing his original compisitions). (Ian Patterson): Jeremy Monteiro has come a long way since starting out as a professional jazz pianist when not quite seventeen, back in 1977. As a leader, he's recorded over twenty albums, though it wasn't until Homecoming (Jazznote, 2007) that he released one of all-original compositions. Released as part of his fiftieth birthday celebration, the original material here stretches from his much vaunted Montreux appearance in 1988 to a performance in Borneo in June, 2010. Whether playing a blues, a lilting samba or soul-inflected jazz, or heating up the keys on a straight-ahead workout, Monteiro's music always swings.

originals, with a Latin vibe, 3 vocal tracks).

MARK WEINSTEIN (@altoflute41) EL CUMBANCHERO (Latin grooves, with strings).

2011-10-31 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: October 31, 2011
Here's what we're adding to the Jazz 88 Music Library this week and debuting on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw 6-8PM PT, Monday, October 31, 2011...spooky!

leading a sextet of familiar names, in a Brazilian groove).

KEVIN CRABB WALTZ FOR DYLAN (Drummer, leading a quartet, doing a live
recording of originals).

CHICO HAMILTON REVELATION (Venerable drummer, leading a sextet, doing
all originals).

CHICO HAMILTON REVELATION-EP (with additional tracks on this one).

BOB JAMES/KEIKO MATSUI ALTAIR & VEGA (Normally smooth-jazz pianists,
collaborating on a 4-hands collection of originals, with one Bach tune).

leading a progressive session of originals and standards).

TAKUYA KURODA (FB, @TakuyaKuroda)  EDGE (Another great, straight-ahead session from this
trumpeter, leading a quintet, doing mostly originals).

KEVYN LETTAU DRAWN TO YOU (Local singer, doing mostly latin-flavored
PAT MARTINO UNDENIABLE (Groovin, straight-ahead live recording, with Eric
Alexander, Pat Bianchi and Tain Watts).

HENDRIK MEURKENS LIVE AT BYRDS EYE (Harmonica player, also playing
vibes on Brazilian-influenced tunes).

MILES ESPANOL NEW SKETCHES OF SPAIN (2 disc set of interpretations
of Sketches of Spain and some originals by band members).

AL NAYLOR LEGACY (Trumpeter, leading a quintet, in a straight-ahead session of
mostly originals).

collection of standards). (Ian Patterson)Groovin' at Groove Junction captures the trio, nominally led by veteran pianist/organistJeremy Monteiro, in a live setting in Kuala Lumpar running through a set of standards with great aplomb. Although Monteiro is known as a pianist, here he returns to his roots as he started out teaching Hammond over thirty years ago; there are few signs of rust. Conceived very much as a group of equal billing, Organamix is the latest in a long line of Hammond-based groups which stretches from Wild Bill Davis, through Jimmy SmithJack McDuff and on down to today's practitioners like Joey DeFrancesco and Jeppe Tuxen. To that list add Monteiro, and his partners Lim and Hong.

LEONARD PATTON EXPRESSIONS (Local vocalist, backed by Geoffrey Keezer,
doing a very nice collection of originals, jazz tunes and new standards).

HOUSTON PERSON SO NICE (Straight-ahead mix of jazz tunes and standards).
2011-10-24 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: October 24, 2011
Lots of new names in this weeks Adds to the JAzz 88 Music Library, but some familiar also with Marsallis and Mehldau bring the New! Speaking of that, we'll be debuting this on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw, Monday, October 24 6-8 PM PT!

JD ALLEN VICTORY! (Sax player, leading a pianoless trio, doing all originals). Bilawsky): Many artists seem to move rapidly through different ensemble configurations, as if they're trying to finish off a career to-do list. When an exceptional artist is willing to take the time to fully explore a specific format, like the saxophone-bass-drums trio, and develop an ensemble identity, it's a true Victory! and cause for celebration. Victory!his third trio outing for the Sunnyside labelis indicative of the fact that Allen keeps getting better with age.The saxophonist's fascination with sonata form, which deals with a theme, development and recapitulation, plays a big part in his compositional approach and the overall structural arc of the album, but the brief duration and architectural integrity of the music aren't the only notable aspects. General Patton once addressed the need to "accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory," and this Victory! is, indeed, exhilarating.

GERALD BECKETT STANDARD FLUTE (Flute player, doing a collection of jazz
tunes. Depends how you feel about electric piano).

PATRICK CORNELIUS (@PCorneliusJazz, FB) MAYBE STEPS (Alto sax player, leading a quintet, doing
mostly originals. A little on the edgy side, but generally accessible).

TheJazzWord (John Barron): Cornelius' playing can be cutting and bold in one moment and soft and wistful in another. Capable of drawing out lengthy, winding lines, shaped with sense and purpose, he demonstrates schooled technique and street-savvy phrasing.

progressive session, doing mostly original compositions).

LATimes Culture Monster (Chris Barton): Somewhere between running the forward-looking local jazz label Cryptogramophone and co-organizing the Angel City Jazz Festival, violinist Jeff Gauthier finds time for his own ensemble. Now on the cusp of its 20th year, the Goatette again features Gauthier with longtime collaborators Nels and Alex Cline, twin brothers who have helped anchor the L.A. improvised music scene with Gauthier since the '70s. Add in a 14-minute title track that closes things out with a journey from ambient improvisation to an electrical storm of melodic drive and there's much to be said for Gauthier still making time for old friends.

CENTURY (Redux, from a soon to be released boxed set of some of his previous

To celebrate Wyntons 50th birthday, highlights from those nine albums plus his career-defining masterpiece All Rise have been selected by the artist for one new compilation: SWINGING INTO THE 21st!

BRAD MEHLDAU (FB, ) / KEVIN HAYS MODERN MUSIC (Piano duet recording,
featuring mostly originals, with a couple of classical pieces).

The Guardian (John Fordham): This fascinating session is therefore not only a mix of jazz and modern compositional materials (pieces by Zimmerli, Steve Reich and Philip Glass join the pianists' own originals), but an exploration of what happens when a non-jazz composer's approach shapes the frameworks for improvisation.

NEW WEST GUITAR GROUP (FB) ROUND-TRIP TICKET (Trio of guitarists, groovin
to contemporary originals). Anderson): Formerly the New West Guitar Quartet, the New West Guitar Group (now a trio) also used to be more or less a jazz ensemble. Those who have been paying attention to the group's evolution, however, won't be surprised at the almost complete lack of anything that seriously resembles jazz on this album. Everything is so pleasant and inviting that unless you're paying close attention you're liable to miss the jagged complexities that sometimes lurk underneath these tunes' shimmeringly lovely surfaces -- like the nasty 7/8 time signature on which the lovely "Crooked Railroad" is built. Every track features a rich blend of acoustic and electric textures, and the arrangements are so expertly put together that the trio's sound sometimes verges on the orchestral.

PHIL NORMAN TENTET ENCORE (Large ensemble, doing originals and fresh
takes on classic big band tunes).

Summit Records (Jersey Jazz): Phil Norman leads his critically acclaimed Tentet (the cream of the crop of LA-based session men; Carl Saunders, Andy Martin, Ron Stout, Roger Neumann, Larry Koonse, Rusty Higgins, Scott Whitfield, Tom Rizzo, Christian Jacob, Kevin Axt, Dick Weller, and Brad Dutz). Their previous MAMA release stayed, which was 'live', stayed on jazz radio's Top 50 chart for 24 straight weeks. The songs are first rate, the arrangements sublime, and the blowing will knock your socks off. This is music that will settle easily on the ears of diggers of fine jazz sounds.

ERIC REED SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL (Piano trio, doing a mix of old and new
standards and originals, straight-ahead). (Ken Dryden): In a world where so many young jazz artists feel the need to feature programs consisting exclusively of originals on their debut recordings as leaders, it is refreshing to hear a veteran like pianist Eric Reed, who plays a wide range of forgotten gems, some standards, and jazz favorites along with inventive renditions of songs from gospel, pop, and his own compositions. Eric Reed's Something Beautiful showcases a seasoned artist who is very much at the top of his game.

KENNY SHANKER STEPPIN UP (Alto saxophonist, leading a quintet, doing
mostly originals). Lindsay): Kenny Shanker has worked extensively since graduating from the Manhattan School of Music in 2001, playing with the New World Symphony, and the Tommy Dorsey and Nelson Riddle Orchestras, among others. The young alto saxophonist recorded his debut album as leader, Steppin' Up, in April 2009 but it's taken almost two-and-a-half years for it to be released. It's a shame that it has stayed in the vaults for so long, for Shanker's melodic and accessible brand of straight-ahead jazz is immediately enjoyable, with enough twists and turns to reward repeated listening.

mix of mostly band originals).

Ottawa Citizen (Peter Hum - Jazzblog): Anticipation, which was released last week, also features the kinds of complex and contemporary rhythmic and harmonic ingredients that younger players take to like catnip. However, tastefulness and musicality always come first for the trio complexity and trendiness arent the points of the music.Stranahan is 25, and his studies include stints at the Brubeck and Monk Institutes, as well as at the New School University. Hes performed with Herbie Hancock in India and toured globally in Kurt Rosenwinkels trio. Zaleski is a 24-year-old who went to the Brubeck Institute and the New School, where he is now an adjunct faculty member. (He also competed this year in the Cole Porter and Thelonious Monk jazz piano competitions.) Rosato, a 23-year-old Montrealer, studied at the New School, is finishing his Masters degree at McGill University and has shared stages with Ari Hoenig and Aaron Parks.

DWIGHT TRIBLE COSMIC (Male vocalist, doing an eclectic mix of tunes.
Suitable for Nights Only).

2011-10-17 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: October 16, 2011
Burrell, Carter, DeFrancesco...and that's only the first 3 of the great discs being added this week to the Jazz 88 Music Library! I will be debuting as many as I can get to in 2 hours during The New Jazz Thing, Monday October 17, 2011 6-8 PM PT!

KENNY BURRELL TENDERLY (Live solo recording by one of the greats).

I'm amazed that Kenny doesn't have some sort of bigger web presence. Or any press / information on this release out.
JazzDepot (HighNote Records): Beginning with his recording debut with Dizzy Gillespie on "Tin Tin Deo" and "Birk's Works" guitar master Kenny Burrell has recorded well over 100 records as a leader and countless more as a sideman with the likes of Oscar Peterson, John Coltrane, Frank Foster, Kenny Clarke and others. Recorded live in concert, "Tenderly" features Kenny alone on stage in a solo guitar recital with an array of instruments from which he selects to suit his concept of the music at hand. Whether he is swinging on a blues, caressing a ballad out of his six strings or stringing together garlands of songs into leisurely medleys, Kenny Burrell remains one of the most popular and respected guitarists in the history of jazz.

JAMES CARTER ORGAN TRIO AT THE CROSSROADS (Saxophonist, in straight-ahead,
somewhat edgy groove, with some vocal tracks). (Brent Black): these two mighty forces, Carter leaves the labeling of this release to the listener. After the groundbreaking fusion of European classical with jazz improvisation and Afro-Caribbean rhythms on Caribbean Rhapsody (EmArcy, 2011), Carter continues to defy standard categorization while focusing on a more roots-oriented release that may well be a look at his hybrid musical soul.

At The Crossroads finds Carter organic and raw yet razor sharp, with a defined focus and passion that not only makes it a noteworthy release, it may well raise the bar for jazz overall.

JOEY DeFRANCESCO (FB, @JoeyJazzOrgan) 40 (Straight-ahead organ trio, mostly originals).

KEN FOWSER / BEHN GILLECE DUOTONE (Typically good, straight-ahead session of
originals from the saxophonist/vibes leaders).

SaxShed: Ken Fowser has entered a world of jazz riddled with well-trained, technically proficient and creative tenor saxophonists. Somehow his sweet sound is his own, never sounding like anyone but himself.  He and Behn Gillece have surrounded themselves with a cohesive ensemble of like-minded musicians who can make their case within only a few, well constructed choruses.

DANNY FOX TRIO (FB) THE ONE CONSTANT (Piano trio, with a lot of edgy moments.
Good, but not suitable for mornings).

JazzWrap (Vern)
The One Constant is an excellent debut from an American trio with bold, expressive ideas. The Danny Fox Trio might be one of those under-the-radar groups that you better get to know quickly because we may be talking about them for a long time to come.

MARK HARRISON QUINTET (FB,  JUST ADD WATER (Keyboardist, leading a contemporary
session of originals).

Music Life: Marks goals for the Quintet and for their latest CD are very simple. I want to chart our own territory in the jazz world, by creating substantive and interesting music that is accessible to the ear of the listener, says Mark, Im thrilled when people come to our shows who are not diehard jazz fans, and yet they still feel our grooves and hum our tunes when they leave.

GRACE KELLY (FB, @GraceKellyJazz) GRACE (Saxophonist, doing Jazz versions of religious tunes).

MARY LOUISE KNUTSON IN THE BUBBLE (Pianist, leading a trio, in straight-ahead
standards and originals).

Jazz Police (Andrea Canter): It all flows so easily that it is hard to imagine the sweat and frustration that challenged Mary Louise as she wrote the music for this project. During the months I spent composing and arranging, there were times where my creative well seemed bone dry, she admits. I couldnt come up with any satisfying ideas for tunes or even ideas that would develop or complete tunes. That was very frustrating and frankly, a bit depressing.  I just had to show up everyday and try to compose something and trust that eventually the inspiration would be there...and luckily it was.

ALAN LEATHERMAN (FB, @Alan_Leatherman) DETOUR AHEAD (Male vocalist, doing Jazz tunes and the Great
American Songbook).

CURTIS MacDONALD COMMUNITY IMMUNITY (Saxophonist, doing edgy originals). (Dan Bilawsky): While Macdonald graciously shares space with his band mates and guests, it's his own unique voice that really defines his work. His saxophone can be a beacon of clarity ("Community Immunity") or a bird of prey ("Second Guessing"), depending on his mood, but his ideas are always intriguing. With Community Immunity, Curtis Macdonald establishes himself as one who stands apart from the rest but, with a such a unique musical statement, he just might be embraced by the jazz community at large...if such a thing exists.

grooves to Nats tunes, with 4 vocal tracks).

ANTHONY E. NELSON, JR. (FB) TENOR FOR TWO (Saxophonist, leading a quartet, with a
straight-ahead mix of standards and originals).

CDBaby: Nelsons sound is distinctive, developed, pure and soulful. At his age of thirty-three this is a real achievement. Though he plays other saxophones, when asked, why he chose to play tenor only he explained, tenor saxophone is my main instrument, the one I feel the most comfortable with.

SEAN NOWELL (@NowellSounds) STOCKHOLM SWINGIN (Saxophonist, leading a quintet, doing a mix of
jazz tunes and originals).

JazzWrap: With Stockholm Swingin' you get the feeling if you've been listening to Sean Nowell for awhile and that he really let the wheels off the wagon and just went for it this time. This is a live session that works on many levels. It's perfect for many traditionalists and a nice opening for new fans. This is the sound of modern standard jazz. It is good for all. Enjoy...

PILC-MOUTIN-HOENIG THREEDOM (Edgy piano trio, doing a mix of standards and

@CriticalJazz: This is not jazz that you embrace. This is jazz that embraces you. If you listen.

JEN SHYU (FB) & MARK DRESSER SYNASTRY (Progressive vocal/bass duo recording).

PopMatters (John Garratt): As for the remainder of the album, its not really fair to say these two are disconnected. In fact, its hard to make that call at all since these lighter-than-air vignettes dont convey any special telepathy. And it doesnt help that Jen Shyu is constructing her songs while her head is in academic la-la land. So many of her texts come from obscure origins, ones that destroy any chance you would have for diving into and surrendering unto the music. (Tim Niland)the real focus of the music is the blending of their particular voices, weaving and blending the hues and colors of sound and occasionally dancing around each other in a hypnotic and unique arrangement that is uniquely improvisatory but calling forth other music from around the world and across time. While this album can be quite a challenging listen, the two musicians represented here are truly trying to break new ground, and ask people to re-think the nature of jazz and improvised music in general. 

edgy mix of sounds from this saxophonist). (Troy Collins): Overblown jazz fusion clichés are largely a thing of the past among younger performers like Udden, who have come of age exposed to a diverse array of genres and aesthetic approaches; Plainville is a prime example of how once seemingly disparate styles can inspire subtly tasteful new hybrids. If the Past Seems So Bright enhances sophisticated jazz structures with the emotional candor of contemporary roots music, expanding the possibilities of both traditions in the process.

WELLSTONE CONSPIRACY HUMBLE ORIGINS (Great quartet recording, with all band
originals except for one Beatles tune).

Origin Records: Now in their 6th year of performing together, the collective of saxophonist Brent Jensen, pianist Bill Anschell, bassist Jeff Johnson, and drummer John Bishop continue to display their richly empathetic approach to melody and rhythm as they explore a new set of originals on their third recording together. From Jensen's swinging tribute to mentor, Lee Konitz, "All of Lee," to Bill Anschell's completely original take of the Beatle's "Fixing a Hole," the group allows the music to flow, unhurried and displaying a patient rapport that reveals moments worthy of many repeated listens.

YOTAM BRASIL (Guitarist, leading a variety of band configurations, doing great Jazz
versions of the Great Brazilian Songbook).

2011-10-10 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: October 6, 2011

Here's what we are adding to the Jazz 88 Music Library and debuting on The New Jazz Thing, Monday, October 17, 2011...

DEE BELL (FB) SAGACIOUS GRACE (Female vocalist, doing a straight-ahead mix of standards
and jazz tunes, backed by an all-star band).

FREDDY COLE TALK TO ME (Male vocalist, doing a straight-ahead mix of obscure and
new standards).

Critical Jazz: Instead of taking a victory lap of exclusive club and festival dates or perhaps cooling his heels in Las Vegas, Freddy Cole releases a follow up to the Grammy nominated "Freddy Cole Sings Mr. B" that may just bring home the Grammy some argue he should have received last year. Sophisticated in style and as comfortable as a favorite pair of jeans, Freddy Cole continues to please!

MAC GOLLEHON ODDYSSEY OF NOSTALGIA (Trumpet-led sessions, doing some
vintage tunes and originals, with some vocals by Amina Claudine Myers).

TIM HAGANS (FB ) THE MOON IS WAITING (Trumpeter, leading a progressive session. 2011 Grammy Nomination for Best Instrumental Composition "Box of Cannoli" on The Avatar Sessions). (Dan Bilawsky): Hagans has proven to be a master compositional architect in more formal settings, but his ability to let loose with this small group is the key to its success. The Moon Is Waiting is a marvel of elastic expressions from one of the most shrewd and intelligent minds in jazz today.

vocalist, doing a mix of original and jazz tunes, on the edgy side). the award-winning, Chicago-born vocalist, composer, lyricist, arranger, educator and former U.S. Jazz Ambassador Lenora Zenzalai Helm brilliantly illuminates the jazz world with this soulful and spectacular 13-track CD. It features music and lyrics inspired by two Chicago storytellers, and by writers Zora Neale Hurston, Neale Donald Walsch and Alice Walker, Robert Kennedy, biographers Gene Santoro and Ross Russell, poets Rudyard Kipling and Sam White, and the music and lyrics of Duke Ellington, John Coltrane, Charles Mingus, Thelonious Monk, Jon Hendricks and Joni Mitchell.

JASON KAO HWANG CROSSROADS UNSEEN (Extremely progressive collection of
originals). (Karl Ackerman): The notion that the next great force in new jazz could be a violinist may seem a bit incongruous, but Crossroads Unseen is fresh, exciting and creative, and one of the best recordings of the year.

MIKE LeDONNE KEEP THE FAITH (Straight-ahead organ grooves, with Eric Alexander
playing sax).

Music and More (Tim Niland): The whole album is played quite well and will be a treat for fans of organ based jazz. There are excellent solos throughout the music, but it is the groups compatibility and their ability to work together toward and ego-less common ground that is most noticeable.

MIKE LONGO TRIO + 2 TO MY SURPRISE (Mostly quintet, with some trio tracks, playing
a mix of originals, standards and jazz tunes).

FAME Review: a CD loaded up with nothing but first-rung talent: Bob Cranshaw on bass, Lewis Nash on drums, Jimmy Owens on trumpet and flugelhorn, and Lance Bryant on tenor sax. That's it. No guest sit-ins other than that '+2'. No sweetening. Just a quinteted-up trio playing its extremely sophisticated brains out.

RENE MARIE (FB, @manaymanee) BLACK LACE FREUDIAN SLIP (Female vocalist, doing straight-ahead
originals). (David Bowling): Rene Marie may not be a well-known name, but she has quietly built a catalogue of music that can match most jazz singers active today. If you are in the mood for some interesting and well sung jazz, then Black Lace Freudian Slip is an album for you.

NEW TRICKS (FB, @NewTricksJazz) ALTERNATE SIDE (Pianoless quartet, doing progressive originals). (Greg Simmons):

Here's something you don't read in album liner notes every day: "We recorded in Shawn's apartment...using only blankets wrapped around music stands for audio separation." New Tricks has seemingly recorded Alternate Side... in some no-frills circumstances, but there's truth in the old saying that adversity sometimes brings out the best in people. This piano-less collective, featuring a trumpet and tenor sax front line, plays an energetic brawl of traded solos, hard bop melodies, and freely constructed harmonization. Likely because of the way it was recorded, Alternate Side... has a live-in-studio feel to itfour guys just playing in a roomand they sound like they're really enjoying the session. The result is a truly creative record that trades in spontaneity rather than polish.

BILL OCONNELL TRIPLE PLAY PLUS THREE (Pianist, backed by all-star Latin
musicians, doing mostly originals).


collection of originals).

HOLLI ROSS YOULL SEE (Female vocalist, backed by an all-star band, doing standards
and 2 tunes she co-wrote with Claudio Roditi).

THE SPOKES NOT SO FAST (Horn trio, playing an eclectic, progressive mix of originals).

TUNNEL SIX LAKE SUPERIOR (Sextet, doing an edgy mix of band originals).

UMOJA DANCE OF THE KALAHARI (Straight-ahead collection of originals, with Afro-
Cuban subtext).

2011-10-03 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: October 1, 2011
The New discs being added to the Jazz 88 Library this week include familar names (Benson, Scofield, McBride),  upcoming interviews/shows (Stanley Jordon on TNJT 10/10, at Anthology 10/14), old friends (Ali Ryerson played Jazz Live San Diego September 2006), big band (!), guitar, vocal (Milman!), and more! I'll be debuting much of this on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw, Monday October 3, 2011 6-8 PM PT...Listen Now!

GEORGE BENSON (FB, @GBGuitar) GUITAR MAN (Mix of contemporary and straight-ahead tunes,
with some vocals. A mix of old and new standards).

Guitar International (Vince Lewis): George Benson is a true chameleon, but mostly one of the finest jazz guitarists of all time. His masterful interpretation of pop tunes and jazz standards has long been a source of inspiration to aspiring musicians. He has been active for over five decades and has over 30 recordings as leader, and to top it off, hes been awarded ten Grammy awards. His ability to cross over into the commercial arena while still maintaining a quality improvisational approach is matched only by the late Wes Montgomery. Bensons moving vocal stylings are developed from his terrific sense of instrumental phrasing, and they are equally impressive. This recording is a must have for any George Benson fan. It is also a terrific introduction for those listeners who may have grown up just a little later than some of us. It is an opportunity to hear a fine musician and vocalist do what he does besta variety of crowd pleasing but substantive material.

MAUREEN CHOI (FB,@MaureenChoi) QUARTET (Violinist, leading a quartet, doing a mix of straight-
ahead originals and standards). (Robert Sutton): It's like a siren's call, a lush, hypnotic melody that reels in the senses and then stimulates them. The sound of Maureen Choi's violin has that kind of effect. On the Maureen Choi Quartet's self-titled latest album, the worlds of classical and jazz unite in a harmonious marriage, and her gorgeously expressive violin is the bridge that connects them.

CECILIA COLEMAN BIG BAND OH BOY! (All original big band swingers). (Edward Blanco)Cecilia Coleman never set out to become a big band leader, stating that it was "never a dream of mine to have a big band," but the Cecilia Coleman Big Band is her new realityand Oh Boy!, what a swinging affair, this very first recording effort turns out to be. This is classic big band music infused with a bolt of raw energy and mounds of excitement.
(FB) FRIENDS (Virtuoso guitarist, doing a mix of contemporary
tunes and straight-ahead standards). (Larry Taylor): His virtuosity and improvisational prowess are a given, and on Friends, he also shows his skill on piano on two numbers. Primarily, he brings in old pals from various backgrounds and delivers terrific arrangements, ranging across the jazz spectrum, mixing in originals with swing, post bop, samba, blues, pop and a couple from Bartk and Chopin. Jordan makes roughly two appearances with each main guest, with all the pairings in different styles; all are great. In a press release, Jordan says that this collection truly speaks to his belief that ..."when you integrate styles, you combine them into something new while still remaining true to the original sources." His best argument is this recording.
KEVIN KIZER QUARTET ASPECTS (Saxophonist, leading a quintet with violin
and guitar, doing and edgy collection of originals).

LISA MAXWELL (FB) HAPPY (Female vocalist, doing the Great American Songbook).

Jazz Lives: Lisa has all the virtues any singer could ask for. Her voice is appealing; her rhythm glides; her phrasing is all her own. She knows that each song is its own little playlet. Without dramatizing, she lets the song itself take center stage.

CHRISTIAN McBRIDE (FB, @McBridesWorld) BIG BAND GOOD FEELING (Swinging, straight-ahead
big band, with 3 vocals by Melissa Walker). (Something Else!): there is the sense that this record has been percolating for some time and, like most worthwhile things that are given that chance, The Good Feeling is far better for it.

SOPHIE MILMAN (FB, @SophieMilman) IN THE MOONLIGHT (Female vocalist, doing a nice mix of

Exystence: Milman covers the full range of styles without ever leaving the romantic jazz oeuvre.Throughout In the Moonlight, Milmans voice is its great asset, giving the songs a light sexy touch. She has a voice I can listen to all day, but that lets the songs shine. And while its nothing you havent heard before, its one of the better examples of the vocal style.

mix of standards and originals).

As she was en route to the studio on that beautiful spring day, the world took on a new look. The warm, sunny, vibrant colors were all shaded in a lovely and surprising way. She kept remarking about it, and one by one, the musicians all tried on the blue glasses. At some point, while listening to a playback, Carol remarked, Blue Glass Music. Just another example of why Carol Morgan is one of my heroes. That emotional availability, that in the moment mentality is exactly what makes her such a unique voice in jazz, and of course, exactly what we all should be striving for. It keeps me coming back again and again.

ALI RYERSON CON BRIO! (Flutist, leading a session of originals and standards).

Ali Hits Home With A New Flute...: Working with an old friend, Pete Levin -- keyboard player for the legendary Gil Evans Orchestra -- the two decided to make the CD a more integrated piece of music, rather than just a collection of standards. The musicians on the recording -- Ryerson, Levin, vibraphonist Mike Mainieri, guitarist Mike DeMicco, bassist Egan and drummer Danny Gottlieb -- are all great musicians, "I mean Danny Gottlieb and Mark Egan were Pat Metheny's original rhythm section,'' Ryerson said.

JOHN SCOFIELD A MOMENTS PEACE (Usually edgy guitarist, in a relatively
subdued session, featuring mostly standards). (John Kelman): A Moment's Peace might be perceived by some, a least on the surface, as an album of little riskwithout Scofield's usual fire and grease, set that might appear to coast when it ought to soarbut it may well be Scofield's biggest gamble. Those prepared to accept the album on face value, as an hour's respite from life's normal hustle and bustleor, who are patient enough to dig deeper for its beyond-the-norm look at a handful of potentially worn-out standards, here reinvigorated; a quintet of perfectly dovetailing originals; and a couple of truly surprises song choiceswill find plenty to love about A Moment's Peacean album whose greatest charms are revealed not after one or two listens, but after ten or twenty.

MATT SLOCUM AFTER THE STORM (Drummer, leading a trio with pianist
Gerald Clayton, with a mix of standards and originals).

REUBEN WILSON TRIO REVISITED (Organist, grooving standards and originals).
2011-09-26 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: September 24, 2011
Here's the New adds to the Jazz 88 library to be debuted on The New Jazz Thing on Monday, September 26, 2011 between 6 and 8 PM PT.

SYLVIA BENNETT (@SylbiaBennett) SONRIE (Female vocalist, singing the Great Latin Songbook in
Spanish). (about 2010 English version?): Within the genre of gentle jazzy love songs, Bennett's treatment of this music delivers a musical experience sure to draw a well-deserved Smile.

CHICK COREA (@ChickCorea) / STEFANO BOLLANI (FB, YouTube) ORVIETO (Pianists, performing live, doing
a mix of originals, standards and improvisations). (John Kelman): Unlike most duo recordings, Bollani and Corea are not split into left and right channels; instead, the two instruments converge towards the center of the mix from lower register to upper, giving Orvieto an even greater "you are there" feelingbut "there" isn't in the audience, it's right up there with the pianists. Those familiar with either player will have no difficulty in identifying them here; for those who aren't, does it really matter? Instead, it makes Orvieto all the more appreciable for its remarkably empathy, telepathy and synchronicitysymmetry, even, at timesless a duo, and more the remarkable melding of musical minds for a most singular purpose.

CARLO DE ROSAS CROSS-FADE BRAIN DANCE (Bassist, leading a quartet,
doing progressive originals). (Mark F. Turner, March, 2011): There are "musician-for-hire" gunslingersprofessionals employed at a moment's notice to bring their skills to a gig or recording. But the mercenary analogy is only a small part of their repertoire, as many of these invaluable side musicians are leaders and composers just awaiting the opportunity to release their own material. Such is the case with Brain Dance, by bassist Carlo De Rosa, who has performed with The Chico O'Farrill Afro Cuban Jazz Orchestra, Yo-Yo Ma, Rudresh Mahanthappa, and many others.  Of the seven tracks, "Terrane / A Phrase" is the most revealing of De Rosa's abilities: a contemporary opus of expansive writing and improvisation, filled with extensive individual spots, aerial flight patterns, and harmony and dissonance. Its conclusion prompts the question of why it's taken De Rosa so long to record this music. More, please.

ESP (@ESPJazz, FB) REACH (Not the San Diego band, doing all originals with a mix of straight-
ahead and contemporary).

TIM HORNER THE PLACES WE FEEL FREE (Very nice straight-ahead session,
with a variety of band configurations, doing all originals).

Mark Sherman's Blog (the vibest on the date): Horner not only writes in an assortment of time feels, he plays each style with the up-most capability. He is one of our modern masters when it comes knowing what the music needs from the rhythm section. His contributions are played with passion and conviction! His time feels so good. It makes you want to play if youre a musician. It makes you want to move if youre a listener. He is a superb musician!

CLAY JENKINS QUARTET GOOD SIGNS (Trumpeter, leading a quartet, doing
mostly straight-ahead originals).

vocalist, with an unpretentious style, doing mostly straight-ahead originals).

TISH ONEY (@TishSings) SWEET YOUTH (Female vocalist, with guitar accompaniment, doing
a mix of standards and originals).

TED ROSENTHAL TRIO OUT OF THIS WORLD (Piano trio, doing all straight-
ahead standards).
AllAboutJazz.comOn Out Of This World (Playscape Recordings), the new collection featuring Rosenthal on piano, bassist Noriko Ueda and Quincy Davis on drums, 10 timeless classics from the golden era of American song craft are rendered in an impeccably lyrical, colorful manner that compels the listener to rethink them. Rosenthal and crew embrace the familiar tunesreliable standards like Embraceable You," People Will Say We're In Love" and Cry Me a River"and, without ever losing sight of the melody at the heart, reimagine them from the ground up. Rosenthal thrives on re-creating these cultural cornerstones in his own image.

modern day icons, paying tribute to the progenitors of Latin Jazz).
Latin Jazz NetworkWhile the album includes songs originally written and performed by the two legends, it also showcases compositions crafted by other writers that capture the flavor of traditional Latin jazz. To me, Latin jazz is the worlds greatest music, says Sanchez. It has the melodic and harmonic sophistication of jazz and American standards, and the flavor and energy of Latin American music. What Im most proud of is that this music while it may sound exotic at times is from America. It was born in New York City, when Chano Pozo met Dizzy Gillespie for the first time in the mid-1940s. They created something that didnt exist before in this country. Im very proud to take this music all over the world all the time.

STARLICKER DOUBLE DEMON (Rob Mazurek, leading a trio, doing all
progressive originals).

PopMatters (John Garratt)If you are able to keep up with Chicago trumpeter Rob Mazureks various side projects, you will know that his new band Starlicker is comprised of three members from his Exploding Star Orchestra. So if you take a 14-piece supernova group and reduce it to a trio, you have something that licks stars. Do with that what you will.

(Guitarist and saxophonist, leading a quartet, with an edgy mix of originals and
The Urban FluxMaster musicians guitarist John Stowell and saxophonistMichael Zilber team with the Bay Areas first-call rhythm team of bassist John Shifflet and drummer Jason Lewis, crafting a unique and dynamic recording of modern jazz that transcends the whole. Telepathic exchanges are in abundance as the group tackles a compelling mix of originals and compositions from Kenny Wheeler & John Scofield.

CORY WEEDS JUST LIKE THAT (Typical straight-ahead grooves from this
saxophonist, doing mostly originals).

CDBabyCory Weeds is at it again this time featured on the alto saxophone with the stellar piano trio led by pianit Tilden Webb backing him up. It features award winning bassist Jodi Proznick and drummer Jesse Cahill. An eclectic mix of originals, a swinging standard and a reworking of a classic John Hiatt tune.

Plus...coming up 10/3....

George Benson - "Guitar Man"
Chico Hamilton - "Euphoric"
Reuben Wilson Trio - "Revisited"
Cecilia Coleman Big Band - "Oh Boy!"
Ali Ryerson - "Con Brio!"
Kevin Kizer Quartet - "Aspects"
2011-09-12 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: September 8, 2011
Here are the tunes we are adding to the Jazz 88 New section and library AND I will be featuring on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw this Monday, September 12, 2011 between 6 and 8 PM PT (in addition to interviewing Josh Nelson and Tierney Sutton who we added last week).

RAHSAAN BARBER (FB, @rjbsax) EVERYDAY MAGIC (Young saxophonist, leading a group of young musicians, doing all original material).

Blogcritics (The Dirty Lowdown): This is a great debut for the label and a more than fine sophomore effort from Rahsaan and Everyday Magic. It may not be elevator music, but it is going nowhere but up.

SHARON DuBOIS (FB) HERE I AM (Local vocalist, backed by local musicians, doing all original tunes.  Lots of overdubs of her voice).

San Diego Reader (Robert Bush): In its strongest moments, Here I Am floats along with a jazz-funk groove reminiscent of the 70s Crusaders, or, on some tracks, the sophisticated feel of 80s era Steely Dan. It takes a tight band to pull that off.

ECHOES OF SWING MESSAGE FROM MARS (New takes on early swing classics.  Neo-swing, if you will).

The Jazz Society of Pensacola (Norman Vickers): This group combines the styles of small-group combos of the 20s and 30s with modern techniques with wonderful toe-tapping result.  There is a mix of jazz standards with their own compositions.  Im also a fan of classics which are swung.  Three examples of this style are Butterfly Chase based on a Chopin Etude, Fritz Kreislers Liebesleid: and Shostakovichs Gavotte.

"Message from Mars" wins


and is awarded the


BILL FRISELL (FB, @BillFrisell) ALL WE ARE SAYING (Edgy guitarist, paying tribute to John Lennon, with interesting and faithful takes, on familiar tunes). (Music and More by Tim Niland): In guitarist Bill Frisells liner notes to his most recent LP, he writes about being contacted to perform a special concert of John Lennon compositions. He and the band enjoyed it so much that they continued to tour, playing mostly of the music heard here to an excellent response, and then entered to studio to record. Overall this album works pretty well and could serve as an excellent gateway or conduit to fans of pop music that are interested in exploring jazz. The band understands that Lennons music speaks for itself, and with a few modifications they allow it to do so quite beautifully

YARON GERSHOVSKY - STATE OF MIND (Manhattan Transfers pianist, leading a trio, doing mostly standards, with the group guesting on one track, and Janis Siegel on another).

Earthworks Audio: A Summa Cum Laude graduate of Berklee College of Music, Yaron has launched his musical career touring with Pharoah Sanders, and recording with Wayne Shorter on his album Atlantis. Since 1979, Yaron has been the Musical Director and Pianist/Keyboardist for the world-renowned vocal group The Manhattan Transfer. Yarons work was featured on the Broadway stage as well.

ALLAN HARRIS (FB,@AllanHarris) OPEN UP YOUR MIND (Male vocalist, backing himself on guitar, doing mosty originals.  Some track border on smooth jazz).

Powerderfinger Promotions: Always known as a singers singer, in Open Up Your Mind Harris also gets the opportunity to show off his deep songwriting talent while letting the music world know that he can hold his own on guitar. Harris has a rich history in the jazz world, CNN referred to him as one of the three best male jazz vocalists in the country.

PAMELA HINES LUCKYS BOY (Pianist, leading a trio, with vocalist April Hall, singing all Pamelas originals).

CDBaby: Jazz pianist/ composer Pamela Hines presents nine new vocal jazz originals that are sure to be part of the contemporary American Songbook. Soulful and Blues- oriented April Hall puts her vocal stamp on these clever, fun and inspiring tunes. John Lockwood is on bass with Les Harris, Jr. on drums. The result is and outstanding selection of jazz music that is sure to make an impact with jazz fans.
Hines has made a solid contribution to the history of jazz piano with her seventh CD on the Spice Rack label and more works on other labels. She was a guest on Piano Jazz with Marian McPartland in 2000, thanks to a critically acclaimed debut CD in 1998 with Bob Moses, Rick McLaughlin, Darren Barrett and Jaque Swarz-Bart.

WYNTON MARSALIS (FB, @WyntonMarsalis), & ERIC CLAPTON (FB, @EricClaptonNews) PLAY THE BLUES (More of an early-
swing style recording, with a old swing version of Layla). Reprise Records captures the magic of these unprecedented shows from earlier this year on CD and as a CD/DVD combo that both feature selections taken from the two public concerts (April 8-9), as well a special performance for Jazz at Lincoln Center's annual gala (April 7). Marsalis says the group combined the sound of an early blues jump-band with the sound of New Orleans jazz to accommodate the integration of guitar/trumpet lead, a combination that gave the musicians the latitude to play different grooves, from the Delta to the Caribbean and beyond.

RENOLDS JAZZ ORCHESTRA (FB) THREE PENNY OPERA-LIVE IN AARAU (All-star big band, playing Kurt Weills music from his most famous work).

FAME (Mark S. Tucker): As before, the band here includes honored vets Randy Brecker and Miroslav Vitous, though every member is a superior musician. Many are the solos and just as numerous the influences and stylingscatch the Brubeckian take on Instead of Song, f'rinstance. One is also as likely to encounter a ululatingly enthralling Pharaoh Sanders cum Anthony Braxton voicing (Wedding Song for the Poor) as the aforementioned Dave, with Freddie Hubbardisms, Steve Coleman inflections, and of course the personalities and mindsets of the players themselves tossed in for a constantly morphing landscape. Everything is a kaleidoscope of surpassing skill and coloration.

JOAN STILES THREE MUSICIANS (Joel Frahm and Matt Wilson join her, in mostly progressive versions of familiar tunes). Three Musicians is NY-based pianist/composer, Joan Stiles' 3rd CD, a joyful, interactive outing with Joel Frahm (sax) and Matt Wilson (drums). The trio glides and grooves through various jazz styles in brilliant but accessible explorations of standards, show tunes, Monk, Strayhorn, Mary Lou Williams, and even some Beatles and Clapton. Highlights include collages on LOVE - My Funny Valentine meets Sunshine of Your Love and MONEY - Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? meets Can't Buy Me Love. Stiles' compositions - West End Boogie, a soulful, rhythmic blues, and the Gillespie/Dameron inspired Bebopicity add to the eclectic mix. Hurly-Burly (Stiles' last CD) garnered a 4-star Downbeat review and topped Jazz Week Radio charts.

SUSANNAH (Martin) & PABLO TROPICOS SUR (Female vocalist, doing the great Brazilian songbook).

CUONG VU (FB) LEAPS OF FAITH (Pat Methenys trumpeter, in a very progressive outing). (C. Michael Bailey): The stark juxtaposition of the familiar with the chaotic deepens understanding of the melody. Vu introduces what he is trying to do with the familiar before venturing into the unfamiliar, to provide a better understanding of his vision. This music is the collision between the secure and consonant with the disruptive and dissonant: meaning it reflects real life, where there are no white picket fences, only chain-link ones protecting paradise.

ANDREA WOLPER (FB, @AndreaWolper) PARALLEL LIVES (Female vocalist, singing a mix of standards and originals).

Critical Jazz: "Parallel Lives" is an evocative sound scape collection ranging from Broadway to jazz beatnik to bebop and it is this very proud collection of music that defies standard categorization that makes it so captivating to enjoy. "Parallel Lives" is a celebration of musical diversity at its very finest. A vocal master class for where jazz vocalists should be heading today!

2011-09-05 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: September 2, 2011
Here's the new batch of music being added to the Jazz 88 Music library and playlist, debuting on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw on Monday, September 5, 2011 6-8 PM PT!

ROY ASSAF / Ronen Itzik / Jorge Roeder / Augmented Reality (FB, Reverbnation) AUGMENTED REALITY (Pianist first session leading a trio. Mostly
orginals). (Jacob Teichroew): Augmented Reality is lush and yet subtle, and with a range of stylistic influences, it achieves a sophisticated, understated presence. It is exciting to imagine how the music will sound as the band grows more seasoned around it, begins to take bigger risks while continuing to use melody as its inspiration.

CHRISTIAN FABIAN WEST COAST SESSION (Bassist, leading a core trio, with
all-star guests, doing straight-ahead originals and jazz tunes).

NICOLE HENRY (FB, @nicholehenryjazz, YouTube) EMBRACEABLE (Female vocalist, doing a mix of standards,
blues and new tunes). (Larry Taylor): With the release of her fifth album, Embraceable, vocalist Nicole Henry pleasingly brings together a range of stylessmooth and mainstream jazz, along with pop and gospel. Henry's stated mission with this record is to take large steps in new directions, and she accomplishes this with a sweet, accessible voice that serves up lyrical ballads, as well as dishing out large helpings of soulful blues and gospel.

JAKE HERTZOG (FB, YouTube) EVOLUTION (Extreme electric guitar).

The Jazz Word: Jake Hertzog, now with a handful of recordings under his belt, is one of the very few prolific young guitarists to convincingly embrace the potential of blending a jazz and rock style of performing. What stands out in Hertzog's playing, aside from a comprehensive knowledge of his instrument, is a willingness, regardless of style, to put it all on the line.

TIM MAYER RESILIENCE (Saxophonist, with many all-star guests, doing a
collection of straight-ahead jazz tunes).

Mitch's Muse: Mayer's platter swings from the get-go. A few tracks have additional players for a richer sound-a bit plush, a hair away from lush, with thoughtful yet vigorous arrangements in the vein of Tadd Dameron, Don Sebesky, and pre-1965 Gil Evans.

JOSH NELSON (FB) DISCOVERIES (Pianist, leading a variety of configurations, doing
all but one straight-ahead originals).

Critical Jazz: Cerebral jazz? In an incredibly unique if not personal release, Nelson takes his appreciation for the writings of Jules Verne among others and transforms this literature into a conceptualized presentation of sonic imagery that lives and breathes on its own. An incredibly thoughtful organic pulse drives the forward motion of this sonic adventure with great care and artistic touch. Nelson's music is (for me) not Ipod friendly, no good jazz worth listening to is. "Discoveries" contains intricate and involved interplay between Nelson and his musical companions that is exciting, fresh and alive to the point where mere headphones could not possibly transfer the musical experience adequately.

BOB SHIMIZU (YouTube,  FIRST & MONROE (Guitar-led contemporary jazz session).

CDBaby: On this outing, Bob Shimizu has shown real bravery by not allowing the influence of the Smooth Jazz broadcast idiom's whimsical rules or, the tradition and "commandments" of the Jazz Police to alter the musical vision. Bob Shimizu has simply recorded a true contemporary jazz record in the most honest sense and, most importantly, he's simply made great music!

TIERNEY SUTTON AMERICAN ROAD (Female vocalist, doing a mix of show
tunes, gospel and Americana).

Critical Jazz: Organic but deep rooted in tradition this exquisite release is perfect from start to finish."...take on her own unique, slightly eclectic but incredibly accessible spin on the Great American Songbook thus releasing an almost instant classic."
Challenge Records: We first started looking at an America-themed CD three or four years ago, says Sutton, whose vocal style has been described as soft as silk and smooth as fine bourbon by the Chicago Sun Times. Circumstances led the group in a different direction at the time, the result being 2009s Desire, which earned the group its third consecutive Grammy nomination for Best Vocal Jazz Album.

But the concept that gave ultimately gave rise to American Road stayed with Sutton and the bandChristian Jacob (piano), Kevin Axt (acoustic and electric bass), Trey Henry (acoustic and electric bass) and Ray Brinker (drums and percussion)until, having spent countless days and nights traveling Americas roads and playing in her towns and cities, they were able to finally bring it to fruition. All of the arrangements on American Road were conceived by the entire band, which, said The New York Times, has refined the kind of rapport that could only be achieved over timeproviding a continuous flow of support, strength and inspiration.

BILLY WHITE FIRST THINGS FIRST (Straight-ahead octet, doing all originals). (Dan Bilawsky): First Things First is as apt a name for a debut album as anybody could come up with. While this marks pianist Billy White's first leader date, he already has plenty of impressive musical experience under his belt: spending his college years earning a degree in ethnomusicology from UCLA; working with a jazz/hip-hop hybrid group Heezbus, while living in Paris; studying Gnawa trance music in Morocco; and writing some music for films. Eventually, the San Francisco native landed in Brooklyn, NY and began focusing his attention on writing and playing piano. This album is the fruit of that labor and it's rife with exciting compositions and strong group interplay.

CHIP WHITE More DEDICATIONS (Drummer, leading an all-star band,
doing his originals, with a disc of poetry included).

CDBaby: This recording is Chips fourth as a leader and composer. The others are "Harlem Sunset" (Postcards, 1994), "Music and Lyrics" (Dark Colors, 2005), and "Double Dedication" (Dark Colors, 2008). The poems on Chips CDs come from his book of more than 100 poems for famous jazz musicians, "Im Just the Drummer in the Band."
2011-08-29 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: August 27, 2011
RON CARTER RON CARTERS GREAT BIG BAND (Bassist, leading a big band, and swinging
straight-ahead on many familiar tunes).

Critical Jazz: This is the first ever big band recording for the 74 year old Carter and he pulls this off as though this was his primary if not favorite means of musical expression. A smoking hot ensemble that swings with the kind of pop that would give the listener the impression this was a working ensemble years in the making.
Recent interview with Ron.
A photo of the band with arranger Bob Freedman.

ARMEN DONELIAN LEAPFROG (Pianist, leading a quintet, doing all originals, very edgy). (Dan Bilawski): While cohesion and individuality, by their very definitions, may seem to be at odds with one another, the music on Leapfrog reconciles these two opposing ideals without a problem. For his ninth date on the Sunnyside label, pianist Armen Donelian has together a program of strikingly modern originals that showcase the cutting edge talent and simpatico sensibilities of his band. Leapfrog proves to be light years beyond many other albums that wear the modern jazz label, because the individual contributions and the confluence of the group are of equal value, and Donelian deserves plaudits for balancing that equation and producing such a work.
KYLE EASTWOOD SCENES FROM THE CHATEAU (Bassist, leading a straight-ahead session,
with funky undertones). (Bruce Lindsay): yle Eastwood's career encompasses the writing of film soundtracks, as well as the life of a jazz composer, bandleader and bassist. On those seemingly rare occasions when he isn't working, Eastwood spends much of his time in France. Songs From The Chateau is his fifth album since 1998's debut, From There To Here (Sony), and his fourth for British Candid label. It finds Eastwood recording in the country he loves, at the 15th century Chateau Couronneau in the Bordeaux region. The range of styles is wide, demonstrating the influences from across the world that Eastwood has absorbed into his writing and playing. It's full of strong compositions from Eastwood, and virtuoso playing from every musician, but never feels forced, or competitive: no showboating, no unnecessary technical complexity.

FLUTEUS MAXIMUMS ONE SESSION-ONE TAKE (Funky versions of many familiar songs).

: 16 songs were recorded in 4 hours, live, in a tiny, one room studio in northern California.
All songs were done in one take including Hammond B3 (dubbed in the same session).

BIELLO/WEYAND FOURTHOUGHT (A quartet, doing mostly originals. Way out sax solos deem it
appropriate for nights only).

DAN JACOBS QUINTET PLAYSONG (Trumpet-led ensemble, doing a mix of tunes, straight-ahead).

JACOB FRED JAZZ ODYSSEY THE RACE RIOT SUITE (Very progressive, way out there).

Interview with Chris Combs

JAZZ LINKS ENSEMBLE THE DRIVE (Ensemble of the Jazz Institute of Chicago, doing a collection
of jazz tunes).

CDBaby: This two year labor of love features an ensemble of the next generation of jazz performers whose debut on this CD project is just the beginning. "The Drive" aptly titled after one of the original compositions on the CD, signifies what it takes to be a young jazz performer. The selected tunes exemplify the passion of these young musicians for this ageless music. Accompanied by Producer and Mentor for the project, Robert (Baabe) Irving, III; with Ari Brown and Corey Wilkes on some numbers, the performers not only had an opportunity to "shine" but to do so along-side world renowned Jazz artists.

VINCENT LYN HEAVEN BOUND (Pianist, leading a variety of ensembles, doing an eclectic mix of
jazz, latin and classical). (Edward Blanco):

Heaven Bound: indeed, what an appropriate choice of words to title pianist Vincent Lyn's project. The album is a wonderful collection of jazz, bossa nova, samba, Afro-Cuban rhythms and delicate classical interpretations. The fourteen-piece repertoire is an even blend of melody-rich originals and well-chosen, uncommon jazz standards. The music is engaging, sophisticated and highly pleasurable from start to finish, with no fillers, as every tune is a keeper and deserving of airplay consideration.

Lyn is an interesting professional, whose love for music does not really define the person behind it. Lyn is a martial arts experta Kung-Fu star and teacher with his own academya kickboxing champion, model and Hong Kong film star, with nineteen movies to his credit. But music has always been one of his first loves. and to that end Lyn honed his skills through studies at the renowned Boston Conservatory of Music, Yale University Music School and Manhattan School of Music.

FRANCISCO MELA & CUBAN SAFARI TREE OF LIFE (Progressive session, featuring a couple of
vocals by Esperanza Spalding).
JazzTimes.comDrummer Francisco Mela presents his second release on Half Note, a tour-de-force featuring 10 newly conceived compositions. With the help of his band, Cuban Safari, Mela offers a passionate fusion of Cuban polyrhythms and propulsive modernism. Renown for his play with Joe Lovanoʼs Us Five, Mela and the full scope of his musicianship take center stage with an unexpected turn as a vocalist, duetting with pianist Elio Villafranca, and trading improvs with Special Guest Esperanza SpaldingTree Of Life is spirited evidence of Melaʼs distinguished place among young group leaders. 

doing their annual showcase of talent).

JASON RASO THE RED ARROW (Guitarist/bassist, leading a variety of ensembles in a straight-
ahead session).
EarShot (Shelley Gummeson)It has been said Jason Raso has a jazz head and a funk heart. The two have been introduced in The Red Arrow. Jay comments on the duality, The head can sometimes play games and push you away from some things. I still want a groove and my hope is that those two sides continue to blend.

GREG REITAN (FB) DAYBREAK (Nice, straight-ahead, jazz piano trio).
Critical Jazz"Daybreak" is the third release for Reitan on the Sunnyside label whose artistry may be best compared as a musical frame of refernce to a cross between Keith Jarrett and Dave Grusin. Subtle nuances on a grand scale. This small yet mighty trio gives us something new with each subsequent spin of the disc. 

CLAUDIO RODITI BONS AMIGOS (Nice straight-ahead release from this trumpeter, with brazilian
undertones). (Andrew J. Sammut)Roditi's high note displays and mixing board effects sound as though he's smiling from behind the horn. He's having fun and is not out to impress. Claudio Roditi and his amigos don't have to worry about showing off, unless warmth, melody and humor sound intimidating.

ERNIE WATTS ALIVE (Saxophonist, recorded live in Europe, with his quartet, doing originals and
couple of jazz standards). (2004) Released on Watts' own Flying Dolphin label, ALIVE begins a new chapter for the artist. "This is my first recording where I had complete control," notes Watts, "All the creative decisions were mine, from the tunes to the final mix. That freedom produced this CD. It shows who I really am as a musician."

LEARNING (Pianist, leading a mostly swinging big band session).
JazzTimes: "The Brussels Jazz Orchestra (BJO), led by founder and Artistic Director Frank Vaganée, once again reinforces its reputation as one of Europes premier big bands, a group that manifests love, according to Grammy-winning arranger Maria Schneider. Kenny Werner and the BJO have joined forces to create the perfect canvas for Wernerʼs lush compositions and arrangements. TheInstitute of Higher Learning features 5 tracks, among them the opening Cantabile, a three-movement suite showcasing Wernerʼs progressive touch. It was inspired by and dedicated to Bob Brookmeyer. Liner notes by Maria Schneider."

JACK WILKINS THE BLUE & GREEN PROJECT (Saxophonist, doing great straight-ahead
interpretations of American roots music).
JazzLoftThis project involved researching Appalachian Mountain culture and environment as the inspiration for a series of new compositions, which combine the musical inspiration of American roots musicblues, gospel, jazz, mountain music, New Orleans traditionswith the subjective inspiration of Appalachian Mountains. Jack Wilkins is the Director of Jazz Studies at the University of South Florida in Tampa. An accomplished jazz saxophonist, he has released two CDs as a leader and appears as a sideman on a number of other jazz and commercial recordings.
2011-08-22 Adds To the Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: August 20, 2011
Here's what's going into the New section of the Jazz 88 Music Library this next week and will be debuted during The New Jazz Thing on Monday, August 22, 2011, 6-8PM PT...Tune In!!. It's all about the New!

LAILA BIALI (@LailaBiali, FB)- "TRACING LIGHT" (Female vocalist/pianist, with a straight-ahead mix of standards, obscure tunes and originals).

Israbox: "
Laila Biali has had quite a year a new gig as backing vocalist with Sting, a new baby and now a new CD. Tracing Light is the third solo album for the Vancouver-raised, Toronto- and New York-based performer and composer."

NORMAN DAVID & THE ELEVENTET (FB)- "AT THIS TIME" (Large ensemble, doing all straight-ahead originals).

Free MP3 "
David has been leading this group for a few years, and as they find their groove and release their first CD, At This Time (Norman David/Coolcraft, 2011), they are deservedly being heard all over the Delaware Valley and beyond. They deliver a relentlessly swinging and ear-popping sound while at the same time offering nuances, subtleties, and creative ideas that generate interest for the more serious listener. David's lightly leavened "emcee" persona is deceptive, dissimulating as a somewhat shy suburban outcast, with wry humor so bad that it's good. Thus, it's a shock at first to hear how well this band delivers its grooving sophisticated sounds. David, known also as a clarinetist, plays a mean soprano sax with this band, while contributing superb arrangements of originals and standards that evoke echoes of great predecessors (for example, the Maynard Ferguson band, as well as shades of Duke Ellington, Glenn Miller, and the Gerry Mulligan Concert Jazz Band, perhaps its closest ancestral cousin), while maintaining a distinct sound of its own. That sound has the precision, timing, and expression of a small group along with the dynamic energy of a big band."

SAMMY FIGUEROA (@congas88, FB, YouTube)& HIS LATIN JAZZ EXPLOSION - "Urbannature" (Jazzy latin, straight-ahead).

Digital Jazz News:
Sammy spent roughly two decades in New York working with the likes of Miles Davis and Sonny Rollins with whom he is currently touring. One day Sammy decided to roll the musical dice and he headed to South Florida. Figueroa landed firmly in the middle of one of the hottest Latin jazz scenes anywhere which naturally jump started his musical creativity which has earned the two Grammy nominations previously mentioned and with this release perhaps the third time will indeed be the charm!

MIKE GARSON (@MikeGarson, FB) - "THE BOWIE VARIATIONS" (Nice solo interpretations of the music of David Bowie, for whom Mike used to play).

Independent Ethos - Mike Garson talks about David Bowie Variations (interview with Hans Morgenstern: "
I had been thinking about the Bowie album for a very long time, and I was thinking of doing it as a jazz treatment with a band and guitar and sax, but that didnt feel good. I was thinking of doing covers with a lot of great singers I worked with, and that didnt fly for me. So each time Id let it go for months and months. I even talked, 10 years ago, to Tony Visconti [a longtime producer of Bowies albums] about a concept, and he was into it, but some record company at the time, I dont know who they were, they didnt have the budget I was looking for, and I was not going to do it with a small budget. It had to be done right. Then, a good friend of mine whos a journalist in France and also a singer/songwriter and has written a book on David Bowie, his name is Jérme Soligny, he said, Mike, the obvious thing is playing solo piano. Just play the music how you feel, and I said, Jesus, why didnt I think of something so simple? (laughs).So its a very honest album, Hans because thats all I do. Im an improvising musician."

GIACOMO GATES - "THE REVOLUTION WILL BE JAZZ" (Vocalist, with straight-ahead interpretations of the music of Gil Scott-Heron).

Jazz Wax (Marc Myers):
You listen to this album and it could easily have been recorded Inside_guide_sm in 1964. Giacomo brings a Greenwich Village feel to this musicthe summer strum of acoustic guitars in Washington Square, the gentle energy of Vespa scooters and the toy-like grind of the old VW Bug engine accelerating at a traffic-light change.

DONALD HARRISON / RON CARTER  / BILLY COBHAM (@GladBash)- "THIS IS JAZZ" (These three go pianoless, recorded live at The Blue Note).
For their second Half Note issue, the power trio of Donald Harrison, Ron Carter and Billy Cobham declare themselves spokesman for a kind of exploratory improvisation and interplay known only to seasoned jazz professionals. Staunch individualists all, they come together with a unified voice - at once steeped in jazz's richly variegated traditions yet forward-thinking in the cause of new creative expression. The group play here is all about a stylized vision of call and response, featuring guys with excellent listening skills and the means to keep the conversation compelling.

ROGER HUMPHRIES - "KEEP THE FAITH" (Drummer, leading mostly a quintet, in a straight-ahead session).

"It's not about me. It's about the music," says Roger Humphries. "I've had the idea to do this album for a long time. It was just a matter of getting the right tunes and the right flow." The album is entitled "Keep the Faith" and appropriately reflects Roger's deep and abiding respect for the musical gift he has and his ability to share that gift with others. His name and his musical reputation as a national and international icon are why we as a listening audience or fellow musicians understand Roger when he says, "It's about the music."

RUSS MULLEN AND THE JAZZ ASSOCIATES - "CITYSCAPE" (Mix of straight-ahead, contemporary and latin grooves).

The CITYSCAPE album is like a musical tour through the neighborhoods of a major city. THE WALK is a jazz-rock piece with a catchy melody and a good beat. SPENDING TIME WITH YOU is an upbeat Bossa Nova with a good hook. You will find yourself singing this melody. GLIDING is a Jazz Waltz that is free-flowing similar to a bird soaring through the air. BAJA CALIENTE is Hot, Hot, Hot. This Latin Jazz piece makes you want to get up and dance. CITY LIGHTS is a Straight Ahead jazz piece that gives you the feel of going out for a night on the town. SANTA MONICA SUMMER is a Bossa Nova with a happy sound that feels a summer vacation. LONELY CITY has a haunting melody and beat. It gives you the feeling of being alone in a new city and not knowing anybody yet. BLUES FOR DARLENE is not really a blues but rather an upbeat Samba that is sure to have you dancing in your seat. WALKIN' THE PARK is just what the title says like a walk in the park. This Reggae-Swing piece will have you visualizing a day in the park with all of the families having picnics and enjoying the day. TIME SQUARE is like a trip back into the city with all the hustle and bustle you might find in Time Square. FUNKIT is a funk tune that sounds like it could have come out of the 70's, it's got a good strong beat that's sure to get you moving. LA CABANA is a Bolaro that was written on a beach in Mexico during a vacation.

SWINGADELIC (FB, YouTube) - "THE OTHER DUKE-TRIBUTE TO DUKE PEARSON" (Big band versions of Duke Pearson compositions). (Dan Bilawsky):
Another Duke served as an A&R man for Blue Note records from 1963 to 1971, performed as a sideman on piano on a slew of recordings for the label during this period, wrote such classics as "Cristo Redentor" and "Idle Moments," and released a string of fabulous, but underappreciated recordings under his own name. This Duke often gets slighted or overlooked, but not this time." "The genesis for this project was bassist Dave Post's love for Pearson's music, but the entire band and its regular audience at Maxwell's in Hoboken, New Jersey, had no trouble buying into the pianist's compositions, so an album-length tribute seemed to be in order."

(FB)- "THE BOUNCER" (Pianist, leading a quintet, in another solid straight-ahead session, doing mostly originals).

BBC (Martin Longley):
The Bouncer "is totally not a security guy," says Cedar Walton, the venerable 77-year-old Texan jazz-pianist whos played beside John Coltrane, Max Roach and Art Blakey. This latest documentation of his art opens with a title-track thats spirited and, yes, bounces along with a bright, airily optimistic swagger, rippling with ebullient horns. This is how Walton's using the term, and his description remains apt for the entire disc.

MIGUEL ZENON (FB, @MiguelZenon, YouTube )- "ALMA ADENTRO: THE PUERTO RICAN SONGBOOK" (Saxophonist, doing mostly latin tunes, with some orchestral backing).
Schedule: Playing UCSD in November! (Dan Bilawsky)
: While calling somebody a "star" in jazz might seem like an oxymoron, when considering the lower-than-deserved profile of the genre on the national and international stages, Zenon fits the bill like few others. As of the recording of this 2011 album, Zenon, only in his early thirties, has already carved out a place as one of the defining saxophone voices of his generation. Having already received a Guggenheim Fellowship and MacArthur Fellowship (a.k.a. the "genius grant") at such an early age, some feel that he has been wrongfully fast-tracked in a genre where the experience of elders is usually prized over the enthusiasm and creative spirit of youth; but his solo albums and continuing work with the SFJAZZ Collective, as the only remaining charter member of that groundbreaking group, have confirmed how deserving he really is of all of the positive press, awards and honors that have been thrust upon him.

2011-08-15 Adds To the Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: August 13, 2011
Here are the discs we are adding to the Jazz 88 Playlist and Library the week of August 15, 2011. Great to see San Diego represented well with new discs by Russell Bizzett and Candy Kayne / Sue Palmer, along with some personal favs like Avishai Cohen and Sam Yahel.

I will be debuting as much of this new as possible on The New Jazz Thing, Monday, August 15, 2011 between 6 and 8 PM PT, so tune in!!

JOHN BASILE ( AMPLITUDE (Guitarist, playing solo with overdubs, with a mix of
old & new standards and originals). Though initially intended as references for performances with perhaps another guitarist or instrumentalist, the process became so creatively challenging and intriguing, that I ultimately decided to seize this opportunity to overdub all the tracks in what made musical and conversational sense. Years ago, Bill Evans' Conversations with Myself was a great inspiration in this regard With the iPhone revolutionizing our pop-culture, I thought why not use it and see where it takes me?

DREAM STREET (Local trio, doing all standards, straight-

AVISHAI COHEN (FB, @AvishaiCohen, YouTube) SEVEN SEAS (Bassist, leading a straight-ahead session with
vocals, doing mostly vocalise tracks). (NeNad Georgievski): Seven Seas is another exceptional chapter in the Cohen catalog, one that showcases a willingness to stretch itself to the breaking point and open up the music to a wider array of approaches. It is one of his most spontaneous recordings, with both disciplinarian and freewheeling sense of adventurous interaction. In general, there is a spirit of true exploration on his records which is also evident here, with adventurous improvisation added to that blend of Mediterranean melodies (with touches of Ladino/Judeo-Spanish heritage) and the art of jazz.

TIM COLLINS CASTLES AND HILLTOPS (Vibraphonist, leading a quartet, doing
all but 2 originals, those 2 were written by Bjork and Tom Petty).

(@MikeCottone) JUST REMEMBER (Trumpeter, leading a quintet, in a straight-
ahead outing).

GEORGE GILLIAM STEPPIN LIGHTLY (Straight-ahead guitar trio).

JERRY GONZALEZ Y EL COMANDO DE LA CLAVE (Latin jazz trumpeter, with
some vocal tracks, can also be played straight-ahead).

CANDYE KANE / SUE PALMER (FB, @SuePalmer_Piano, YouTube) ONE NIGHT IN BELGIUM (The 2 ladies,
performing live).

Candy Kane and Sue Palmer's telepathic musical rapport (George Varga): Kane, a boisterous, sometimes bawdy singer, with a big voice and an even bigger heart, first began playing with ace pianist Palmer in 1991 at the Belly Up in Solana Beach. Their near-telepathic musical rapport was immediately apparent, fueled by their shared passion for blues, boogie-woogie, swing, jump-blues and other earthy American music styles.You can savor that rapport on the recently released One Night in Belgium, an intimate live duo album Kane and Palmer recorded in 1999 in Eeklo, Belgium.

CHUCK LOEB (@ChuckLoeb) PLAIN N SIMPLE (Smooth jazz guitarist, in a straight-ahead,

organ trio session, with some horns and vocals).

SmoothJazzDaily: Tweety Records is proud to present Chuck Loebs latest CD Plain nSimple, his seventeenth as a solo artist. It is an organ trio project, featuring Pat Bianchi on the keys and pedals, and Chucks fellow Fourplay band member Harvey Mason on drums. The CD represents a new direction for Chuck, while at the same time harkening back to his earliest influences as a jazz guitarist. From the beginning, he was drawn to the organ trio sound by his love for the early Wes Montgomery records, as well as the hallmark Jimmy Smith recordings of the 1960s. The repertoire includes eight Loeb originals, two gems penned by Mason, and a couple of standards too. The music is swinging, funky, lush and exciting from note one, and stays that way to the very last drop. Chucks fans will find the excellence in playing, sound, and production that they have come to expect from him, as well experiencing a side of the artist that they may have never heard before.

LARRY VUCKOVICH SOMETHIN SPECIAL (Pianist, leading a quintet, doing
jazz standards). Something Special, this newest offering from Larry Vuckovich, creates a strong 'Blue Note' flavor of soulful, swinging jazz. The selections reflect the pianist's important early influences, honoring the jazz masters who inspired him when he first began playing jazz. Vuckovich runs his deft fingers across the keys on some rare compositions, such as Horace Silver's languid Enchantment and Sonny Clark's Somethin' Special, the album's title track. He presents guest artist, classic tenor saxophonist Scott Hamilton, in a slightly different light from Scott's past recordings. Hamilton shines as he plays compositions of the bebop masters, newly introduced to him, such as Dexter Gordon's Cheese Cake, as well as the Clark piece, and the funk classic of Ben Tucker's Comin' Home Baby. This studio recording developed out of a 2011 Northern California tour Vuckovich helped arrange for Hamilton.

versions of Herbie Hancock tunes). (Philip Lutz)
: The recording made last month at Bennett Studios, Maiden Voyage Suite, will consist of original arrangements of tunes from Mr. Hancocks 1965 album Maiden Voyage. The suite was enthusiastically received twice in concert, though it became a candidate for recording only when the orchestra won a $10,000 grant from the Aaron Copland Fund for Music. The award was announced last June. The recording session, Mr. Holober said, was definitely overdue.

SKIP WILKINS AFTER (Pianist, following up his standards release, with an edgy
collection of originals). The current Lafayette College jazz professor, who is relocating to Europe, says he made After for his grown children who had left home. The intuitive set with drummer Jeff Hirshfield and bassist Scott Lee projects a warm, rich tone and a questing vibe at times. The title track certainly produces righteous heat.

WARREN WOLF WARREN WOLF (Vibraphonist, leading a straight-ahead

The Urban Music SceneIt's no exaggeration to state that the release of Warren Wolf, the eponymous debut album for Mack Avenue Records by Warren Wolf, will make it as apparent to jazz fans as it already is to jazz insiders that the 31-year-old vibraphonist is the next major voice on his instrument. Joined by a unit of authoritative swingers (bassist Christian McBride, pianist Peter Martin, drummer Greg Hutchinson, alto and soprano saxophonist Tim Green, and, on two tracks, trumpeter Jeremy Pelt), Wolf offers a ten-piece program that admirably represents his singular blend of efflorescent chops, muscular attack, lyric sensibility, harmonic acumen, encyclopedic knowledge of hardcore jazz vocabulary, tireless groove and downright musicality. 

"I'm trying to bring forth what most cats did back in the day, coming out right at you swinging, nice and hard, not a lot of hard melodies or weird time signatures," Wolf says. "I like to play really hard, fast and kind of flashy. I like to take it to a whole other level."

SAM YAHEL FROM SUN TO SUN (Pianist, playing organ on some tracks, doing
mostly originals. A little on the edgy side).

Origin REcords: After establishing himself as one of the world's foremost organists over the last decade, Sam Yahel showed off a new side in 2009 with a critically acclaimed piano trio recording that highlighted his broad musical interests and the dynamic interplay of his seasoned band. Now in their tenth year, bassist Matt Penman and drummer Jochen Rueckert again join Yahel as he engages with both the Hammond B3 and piano for an inspired album of fresh originals, and classics including "So in Love" and "A Beautiful Friendship." " elegant as anything you've ever heard from an organist. Larry Young would be proud." JazzTimes
2011-08-08 The Latest Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: August 8, 2011
Here are the new discs being added to the Jazz 88 Music Library for play starting Monday, August 8, 2011 and being debuted on The New Jazz Thing from 6 to 8 PM PT, Monday, August 8, 2011!

CHARLIE APICELLA & IRON CITY (FB) THE BUSINESS (Guitar/organ ensemble, groovin straight-ahead to originals and jazz tunes). (Greg Simmons): "In places it seems as much indebted to rock 'n' roll as to jazz, with Korzin pumping out solid groovesplaying with the same economy as Apicella, sticking with keeping time, but almost never throwing in so much as an accent roll. It's that restraintthe precedence of the group over the individualsthat makes The Business a good record. This is simple, toe-tapping, head-nodding musicmostly blues and R&B-based. It's not flashy or especially innovative, but it is fun, and that seems more to the point."

RICK BRAUN (FB, @RickBraun9, YouTube) SINGS WITH STRINGS (Smooth jazz trumpeter takes a shot at singing standards, not bad) (William Ruhlmann): There is a long tradition of jazz trumpeters putting aside their horns and singing into the microphone, dating back to Louis Armstrong and including Chet Baker, and Rick Braun belatedly joins this confraternity on Sings with Strings. " Braun certainly doesn't embarrass himself as a singer. He has a light, breathy tenor that marks him as a sort of little brother to Mel Tormé, and he is sufficiently assured to try a few note substitutions and time variation..." The album is not the revelation that Chet Baker Sings was, and it does not suggest that Braun should hock his horns. But it is a more than respectable side project.

DEEP BLUE ORGAN TRIO WONDERFUL! (@DeepBlueOrgan3o, FB) (Organ/guitar trio, swinging the tunes of Stevie Wonder).

The Jazz Word: "the disc is a toe tapping, swinging affair with nine interpretations of classic Wonder material, featuring the soulful renderings of guitarist Bobby Broom, organist Chris Foreman and drummer Greg Rockingham.Wonder's reputation as a master craftsman of melody and harmony has been secured for some time and jazz musicians recording his music is nothing new. What makes this recording stand out is the convincing and seemingly natural way the trio presents familiar pop tunes in a straight-ahead manner. The groovy swing heard on "If You Really Love Me" and "As" and the crawling ballad tempo of "My Cheri Amour" bring freshness to the material, enhanced by the band's signature, greasy allure. The dirty funk treatment given to the Wonder-penned hit for Rufus "Tell Me Something Good" is worth the price of admission."

ORRIN EVANS FREEDOM (@PosiTone) (Pianist, in a straight-ahead session, with a sax on 2 tracks, doing mostly originals) (Dan Bilawsky): "The music itself, despite a title that might indicate otherwise, is actually Evans most conventional output in quite some time. The spiky intensity of The Captain Black Big Band and the left-leaning, in-and-out esthetic of Tarbaby's work is nowhere to be found on this date. While Evans still injects his own personality into these pieces, his mission here is to honor others. Swing is a central element on a large number of the tracks, but it isn't all that Evans has to offer. Dewy balladry built with glacial grace (Evans' "Dita"), a rhythmically engaging workout on Shirley Scott's "Oasis," and an album-closing, solo piano take on Herbie Hancock's "Just Enough" all exhibit different sides of the indefatigable Orrin Evans."

SIR ROLAND HANNA COLORS FROM A GIANTS KIT (Previously unreleased solo piano collection of mostly originals). (David Whiteis): "These selections were recorded during the 1990s and as late as 2002 by IPOs Bill Sorin, before his label came into being. They showcase pianist Sir Roland Hanna, the labels first artist, at the height of his powers. Hannas playing resonates with an authoritative, almost regal forcefulness yet its also graceful. Despite his deft technique, he never sacrifices meaning for display, and theres a sense of joy and discovery at every turnlife-affirming melodic and harmonic richness, deep emotion without bathos." "Hanna brings to bear the full arsenal of his technical and imaginative gifts, yet his playing is infused with an emotional immediacy that cuts to the core of blues expression. A balance of strength and soul this effective was remarkably rare, and makes Hannas absencehe died in 2002all the more unfortunate."

RANDY JOHNSTON PEOPLE MUSIC (Random Acts Records FB) (Guitar/organ trio, doing originals and jazz tunes, with Randy singing on 2 tracks). 

NICK RUFFINI PRESSIN ON (FB, @Nick_Ruffini, YouTube) (Drummer-led session, with guitarist Johnny DeFrancesco, again, an organ oriented soundedgy).

RICHARD UNDERHILL (@richardunderhill, FB, YouTube) KENSINGTON SUITE (Saxophonist, leading a variety of ensembles, doing all originals, on the edgy side, with 4 tracks featuringyou guessed itthe organ). (Samira Blackwell): "The unexpected, elastic sparkle of brilliance shimmers through every song - an endless tingle that dances down your spine and begs repeated listening over and again. Kensington Suite makes such contribution and Richards artistry positively equals the transcendent peaks made by Parker, Coltrane, Henderson and Brecker. This is jazz at its finest and being a veritable collector, I make no apologies for these comments."

TOM WOPAT (@tomwopat, FB, YouTube) CONSIDER IT SWUNG (Former Dukes of Hazzard star, singing a collection of old and new standards and originals.  Well done). (Christopher Loudon): Now, another five years having passed (since 2006 Harold Arlen tribute Dissertation On the State of Bliss), Wopat is back with Consider It Swung, a far more wide-ranging album. New York Times music critic Stephen Holden, whose knowledge of jazz and cabaret singers is likely unequalled, has aptly compared Wopat to the later-career Sinatra. His gravelly baritone is singularly engaging and, like Sinatra, he has an actors ability to fully embrace a lyric, digging to the roots of each songs story. "...Wopat is equally, if not more, appealing when he ventures beyond the Great American Songbook. Bobbie Gentrys delta mini-drama Ode to Billie Joe is particularly well suited to his story-weaving skills, as are Joni Mitchells wistful 2 Grey Rooms and Youd Rather Have the Blues, Dave Frishbergs delightfully cynical portrait of a perpetual pessimist. His bluesy retelling of Delbert McClintons Maybe Someday Baby is a first-rate scorcher that swings with Joe Williams gutsiness, his hazy reading of Deacon Blues is earthier than the Steely Dan original and theres plenty of soulful swagger in his A Natural Man.

2011-08-01 The Latest Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: August 1, 2011
Here are the new add to the Jazz 88 Music Library for Monday, August 1, 2011, which will be debuted on the station on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw, Monday, August 1, 2011 6-8 PM PT!

AMIKAEYLA & TRELAWNY ROSE TO EVA, WITH LOVE (@songbirdtribute, FB) (Female vocalists, with special guests, paying tribute to Eva Cassady.  Recorded live, with a somewhat folky feel, but jazzy enough on most tracks). (C. Michael Bailey): So unique and fresh are these interpretations that their paying tribute to a singular talent is but the gravy in this recording. The two singers weave harmonic lines carefully managing the intended tension. Cassidy's show-stopping "Wonderful World" proves the same on this, one of the finest recordings of the year.

WENDELL HARRISON (FB , Free downloads from album!) ITS ABOUT DAMN TIME (Saxophonist, in a funky, contemporary groove).

Sacramento Bee (Mark Stryker): "It's About Damn Time" finds Harrison in a populist mode, his gutsy tenor boogying on top of dance rhythms, vamps and electric bass and guitar. His solos have a homespun, sometimes quirky character, favoring visceral exhortations over technical fireworks and flashy harmony. The breezy melodies, grooves and circumscribed improvisations lack the experimental edge of Tribe, and Harrison says the music is pitched at younger fans who have recently discovered his vintage records or his work with Craig.

THE FALCONAIRES SHARING THE FREEDOM ( Free Downloads!)(The United States Air Force Academy Band, swinging straight-ahead).

GEORGE LERNIS QUARTET (YouTube) SHAPES OF NATURE (Drummer leading a quartet, doing all edgy, straight-ahead originals). (Greg Simmons): Taking the liner notes at face value, Shapes of Nature is a master's thesis. These are well-sorted, truly original compositions that retain enough improvisational freedom to ensure that the participant's individual voices are well-represented. The opportunity to hear the direct results of a musician's academic studiesand to have them identified as suchis unusual, and in this case very successful.

MORTEN SCHANTZ TRIO (MySpace, FB) CONVEYANCE (Piano trio, doing an interesting mix of jazz tunes, standards and new standards).

J.C. STYLLES (FB) EXHILARATION AND OTHER STORIES @Motema (Guitar/organ trio, groovin straight ahead).

JC Stylles Finds His Exhilaration (free download there too!): The album was inspired after the trio had played a weekly residency for nearly 2 years in a Harlem Club, and I knew the communication level had reached a high enough point to be ready to capture.

MARK WINKLER (FB) SWEET SPOT (Male vocalist, back by great musicians, doing straight-ahead standards and originals). (C. Michael Bailey):
Perfect intonation or not, Winkler, like Caruso, possesses that most important vocal element for a singera distinctive voice. Winkler's sonics are less than perfect, his voice too refined to contain grit, possessing a rasp that makes it uniqueand, more importantly, identifiable. Add this to his keen arranger's ear and Winkler turns a standard like "But Not for Me" on its ear.
The Latest Adds to the Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: July 22, 2011
Here are the new adds to the Jazz 88 Music Library for Monday, July 25, 2011 and will be debuted on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw, 6-8 PM PT, Monday, July 25, 2011.

FRED FRIED AND CORE ENCORE (Acoustic guitarist, leading a trio, doing all
straight-ahead originals).

Jazz Sensibilities: Leannes Number is todays focus. Beginning with the clear tones of two beautifully voiced chords, then Matsuki enters with a light straight eight figure, followed by Lavoie holding down double stops to add to the suspense. The tension is released by a fast unison figure that falls into the next statement. Fried masterfully develops the motif through this section, with ever evolving harmony and a play on notes, the listener flows through various feel changes and then the form is repeated. However, Fried surprises us with a flawless transition into a mid-up swing at the end of the form for the solos.
The Latest Adds to the Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: July 18, 2011
homage to his Jamaican roots, with a wide variety of songs).

a variety of female vocalists, with an extremely varied choice of material).
The Guardian (John Fordham)Anyone who caught American drummer Terri Lyne Carrington's performance at the recent Barbican show featuring Dianne Reeves, Angelique Kidjo and Lizz Wright will want to check out this star-packed session.   Parlato's diametrically different and resonantly intimate accounts of I Got Lost in His Arms and the Beatles' Michelle follow. 

ETIENNE CHARLES KAISO (Mostly straight-ahead session from this trumpeter,
with small group, orchestral and vocal tracks).

big band session, with strong use of electronics).

ELLEN KAYE 3AM-THE DOGS, THE MILKMAN & ME (Female vocalist, with a
distinct mix of old and new standards).

CHUCK REDD THE COMMON THREAD (Vibist, leading a straight-ahead session,
doing mostly jazz tunes and standards).

SCENES SILENT PHOTOGRAPHER (Edgy guitar trio, doing mostly originals, with
a few jazz tunes).

mostly jazz tunes, with a couple of originals).

Irritating little impediments to ME becoming famous:(VO: OK, this blog writer needs a bit more exposure!)

Did I say ME?..I meant usbecause there is no me in famous;)  So we are working on the production end of a new CD, meaning the tracks are selected, EQd and mixed and now its just all that other stuff like artwork, liner notes, etc. All the stuff that I hate to do and arent much good at such as:
The Latest Adds to the Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: July 9, 2011
The latest additions to the Jazz 88 Music Library and debuted this Monday, July 11, 2011 on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw!

collaborating on a straight-ahead session).

Innovative Entertainment Solutions: A New York Yankees fan and a Boston Red Sox fan make an odd couple on the bandstand. How do you get them to play nicely with others and how do you deal with the issue of two virtuoso jazz trombonists who are often mistaken for each other, even causing fellow jazz musicians to do the occasional double take? The answer to this little dilemma might find Jay Ashby and Steve Davis collaborating in a musical setting where one would be for the other, or one for all. Thats what youll hear on this CD, where orchestral tone, effortless three octave range, and gorgeous legato lines with saxophone-like speed are the standard on this most difficult of instruments. As an example, check out the stablemates on the smoking tootin for Toots. These two musicians have advanced the jazz trombone far into the 21st Century.
The Latest Adds to the Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: June 25, 2011
Adding Randy Brecker, Dr. Michael White, Live Eric Harland (recent TNJT guest), Terry Vosbein Big Band, and lots more! Debuting loads of this on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw on Monday, June 27, 2011!

leading a quartet, doing mostly originals. Some progressive tracks).
The Latest Adds to the Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: June 20, 2011

Great bunch of new additions to the Jazz 88 Music Library on Monday, June 20, 2011. These discs will be featured on The New Jazz Thing on Jazz 88 with Vince Outlaw, Monday, June 20, 2011, 6-8 PM PT! Click on the Listen Now link to listen live over the internet or tune into 88.3 FM in San Diego!

DIEGO BARBER THE CHOICE (Acoustic guitarist, leading a quartet, doing all original material).

The Latest Adds to the Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: June 11, 2011
Adding a great mix of vocal, big band, contemporary, latin, progressive into the Jazz 88 music library next week with some Jazz stalwarts like Jim Snidero, Laszlo Gardony, Stefon Harris, David Sanchez (those last two playing at Playboy Jazz Festival 2011 this weekend!), Bobby Shew, and some new names! We'll preview as many as we can on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw, Monday, June 13, 2011 6-8 PM PT!

AIMEE ALLEN  FB Page) WINTERS & MAYS (Female vocalist, with an interesting mix of
tunes, backed by great musicians).
The Latest Adds to the Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: May 29, 2011

Here's whats getting added to the Jazz 88 Music Library the week of 5/30/2011 (with a few programming tips from Joe...thanks!). As many of these as possible will be debuted on The New Jazz Thing (by me!) on Monday, May 30, 2011 between 6 and 8 PM PT, so tune in and get turned on to The New!!!

ANGIE DOCTOR & DAN SCHUMACHER HE SAID, SHE SAID (A Capella vocal duet recording, with an eclectic mix of songs).

The Latest Adds to the Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: May 23, 2011
Here are the latest releases into the Jazz 88 KSDS San Diego Music Library. They will be featured on The New Jazz Thing on Jazz 88.3, Monday, May 23, 2011 6-8 PM PT at 88.3 FM and

TERRENCE BREWER SETTING THE STANDARD (Guitarist-led session, doing
straight-ahead standards).

JOHN BROWN TRIO DANCING WITH DUKE (Bassist, leading a trio with Cyrus
Chestnut, doing Duke tunes).

RAY BROWNS GREAT BIG BAND KAYAK (Composer/arranger, not the bassist,
leading a swinging big band).

ELIANE ELIAS LIGHT MY FIRE (All vocal album, with mostly a brazilian vibe to

JARED GOLD ALL WRAPPED UP (Oragnist, leading a quartet, doing all originals,
on the edgy side).

RICHARD HARRIS LOVES SWEET SONG (Mostly straight-ahead release by this
trumpeter, doing mostly standards).

FEINSTEINS (Vocalist and saxophonist paying tribute to Billie Holiday and Lester

standards and jazz tunes, done mostly straight-ahead, with an edge).

DEBORAH PEARL SOUVENIR OF YOU (Female vocalist, with her lyrics adapted
to the tunes of Benny Carter).

PEAR EXTEMPORE (Aggressively progressive session, with a variety of sounds).

percussion-intensive recordings).

TIEMPO LIBRE MY SECRET RADIO (Hard-core latin vocal tunes, with one

CHRIS WEST SURPRISE TRILOGY I (Edgy saxophone-led session, doing all
The Latest Adds to the Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: May 15, 2011
Some chart toppers, legendary and new comers, to be sure, being added to the library this week...and featured on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw, 6-8PM PT, Monday, May 16, 2011!

ERIC ALEXANDER DONT FOLLOW THE CROWD (Excellent straight-ahead quartet session, with a mix of originals, new and old standards and obscure tunes).

The Latest Adds to the Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: May 7, 2011
Here's the latest adds to the Jazz 88 Music Library which will be debuted on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw on Monday, May 9, 2011 6-8PM PT on Jazz 88.3 FM KSDS San Diego, Webcast at!

BILL BEACH - "BUZIOS" ( All original, with Brazilian influences.  Mix of
vocal and instrumental tracks, featuring Rebecca Kilgore in duet on track 2).
The Latest Adds to the Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: May 2, 2011

Here is the new music in the Jazz 88 Music Library that you will hear sampled on The New Jazz Thing on Monday, May 2, 2011 and added to regular rotation on Tuesday, May 3, 2011. Thanks to Jazz 88 Music Director Joe Kocherhans for the great new music and comments to help us get this music to you!

KARRIN ALLYSON ROUND MIDNIGHT (Another great one from her, mostly in
a ballad style).

The Latest Adds to the Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: April 25, 2011
Here is the new music in the Jazz 88 Music Library that you will hear sampled on The New Jazz Thing on Monday, April 25, 2011 and added to regular rotation on Tuesday, April 26, 2011. Thanks to Jazz 88 Music Director Joe Kocherhans for the great new music and comments to help us get this music to you!

BONES & TONES (World sounds, all originals by band members). (Dan Bilawsky): "'s safe to say that these four musicians have seen it all, and this breadth and depth of experience helps bring new life to the under-explored jazz-world music percussion ensemble format utilized to great effect on Bones & Tones."

The Latest Adds to the Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: April 18, 2011

BILL ANSCHELL FIGMENTS (Solo outing by this pianist, with an eclectic mix of old and new standards).

Origin Records: Throughout Figments, pianist Bill Anschells creative, abstract approach takes each song to unexpected places without ever leaving his audience behind. Self-recorded over a series of late nights, after gigs, when Anschells "internal supervisor had clocked out." The result is twelve genre-bending, near stream-of-consciousness takes covering a mix of jazz standards and pop songs from the 60s and 70s. Highlights include Arlo Guthries protest song "Alices Restaurant," a meditative take on the Rodgers and Hart standard "It Never Entered My Mind," and a prepared-piano version of Joni Mitchells "Big Yellow Taxi."

The Latest Adds to the Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: April 11, 2011


BEN ALLISON ACTION-REFRACTION (Progressive outing from this guitarist, mix of standards, originals and new standards). Review:

GEORGE COLE QUINTET RIVERSIDE DRIVE (Gypsy jazz, with mostly vocals). Review:

ORRIN EVANS CAPTAIN BLACK BIG BAND (Edgy big band session, doing mostly originals).

The Review:

FIVEPLAY JAZZ QUINTET FIVE OF HEARTS (Not to be confused with the all-female band, doing all straight-ahead originals by band members).

BILL KWAN PENTIMENTO (Male vocalist, singing old and new standards).


DAVE LeFEBVRE FROM SOUL TO SOUL (Mix of straight-ahead and contemporary sounds, doing all originals).


FRANK MACCHIA SON OF FOLK SONGS FOR JAZZERS (Big band, featuring all-star sidemen, doing arrangements of familiar melodies). Review:

IRVIN MAYFIELD A LOVE LETTER TO NEW ORLEANS (Trumpeter, saluting his hometown, with various group configurations, with several trumpet/piano duets). Review:

RICH PELLEGRIN QUINTET THREE-PART ODYSSEY (Progressive quintet, doing all originals by band members).

OA2Records Review:

ALEX PINTO QUARTET INNER STATE (Progressive quartet, doing all originals).

The JazzPage Review:

Q.E.D. YET WHAT IS ANY OCEAN (Interesting trio configuration, doing all straight-ahead originals).

Origin Records Review:

REBIRTH BRASS BAND REBIRTH OF NEW ORLEANS (Classic New Orleans brass band sounds).

Seattle PostIntelligenser Review:

KOREY RIKER PREHUMOUS (Sax player, doing all originals, mostly contemporary, option-slot material). Review:

WAYNE RIKER QUINTET PENUMBRAL SKY (Local guitarist, doing straight-ahead, bluesy originals).


TOMMY SMITH KARMA (Sax player, doing mostly very edgy contemporary tunes).

Edinburgh Festival Guide:

ROSSANO SPORTIELLO LUCKY TO BE ME (Straight-ahead piano trio).

Arbors Records:

DAVE STERNER QUINTET SIDETRACKED (Double sax quintet, doing all straight-ahead originals).

Cleveland Scene Review:

Thomas Marriott - Human Spirit
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: March 21, 2011

Artist Website: Good recap of the last year for Thomas.

Human Spirit Stuff:
  • 3/15/11 release coming out on Origin Records. "Human Spirit" features Versace on B3 organ as well as Mark Taylor (alto) and drummer Matt Jorgensen.
Other info:
  • Earshot Jazz (Seattle Jazz Supporter) 2010 Golden Ear Nominee's Best Artist and Band (Flexicon): Awards given out last night (March 20, 2011)
  • "East West Trumpet Summit" with Ray Vega, #1 on Jazz Week Jazz Chart in 2010. Jazz Week: "Rather than an instrumental battle or cutting contest, "East-West Trumpet Summit" underlines the artistry that results when great musicians from diverse backgrounds find common ground rather than seek to establish a pecking order or spotlight rivalries. " Featured on NPR Morning Edition.
  • "Constraints and Liberations" (links to reviews), first release of all original material (5th as leader), November 2010. AllMusicGuide: "Not only does he focus exclusively on originals for this session, but his approach to the trumpet has moved away from a forceful pop style to a more reserved, yet emotional technique. "
  • AllMusicGuide Discography: Why does "C and L" show as a 2001 release?
  • TM Bio: 6 time Golden Ear winner, Maynard Ferguson's Big Bop Nouveau,
Radio DJ Help: Trumpeter, in a sax/organ quartet, with another edgy mix of material, some accessible enough for daytime play.

The Latest Adds to the Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: March 21, 2011


MONTY ALEXANDER UPLIFT (Straight-ahead piano trio by one of the masters).

AllAboutJazz (Dr. Judith Sleshingher): "...this is an exceptional collection, which also crackles with that special, open energy only a live performance can deliver. Uplift is an apt title, since that's precisely what this music does."

LYNNE ARRIALE CONVERGENCE (Pianist, with a sax sitting on some tracks, doing a mix of originals, old and new standards).

JazzPolice (Andrea Canter): "Nuance, as fits the title, did not leave trademark Arriale devotion to melody and accessibility behind, yet the arrangements were often far more assertive, the shadings bolder, the improvisations crossing into more distant territories than the more nuanced explorations of the Lynne Arriale Trio. Thus Convergence is, in one sense, a continuation of that freer trajectory, a set combining Arriale originals and reimagined covers, a set that again brings a horn (this time Bill McHenrys tenor sax) into the mix, yet another expansive emotional palette. Its a convergence of the lyrical simplicity and elegant harmonies of the trio years and the harder-hitting assertions of her recent quartet journeys."

RONDI CHARLESTON WHO KNOWS WHERE THE TIME GOES (Female vocalist, with an eclectic mix of standards and originals).

JazzInSpace (Nick Bewsey): "Singer and songwriter Rondi Charleston makes music thats close to jazz nirvana. Her own music is rife with passionate passages of optimism (inspired by a meaningful trip to Israel as related in the liner notes) and she embraces a charming confidence and joie de vivre. Her closest musical partner on the album is guitarist Dave Stryker, a soloist of pronounced musicality, and their arrangements allow plenty of space for indelible piano accompaniment by either Brandon McCune or Lynne Arriale."

CHUCK DEARDORF TRANSPARENCE (Great bassist, leading his own session, with various band configurations doing mix of standards and originals).

Origin Records: "Veteran acoustic & electric bassist Chuck Deardorf brings together a broad collection of musical friends to create an album full of spontaneous interaction, gritty grooves and melodic beauty."

HENRY FRANKLIN THE SOUL OF THE WORLD (Prolific bassist, fronting a sextet, with local trumpeter Gilbert Castellanos, grooving straight-ahead.  2 vocal tracks).

Dusty Groove America: "An incredible record a set that sparkles with all the brilliance and soulful energy we first came to love in Henry Franklin's music back in the 70s! The album's a recent one, but it's got a timeless quality rich grooves, filled with modal rhythms soaring to the skies with searching, spiritual vibrations wonderfully righteous, and the kind of record we could easily believe was a lost gem from a few decades back!"

WAYNE GOINS CHRONICLES OF CARMELA (Nice, straight-ahead groove, led by this guitarist, doing all originals).

WG CDs&Books: Wayne Goins first release on Little Apple Records since 2006, Chronicles of Carmela, is a brilliant showcase of Dr. Goins guitar and writing chops. Carmela is Waynes guitar.

BEN KONO CROSSING (Multi-reed player, with an edgy sound, doing all originals).

The Urban Flux: "Throughout this project the musicians in my band have been an integral part of the compositional process and have kept the whole thing fun. Henry Hey and I have been writing, playing, sailing boats, and drinking lots and lots of coffee together since our days at University of North Texas."

THOMAS MARRIOTT HUMAN SPIRIT (Trumpeter, in a sax/organ quartet, with another edgy mix of material, some accessible enough for daytime play).

MARGIE NELSON HUNGRY GIRL (Female vocalist, with a great back-up band, doing an eclectic mix of tunes).

JazzTimes (Wilbert Sostre): "Even though she is a singer with lot of experience Hungry Girl is Margie Nelson debut album. A singer with a sultry voice, Margie can be funny, classy and romantic. Impossible to listen to the lyrics of the song Hungry Girl witout smiling"

MARK OCONNOR SUSPENDED REALITY (Not the violinist, a young saxophonist, in front of a quintet, doing all straight-ahead originals).
- "Its been a long wait, but Suspended Reality is finally a reality (bad humor, I know). All of us had a great time in the studio and I was excited to be able to record with Mark Maegdlin, Ben Lewis, Jon Paul, Tom Hipskind again. Our new addition to the band is Victor Garcia a wonderful trumpeter who grew up in Chicago. And working with recording & mixing engineer Brian Schwab and mastering engineer Scott Steinman was a pleasure too!!"

KEN PEPLOWSKI IN SEARCH OF  (Great, straight-ahead swinging, from the clarinetist/saxophonist, backed by an all-star cast).

: "Ken Peplowski shows his diversity on this blending of two sessions, the first 8 tunes reuniting him with pianist Shelly Berg with rhythm support of Tom Kennedy and Jeff Hamilton and the remaining 3 tunes pairing off with bassist Greg Cohen, drummer Joe Ascione and vibist Chuck Redd. Peplowski's clarinet playing is unrivaled with the purist tone and most urbane facility around today. His tenor sound, while reminiscent of Coleman Hawkins and Ben Webster is easily distinguishable as his and his alone. The tunes are seldom heard standards ripe for rediscovery and a few originals by his fellow band members. Peplowski helps keep true mainstream jazz alive while always adding a fresh perspective."

REDS SIGN OF FOUR (Edgy, baritone sax-led group, doing all originals by band members).

MELVIN VINES HARLEM JAZZ MACHINE (Mostly edgy tunes, all originals).

" Melvin Vines is a jazz trumpeter working out of Harlem. Recently he has been concentrating on arranging and performing with his group Harlem Jazz Machine, touring the United States, Russia and Japan.

Kay Mori is a jazz and folk vocalist. As of July 2008 she has been working as a producer with Harlem Jazz Machine."

The Latest Adds to the Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: March 14, 2011
JERRY BERGONZI - "Convergence"  (Straight ahead set of mostly original
compositions, with one classic Gershwin tune tossed in for fun.  Great
quartet, various tempos.)

T.K. BLUE - "Latin Bird"  (In the pocket Latin jazz set from the
saxophonist/flutist.  Features Charlie Parker compositions, with a couple of
original compositions, as well.  Steve Turre and Lewis Nash check in as
special guests.)

RENE MARIE - "Voice of My Beautiful Country"  (New released by a seasoned
vocalist, featuring a number of traditional American tunes in the public
domain. )

CHAD McCULLOUGH & BRAM WEIJTERS- "Imaginary Sketches"  (another solid release
from the trumpeter, pairing with pianist Weijters on great original
compositions.  Truly new "new" music!)

JAZZ PISTOLS- "Superstring"  (Contemporary/fusion guitar based trio.  Lots of
original music.  Night time hosts...dig up on this!)

CUBAN JAZZ ORCHESTRA) -"Live"  (Awesome Puente tunes with the band under
Bobby Sanabria's leadership.  A seriously cookin' live recording in tribute
to a Latin Jazz master)
CHERYL PYLE -"Inside Dialogue" (All original set, featuring flute and bass.
PM hosts, take note...some of this is very atmospheric and cool.  Cheryl is
San Diego native now based in NYC.)
ERIC REED -"The Dancing Monk" (Classic trio setting paying homage to Monk.
Straight ahead featuring really good performances by the seasoned pianist.)

HOUSE & SINNETT (Jae Sinnett) -"OLD SCHOOL LOYALTY" (A very unique project
from long-time New York based drummer Jae Sinnett.  This pays tribute to the
old school soul sound.  It's  very specific in dayparting, so please be
mindful when programming.  However, properly worked in, this adds some real
groove flavor to the jazz mix.)
The Latest Adds to the Jazz 88 Music Library
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 Library Blog - New This WeekAuthor: Vince Outlaw Posted on: March 7, 2011

RALPH BOWEN POWER PLAY (Straight-ahead saxophone quartet, doing all but
one original, on the edgy side). AllAboutJazz (Bruce Lindsey): Power Play is an apposite title: for saxophonist Ralph Bowen is certainly one of the most powerful players in contemporary jazz. But power alone is seldom, if ever, enough, and Bowen combines power with exceptional control, feeling and tone. The rest of the quartet shares Bowen's characteristics, ensuring that this collection of tunes is constantly rewarding

ROYCE CAMPBELL MAKE ME RAINBOWS (Guitar/organ trio, doing mostly
standards, recorded in 1995, but newly released). JazzLoft: This is the same rhythm section featured on the classic Wes Montgomery recording "Boss Guitar." This CD contains three originals by Campbell along with such standards as "Ruby," "You Go To My Head," "If I Should Lose You," "Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise," and a seldom recorded Cole Porter tune called "Could It Be You."

interesting arrangements on originals and standards).

LUIS CONTE EN CASA DE LUIS (Percussionist, leading a hard-core latin session.
Lots of vocal tracks, mostly originals).Amazon: En Casa de Luis is the 7th release for Multi-Grammy Winner Luis Conte, an acknowledged master of percussion. His celebrated career includes touring and or recording work with some of the greatest names in contemporary music including Madonna, Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Santana, Jackson Browne, Celine Dion, Barbara Streisand, Ray Charles, Tony Bennett, Pat Metheny, James Taylor, Shakira. Ozzy Osborne and Cuban legends Arturo Sandoval and Cachao.

JERY COSTANZO DESTINATION MOON (Male vocalist backed by a big band,
doing all standards. More of a lounge vibe, but great arrangements).

BENOIT DELBECQ TRIO THE SIXTH JUMP (Progressive piano trio, doing all

MONIKA HERZIG COME WITH ME (Pianist, leading a variety of band
configurations, with originals, standards and new standards).

collection of jazz standards and originals).  Lazaro Vega, Radio Host, Blue Lake Public Radio :Rick Hollands flugelhorn improvisations flow with a seasoned musicians imagination and a hard working trumpeters ability to play whatever comes to mind. His piquant touches to the top of the staff (or above) from wherever he happens to be in the improvised melodic line are a great example of where daily practice can take you.

his Indian roots, with tabla and sitar, doing all originals). CMJ (Brianne Galli): Composed by Iyer and Prasanna, Tirtha communicates a spiritual journey free of labels. The music does not submit to any one type of music that each of its members creates, and does not fit neatly into just one genre. For the group, the collaboration celebrates Indias freedom by representing a more global sound as a result of independence.

ANDREI KONDAKOV BLUES FOR 4 (Russian pianist, backed by a great band,
doing all originals, straight-ahead).

BRIAN LYNCH UNSUNG HEROES (Trumpeter paying tribute to under
appreciated fellow trumpet players, straight-ahead groove). Elements of Jazz (Atane Ofiaja): Lynch says, "Unsung Heroes pays tribute to and features the compositions of jazz trumpet giants such as Joe Gordon, Tommy Turrentine, Idrees Sulieman, and other greats who have flown under the radar of popular acclaim despite their artistry and influence on players such as myself."

RENEE MANNING ALL GROWN UP (Female vocalist doing a mix of standards
and new standards, with a couple of originals).CDUniverse: Renee Manning's life has been quite a musical odyssey. Transitioning from a classical soprano to a soul/funk stylist (with a range comparable to Minnie Ripperton) and finally into a Jazz and Blues Contralto, her vocal journey has been phenomenal. The truth is, anything with a touch of the blues (or that depth of feeling), is well within her domain of expression. Couple Manning's musical style with that of her becoming an incredible vocal coach and educator along the way, and you have an inspirational force to be reckoned with.

DADO MORONI LIVE IN BEVERLY HILLS (Piano trio, doing a straight-ahead
mix of standards and originals).

all but one original, straight ahead).

big band tracks, with organ, guitar and drums providing hard driving rhythm). Vancouver Sun - The Nightcrawlers Top Up Their Bottom: We did some concerts in the summer [of 2010] where we had an organist from Montreal visiting and she brought all these big band charts with her because there are all these great Jimmy Smith records on Verve from the 60s with great arrangements, Cahill says. We played a whole bunch of that and Cory [Weeds] said, Why dont we do the next record half with a big band and half as a quintet? And I was like, How the heck are we gonna do that?

AND A BURRO (Great big band latin grooves, can also be aired in straight-ahead
segments). AllAboutJazz (Dan Bilawsky): Throughout the program, the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra demonstrates a signature flair for all things spicy, and Arturo O'Farrill continues to define the sound of his own creation, which can simply be called all-inclusive Latin jazz.

ONE FOR ALL INVADES VANCOUVER (Live recording of this all-star ensemble,
doing mostly their originals).

JANE STUART DONT LOOK BACK (Female vocalist, doing the Great American
Songbook and new standards).

doing all straight-ahead originals).

YELLOWJACKETS TIMELINE (Mostly straight-ahead outing, with some
contemporary tracks).

ZZYMZZY QUARTET ZZWING! (More gypsy jazz from local musicians).
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