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About The Program
Joe Kocherhans
Joe Kocherhans
Every week, Jazz pro Joe Kocherhans puts the spotlight on artists pivotal in the development of jazz, as well as new artists working their way to becoming the new jazz legends. Portrait in Jazz gives you a full hour to explore the music of Joe's featured artist.
Upcoming Portraits

•  8/6/2018 – Rickey Woodard

•  8/7/2018 – Marcus Roberts

•  8/8/2018 – Benny Carter

•  8/9/2018 – Pat Metheny

•  8/10/2018 – Arnett Cobb

•  8/13/2018 – George Shearing

•  8/14/2018 – Mulgrew Miller

•  8/15/2018 – Oscar Peterson

•  8/16/2018 – Bill Evans

•  8/17/2018 – Duke Pearson

•  8/20/2018 – Art Farmer

•  8/21/2018 – Count Basie

•  8/22/2018 – Wayne Shorter

•  8/23/2018 – Bobby Watson

•  8/24/2018 – Pat Martino

*Please note that scheduled programs are subject to change

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On-Demand Audio Content
Here are a few CD selections featured most recently:

Here are the 30 most recent tracks played on this show:
August 17th at 9 AM Hour
9:55 AM Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet “Jeannine” — Half-Past Swing
9:49 AM Donald Byrd “Christo Redentor” — Band & Voices: A New Perspective
9:42 AM Duke Pearson “Chili Peppers” — The Right Touch
9:31 AM Duke Pearson “The Phantom” — Mosaic Select 8
9:23 AM Duke Pearson “Bloos” — I Don't Care Who Knows It
9:15 AM Duke Pearson “Scrap Iron” — The Right Touch
9:11 AM Duke Pearson “Sweet Honey Bee” — Sweet Honey Bee
9:04 AM Duke Pearson “Prairie Dog” — Prairie Dog
9:00 AM Duke Pearson “Number Five (aka Miss Bertha Blues)” — Dedication!
August 16th at 9 AM Hour
9:53 AM Bill Evans “Peace Piece” — Riverside Profiles
9:46 AM Bill Evans “34 Skidoo ” — Re: Person I Knew
9:41 AM Bill Evans “Very Early” — The Complete Riverside Recordings
9:38 AM Bill Evans “Since We Met” — Eloquence
9:31 AM Bill Evans “Waltz For Debby” — Riverside Profiles
9:28 AM Bill Evans Trio “I Will Say Goodbye” — I Will Say Goodbye
9:22 AM Bill Evans “Theme From M*A*S*H (Suicide Is Painless)” — You Must Believe In Spring
9:13 AM Bill Evans “Gloria's Step” — The Complete Fantasy Recordings
9:07 AM Bill Evans “Nardis” — The Complete Riverside Recordings
9:04 AM Bill Evans Trio “Peri's Scope” — Portrait In Jazz
9:00 AM Bill Evans “Five” — New Jazz Conceptions
August 15th at 9 AM Hour
9:54 AM Oscar Peterson, Joe Pass & Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen “Blues Etude” — The Trio
9:49 AM Oscar Peterson “Hogtown Blues” — Dimensions: A Compendium Of The Pablo Years
9:42 AM Oscar Peterson “Nigerian Marketplace” — Perfect Peterson
9:30 AM Oscar Peterson Trio “Nighttime” — Saturday Night At The Blue Note
9:21 AM Oscar Peterson “Down Here On The Ground” — Tristeza On Piano
9:14 AM Oscar Peterson Trio “Wheatland” — Canadiana Suite
9:04 AM Oscar Peterson “Daytrain” — Dimensions: A Compendium Of The Pablo Years
9:00 AM Oscar Peterson Trio “Something's Coming” — West Side Story
August 14th at 9 AM Hour
9:52 AM Mulgrew Miller “Soul-Leo” — Wingspan
9:43 AM Mulgrew Miller “The Countdown” — The Countdown

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