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About The Program
Joe Kocherhans
Joe Kocherhans
Every week, Jazz pro Joe Kocherhans puts the spotlight on artists pivotal in the development of jazz, as well as new artists working their way to becoming the new jazz legends. Portrait in Jazz gives you a full hour to explore the music of Joe's featured artist.
Upcoming Portraits

•  5/7/2018 – Ron Carter

•  5/8/2018 – Mary Lou Williams

•  5/9/2018 – Keith Jarrett

•  5/11/2018 – Irving Berlin

•  5/14/2018 – Gil Evans

•  5/15/2018 – Red Garland

•  5/16/2018 – Woody Herman

•  5/17/2018 – Jackie McLean

•  5/18/2018 – Bob Florence

•  5/21/2018 – Lew Tabackin

•  5/22/2018 – Sun Ra

•  5/23/2018 – Artie Shaw

•  5/24/2018 – Charles Earland

•  5/25/2018 – Miles Davis

*Please note that scheduled programs are subject to change

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On-Demand Audio Content
Here are a few CD selections featured most recently:

Here are the 30 most recent tracks played on this show:
May 18th at Noon Hour
12:54 PM The Bob Florence Limited Edition “Geezerhood” — Legendary
12:46 PM The Bob Florence Limited Edition “Guiding Star” — Eternal Licks & Grooves
12:38 PM The Bob Florence Limited Edition “Earth” — Earth
12:28 PM The Bob Florence Limited Edition “The Tailor” — Funupsmanship
12:19 PM Bob Florence Big Band “Be Bop Charlie” — Live At Concerts By The Sea
12:16 PM The Bob Florence Limited Edition “Trash Can City” — Trash Can City
12:13 PM The Bob Florence Limited Edition “A Means To A Beginning” — Treasure Chest
12:00 PM The Bob Florence Limited Edition “Magic Time” — Magic Time
May 17th at Noon Hour
12:41 PM Jackie McLean meets Junko Onishi “Little Melonae” — Hat Trick
12:30 PM Jackie McLean “McLean's Scene” — McLean's Scene
12:21 PM Jackie McLean “Bluesnik” — Bluesnik
12:13 PM Jackie McLean “The Three Minors” — Vertigo
12:07 PM Jackie McLean “116th And Lenox” — Swing, Swang, Swingin'
12:00 PM Jackie McLean “Hootnan” — Action
May 16th at Noon Hour
12:49 PM Woody Herman featuring Stan Getz “Caldonia (What Makes Your Big Head So Hard?)” — Early Autumn
12:44 PM Woody Herman “Blue Flame” — The Thundering Herd, 1945-1947
12:40 PM Woody Herman “Giant Steps” — Giant Steps
12:36 PM Woody Herman “Early Autumn” — Keeper Of The Flame
12:33 PM Woody Herman “Northwest Passage” — Best Of The Big Bands
12:30 PM Woody Herman “Four Brothers” — The Thundering Herd, 1945-1947
12:26 PM Woody Herman “Freedom Jazz Dance” — Giant Steps
12:20 PM Woody Herman and His Big Band “Conga” — 50th Anniversary Tour
12:10 PM Woody Herman “La Fiesta” — Giant Steps
12:06 PM Woody Herman “Apple Honey” — Best Of The Big Bands
12:03 PM Woody Herman “Blues On Parade” — Blues On Parade
12:00 PM Woody Herman “Woodchopper's Ball” — The Thundering Herd, 1945-1947
May 15th at Noon Hour
12:53 PM Red Garland “Avalon” — Rediscovered Masters, Vol.2
12:46 PM Red Garland “Halleloo-Y'All” — Blues In the Night
12:40 PM Red Garland “A Little Bit Of Basie” — Stretching Out
12:30 PM Red Garland “The P.C. Blues” — The P.C. Blues

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