2012-03-26 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library

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2012-03-26 Adds To The Jazz 88 Music Library

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Posted on:March 26, 2012

WOW! Check out the killer adds to the Jazz 88 Music Library, including Alexander, Herring, Braden, Escoffery, Garrett, Hart, Herwig / Beirach / DeJohnette, Iyer, Mehldau, Riker, Roney....on and on!! And you can get a taste of what you'll be hearing in the weeks ahead on The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw from 6 to 8 PM PT, Monday, March 26, 2012!

Eric Alexander & Vincent Herring – “Friendly Fire” (2 great sax players, recorded in concert, doing straight-ahead originals and standards).

Dmitry Baevsky – “The Composers” (Sax player, in a swinging, straight-ahead tribute to jazz writers).

Don Braden & Karl Latham – “Big Fun(k) Live” (Hard driving, contemporary jazz, recorded live).

Chaise Lounge – “Insomnia” (Vocal, lounge-style, jazz, performing originals and some offbeat standards).

Wayne Escoffery – “The Only Son Of One” (Sax player, doing typically, straight-ahead, if somewhat edgy, originals).

Kenny Garrett – “Seeds From The Underground” (Great, hard-driving sax-led quartet/quintet, doing all originals).

Billy Hart – “All Our Reasons” (Drummer, leading a quartet, featuring Ethan Iverson from the Bad Plus and Mark Turner, doing very edgy band originals).

Herwig / Beirach / DeJohnette – “Tio Of The Sword” (Trombone/piano/drum trio, doing all progressive originals).

Lisa Hilton – “American Impressions” (Pianist, leading a trio and quartet, in a collection of mostly originals. A little more edgy than her previous stuff).

Jim Holman – “Explosion!” (Pianist, leading a quartet/quintet, doing straight-ahead standards and originals).

Vijay Iyer – “Accelerando” (Pianist, leading a trio, in a progressive mix of originals and jazz tunes).

Sara Leib – “Secret Love” (Female vocalist, doing a mix of standards and originals, backed by an all-star band. Not your typical arrangements).

Jed Levy Quartet – “Travelogue” (Saxophonist, doing a straight-ahead collection of originals).

“Gregoire Maret” – (Jazz harmonica player, doing mostly straight-ahead originals, with some contemporary vocal tracks).

Kate McGarry – “Girl Talk” (Female vocalist, doing mostly the Great American Songbook).

Brad Mehldau Trio – “Ode” (Pianist, leading a trio, in a collection of straight-ahead originals).

John Moulder Quintet – “The Eleventh Hour” (Guitarist, leading a quintet, recorded live, doing all originals).

Wayne Riker – “Guitar Decathlong” (Guitarist, leading a session featuring other local guitarists, in a eclectic mix of originals).

Wallace Roney – “Home” (Trumpeter, leading a variety of ensembles in a mix of straight-ahead, progressive and contemporary originals and jazz tunes).

John Tesh – “Big Band” (Standard, swinging vocal, big band fare, with a couple of great instrumentals).

Piet Verbist – “Zygomatik” (Belgian bassist, leading an eclectic session of edgy originals).

Dick Wood – “Not Far From Here” (Progressive original material).
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