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An Open Letter from T

An Open Letter from T
Blog Name: Home Page NewsAuthor: San Diego's Jazz 88.3 Posted on: June 15, 2014
After 36 years at KSDS (30 years of  "Blues") our beloved T has retired. T wanted you all to hear from him personally so we have made his message available on T's Bio Page
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Cal de Luv Dr.:7/5/2014 11:51:50 AM
Thank you T for being my spiritual adviser concerning the blues, being a Disc Jockey, and verbal delivery on the microphone live. I appreciate your wisdom and perfect diction but most of all your patience. I still have your 25th anniversary T's everyday shade of blue shirt. You are my brother, my friend and thank you for your many years of service to Jazz88.3. Jazz and blues lives on like you brother T. Just like your love for the blues the same with your fans and coworkers will always be cherished in everyone's heart. Enjoy your retirement but please visit your Jazz88 family sometimes. Respectfully Submitted, Little Brother Calvin.
powerplanner:6/29/2014 8:03:50 PM
We miss you already! Thank you for all your years of calm voice and great music. You are an icon for jazz in San Diego! Keep active! It's good for you and we want to see you often. Dan
Lev Shamilov:6/29/2014 3:30:03 PM
We are going to miss you, T.
Bruce Cole:6/28/2014 9:38:09 PM
T, the very best to you. It is going to be strange on a Saturday night to be motoring home without hearing you layin' down the blues. It was a dirty job, but somebody had to do it.
Rusty:6/28/2014 9:24:36 PM
All the best to you, T. Your programming has been outstanding, and your delivery absolutely unique. A real experience to look forward to every Saturday night. Thanks for all the gritty goodness. Hoping we'll get to hear from you again every once in while. Be well...
Jan:6/28/2014 7:11:07 PM
We Love You T!!!! Thanks for all the years and all the good times.. we hardly ever missed your Saturday and Sunday gigs at 88.3. Keep on Keepin' On T!! p.s. If the stars line up again.. find your back to us.. okay? Love and Hugs from J and J :)
kuaaina stu:6/27/2014 10:36:18 PM
"Pickin' em up, layin' em down." T, thanks so very much for enriching my San Diego the past 8+ years living in America's Finest. Big shoes to fill.
pudtime:6/26/2014 12:58:38 PM
T, what can i say, Dougie
Liz Hetzler:6/21/2014 8:51:07 PM
Hi T! Keith, Bowie and me are listening tonight. Love the tunes and hearing your voice. Savoy Brown! Whew! I think we saw them together at the Whiskey! I should have been listening these past 36 years. Tom would have loved this. I bet he has been listening all this time. Thanks for being there. Love you. Liz
Matthew Sibert:6/19/2014 7:49:24 PM
Hey T! Although we just met recently on Garnet, I feel like I have a friend for life. Can't wait to hear you last two shows and then go into your archives. Your friend, Matt at So Cal
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