Besos De Coco Live In-Studio On The New Jazz Thing Monday December 17 2012

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Besos De Coco Live In-Studio On The New Jazz Thing Monday December 17 2012

Blog Name:The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw

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Posted on:December 16, 2012

The unique guitar, bass, and tap percussion trio that is San Diego's own Besos de Coco (Lorraine Castellanos, Evona Wascinski, and Claudia Gomez, respectively) will be chatting and (space and technology willing) performing LIVE in Hour 2 of The New Jazz Thing on Monday, December 17 2012, 6-8 PM PT. They are performing a special Holiday show on Saturday, December 22, 2012 at Dizzy's @ San Diego Jet Ski Rentals, so we will be chatting about that, how they got together, and their plans for the future. And we will hopefully be hearing them perform from the cozy confines of Jazz 88's On-Air Booth and Master Control, marshaled for the event! Some links about the band, previous performances, and the Dizzy's gig after the split, but here is the band performing "Tango en Skai"...

  • Some great shots of the gals from the Besos de Coco EPK.
  • San Diego Reader's Robert Bush on their debut performance in August 2012, "First Gig Is Standing Room Only": "These three women constitute a sublime collaboration: Castellanos has an amazingly clear and emotive voice and is growing as a guitar performer; Wascinski's sense of time is rock solid and her timbre is dark and personal; what Gomez does with her feet makes one hear the sounds of jazz drumming, Spanish castanets, even maracas and the sounds of swirling brushes." "...this a potent combination of brilliant musicians tapping a deep, untouched well of musical possibilities. I look forward to hearing more of them, soon."
  • UT San Diego Things To Do, Besos de Coco Holiday Show: Saturday, December 22, 2012 8PM at Dizzy's San Diego @San Diego Jet Ski Rentals in PB (hey...Gilbert will be joining them!)
  • Another video, where you get to here Lorraine sing some too...Excellent!

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