Flying Home Generates Sparks on The Jazz Morning Drive!

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Flying Home Generates Sparks on The Jazz Morning Drive!

Blog Name:The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw

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Posted on:August 4, 2014

I have the honor this week of hosting The Jazz Morning Drive, Monday through Wednesday, and took advantage of an opportunity to play an extended cut of "Flying Home" from Lionel Hampton with The Just Jazz All Stars, which was recorded 67 years ago on this day, at the same concert that created the more well-known, and critically acclaimed "Stardust" (a fact that is mentioned on the Jazz 88 Home Page today under our "On This Day In Jazz History" feature). The tune I played was a rollicking swinger and I have to share a couple of emails sent to about that very tune...

Bill was energized enough to put out a little coin...

"Wow!  That Flyin home @ 6:58 knocked my sox off.  Best stuff I've heard since I lost my JATP LPs.  Buying  the one you played ASAP.  Those guys really cooked.  Haven't heard Slam Stewart in ages.

And Richard shared a great story about another version of "Flying Home"...

"You don’t know me, but I’m as regular listener in the mornings and a happy to have you spinning for a spell. I’m a native Chicagoan an former vibist, who ran an audio recording facility there in the late 70s. I left home for here in ’92. Andy’s was my regular hang back on the block. That’s where rush hour jazz originated a different regular band every evening from 5-8. 
Thursdays was the Hubbard Street Swingers with John Young, Barrett Deems and Truck Parham on bass; two tenors, Johnny Board, who replaced Jacquet in Hamp’s band, and Eddie Johnson from Louis Jordan’s band,  Don de Michael, the Downbeat columnist, on vibes, replaced by Willbur Campbell after Don’s demise. Wilbur was the very best bebop drummer in town, and the great Jo Belle on vocals . 
They ended their second set with a rousing version of Flyin’ Home with Board duplicating Jacquet’s solo note for note, and everyone stood and cheered at the coda."

Great comments, Bill and Richard!

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