Jazz Education Network Annual Conference 2014 Kicks Off In Dallas

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Jazz Education Network Annual Conference 2014 Kicks Off In Dallas

Blog Name:The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw

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Posted on:January 9, 2014

Jazz Education is the focus of the Jazz Education Network, but after arriving in Dallas and attending the opening day of the 5th JEN 2014 Annual Conference, hereafter known as JEN14, there is a whole lot more going on. The New Jazz Thing and San Diego's Jazz 88 is attending the conference to make some connections with this organization on a very similar mission to Jazz 88 and see how we can help them as they prepare for the 6th Annual Conference which will be help in our home port, San Diego (or as they jokingly pronounced it Ron Burgandy-style many times during the evening's performances "San Di-Ah-go"). Actually, the meat and potatoes of the event begins on Day 2 as clinics, presentations, committee meetings, and lots more student and professional musician performance really kick into gear. Day 1 was all about registering, introductions at the JEN Presidents Founders reception, and an evening of both formal and jam session music by very polished local Jazz ensembles. 

Note: While I'm working out the kinks in posting to the Jazz 88 blog via mobile devices, you can follow along on Facebook with a 'Like' of The New Jazz Thing page http://Facebook.com/TheNewJazzThing, via TNJT Twitter at http://Twitter.com/TNJT, or follow the #JEN14 Hashtag on your favorite social media tracking app to hear the larger voice of the conference. 
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