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Posted on:December 11, 2012

Jazz is Presidential!  Research about the neuro functionality of the brain as it absorbs, understands and relates to music is exploding.  Technology is now able to identify the exact areas of the brain where these processes take place, and we understand that music ignites at least seven different areas of the brain.  A preeminent scientist in this field is Daniel Levitin, the author of This is Your Brain on Music.   He is a former musician/producer/turned neuroscientist, so he's got a 360-degree point of view about music in general.  And his passion is clear in all his work.  
Here's a clip of Dr. Levitin from a recent appearance on CBS This  Morning.  In it, he talks about all the different ways that music influences us, and refreshes us, spiritually.  But my favorite part is the casual way that the host just mentions that President Obama listens to Jazz before giving a speech!!!!  Of course he does.  Why?  Because Jazz is uplifting, challenging, inspirational, interesting and fun.  What better way to prepare for anything?  

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