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KSDS Jazz88.3 On-Air Weekly Schedule

Weekly On-Air Schedule Grid. Here's the list of Jazz 88.3 Programs in Alphabetical Order.
12 am Honkin' and Screamin' with Raymond O'Donnell Blues in the Night (Monday) with Mike Rovatsos Blues in the Night (Tuesday) with Justin Watson Blues in the Night (Wednesday) with Mike Rovatsos Blues in the Night (Thursday) with Justin Watson Overnight Jazz and Blues with J. Otis Williams Blues Up Front with Janine Harty 12 am
1 am 1 am
2 am I've Got Blues for You with J. Otis Williams All Night Jazz with Larry Murry Overnight Jazz with J. Otis Williams 2 am
3 am 3 am
4 am 4 am
5 am 5 am
6 am Gospel Gathering with Janine Harty The Jazz Morning Drive with Joe Kocherhans 6 am
7 am Sunday Morning Jazz with Tony McGee Saturday Morning Jazz with Ric 7 am
8 am 8 am
9 am Morning Jazz with Gary Beck Saturday Jazz with Jim McInnes 9 am
10 am Big Band Brunch with Ross Porter 10 am
11 am 11 am
12 pm Rug Cutter's Swing with Ida Garcia Portrait in Jazz with Joe Kocherhans Latin Grooves with Chris Springer 12 pm
1 pm Afternoon Jazz with Ron Dhanifu 1 pm
2 pm 2 pm
3 pm Sunday Afternoon Jazz with Miff Mole Jazz West Coast with Phil Dinsen 3 pm
4 pm The Jazz Ride Home with Ron Dhanifu 4 pm
5 pm San Diego Sessions with Sue Palmer Soul Jazz Review with David Barron 5 pm
6 pm Inside Art with Dave Drexler The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw Early Evening Jazz (6p-Tuesday) with Pat Allen Early Evening Jazz (6p-Wednesday) with Barry Farrar Jr. Early Evening Jazz (6p-Thursday) with John Phillips Early Evening Jazz (6p-Friday) with Raymond O'Donnell 6 pm
7 pm The Guitar Hour with Mike Rovatsos Second Line Parade with Drew Miller 7 pm
8 pm Jazz Roots with Lou Curtiss Evening Jazz (8p-Monday) with Jeff Dalrymple Evening Jazz (8p-Tuesday) with Norm ''Birdman'' Swanberg Evening Jazz (8p-Wednesday) with Janine Harty Percussive Profiles with Barry Farrar Jr. Evening Jazz (8p-Friday) with Raymond O'Donnell Every Shade of Blue with Michael Kinsman 8 pm
9 pm 9 pm
10 pm Sunday Evening Jazz with Rick Fabares Progressive Nights (Monday) with Chad Fox Progressive Nights (Tuesday) with Tony McGee Progressive Nights (Wednesday) with Chad Fox Progressive Nights (Free Time) with Miff Mole Progressive Nights (Friday) with Miff Mole 10 pm
11 pm 11 pm


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