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Thursday, September 12th 2013
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11 PM Hour,   September 12, 2013
 11:53 PM The Gil Evans Orchestra “Bulbs” — Into The Hot
 11:48 PM Frank Rosaly “Yards” — Cicada Music
 11:42 PM Nate Wooley Sextet “Executive Suites” — (Sit In) The Throne Of Friendship
 11:36 PM Benoît Delbecq and Fred Hersch Double Trio “Hushes” — Fun House
 11:34 PM Roscoe Mitchell Quartet “Nonaah” — Live At "A Space" 1975
 11:23 PM Michael Formanek with Tim Berne, Jeff Hirshfield “The 12 1/2 % Solution” — Loose Cannon
 11:16 PM James Hurt “11 Dreams” — Dark Grooves Mystical Rhythms
 11:08 PM Bobby Bradford “Comin On” — Live In LA
 11:04 PM Alice Coltrane & John Coltrane “The Sun” — Cosmic Music
10 PM Hour,   September 12, 2013
 10:56 PM Harris Eisenstadt “Shuttle off this Mortal Coil” — Canada Day III
 10:47 PM Matt Smith Smith New Jazz Trio “Shorthanded” — Shorthanded
 10:43 PM Dave Holland Trio “Four Winds” — Triplicate
 10:34 PM Tarbaby “August” — Ballad of Sam Langford
 10:30 PM Ornette Coleman “Just For You” — The Art Of The Improvisers
 10:27 PM Yusef Lateef “Inscape” — Yusef Lateef Plays Ballads
 10:22 PM Darren Johnston “Rubber Bullets” — The Big Lift
 10:16 PM Erik Friedlander “Sainted” — Quake
 10:10 PM Eric Revis “Question” — City Of Asylum
 10:07 PM Big World “Blue Sphere” — Angels
 10:02 PM Julian Lage & Fred Hersch “Beatrice” — Free Flying
9 PM Hour,   September 12, 2013
 9:57 PM Elvin Jones “Bopsy...” — It Don't Mean a Thing...
 9:48 PM Wayne Shorter “Witch Hunt” — Speak No Evil
 9:47 PM Elvin Jones “Ginger Bread Boy” — Puttin' It Together
 9:42 PM Elvin Jones “Ginger Bread Boy” — Puttin' It Together
 9:29 PM John Coltrane “Afro-Blue” — Live At Birdland
 9:20 PM John Coltrane “Part 1 - Acknowledgment [Alternative Take]” — A Love Supreme [Disc 2]
 9:14 PM Gil Evans “Las Vegas Tango” — The Individualism Of Gil Evans
 9:03 PM Joe Farrell “November 68th” — Outback
8 PM Hour,   September 12, 2013
 8:56 PM John McLaughlin “Tones For Elvin Jones” — After The Rain
 8:45 PM John Coltrane “Blue Train” — Spiritual Trane
 8:31 PM McCoy Tyner “Message From The Nile” — Extensions
 8:23 PM Elvin Jones “Mr. Jones” — Poly-Currents
 8:17 PM Elvin Jones “Zange” — Very Rare
 8:10 PM John Coltrane “Liberia” — Coltrane's Sound
 8:00 PM John Coltrane “Blues To Elvin” — Coltrane Plays The Blues
7 PM Hour,   September 12, 2013
 7:59 PM Brian Lynch “Tribute To Blue (Mitchell)” — Tribute To The Trumpet Masters
 7:58 PM John Coltrane “Blues To Elvin” — Coltrane Plays The Blues
 7:54 PM Brian Lynch “Tribute To Blue (Mitchell)” — Tribute To The Trumpet Masters
 7:47 PM Janis Siegel “Say You'll Go” — Nightsongs
 7:43 PM Papa John Defrancesco “Summertime” — Comin' Home
 7:34 PM Scott Hamilton “Love Letters” — Back In New York
 7:29 PM Sonny Criss “Elanor Rigby” — Rockin' In Rhythm
 7:22 PM Donald Byrd “Paul's Pal” — Off To The Races
 7:16 PM Gregory Porter “When Did You Learn” — Be Good
 7:10 PM Brian Bromberg “If Ray Brown Was A Cowboy?” — Compared to That
 7:02 PM George Duke “Stones Of Orion” — DreamWeaver
6 PM Hour,   September 12, 2013
 6:57 PM Bob Belden “Tess” — Three Days Of Rain
 6:47 PM Willing Downing&Gerald Albright “Untitled” — Pleasures Of The Night
 6:42 PM Rufus Reid “The Crying Blues” — Out Front
 6:37 PM Leonard Thompson “Port Costa” — Wayfare
 6:30 PM Miles Davis “Bye Bye Blackbird” — Cool & Collected: The Very Best Of Miles Davis
 6:23 PM John Coltrane “Speak Low” — The Art Of John Coltrane
 6:14 PM Yotam “Mamacita” — Resonance
 6:11 PM Carol Welsman “Never Make Your Move Too Soon    ” — Journey
 6:05 PM Sherman Irby “Faith” — Faith
 6:00 PM Lonnie Liston Smith “Blue Bossa” — Love Goddess
5 PM Hour,   September 12, 2013
 5:51 PM Ron Carter “Gypsy” — Parade
 5:42 PM Tony Miceli, Paul Jost, Kevin MacConnell And Charlie Patierno “Can't Find My Way Home” — The Paul Jost Project: Can't Find My Way Home
 5:31 PM V.S.O.P. “One Of A Kind” — V.S.O.P.: The Quintet [Live]
 5:28 PM US Air Force Airmen Of Note “Rocks My Bed” — Blues & Beyond
 5:21 PM Big Joe Turner with R.Eldridge and Al Grey “Kick The Front Door In” — Life Ain'T Easy
 5:15 PM Akira Tana & The Secret Agent Men Featuring Annie Sellick “Tomorrow Never Dies” — Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
 5:10 PM The Modern Jazz Quartet “Visitor From Venus” — Space
 5:02 PM James Zollar “Kansas City Cha-Cha” — It's All Good People
4 PM Hour,   September 12, 2013
 4:55 PM Gary Burton “Windows” — Like Minds
 4:46 PM Joe Henderson “It Ain't Necessarily So” — Porgy And Bess
 4:41 PM The Swallow Quintet “Back in Action” — Into the Woodwork
 4:35 PM Various Artists “Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You” — Back To The Basics
 4:29 PM Warren Wolf “Things Were Done Yesterday” — Wolfgang
 4:21 PM Jimmy Smith “Got My Mojo Workin'” — Got My Mojo Workin'/Hoochie Cooche Man
 4:04 PM Quincy Jones “Dead End” — Walking in Space
3 PM Hour,   September 12, 2013
 3:59 PM Chester Thompson Trio “Straight No Chaser” — Approved
 3:55 PM McCoy Tyner Big Band “Choices” — Journey
 3:51 PM McCoy Tyner Big Band “Choices” — Journey
 3:40 PM Brian Lynch “Palmieri's Mood” — Spheres Of Influence
 3:34 PM Paul Carlon “U.M.M.G.” — La Rumba Is a Lovesome Thing: A Tribute to Billy Strayhorn
 3:30 PM Paquito D'Rivera “Paquito” — Song for Maura
 3:23 PM Nick Hempton “The Set-Up” — Odd Man Out
 3:18 PM Christian McBride “Consider Me Gone (Featuring Sting)” — Conversations with Christian
 3:12 PM Akira Tana “It's Probably Me” — Secret Agent Men
 3:05 PM Jon Davis “Sir Dude” — One Up Front
 3:00 PM Winard Harper “I've Got the World on a String” — Faith
2 PM Hour,   September 12, 2013
 2:52 PM Mike Tomaro & The Three Rivers Jazz Orchestra “Little Sunflower” — Night Owl Suite
 2:45 PM Jon Lucien “Mi Vida” — Mother Nature's Son
 2:38 PM Clare Fischer “Curacao” — Tjaderama
 2:28 PM Lower Left “Wave” — Just Sayin'
 2:23 PM Kevin Mahogany “My World Is Empty Without You” — Pride & Joy
 2:17 PM Janice Finlay “Bye Bye Blackbird” — Anywhere But Here
 2:10 PM Von Freeman “Violets For Your Furs” — The Great Divide
 2:00 PM Red Garland “Red's Good Groove” — Red's Good Groove
1 PM Hour,   September 12, 2013
 1:57 PM Count Basie & His Orchestra “Lady In Lace” — Milt Jackson + Count Basie + The Big Band
 1:50 PM Saltman Knowles “Blues For Sale” — Yesterday's Man
 1:44 PM Will Bernard “Go West” — Just Like Downtown
 1:35 PM Curtis Fuller “Ladies Night” — Down Home
 1:28 PM Gilad Edelman “My Groove, Your Move” — My Groove, Your Move
 1:21 PM Freddie Hubbard “All Blues” — Freddie Hubbard, MMTC (Monk, Miles, Trane & Cannon)
 1:11 PM Jon Hendricks “Freddie Freeloader” — Freddie Freeloader
 1:02 PM Freddie Hubbard “All Blues” — Freddie Hubbard, MMTC (Monk, Miles, Trane & Cannon)
Noon Hour,   September 12, 2013
 12:50 PM Scott Hamilton “Dear Old Stockholm” — Swedish Ballads...and More
 12:42 PM Scott Hamilton “Rhythm Riff #127” — Blues, Bebop & Ballads
 12:38 PM Scott Hamilton “Dropsy” — The Right Time
 12:28 PM Scott Hamilton “Blue Wales (Scott Hamilton)” — Live At Brecon Jazz Festival
 12:22 PM Scott Hamilton “Setagaya Serenade” — East of the Sun
 12:16 PM Scott Hamilton “Blue City” — Close Up
 12:11 PM Scott Hamilton “Race Point” — Race Point
 12:04 PM Scott Hamilton “Radio City (Scott Hamilton)” — Radio City
 12:00 PM Scott Hamilton “O.K.” — Tenorshoes
11 AM Hour,   September 12, 2013
 11:54 AM Papa John Defrancesco “160 Million Dollar Chinese Man” — Walking Uptown
 11:45 AM Hadley Caliman “Kickin' on the Inside” — Gratitude
 11:42 AM Maria Muldaur “I'm Gonna Go Fisn'” — A Woman Alone With The Blues
 11:30 AM The Willie Jones III Sextet “Libra” — Plays The Max Roach Songbook
 11:24 AM Robert Cray Band “Right Next Door (Because Of Me)” — Live From Across The Pond [Disc 1]
 11:19 AM Scott Hamilton “Serenade In Blue” — Nocturnes And Serenades
 11:11 AM Kenny Burrell “Little Sunflower” — Special Requests
 11:03 AM Benny Carter and American Jazz Orchestra “Easy Money” — Central City Sketches
10 AM Hour,   September 12, 2013
 10:57 AM Ira B. Liss Big Band Jazz Machine “American Gothic” — It's About Time
 10:50 AM Joe Davidian Trio “Secret Love (Live)” — Live At the Jazz Cave, Vol. One
 10:45 AM Jacqui Naylor “Crazy He Calls Me” — Dead Divas Society
 10:38 AM Brian Lynch Feat. Miguel Zenon “210 Centre St.” — 24/7
 10:30 AM Lower Left “Green Chinmeys” — Just Sayin'
 10:22 AM The Anthony Smith Vibraphone Quartet “Highway One” — Connections, Vol. One
 10:18 AM Eddie Harris “Eddie Who?” — Eddie Who
 10:10 AM Kenny Garrett “Chucho's Mambo” — Pushing The World Away
 10:01 AM Dizzy Gillespie feat. James Moody “Con Alma” — Olympia
9 AM Hour,   September 12, 2013
 9:54 AM Mark Masters Ensemble “Fire In The Hole” — Everything You Did (The Music Of Walter Becker And Donald Fagen)
 9:45 AM George Freeman “George Burns!” — George Burns
 9:41 AM Irene Reid “If I Never Get To Heaven” — The Queen Of The Party
 9:31 AM Jerry Tolson "JT And Friends" “Sweet Cakes And Honey” — Fresh Squeezed
 9:25 AM Steve Turre “Ray's Collard Greens” — Delicious And Delightful
 9:19 AM Maria Muldaur “I Gotta Right To Sing the Blues” — Love Wants To Dance
 9:14 AM John Beasley “The Eight Winds” — Positootly!
 9:08 AM Ethan Iverson “Stompin' At The Savoy” — Tootie's Tempo
 9:01 AM Donald Byrd “Ray's Idea” — Byrd In Paris
8 AM Hour,   September 12, 2013
 8:55 AM
 8:50 AM Sarah Vaughan “Key Largo” — Ballads
 8:48 AM Gladys Knight “Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me” — Before Me
 8:41 AM Steve Turre “Something for Sweets” — Woody's Delight
 8:31 AM Brian Lynch “On Green Dolphin Street” — Brian Lynch Meets Bill Charlap
 8:24 AM Tina Brooks “Stranger In Paradise” — The Waiting Game
 8:15 AM Papa John Defrancesco “Cold Duck Time” — Desert Heat
 8:13 AM Mel Tormé “It's Delovely” — Songs for Any Taste
 8:08 AM Count Basie & Zoot Sims “I Never Knew” — Basie & Zoot
7 AM Hour,   September 12, 2013
 7:59 AM Scott Hamilton “Stockholm Sweetnin'” — Swedish Ballads… & More
 7:52 AM Dan McMillion Jazz Orchestra “Blues For Red” — Up Your Brass
 7:43 AM Joe Williams “Too Marvelous For Words” — Every Night: Live At Vine St.
 7:37 AM Wayne Shorter “Adam's Apple” — The Best Of Wayne Shorter [Bonus Tracks]
 7:29 AM Freddie Hubbard “Little Sunflower” — Backlash
 7:23 AM Lee Morgan “Gary's Notebook” — The Sidewinder
 7:18 AM Art Pepper “Red Pepper Blues” — Art Pepper Meets The Rhythm Section
 7:15 AM Frank Sinatra “Don'cha Go 'Way Mad” — Sinatra & Swingin' Brass
 7:10 AM Mark Whitfield “Freddie Freeloader (Album Version)” — Mark Whitfield
 7:09 AM Frank Sinatra “That's Life” — Sinatra: Best Of The Best
 7:00 AM Norman Simmons “Eleanor Rigby” — Synthesis
6 AM Hour,   September 12, 2013
 6:53 AM Bob Florence “The Crunch” — State of the Art
 6:47 AM Lena Horne “A Sleepin' Bee” — Being Myself
 6:41 AM Christian McBride “Easy Walker” — Out Here
 6:35 AM Junior Mance “Down the Line” — Junior's Blues / Happy Time
 6:28 AM Lou Donaldson “Whiskey Drinkin' Woman” — Play The Right Thing
 6:21 AM B.B. King & Albert Collins “Call It Stormy Monday” — Blues Summit
 6:16 AM Denise Donatelli “The Thrill Is Gone” — In the Company of Friends
 6:09 AM Carlos Garnett “Moon Shadow” — Moon Shadow
 6:00 AM Brother Jack McDuff “Mr. T” — The Heatin' System
5 AM Hour,   September 12, 2013
 5:52 AM Scott Hamilton “How Am I To Know” — After Hours
 5:48 AM Laura Ainsworth “Hooray For Love” — Necessary Evil
 5:39 AM New England Jazz Ensemble “Autofocus” — Version 3.0
 5:31 AM John Coltrane “Resolution” — A Love Supreme
 5:23 AM John Coltrane “Acknowledgement” — A Love Supreme
 5:14 AM Kenny Burrell “Lament” — Special Requests
 5:09 AM Susannah McCorkle “It Never Entered My Mind” — I'll Take Romance
 5:02 AM Kevin Mahogany “Since I Fell for You” — Double Rainbow
4 AM Hour,   September 12, 2013
 4:56 AM Shorty Rogers “Popo” — The Shorty Rogers Big Band, Volume 1
 4:46 AM Bobby McFerrin “Baby” — Vocabularies
 4:38 AM Kenny Garrett “Chucho's Mambo” — Pushing The World Away
 4:29 AM Dave Holland “A New Day” — Prism
 4:22 AM Scott Hamilton & Bucky Pizzarelli “It Had To Be You” — The Red Door ...Remember Zoot Sims
 4:15 AM Ernie Andrews “Old Folks” — The Many Faces of Ernie Andrews
 4:01 AM Billy Bang “Daydreams” — Da Bang!
3 AM Hour,   September 12, 2013
 3:54 AM U.N.L.V. Jazz Ensemble “That'S A Wrap!” — That'S A Wrap
 3:45 AM Judy Wexler “Tomorrow Is Another Day” — What I See
 3:36 AM Frank Foster “Alternative” — No Count
 3:29 AM Art Farmer “Foolish Memories” — Foolish Memories
 3:21 AM Scott Hamilton “I've Just Seen Her” — Back In New York
 3:15 AM Diana Krall “Too Marvelous For Words” — Quiet Nights
 3:03 AM Gerry Mulligan “Entente For Baritone Sax And Orchestra” — Symphonic Dreams
2 AM Hour,   September 12, 2013
 2:54 AM James Newton “Forever Charles” — Romance And Revolution
 2:47 AM Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet “I'll Remember Why” — Hustlin For A Gig
 2:36 AM Joel Forester And People Like Us “Blue Mary Lou” — Ever Wonder Why
 2:30 AM Ethan Iverson “Stompin' At The Savoy” — Tootie's Tempo
 2:25 AM Scott Hamilton “East Of The Sun (And West Of The Moon)” — East Of The Sun
 2:25 AM Ron Boustead “Every Moment Of You” — Mosaic
 2:20 AM Ron Boustead “Every Moment Of You” — Mosaic
 2:07 AM Iro Haarla “Processen” — Kolibri
 2:01 AM Bobby Enriquez “All Blues” — Wild Piano
1 AM Hour,   September 12, 2013
 1:52 AM Various Artists “Self Reliance” — Ghana Soundz (Afro-Beat, Funk and Fusion in 70's Ghana)
 1:46 AM Systema Solar “Bienvenidos (Maga Bo Remix)” — Unreleased
 1:43 AM Jorge Ben “Taj Mahal” — Africa Brasil
 1:37 AM Various Artists “Rei Da Cocada” — Daora: Underground Sounds Of Urban Brasil - Hip-Hop, Beats, Afro & Dub
 1:33 AM Ana Tijoux “Mi Mitad (Featuring Javier Barría)” — La Bala
 1:29 AM TTC “Dans le club” — Batards Sensibles
 1:25 AM France Gall “Pense a moi” — Integrale Philips 1963-1968 (CD 1)
 1:21 AM Aline Frazao “Tanto” — Tanto - Single
 1:17 AM Programa “Generalizador” — Amparo
 1:13 AM Caetano Veloso “Medley: Nega Maluca / Billie Jean / Elearnor Rigby” — Caetano Veloso
 1:07 AM Owiny Sigoma Band “Magret Aloor” — Power Punch
 1:01 AM Bombino “Tar Hani (My Love)” — Agadez
Midnight Hour,   September 12, 2013
 0:57 AM Atropolis “Reza Por Mi (Featuring Lido Pimienta)” — Transitions
 0:52 AM Various Artists “Bassoue (Uproot Andy Remix)” — Worldwide Ting Vol. 2
 0:47 AM Hugh Mundell “King Of Israel” — Jah Fire
 0:43 AM Bob Marley & The Wailers “Could You Be Loved (RAC Remix)” — Legend Remixed
 0:38 AM La Mecanica Popular “La Paz Del Freak” — La Paz Del Freak
 0:34 AM Tremor “Galopeador Contra El Viento” — Huella
 0:31 AM Armadillo “Aves del Valle” — Es Posible
 0:26 AM Various Artists “Meio Nublado” — Brownswood Bubblers Ten
 0:22 AM Andrea Echeverri “Tregua” — Ruiseñora
 0:18 AM Chico Trujillo “La Fiesta De San Benito” — Gran Pecador
 0:14 AM Gipsy Kings “Caramelo” — Savor Flamenco
 0:09 AM Debruit “Hebron” — Ball d'Hebron
 0:05 AM The Gaslamp Killer “Nissim ft. Amir Yaghmai” — Breakthrough
 0:00 AM Mehrpouya “Ghabileye Leyli” — Soul Raga
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