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Friday, January 3rd 2014
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Midnight Hour,   January 3, 2014
 0:02 AM Milt Jackson “The Prophet Speaks (2006 Remastered LP Version)” — The Prophet Speaks
 0:11 AM George Colligan “Her Majesty” — The Endless Mysteries
 0:19 AM Giacomo Gates “All Blues” — Miles Tones
 0:25 AM Houston Person “Nice 'n' Easy” — Nice 'n' Easy
 0:31 AM The James Carter Organ Trio “Walking The Dog” — At The Crossroads
 0:39 AM Jeannie Cheatham “Meet Me With Your Black Drawers On” — Sweet Baby Blues
 0:46 AM Phineas Newborn Jr. “You Are The Sunshine Of My Life” — Look Out: Phineas Is Back
 0:55 AM Mike Longo “Wee” — Live from New York
1 AM Hour,   January 3, 2014
 1:00 AM Miles Davis “Bag's Groove (Take 1)” — Bag's Groove
 1:11 AM Rob Thorsen “I Wish” — Live
 1:18 AM René Marie “Oh, John” — I Wanna Be Evil (With Love to Eartha Kitt)
 1:26 AM Justin Grinnell “African Flower” — Without You
 1:33 AM Jim Alfredson's Dirty Fingers “Good Juice” — A Tribute to Big John Patton
 1:42 AM Barbara Morrison “The Green Door” — A Sunday Kind of Love
 1:46 AM Kenny Clarke “Epistrophy” — Gerry Gibbs Thrasher Dream Trio
 1:52 AM The Joshua Shneider Love Speaks Orchestra “Blue to You” — The Joshua Shneider Love Speaks Orchestra
2 AM Hour,   January 3, 2014
 2:01 AM Lee Morgan “Tom Cat” — Tom Cat
 2:10 AM The Chris Parker Trio “The New Yorkers: Love for Sale” — The Chris Parker Trio
 2:18 AM James Love “Invitation” — Invitations
 2:26 AM David Newman “What a Wonderful World (Album Version)” — Life
 2:33 AM Joey DeFrancesco “Canadian Sunset” — One for Rudy
 2:41 AM Kathy Kosins “Drowning in a Sea of Love” — The Space Between
 2:46 AM Irving Flores & Danzon Jazz Trio “I'll Be Happy” — American Influence
 2:55 AM Christian McBride “I Should Care” — The Good Feeling
3 AM Hour,   January 3, 2014
 3:01 AM Lou Donaldson “Gravy Train” — Gravy Train
 3:09 AM Kenny Barron Trio “The Moment” — The Moment
 3:18 AM Vanessa Rubin And Don Braden “Hey There” — Full Circle
 3:26 AM Wynton Marsalis “In The Sweet Embrace Of Life Sermon: Holy Ghost” — The Spiritual Side Of Wynton Marsalis
 3:36 AM Holly Hofmann “Nilesology” — Flutopia
 3:39 AM Lower Left “Green Chinmeys” — Just Sayin'
 3:47 AM Carmen Lundy “Dance The Dance” — Changes
 3:56 AM The DePaul University Jazz Ensemble “Sidewalks of Cuba” — Salutes Woody Herman
4 AM Hour,   January 3, 2014
 4:01 AM Jimmy Ponder “Since I Fell For You” — Something To Ponder
 4:13 AM Pamela Hines “If You Could See Me Now (Featuring Dave Clark & Yoron Israel)” — 3.2.1.
 4:19 AM Johnny Adams “Don't Go To Strangers” — Good Morning Heartache
 4:27 AM John Coltrane “Naima” — Giant Steps
 4:31 AM Craig Yaremko “Jitterbug Waltz” — Cyo3
 4:38 AM Freddy Cole “Bang Bang Boogie” — This and That
 4:43 AM Steve Turre “Settegast Strut” — The Bones Of Art
 4:55 AM UNT One O'Clock Lab Band “Will Or Would?” — Lab 2013
5 AM Hour,   January 3, 2014
 5:02 AM Adderley “Sack O' Woe” — At the Lighthouse
 5:12 AM Mikewoffordtrio “Take The Coltrane” — Live At Athenaeum Jazz
 5:20 AM Eddie Jefferson “Keep Walkin'” — Godfather Of Vocalese
 5:28 AM Joe Marillo & Mike Wofford “Beautiful Friendship” — Easy Living With Darcy
 5:32 AM Patterson, Don “Hip Trip” — Dem New York Dues
 5:45 AM Laverne Butler “This Bitter Earth” — Blues in the City
 5:50 AM Milt Jackson “For Someone I Love” — Sunflower
6 AM Hour,   January 3, 2014
 6:00 AM pete rodriguez “Still Searching” — Caminando Con Papi
 6:08 AM Vanessa Rubin And Don Braden “Hey There” — Full Circle
 6:14 AM James Carter “Blue Creek” — Conversin' With The Elders
 6:21 AM Junior Wells “The Train” — Better Off With The Blues
 6:26 AM Project Them “Sleight Of Hand” — Project Them
 6:33 AM Pepper Adams “Settin' Red” — The Cool Sound of Pepper Adams
 6:41 AM Adam Rongo “Turnin' The Corner” — Tell Your Story
 6:47 AM Chaise Lounge “It's Always You” — Dot Dot Dot
 6:52 AM The Modern Jazz Quartet “Sacha's March” — MJQ 40 [Disc 4]
7 AM Hour,   January 3, 2014
 7:00 AM John Jenkins “From This Moment On” — John Jenkins With Kenny Burrell
 7:09 AM Frank Sinatra “Zing! Went the Strings Of My Heart [bonus track] - (Ring-A-Ding Ding! - 1961)” — Ring-A-Ding Ding!
 7:12 AM Jim Alfredson's Dirty Fingers “Gentle John” — A Tribute to Big John Patton
 7:21 AM Gil Goldstein “Finding Your Own Way” — The Sands Of Time
 7:28 AM The Chris Parker Trio “C'est possible” — The Chris Parker Trio
 7:35 AM Herbie Nichols “It Didn't Happen (Alternate Take)” — The Complete Blue Note Recordings Of Herbie Nichols
 7:42 AM Houston Person “Stolen Sweets” — Nice 'n' Easy
 7:47 AM Christine Ebersole “This Time The Dream's On Me” — Strings Attached
 7:53 AM Milt Jackson “Speed Ball” — At The Kosei Nenkin Vol. 2: Centerpiece
8 AM Hour,   January 3, 2014
 8:00 AM Count Basie “Basie Power” — Live At Manchester Craftsman's Guild
 8:03 AM Carol Morgan “Wholly-O” — Retroactive
 8:09 AM Susannah McCorkle “Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive” — From Bessie To Brazil
 8:13 AM Bobby Militello “Que Bonito” — Straight Ahead
 8:21 AM Reuben Wilson, Bernard Purdie, Grant Green Jr. “Flipity Flop” — The Godfathers Of Groove
 8:28 AM 7 On 7 “No Big Whup” — Back When It Was Fun
 8:34 AM Miles Davis/Tadd Dameron “Don't Blame Me” — The Bebop Era (Various Artists)
 8:40 AM Steve Masakowski “Three for James” — Things I Like
 8:46 AM Diane Hubka “Moon Ray” — West Coast Strings
 8:52 AM Milt Jackson “Stonewall” — The Best Of Milt Jackson
9 AM Hour,   January 3, 2014
 9:04 AM Donald Byrd “Say You're Mine” — The Cat Walk
 9:12 AM Billie Holiday “Day In Day Out” — Songs For Distingué Lovers
 9:19 AM Ahmad Jamal “Saturday Morning” — Saturday Morning
 9:30 AM Doug Webb “Double Rainbow” — Another Scene
 9:35 AM Kenny Garrett “That's It” — Pushing The World Away
 9:41 AM Lisa Engelken “Blue Valentines” — Little Warrior
 9:47 AM J.J. Johnson/Nat Adderley “Song From M*A*S*H (Suicide Is Painless)” — Chain Reaction
 9:54 AM Mike Longo “Afro Desia” — Live from New York
10 AM Hour,   January 3, 2014
 10:00 AM Les McCann “Doin' That Thing” — How's Your Mother?
 10:10 AM Gene Ammons All-stars “Groove Blues” — Groove Blues
 10:19 AM Bev Kelly “Night And Day” — In Person
 10:23 AM Ernie Watts Quartet “Blackbird” — Oasis
 10:30 AM Project Them “Submissive Dominants” — Project Them
 10:37 AM Vince Ector “Karen's Dance” — Organatomy
 10:42 AM Sharon DuBois “Coming Back to Me” — Here I Am
 10:46 AM Christian McBride “Easy Walker” — Out Here
 10:54 AM Detroit Jazz Winds (the) “716” — Detroit Jazz Winds (The)
11 AM Hour,   January 3, 2014
 11:01 AM Johnny Griffin “The Way It Is” — Return Of The Griffin
 11:07 AM Jim Alfredson's Dirty Fingers “Gentle John” — A Tribute to Big John Patton
 11:15 AM Ray Charles “(Night Time Is) The Right Time” — Ultimate Hits Collection
 11:19 AM Art Hillary “Steppin'” — The Works Of Art
 11:25 AM Gilad Edelman “My Groove, Your Move” — My Groove, Your Move
 11:33 AM Joe Henderson “Canyon Lady” — Milestone Profiles: Joe Henderson [Disc 1]
 11:42 AM Bill O'Connell “Big Sur” — Zócalo
 11:49 AM Kyle Eastwood “From Rio To Havana” — The View From Here
 11:56 AM Irene Reid “Million Dollar Secret” — The Queen Of The Party
Noon Hour,   January 3, 2014
 12:00 PM James Carter “JC On The Set” — JC On The Set
 12:06 PM James Carter “The Intimacy Of My Woman's Beautiful Eyes” — The Real Quietstorm
 12:15 PM James Carter “Lester Leaps In” — Conversin' With The Elders
 12:21 PM James Carter “Manoir Dr Mes Rêves (Django's Castle)” — Chasin' The Gypsy
 12:29 PM James Carter “Sunset” — Gardenias For Lady Day
 12:34 PM James Carter “Bossa J.C.” — Present Tense
 12:40 PM James Carter “Infiniment” — Heaven On Earth
 12:51 PM James Carter “Soul Street” — Live At Baker's Keyboard Lounge
1 PM Hour,   January 3, 2014
 1:00 PM Curtis Lundy “Shape Shifting” — Purpose
 1:07 PM Christian Fabian “What's Going On” — West Coast Session
 1:14 PM Christian McBride “Easy Walker” — Out Here
 1:21 PM Arturo O'Farrill “Goat Check” — Arturo O'Farrill - Risa Negra
 1:28 PM Brian Lynch “RoditiSamba” — Unsung Heroes
 1:35 PM Mark Murphy “Wheelers and Dealers” — Links
 1:43 PM Lower Left “Wave” — Just Sayin'
 1:52 PM Joe Henderson “Black Narcissus” — Big Band
 1:59 PM Wynton Marsalis “J Mood [Album Version]” — J Mood
2 PM Hour,   January 3, 2014
 2:09 PM Dianne Reeves “Just My Imagination” — When You Know
 2:14 PM John McLaughlin “My Romance [Instrumental]” — Thieves And Poets
 2:18 PM Native Soul “Castles Made of Sand” — Soul Step
 2:25 PM Will & Rainbow “Appearance” — Over Crystal Green
 2:34 PM Mark McLean “Rock With You” — Playground
 2:37 PM Mark McLean “Rock With You” — Playground
 2:44 PM Herbie Hancock “St. Louis Blues” — Gershwin's World
 2:50 PM Herbie Hancock “Thieves In The Temple” — The New Standard
 2:59 PM Patrick Williams “The Sun Will Shine Today” — Aurora
3 PM Hour,   January 3, 2014
 3:05 PM Johnny Griffin/Eddie ”Lockjaw” Davis “Land Of Dreams” — Live At Minton's
 3:12 PM Joe Williams & Harry "Sweets" Edison “Aren't You Glad You're You” — Together/Have A Good Time
 3:15 PM Miles Davis “I Could Write A Book” — Relaxin' With The Miles Davis Quintet
 3:21 PM Marcus Miller Feat. Roy Hargrove & Raul Midón “Amandla [Live]” — A Night In Monte-Carlo
 3:30 PM Pat Metheny Group “A Place In The World” — Speaking Of Now
 3:41 PM Amina Figarova “Ernie's Song” — Above the Clouds
 3:48 PM Thomas Marriott “Brothers & Sisters” — Flexicon
 3:53 PM Sherrie Maricle & The Diva Jazz Orchestra “Pensativa” — A Tommy Newsome Tribute
4 PM Hour,   January 3, 2014
 4:00 PM Bill O'Connell “21st Century Blues” — Zócalo
 4:08 PM Kellye Gray “Dang Me” — And, They Call Us Cowboys
 4:13 PM Milt Jackson/The Monty Alexander Trio “3000 Miles Ago” — Soul Fusion
 4:22 PM The James Carter Organ Trio “Walking The Dog” — At The Crossroads
 4:30 PM James Carter “Freedom Jazz Dance” — Live At Baker's Keyboard Lounge
 4:40 PM Leonard Patton “Redemption Song” — Love, Life & Song
 4:45 PM Jacques Lesure “Groove Yard” — When She Smiles
 4:53 PM The Joshua Shneider Love Speaks Orchestra “Big Whup” — The Joshua Shneider Love Speaks Orchestra
5 PM Hour,   January 3, 2014
 5:00 PM Curtis Stigers “I'll Be Your Baby Tonight” — Real Emotional
 5:05 PM George Cotsirilos Trio “Blues for the J Man” — Variations
 5:10 PM George Colligan “When the Moon Is in the Sky” — The Endless Mysteries
 5:16 PM Gretchen Parlato “Holding Back The Years” — Live In NYC
 5:21 PM Project Them “Submissive Dominants” — Project Them
 5:24 PM Joey DeFrancesco “Budo” — One for Rudy
 5:29 PM Bonerama “Whipping Post” — Live From New York
 5:38 PM Chet Baker “Let's Get Lost” — The Best Of Chet Baker Sings
 5:42 PM Milt Jackson “The Spirit-Feel” — Plenty, Plenty Soul
 5:46 PM Gerry Gibbs “Epistrophy” — Thrasher Dream Trio
 5:53 PM Mike Longo “Yoko Mama” — Live from New York
6 PM Hour,   January 3, 2014
 6:00 PM Paul Chambers “Omicron” — Whims Of Chambers
 6:08 PM Gary Burton “Caminos” — Guided Tour
 6:16 PM Howard Alden / Andy Brown Quartet “Chuckles” — Heavy Artillery
 6:23 PM Booker Ervin “Bachafillen” — Heavy!!!
 6:31 PM Mose Allison “Ever Since I Stole The Blues” — My Back Yard
 6:34 PM Richard "Groove" Holmes “Them That's Got” — Groove: Richard "Groove" Holmes With Ben Webster
 6:42 PM Sérgio Galvao “Vou Deitar E Rolar” — Phantom Fish
 6:48 PM Sean Jones “Look and See” — No Need for Words
 6:57 PM Sam Jones “Strollin'” — Down Home
7 PM Hour,   January 3, 2014
 7:01 PM Vince Ector “Organatomy” — Organatomy
 7:06 PM Buddy Collette Big Band “Buddy Boo” — Buddy Collette Big Band in Concert
 7:12 PM Marcus Printup “Dig” — Unveiled
 7:19 PM Horace Parlan “Walkin'” — Us Three
 7:27 PM Steve Brown “Major Brown's Minor Blues” — Child's Play
 7:32 PM Curtis Fuller “Cantaloupe Island” — Up Jumped Spring
 7:37 PM Henry Butler “Dr. Diddley” — Blues & More, Volume I
 7:45 PM Milt Jackson “Soul In 3/4” — Jackson's Ville
 7:53 PM Cifelli, Jim New York Nonet “Undercurrent” — So You Say
8 PM Hour,   January 3, 2014
 8:01 PM UNT One O'Clock Lab Band “Old West” — Lab 2013
 8:10 PM Herbie Nichols “45° Angle” — Love, Gloom, Cash, Love
 8:14 PM Mary Stallings “Black Coffee” — Spectrum
 8:20 PM Gil Evans “Flute Song / Hotel Me” — The Individualism Of Gil Evans
 8:32 PM James Carter Quartet “Ask Me Now” — Jurassic Classics
 8:41 PM Kyle Eastwood “Sirocco” — The View From Here
 8:47 PM The James Carter Organ Trio “The Walking Blues” — At The Crossroads
 8:54 PM Horace Parlan “Up and Down” — Up and Down
9 PM Hour,   January 3, 2014
 9:00 PM Fareed Haque “Tex Mex” — Out Of Nowhere
 9:07 PM Roy Meriwether “Blue Flame” — Xtensions
 9:14 PM Tuck & Patti “Mad Mad Me” — Tears Of Joy
 9:20 PM James Carter “Oriental Shuffle” — Chasin' The Gypsy
 9:28 PM Arturo O'Farrill “The Girl From Ipanema” — A Night In Tunisia
 9:35 PM Herbie Nichols “Step Tempest” — The Art of Herbie Nichols
 9:40 PM Kevin Coelho “The World Is a Ghetto” — Turn It Up
 9:47 PM Richard D. Johnson “Lover Man” — Here I Am
 9:52 PM John Patton “Hot Sauce” — Blue John
10 PM Hour,   January 3, 2014
 10:00 PM Hollywood Fats Band “Read About My Baby” — Larger than Life, v. 2
 10:05 PM Deb Ryder “Come On Home to Me” — Might Just Get Lucky
 10:10 PM 4 Jacks “Bad News Baby” — Deal with It
 10:16 PM Tab Benoit w/Tabby Thomas “It Takes a Long Time” — Live: Swampland Jam
 10:22 PM John Lee Hooker “Hard Times” — Best of the Blues Live
 10:30 PM Scissormen “Whiskey & Maryjane” — Big Shoes: Walking and Talking the Blues
 10:39 PM Wendy DeWitt “Summertime” — Industrial Strength
 10:44 PM Cadillac Wreckers “Price of Gasoline” — Spring Harp Fest XII 2011
 10:49 PM J.T. Lauritzen & the Buckshot Hunters “Dance with Me Baby” — Live
 10:55 PM Roosevelt Sykes “Dirty Mother For Ya” — The Original Honeydripper
11 PM Hour,   January 3, 2014
 11:00 PM Sugar Ray Norcia “Up the Line” — Remembering Little Walter
 11:04 PM Redd Velvet “How Long” — Womanhood 101
 11:11 PM Sean Costello “San-Ho-Zay” — At His Best Live
 11:16 PM Mississippi Mudsharks “Workin' for Nickels and Dimes” — Belly Up To The Blues
 11:22 PM Bryan Lee “(Tribute to) the Boogie Men” — Live from Sao Paolo
 11:30 PM Bettye Lavette “Damn Your Eyes” — Let Me Down Easy
 11:40 PM The Red Devils “Cut That Out” — King King
 11:45 PM Sugaray Rayford “Goin' Back to Texas” — Dangerous
 11:53 PM Lucky & Tamara Peterson “Smooth Sailing” — Live at the 55 Arts Club Berlin
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