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Tuesday, April 15th 2014
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11 PM Hour,   April 15, 2014
 11:53 PM Adam Rudolph “Dance Drama Part 3” — Both / And
 11:47 PM Chris Speed “End Of The Day” — Really OK
 11:41 PM Vijay Iyer “Mutation IX: Descent” — Mutations
 11:35 PM Kendra Shank & John Stowell “Za-Zoh” — New York Conversations
 11:32 PM Bobby Bradford “Purge” — Live In LA
 11:26 PM Daniel Rosenboom Quintet “Holiday Motel” — Fire Keeper
 11:24 PM Shawn Maxwell's Alliance “You Alright!? I Learned It By Watching You!” — Shawn Maxwell's Alliance
 11:15 PM Paul Bley / Furio Di Castri / Tony Oxley “Poetic Justice” — Chaos
 11:10 PM Sarah Manning “Tune of Cats” — Harmonious Creature
 11:02 PM Ambrose Akinmusire “Vartha” — The Imagined Savior Is Far Easier To Paint
10 PM Hour,   April 15, 2014
 10:58 PM Charles Lloyd/Jason Moran “Pictogram” — Hagar's Song
 10:49 PM Steve Lehman “Check This Out” — On Meaning
 10:44 PM Charlie Hunter & Scott Amendola “Buffalo Bird Woman” — Pucker
 10:43 PM James Falzone “Jazz Searching Self” — Klang: Brooklyn Lines . . . Chicago Spaces
 10:38 PM Rudy Royston “Mimi Sunrise” — 303
 10:32 PM The Bad Plus “Seven Minute Mind” — Made Possible
 10:25 PM Jeff Ballard “Hanging Tree” — Time's Tales
 10:13 PM Dave Douglas “Seventeen” — Strange Liberation
 10:09 PM James Brandon Lewis “The Preacher's Baptist Beat” — Divine Travels
 10:03 PM Brad Mehldau & Mark Guiliana “Just Call Me Nige” — Mehliana: Taming The Dragon
9 PM Hour,   April 15, 2014
 9:54 PM Bobby Watson & The I Have A Dream Project “A Blues Of Hope” — Check Cashing Day
 9:47 PM Bobby Watson & The I Have A Dream Project “Sweet Dreams” — Check Cashing Day
7 PM Hour,   April 15, 2014
 7:51 PM Marcus Roberts Trio “The Duo” — From Rags To Rhythm
 7:46 PM Chris Parker “Full Circle” — Full Circle
 7:40 PM Mulgrew Miller “Somewhere Else” — With Our Own Eyes
 7:36 PM Art Pepper “Holiday Flight” — The Art Of Pepper
 7:30 PM Leslie Pintchik “Ready!” — In The Nature Of Things
 7:27 PM Stacey Kent “One Note Samba (Samba De Uma Nota So)” — The Changing Lights
 7:21 PM Bud Powell “Bouncing With Bud” — Bouncing With Bud
 7:08 PM Oscar Peterson Quartet “Night Child” — Night Child
 7:00 PM Pete McGuinness Jazz Orchestra “Beautiful Dreamer” — Strength In Numbers
6 PM Hour,   April 15, 2014
 6:54 PM Modern Jazz Quartet “Spanish Steps” — The Comedy
 6:41 PM Pat Martino “Colossus” — Young Guns
 6:30 PM Gene Ammons All-stars “Jug Handle” — Groove Blues
 6:25 PM The Dave McKenna Quartet feat. Gray Sargent “For You, For Me, For Evermore” — No More Ouzo For Puzo
 6:21 PM Peter Sprague “Chanting With Charles” — Ocean In Your Eyes
 6:15 PM Andre Previn, Joe Pass & Ray Brown “Cotton Tail” — After Hours
 6:10 PM Ella Fitzgerald & Count Basie “Them There Eyes” — Ella And Basie! On the Sunny Side of the Street
 6:00 PM David 'Fathead' Newman With The Tilden Webb Trio “A Night In Tunisia” — Cellar Groove
5 PM Hour,   April 15, 2014
 5:53 PM Tall & Small the Pete Christlieb & Linda Small Eleven Piece Band “Minuet” — High On U
 5:47 PM Gregory Porter “Movin'” — Liquid Spirit
 5:43 PM Lori Bell “Playful” — Lori Bell
 5:37 PM Native Jazz Quartet “Second Line (Featuring Jason Marsalis, Reuel Lubag, Christian Fabian & Ed Littlefield)” — N J Q: Stories (Featuring Jason Marsalis, Reuel Lubag, Christian Fabian & Ed Littlefield)
 5:31 PM Bessie Smith “Empty Bed Blues (Parts 1 & 2)” — The Collection
 5:21 PM Joe Garrison and Night People “8/89” — Veranda
 5:13 PM Eric Alexander “Eddie Harris” — Chicago Fire
 5:05 PM René Marie “Let´s Do It” — I Wanna Be Evil (With Love to Eartha Kitt)
 5:01 PM Lisa Hilton “Bach, Basie, Bird Boogie Blues Bop” — Kaleidoscope
4 PM Hour,   April 15, 2014
 4:54 PM Tom Tallitsch “El Luchador” — Ride
 4:48 PM The Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra “Jazz Party” — L.A. Treasures Project
 4:41 PM New York Voices “Cold” — New York Voices Live
 4:34 PM Mike Longo “Poinciana” — Step On It
 4:28 PM Vanessa Rubin And Don Braden “Are You Ready For Me” — Full Circle
 4:21 PM Gene Ammons; Sonny Stitt; Jack McDuff “Scram” — Soul Summit
 4:13 PM Richard Davis “Baby Sweets” — Forest Flowers
 4:08 PM Kurt Elling “Steppin' Out” — The Gate
 4:01 PM Eric Reed “Work” — The Adventurous Monk
3 PM Hour,   April 15, 2014
 3:55 PM NDR Bigband “Between The Lines” — America The Beautiful
 3:52 PM The Baseballs “Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball?” — Baseball's Greatest Hits
 3:43 PM Russell Gunn “Dance of the Concubine” — Ethnomusicology Volume 2
 3:33 PM Conrad Herwig “Night Dreamer (Featuring Eddie Palmieri & Brian Lynch)” — The Latin Side Of Wayne Shorter
 3:28 PM Kurt Elling “April In Paris” — The Messenger
 3:20 PM Charles McPherson “April In Paris” — With Strings - "A Tribute To Charlie Parker"
 3:13 PM Peter Sprague “Chanting With Charles” — Ocean In Your Eyes
 3:07 PM Mort Weiss “The Touch Of Your Lips” — I'll Be Seeing You
 3:01 PM Richard Underhill “Positive Spin” — Free Spirit
2 PM Hour,   April 15, 2014
 2:55 PM Mark Buselli “My Shining Hour” — An Old Soul
 2:47 PM Lorez Alexandria “Lorez Alexandria I Wish I Knew” — May I Come In
 2:41 PM Bobby Hutcherson “I Wish I Knew” — For Sentimental Reasons
 2:33 PM David Hazeltine “Imagination” — For All We Know
 2:24 PM Mark Buselli “Istanbul” — Untold Stories
 2:16 PM Sarah Vaughan “No 'Count Blues” — No Count Sarah
 2:07 PM Joe Wilder “Six Bit Blues” — Wilder' 'n Wilder
 2:00 PM Gene Ammons “Soft Winds” — Late Hour Special
1 PM Hour,   April 15, 2014
 1:55 PM Gary Unwin Jazz Orchestra “You Must Believe in Spring” — Perspectives
 1:48 PM Blake Meister “Sunset” — Septagon
 1:42 PM Blake Meister “Market East” — Septagon
 1:33 PM Clovis Nicolas “None Shall Wander” — Nine Stories
 1:28 PM UoU “Life Goes On” — Take The 7 Train
 1:22 PM Phil Upchurch “Jack Of Speed” — Tell The Truth!
 1:16 PM Ella Fitzgerald “I Get A Kick Out Of You” — Sings The Cole Porter Song Book [Disc 1]
 1:09 PM Jacky Terrasson “I Love Paris” — Jacky Terrasson
 1:00 PM Rufus Reid Quintet “Celebration” — Live At the Kennedy Center
Noon Hour,   April 15, 2014
 12:55 PM Shorty Rogers “That Old Black Magic” — Swings
 12:47 PM Shorty Rogers/Bud Shank “Have You Hugged Your Martian Today” — Yesterday, Today and Forever
 12:40 PM Shorty Rogers “Clickin' With Clax” — The Complete Atlantic & EMI Jazz Recordings of Shorty Rogers (disc 4)
 12:30 PM Shorty Rogers-Bud Shank “No Additives, No Preservaties” — Eight Brothers
 12:21 PM Shorty Rogers-Bud Shank “New Dreams” — America the Beautiful
 12:13 PM Shorty Rogers “Chant Of The Cosmos” — The Complete Atlantic & EMI Jazz Recordings of Shorty Rogers (disc 3)
 12:05 PM Shorty Rogers “Martians Go Home” — The Complete Atlantic & EMI Jazz Recordings of Shorty Rogers (disc 1)
 12:00 PM Shorty Rogers “Baklava Bridge” — Just a Few
11 AM Hour,   April 15, 2014
 11:55 AM Dave Chamberlain's Band Of Bones “Slidin' (Featuring Hendrik Meurkens)” — Caravan
 11:49 AM Paul Chambers “Stablemates” — Chambers' Music
 11:44 AM Eric Reed “Nutty” — The Adventurous Monk
 11:38 AM Richard Davis “C. C. Rider” — The Bassist ~ Homage To Diversity
 11:30 AM Mike Allen Quartet “Two Summers” — Panorama
 11:24 AM Lori Bell “Capim” — The Music of Djavan
 11:12 AM Freddie Hubbard “Far Away” — Breaking Point
 11:05 AM Eric Alexander “Eddie Harris” — Chicago Fire
 11:02 AM Duke Pearson “I Don't Care Who Knows It” — I Don't Care Who Knows It
10 AM Hour,   April 15, 2014
 10:57 AM NDR Bigband “Love In Silent Amber” — America The Beautiful
 10:51 AM Gerry Beaudoin “The Return” — The Return
 10:47 AM Sean Sullivan “A Man's World” — Hereafter
 10:41 AM Oran Etkin “Taxi Dance” — Gathering Light
 10:34 AM Oscar Peñas “Paco” — Music of Departures and Returns
 10:26 AM Thomas Marriott “The Great Divide” — Crazy: The Music of Willie Nelson
 10:22 AM Lisa Hilton “Midnight Mania” — Kaleidoscope
 10:17 AM Amy Cervini “Blue Moon” — Jazz Country
 10:15 AM Regina Carter “Trampin'” — Southern Comfort
 10:10 AM Richard Davis “Forest Flower” — Forest Flowers
 10:00 AM Lee Morgan “Tom Cat” — Tom Cat
9 AM Hour,   April 15, 2014
 9:52 AM Junior Mance “Happy Time” — Happy Time
 9:48 AM Craig Buhler “Lookear” — Capistrano Sessions
 9:44 AM Halie Loren “I Feel the Earth Move” — Simply Love
 9:36 AM Joe Pass “Bay City Blues” — One For My Baby
 9:31 AM Adam Smale “Blues To Yous” — Out Of The Blue
 9:26 AM Rebekah Bell “People Will Say We're In Love (Featuring Doug Stephenson & Buff Allen)” — To Watch Over Me
 9:19 AM Bill Anschell “Morning Fog” — More to the Ear Than Meets the Eye
 9:12 AM Tom Tallitsch “The Myth” — Ride
 9:00 AM Pepper Adams Quintet “Hastings Street Bounce [Live]” — 10 To 4 At The 5-Spot
8 AM Hour,   April 15, 2014
 8:51 AM Gene Ammons “Ger-ru” — The Boss Is Back!
 8:46 AM Nancy Goudinaki “Almost Like Being In Love” — I Wanna Be Your Star
 8:40 AM Native Jazz Quartet “Bleibt, Schaflein, Bleibt” — NJQ: Stories
 8:34 AM Bobby Watson & Horizon “No Question About It” — No Question About It
 8:28 AM Clovis Nicolas “You and the Night and the Music” — Nine Stories
 8:22 AM Mike Marshall & Choro Famoso “Receita de Samba (Recipe for Samba)” — Mike Marshall & Choro Famoso
 8:12 AM Ahmad Jamal “Fitnah” — It's Magic
 8:09 AM Judy Wexler “Pent Up House” — Dreams and Shadows
 8:05 AM Rudy Royston “Miles To Go (Sunset Road)” — 303
 8:00 AM Count Basie & Oscar Peterson “Memories Of You” — Night Rider
7 AM Hour,   April 15, 2014
 7:52 AM Gene Ammons “The People's Choice” — Legends Of Acid Jazz: Gene Ammons
 7:47 AM The Dave Miller Trio with Rebecca Dumaine “You for Me” — Better Than Anything
 7:42 AM Octobop “Cars and Coffee” — Out of Nowhere
 7:35 AM Lisa Hilton “Come & Go” — Underground
 7:29 AM Leslie Pintchik “Sparkle” — In The Nature Of Things
 7:23 AM Lori Bell “Love Dance” — Lori Bell
 7:11 AM Eric Alexander “The Bee Hive” — Chicago Fire
 7:09 AM Frank Sinatra “Ring-A-Ding Ding!” — Ring-A-Ding Ding!
 7:00 AM Kenny Dorham “The Fox” — Trompeta Toccata
6 AM Hour,   April 15, 2014
 6:52 AM Gene Ammons “Till There Was You” — The Gene Ammons Story: Gentle Jug
 6:47 AM Lisa Ferraro “How Little We Know” — Serenading The Moon
 6:41 AM Eric Reed “Ba-lues Bolivar Ba-lues-are” — The Adventurous Monk
 6:35 AM Donald Harrison “Nouveau Swing” — Nouveau Swing
 6:29 AM Marcus Roberts Trio “A New Orleans Parade” — From Rags To Rhythm
 6:26 AM Bessie Smith “Washwoman's Blues” — The Complete Recordings Vol. 4
 6:23 AM Bessie Smith “Black Mountain Blues” — The Collection
 6:14 AM Chris Klich “Watermelon Man” — The First Take
 6:09 AM Libby York “On a Slow Boat to China (Featuring Warren Vache)” — Memoir
 6:00 AM Adam Smale “Yes And No” — Out Of The Blue
5 AM Hour,   April 15, 2014
 5:52 AM Gene Ammons “Jeannine” — Goodbye
 5:49 AM Ray Charles & The Count Basie Orchestra “Let The Good Times Roll” — Ray Sings, Basie Swings
 5:43 AM NDR Bigband “Sonny's Step” — America The Beautiful
 5:36 AM The Verve Jazz Ensemble “East End Avenue” — East End Sojourn
 5:28 AM Bobby Watson “Looking In Your Eyes” — Quiet As It's Kept
 5:22 AM Lori Bell “Love Dance” — Lori Bell
 5:15 AM Tessa Souter “Dance With Me” — Beyond the Blue
 5:11 AM Joe Williams “Love Is Here To Stay” — Jazz 'Round Midnight - Voices
 5:01 AM Jessica Williams “My Foolish Heart” — With Love
4 AM Hour,   April 15, 2014
 4:52 AM Pete McGuinness Jazz Orchestra “The Swagger” — Strength In Numbers
 4:42 AM Herbie Hancock “Dolphin Dance” — Maiden Voyage
 4:36 AM Bobby Timmons “Turn Left” — Sweet & Soulful Sounds
 4:20 AM Gene Ammons “Not Really The Blues” — Jammin' With Gene
 4:10 AM Esperanza Spalding “Cuerpo Y Alma (Body & Soul)” — Esperanza
 4:00 AM Cedar Walton Sextet “Blues For Buhaina” — The Art Blakey Legacy
3 AM Hour,   April 15, 2014
 3:52 AM Billy Ver Planck Orchestra “Aw C'mon Sugah!” — Jazz For Playgirls
 3:46 AM Jenna Mammima “Throw It Away” — Music Of Abbey Lincoln
 3:36 AM Michael Weiss “The Cheshire Cat” — Soul Journey
 3:27 AM Julius Tolentino “High Drama” — Just the Beginning
 3:24 AM The Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra “Got to Get Back to L.A.” — L.A. Treasures Project
 3:19 AM The Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra “The Jug and I” — L.A. Treasures Project
 3:11 AM Charles Mingus “Dizzy Moods” — Mingus Three
 3:03 AM Eric Alexander “Mr. Stitt” — Chicago Fire
2 AM Hour,   April 15, 2014
 2:56 AM The Bad Plus “First Part: Adoration of the Earth: Introduction” — The Rite of Spring
 2:50 AM Stacey Kent “This Happy Madness” — The Changing Lights
 2:41 AM Emmanuel Bex “Take Five” — BFG: Now or Never
 2:32 AM Mark Buselli “Claude” — Untold Stories
 2:23 AM Gene Ammons “Ger-ru” — The Boss Is Back!
 2:20 AM Nancy Goudinaki “The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea” — I Wanna Be Your Star
 2:10 AM Regina Carter “Shoo-Rye” — Southern Comfort
1 AM Hour,   April 15, 2014
 1:59 AM Bill Watrous “I Got D'ZZZs” — Space Available
 1:51 AM Lisa Hilton “Evening Song” — Getaway
 1:41 AM Les McCann & Eddie Harris “Compared To What” — Swiss Movement [Live] [Bonus Track]
 1:36 AM Monty Alexander “People Make the World Go Round” — Harlem-Kingston Express, Vol. 2 - The River Rolls On
 1:30 AM Eric Alexander “Eddie Harris” — Chicago Fire
 1:21 AM Tom Harrell “Contrary Mary (Album)” — Light On
 1:09 AM Robert Glasper “Think Of One” — Double Booked
 1:00 AM Freddie Hubbard “Suite Sioux” — Red Clay (Remastered)
Midnight Hour,   April 15, 2014
 0:56 AM Gene Ammons “Precious Memories” — Preachin'
 0:48 AM Lisa Hilton “Warm Summer Night” — Nuance
 0:38 AM Bernard Purdie “Mr. Magic” — Soul To Jazz II
 0:34 AM Sun Ra “India” — Super-Sonic Jazz
 0:28 AM Robert Glasper Experiment “Worries” — Black Radio 2
 0:22 AM Various Artists “Yesterday” — Celebrating 50 Years The Beatles A Jazz Tribute
 0:06 AM Al Jarreau “You Don't See Me” — Look To The Rainbow
 0:00 AM Robert Glasper Experiment “Ah Yeah” — Black Radio
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