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Lou Curtiss
Lou Curtiss

Musical historian and jazz encyclopedia Lou Curtiss celebrates the hot and sweet sound of early jazz and of recorded music. Let your imagination follow Lou back to the first years of recorded music with vintage tunes you've likely never heard before. Check out Lou's FACEBOOK profile.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Jazz88.3 will be re-running select editions of Jazz Roots till the end of the year. We hope to continue with fresh programming soon.

Playlist of Jazz Roots from November 29th, 2015:

November 29th, 2015
December 6th, 2015December 13th, 2015
December 6th, 2015December 13th, 2015
Here are a few CD selections featured most recently:

Here are the 30 most recent tracks played on this show:
November 29th at 9 PM Hour
9:58 PM Tomeka Reid Quartet “Billy Bang's Bounce” — Tomeka Reid Quartet
November 22nd at 8 PM Hour
8:30 PM Miles Davis “Walkin'” — Highlights from the Plugged Nickel (Dec 22-23, 1965)
8:18 PM The Bebop Guitars “Cheesecake” — Freshly Painted Blues
8:14 PM Wes Montgomery “Too Late Now” — The Wes Montgomery Trio - A Dynamic New Sound [Remastered]
8:09 PM Lionel Loueke “Sources Of Love” — Gaïa
8:02 PM Bruce Lofgren “Cafe Rio” — Wind And Sand
October 25th at 9 PM Hour
9:57 PM Skinnay Ennis Orchestra “Strange Enchantment” — 1939 - Album N/A
9:54 PM Jack Rivers “Haunted House Boogie” — Year N/A - Album N/A
9:50 PM Kay Starr “The Headless Horseman” — 1948 - Album N/A
9:47 PM Ray Noble Orchestra “The Haunted House” — 1931 - Album N/A
9:44 PM Jerry Reed “Phantom Of The Opry” — Year N/A - Album N/A
9:42 PM Brian Sisters “Boogie Woogie Boogie Man” — Year N/A - Album N/A
9:39 PM Maurice Burkhart “At The Devil's Ball” — 1913 - Album N/A
9:36 PM Truett & George “Ghost Dance” — 1927 - Album N/A
9:32 PM Premiere Quartet “Syncopated Boogie Boo” — Year N/A - Album N/A
9:29 PM Charles Kaley “Dancing The Devil Away” — 1927 - Album N/A
9:25 PM Jack Hylton Orchestra “The Bogey Wail” — Year N/A - Album N/A
9:23 PM Emmett Miller “The Ghost Of The Saint Louis” — Year N/A - Album N/A
9:20 PM Buck Wayne's Buck Shots “Graveyard Boogie” — Year N/A - Album N/A
9:16 PM Todd Rollins “Boogie Man” — Year N/A - Album N/A
9:14 PM Fred Astaire “Me & The Ghost Upstairs” — Year N/A - Album N/A
9:11 PM Prarie Ramblers “Ghost In The Graveyard” — Year N/A - Album N/A
9:09 PM Fran Allison “Punky Punkin” — 1952 - Album N/A
9:06 PM Lambert, Hendricks and Ross “Halloween Spooks” — 1959 - Album N/A
9:03 PM Cab Calloway Orchestra “The Ghost Of Smokey Joe” — 1939 - Album N/A
9:00 PM Louis Armstrong “Skeleton In The Closet” — 1938 - Album N/A
October 25th at 8 PM Hour
8:57 PM The 5 Jones Boys “My Ghost Is Going To Town” — 1938 - Album N/A
8:54 PM Jack Teagarden “Putting Salt On The Devil's Tail” — Year N/A - Album N/A
8:51 PM Henry Hall “Here Comes The Boogie Man” — Year N/A - Album N/A
8:48 PM Bessie Smith “Haunted House Blues” — 1924 - Album N/A

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