Guidelines: Banners

Jazz88 supports 4 sizes* of banners:

  1. Full, approximately 1200×150px
  2. Half, exactly 590×200px
  3. Third, exactly 385×140px
  4. Square, exactly 280×280px

All banner images will be resized dynamically to fit their containers if necessary. If the original images provided do not fit our banner standards, the may be modified to fit appropriate containers, in which cases the extra padding may be added or unused space may be cropped, but only if the unused area consist of solid background or a gradient based on a single color.

*There're also exceptions with certain advertisers, based on custom requirements.

Full Size Banner

Full size banner will occupy the entire width of the main central column of the home page. The height of this banner can be flexible, but suggested around 150px. The dimensions of this type of banner is based on the old standard "Leaderboard" banner size, which was 728x90 of the Leaderboard size. The maximum width of this banner is 1200px which is proportionate to the height of 148.3px, hence the suggested height of 150px, however as mentioned earlier, the height can be anywhere from 50 to a few hundreds of pixels, as long as it doesn't occupy too much space on our website.

Advertisers can submit multiple designs of the same banner in different sizes to better fit different screen sizes.

Here's an example of the frame layout with approximate resizing, which will hold the Full Size banner:

Half Size Banner

Half size banners will reside next to each other, 2 in a row and they are a bit smaller than exactly half of the Full Size, because of 20 pixels padding between the 2 banners. As a part of the responsive layout, these banners will decrease in size proportionally, when the width of the browser would became narrower than 1200px wide, these banners will keep decreasing in size until they reach about 60% of their original width, at which point they will rearrange to stand on top of each other, the first/left banner would go to the top and the second/right would go below the first one. There will be 20 pixels margin between the banners when they are rearranged for smaller screens.

Approximate example:

Third Size Banner

As the name implies, the Third size banner have width of 1/3rd of the Full size. Similarly to the Half Size, we need to have 20 pixel wide margin between the banners, therefore the actual size is smaller than the full size divided by 3. And just like the half size, these banners will resize to fit the smaller screens.

Approximate example: