8 Things You Need To Know About Jazz Live San Diego Blues Singer Missy Andersen

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8 Things You Need To Know About Jazz Live San Diego Blues Singer Missy Andersen

Blog Name:Jazz 88.3 Blog

Blog Author:Vince Outlaw

Posted on:April 16, 2015

The Missy Andersen Blues Band is coming to Jazz Live San Diego, live from the Saville Theater at San Diego City College and BROADCAST WORLDWIDE via the LISTEN LIVE page at Jazz88.org on Tuesday, April 21, 2015 from 8 to 10 pm PT! You may know that Missy is currently a nominee for a 2015 Blues Music Award from The Blues Foundation in the Soul Blues Female Artist category, to be announced in Memphis, Tennessee on May 7, 2015. But there's a lot more to know about this dynamic, up and coming Blues artist that calls San Diego home!

RESERVE TICKET ONLINE, Share the event on social media, and add it to your calendar NOW! The READ THE FULL ARTICLE to find out more about San Diego's own, soon-to-be-crowned Soul Blues queen (hopefully)...

1. Missy was born in Detroit, Michigan, was educated in Queens, New York, and then moved to San Diego. Learn more about her journey through music to San Diego from her website biography.

2. Her sophomore release from 2014, "In The Moment" features 8 original recordings of the 11 songs on the disc, 6 more originals than on her 2009 debut "Missy Andersen". A Blues Blast Magazine review of "In The Moment" by Rhys Williams regales, “In The Moment is a seriously impressive, highly enjoyable outing. If you like horn-laden blues mixed in with a lot of soul, you will love this release.”

3. Just one week after the release of "In The Moment", it was already charting on the Blues Debut Top 25 and Roots Music Reports.

4. In October 2014, Missy and her husband / guitarist / collaborator Heine Andersen won the San Diego nomination to the 2015 International Blue Challenge in Memphis. They were later ruled ineligible to compete due to their nomination for the 2015 Blues Music Award...not a a bad problem to have! Check out Missy's performances from Round One of the Internatioal Blue Competition here in San Diego. 

5. Missy met her future husband Heine while he was visiting San Diego from his native Denmark. Heine is pronounced Hi-nuh (good to know when you meet him next week at Jazz Live). 

6. Missy is a former board member of the nonprofit Blues Lovers United of San Diego, (BLUSD) an affiliate of the national Blues Foundation. San Diego's Jazz 88.3's own Janine Harty, host of, among other shows, Blues Up Front every Saturday from Midnight to 2am PT, is the current BLUSD President. 

7. At one time, Missy backed up December 2014 Jazz Live San Diego guest Earl Thomas.

San Diego's Jazz 88.3 will be hosting The Festival Stage Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Gator By The Bay...COME ON BY!
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