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Christian Scott at Jazz Live 2010.04.13

Christian Scott at Jazz Live 2010.04.13
Blog Name: Jazz LiveAuthor: Vince Outlaw , Social Media Marketing ManagerPosted on: April 13, 2010
In order below, Jazz Live Interview Audio / Pictures / Link / Jazz Live Chat Room Log

Christian Scott chats with me, before the performance, about his band, his 2010 release "Yesterday You Said Tomorrow", and more...

MP3 File

Some shots of Christian and I after the interview, the band at Soundcheck, the band from the Perch, the band during the show, ...

Chat log for the night...noting the tune name, where possible, and any thoughts inspired by the great music. Wish some others online would want to connect via chat, but no. Anyway, chat log

19:45 VO Hi! I'm about to go onstage to do the warm up / announcements / and kick the show off! I will be back at about 8:10 PM PT after the band's first tune and my thanks yous. Chat amongst yourselves!

20:17 VO Back up in the perch at the Seville a first tune! Wild to open up introspectively, with Christian leading on trumpet with not with the big solos...

20:17 VO ...that was left to Matthew Stevens on Guitar and Milton Fletcher on piano...fantastic.

20:18 VO ...I always get a little scared for our audience when we have really creative music like tonight, but that's all behind us now...underway!!

20:18 VO And this second tune is much much more uptempo...

20:21 VO ...another rockin solo by Stevens...

20:30 VO So we all don't know what 'murk' in 'murk the kit' in 'kill the drum kit' or play it very well...thanks Christian for the info from the 'hood!

20:31 VO Third tune: "The Eraser" the Thom Yorke (Radiohead) composition..the only non-original tune on Christian's new disc "Yesterday You Said Tomorrow".

20:37 VO 4th tune - Ku Klux Police Department (KKPD) - Personal experience with the NOLA police. Not good. On new disc "Yesterday..."

20:42 VO ...and this sounds like an angry tune...Christian really tearing into it...should I ask him about his trumpet Katrina at the 9PM break..18 minutes or so away...

20:46 VO ...he got a big laugh saying he was going to do a ballad...after that last tune...big laughs as he jokes around about Isadora being a lucky girl...

20:46 VO 5th tune: Isadora...Christian opening up the ballad...

20:53 VO ...beautiful tune and fantastic tone on his instrument. I'm heading down for the 9PM break...5 minutes away or so...

20:54 VO 6th tune: No intro...

20:54 VO ...back in 10 or so...Go...

21:07 VO ....back after the break...heart racing as usual when I'm up on stage...can't imagine being a musician!

21:07 VO 7th tune...after a little bit too long pause for radio...unannounced to start with...

21:07 VO ...I like the funky groove thing of this one...with the Fletcher taking the first solo on piano...

...only me and no others.

I guess I would like to see how many visitors the page had...people who went to the page, hopefully to try, but ended up not for some reason.Do people just not like to chat online? No integration of viewing media, like TV or YouTube, and socializing online like Facebook or Twitter. And I'm not just interested in being able to engage online while I'm watching a Jazz Concert webcast by myself, but also when I'm at a large group event, like a baseball webcast, and engage everyone who wants to comment or share a picture or something else during the event...I like that share a picture thing...have audience/attendees take cameraphotos and mail them in during the webcast...and show them over the webcast, like during song breaks or between innings. OK, done thinking about the possibilities of social internetworked events.

Great, inspiring show tonight Christian!

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