It's All About His Beloved Bolts For San Diego Charger Jazz 88

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It's All About His Beloved Bolts For San Diego Charger Jazz 88

Blog Name:Jazz 88.3 Blog

Blog Author:Vince Outlaw

Posted on:December 27, 2014

On the eve of the San Diego Chargers' win-or-stay-home final game of the 2014 season in Kansas City, Sunday, December 28, 10 AM PT, we catch up with Charger Jazz 88, aka Barry Farrar, host of Percussive Profiles each Thursday, 8-10 PM PT and Early Evening Jazz on Wednesday's 6-8 PM PT. He took some time to answer a few questions between holiday preparations, sharpening his drum sticks, and getting his tail-gate all ready for the big game. GO CHARGERS! GO JAZZ 88!

Jazz 88 (J88): Thanks for the check-in, Barry...I mean Charger Jazz 88...ah...What should we call you?
Charger Jazz 88 (CJ88): Doesn't matter. Its all about Jazz..Jazz 88 and my beloved BOLTS!!!!

J88: When did you become a Charger?
CJ88: I became a Charger in 1960 when the team moved here after 1 year in LA. My Dad, Barry Farrar, Sr. played sax in the Charger band. He was a single parent raising 2 boys. He would bring me to the games...his gigs. 

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J88: That's pretty young to be on a football team. How does the Jazz thing get connected here?
CJ88: My Jazz love came early also. Dad was a great jazz baritone sax player. He played with Mike Wofford, Don Sleet, and John Guerin just to name a few. He also took me to many non-Charger gigs early on. I met Basie and The 4 Freshman during the early years also. I went to a Kenton concert when I was 12.

J88: When did you start your other know, the one at San Diego's Jazz 88?
CJ88: I have been on air on Jazz 88 since 1980.

J88: OK, so I'm starting to suspect that you might not actually be in the employ of the Chargers. If not, then where does that super fan Charger Jazz 88 uniform come from?
CJ88: The Jazz 88 All-Stars have these number 88 jerseys.

J88: Tell us something we might not know about you.
CJ88: I bleed Blue and Gold.

J88: Well...that's not really tough to guess...go deeper.
CJ88: I followed the Bolts to the Super Bowl in 1994. The trip was funded by proceeds from a Charger Song I wrote and produced.

J88: I guess that Charger's gig doesn't pay all that well if you are funding your own trips to games. You really must love your Bolts! Thanks for the interview!
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