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Jazz Live- Joshua White

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Blog Author:San Diego's Jazz 88.3

Posted on:April 24, 2018

Jazz Live will see the return of pianist Joshua White to the Saville Theatre on TONIGHT(!), May 8th. He will be bringing his ‘Codes’ project with him- Dean Hulett on Bass, Curtis Taylor on Trumpet, Marvin ‘Smitty’ Smith on Drums, Vocalists- Rebecca Jade and Dwight Trible and Professor Furahaa Saba with Spoken Word.The concert is for Jazz 88 members only. If you are not a member please contact the membership department by e-mailing themAs always, Thanks to Big Front Door Sandwich Shop for providing food for the Jazz Live artists. Remember, that good ole' parking pass!
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Greg Pardue:4/30/2018 11:05:49 PM
What happened to Anthony Ortega? Last time I checked he was going to play on May 8th.
Tom:4/29/2018 5:34:04 PM
Why is it, that you steadfastly exclude the start time for the Jazz Live performances, in the articles - ads - which are in the middle of your web site's front page? You may recall that I have told you about this in years past, when I illuminated that you, for so many years systematically excluded, deliberately left out, the day of the week for any event you promoted. Why advertise in by presenting "dates" in such an incomplete manner? Not cool. Tom Harten