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Jazz Live- Nutcracker Sweets

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Posted on:December 14, 2017

The SOLD OUT Jazz Live happening TONIGHT will be one for the ages as history will be made. First- it is the premiere of the KSDS Jazz Orchestra led by Gilbert Castellanos. Second- the night is being billed as "The Nutcracker Sweets: 2 Tasty Versions of the Nutcracker Suite (Duke Ellington and Shorty Roger's respective interpretations)." The evening will start EARLY (6PM) with the Young Lions playing holiday music in and and outside the Saville Theatre all while you enjoy refreshments and participate in a KSDS silent auction. The actual start time for the music will be 7pm for this Jazz Live.The concert is for Jazz 88 members only. As always, Thanks to Big Front Door Sandwich Shop for providing food for the Jazz Live artists. Remember, that good ole' parking pass and come hungry, because a food truck will be on site!

Nutcracker Sweets and Debut of KSDS Jazz Orchestra led by Gilbert Castellanos at Jazz Live San Diego Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Nutcracker Sweets - Jazz Live San Diego Concert Audio

Set 1 - Ellington / Strayhorn "The Nutcracker Suite"
  1. "Overture"
  2. "Toot Toot Tootie Toot" Solos:
  3. "Peanut Brittle Brigade" Solos:
  4. "Sugar Rum Cherry" Solos: 
  5. "Volga Vouty" Solos: 
  6. "Chinoiserie" Solos: 
  7. "Danse of the Floreadores" Solos:
  8. "Arabesque Cookie" Solos: 
Set 2 - Short Rogers' "The Swingin' Nutcracker" (Unverified Set List)
  1. "Like Nutty Overture" Solos: 
  2. "A Nutty Marche" Solos: 
  3. "The Swingin' Plum Fairy" Solos:
  4. "Snowball" Solos:
  5. "Six Pak" Solos:  
  6. "Flowers of the Cats" Solos: 
  7. "Dance Expresso"Solos: 
  8. "Blue Reeds" Solos: 
  9. "Pass the Duke" Solos: 

Gilbert Castellanos and Ken Poston Do The Jazz Live San Diego Interview

Nutcracker Sweets Photos - What A Night At The Saville

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