Matt Slocum at Jazz Live San Diego 2010.08.10

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Matt Slocum at Jazz Live San Diego 2010.08.10

Blog Name:Jazz Live

Blog Author:Vince Outlaw

Posted on:August 10, 2010

The band for the show...Bill Cunliffe piano, Darek Oles bass, Matt Slocum drums. Excellent!

Matt Slocum chats with Vince Outlaw before his performance at Jazz Live San Diego, Tuesday, August 10, 2010 on Jazz 88.3 FM and Matt talks about his Jazz Live bandmates Darek Oles and Bill Cunliffe, his 2010 debut CD Portraits, his musical roots, his upcoming listener-supported project, and more.

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A little video of the band during soundcheck...sounding great!

Some shots of the fun from setup to take down...

And here's a collection of all the Jazz Live photos I've taken since 2004

In the meantime, some links about Matt and Jazz Live...

Here are some notes for the interview I'll be doing with Matt that airs right after the Live concert, around 9:30 PM PT...

Matt Slocum –

Born St. Paul ,Minn. Piano at 9, Drums at 11.

Graduated High School in 2000

Graduated USC Thornton School of Music 2004


Welcome and talk about the musician’s he’s playing with. (Bill Cunliffe, Darek Oles)


Look like they are on a short west coast swing. Why not Josh Nelson?


Debut CD in 2010, Portraits.


In review by Terrell Kent Holmes, he calls your defining trait “smoothness”, as see in you playing, composing, and arranging. Do you see yourself as someone who takes a measured, as opposed to maybe more ‘abandoned’, approach to your music?


The compositions on the disc, don’t quite know how to say that, were helped along by a Meet The Composer Foundation grant. Can you tell us a little about this and what kind of guidelines do you have to follow when writing on a grant like this?


There is only one non-original on Portraits, the Ellington ballad “Daydream”. Why this one?


You use a varied lineup of musicians on the tracks on Portraits. Did you write the music that way or did the tunes find the musicians themselves? Did you record any of these with different linesup and choose the best?


He also says that with Portrait you “step out of the box as the full package”. (I imagined you popping out of a cake at a CD release party.) You surely feel that there are things in your musical life that you’d like to improve on or get better at, yes?


How was music and Jazz introduced into your life?


What does it mean to you to be regarded as a ‘musical drummer’?


You spend your college years on the west coast and then moved to NY. Contrast the West Coast jazz scene and the NY Jazz scene.


You are involved in a project involving newly composed music inspired by the environmental photography of Bay Area artist and activist Bob Walker. Tell us about this project.


How can folks find out more about you and your work?

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