Morning Jazz Host Gary Beck Is Back Where He Started

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Morning Jazz Host Gary Beck Is Back Where He Started

Blog Name:Jazz 88.3 Blog

Blog Author:Vince Outlaw

Posted on:November 4, 2014

Jazz 88.3 is sooo proud of the on-air hosts that bring Jazz to Life for us all each day by hand-picking the Jazz we hear and providing it to us with their added  thoughts, feelings, and experiences that have come from many years in the music. Gary Beck is one those hosts, bringing you Morning Jazz each weekday from 9AM to Noon PT. Gary is celebrating his 40th year with Jazz 88 and San Diego City College and we couldn't be prouder and happier for him!

Gary was recently featured in the San Diego Reader article "Back Where I Started" by Dave Good, and sums up his approach and outlook on Jazz,

"...I love the music. I like the jazz classics, but I also like what’s going on now musically. The standards have already been done, and they’ve been done by the best. Now, I look for the singers that are doing something different. And musicians,” he says, “that aren’t bored and that still play with the same intensity as they did when I was 18.”

You can tell the special feel that Gary has for Jazz Singers in this June 2013 interview with Roberta Donnay (MP3).

And Gary appreciates the recognition from the Reader article: "It's nice to be thought of after all these years, I owe it to the Music"

You can send Gary your well wishes and thoughts in the Comments below or via our Jazz 88 Facebook and Twitter
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