Mundell Lowe Quartet at Jazz Live San Diego 2010.07.13

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Mundell Lowe Quartet at Jazz Live San Diego 2010.07.13

Blog Name:Jazz Live

Blog Author:Vince Outlaw

Posted on:July 13, 2010

Here's the audio of the interview I recorded with Mundell before the show...airs after the live concert...but you get it first!

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Guitarist Mundell Lowe with Mike Wofford piano, Gunnar Biggs bass, and Jim Plank drums soundcheck in the Seville Theater at San Diego City College before their Jazz Live San Diego performance at 8PM PT, July 13, 2010, on Jazz 88.3 FM San Diego with Webcast at!

Shots from Jazz Live, including Setup, Soundcheck, Interview, and the LIVE show...

Here's the log of the chat room tonight...all me...but it was a ton of fun to share..

1st Tune: My Shining Hour...I think...nicely done also...

20:15 outlawv 2nd Tune: Just Squeeze Me...I'd think I know these standards, but na....

20:17 outlawv 3rd Tune: Scrapple From The Apple...Charlie Parker's tune...and I bet that Mundell played it with Bird at one time or another...

20:21 outlawv Man...Mundell may have a senior moment or two on stage, but his playing is so right on all the time!

20:21 outlawv Tearing up Bird's Scrapple!

20:25 outlawv 4th Tune: I Remember Clifford, written by Jazz Live SD alum, Benny Golson

20:28 outlawv Nicely done solo guitar by Mundell. I guess I need to start thinking about what to ask Mundell at the break...we went through a whole lot during the pre-recorded interview...

20:32 outlawv 5th Tune: Another Bird tune...didn't hear the intro...familiar....dang it...

20:37 outlawv 6th Tune: There's A Small Hotel, by Rogers and Hart. Love this tune...

20:46 outlawv 7th Tune: Darn That Dream. Breaking the rule of two ballads in a row...and no complaints from the Seville Theatre crowd!

20:50 outlawv Wow...Mundell plays some awesome harmonious chords on that guitar...very beautiful sounding...

20:53 outlawv Since we've heard a couple of Bird tunes tonight, I'm going to ask him about performing with Bird. And maybe about last year's Mundell Lowe day in is Mississippi home town.

20:54 outlawv 8th Tune: Vierd Blues....I think that's the spelling...Miles Davis tune. Mundell sitting out on this one...and this looks like the one before the to the stage!

21:03 outlawv Wow

21:04 outlawv Great story about Mundell playing with Charlie 'Bird' Parker and how gracious and sharing of the stage that Bird

21:04 outlawv 9th Tune: The Way You Look Tonight by Jerome Kern. Just pianist Mike Wofford and Mundell, doing the tune as a JAzz Waltz. Mike totally plays beautifully...nice single note run...

21:09 outlawv That was spectacular...crowd liked it too!

21:09 outlawv 10th Tune: Ask Me Now by Monk. Sooooo glad they are playing this beautiful Monk tune!

21:17 outlawv 11th Tune: Frank Loesser's tune...oops...what's the title? Dang...again...should know...

21:18 outlawv Getting close to the end of the Live show, then the interview with Mundell...we covered lots of ground in his career...lots of great things to say about the recently passed Hank Jones...

21:24 outlawv 12th Tune: Willow Weep for Me, by Ann Ronnell (sp?)...and I am signing off to get back to the stage to end the Live show...interview in 7 minutes!

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