Tamara Paige to Conduct Gilbert Castellanos and KSDS Jazz Orchestra in "Sketches of Spain" This Saturday Evening, Jan. 6. Tickets Now SOLD OUT!

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Tamara Paige to Conduct Gilbert Castellanos and KSDS Jazz Orchestra in "Sketches of Spain" This Saturday Evening, Jan. 6. Tickets Now SOLD OUT!

It’s the hottest ticket in town! San Diego native and celebrated musical educator Tamara Paige will conduct Gilbert Castellanos and the KSDS Jazz Orchestra in “Sketches of Spain” — the legendary Miles Davis/Gil Evans collaboration — on Jan. 6, 2024 at the Legacy Center’s Pavilion Theater.

Happy New Year, Jazz88ers!

We’ve got a ton to look forward to in 2024—from even more expertly curated on-air programming specials to the best live music events put on by any public radio station anywhere. And we’re not wasting any time bringing out the big guns—maybe San Diego jazz’s biggest gun—to start the new year in a manner befitting our great radio station and our attuned, sophisticated listeners.  

THIS SATURDAY, JAN 6 at 7 PM—at the PAVILION THEATER on the campus of the new and spectacular LEGACY RESORT HOTEL & SPA in Mission Valley — trumpeter and San Diego jazz patriarch GILBERT CASTELLANOS will be the featured soloist, as San Diego's own Tamara Paige conducts the KSDS JAZZ ORCHESTRA in a performance of SKETCHES OF SPAIN, the monumental collaboration between Miles Davis and composer/arranger Gil Evans. Best of all, the orchestra will be playing THE ORIGINAL CHARTS, as orchestrated by Evans. Paige, Castellanos and co. will be delivering you the genuine article: unamended, unadulterated, and in MINT condition. And in the KSDS JAZZ ORCHESTRA, they’ll have the horsepower backing them to pull it off with all the style and panache you'd expect from a program bearing Gilbert Castellanos's name.

Not only will Gilbert Castellanos play Miles Davis’s lead trumpet lines, the KSDS Jazz Orchestra, conducted by Tamara Paige, will be playing the original charts as arranged by Gil Evans.

From the moment we announced it during our Fall Membership Drive, demand for tickets to this event has been staggering. So much so that we changed venues to get as many of you in as humanly possible! Until this morning, we did have a limited number of seats remaining. But, as we knew they would, our membership responded and responded with vigor. At this point, we're pleased to announce that this Saturday's concert event is completely SOLD OUT! 

If you weren't able to grab tickets, don't despair; our engineers will be on-site recording the concert in its entirety, and you can be sure we'll be putting that recording to use in the days and weeks to come. Is it too early to start thinking of prospective pledge gifts for our next membership drive? Never! 

In the meantime, we can’t think of a better way to kickoff 2024 than with Gilbert Castellanos fronting the KSDS Jazz Orchestra and playing Miles Davis and Gil Evans’s original Sketches of Spain. It will be an evening to remember.

Until then, continue to keep checking jazz88.org/sketches in the days leading up to the concert; we’ll be posting information there re: parking, instructions for “Preferred Ticket Holders,” and every other logistical matter.

See you on the 6th!

Yours in Jazz,

The KSDS Membership Team

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