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giveBIG? What the Heck is That?

giveBIG? What the Heck is That?
Blog Name: Jazz 88.3 BlogAuthor: Posted on: April 29, 2014
Like Jazz and Blues, nonprofit organizations were created by Americans, in America.  The music and the organizations sprang up with a spirit of kinship and mutual understanding. The music is an expression of the condition of life: what’s happening, why it seems to be happening, and what, (if anything), we can do about it.  giveBIG logoNonprofits sprang up in response to common needs, filling a gap where, depending on one’s point of view, government cannot, or should not, go; funding scientific research, or feeding the hungry, or making arts and culture available to entire communities.   Jazz and Blues - and nonprofit organizations of all types and sizes - serve the public good

And they are funded, for the most part, by the very people they serve, and their loved ones.

But statistics aren't the point.  The important thing is that it is an American tradition to look out for one’s neighbor.  That’s the point of giveBIG, a national philanthropic movement intended to encourage people to be generous to local causes.  giveBig is sponsored here by the San Diego Foundation, an organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life growing dollarin all local communities.  The San Diego Foundation, besides organizing the event, has raised an additional $200,000 through the generosity of corporate and individual donors, to supplement gifts on May 6th through the giveBIG portal – and it has amassed more than 300 San Diego county nonprofits to work together for the common good, especially on May 6th.

Jazz 88.3 is proud to be a media partner and a participant in giveBIG, San Diego. As a media partner, we are pleased to let everyone know about this special day, and we encourage our listeners to explore the profuse variety of nonprofit services that are thriving in our community. There may be an organization that’s involved with a secret passion of yours, and now that you know – you even have a way to get involved! 

And, of course, on May 6th, from midnight ‘til 23:59, we hope that you’ll consider making a contribution in support of the music you love, day after day, at San Diego’s Jazz 88.3. It’s a great way to test the waters of philanthropy.  Questions?  You can call me, at 619-388-3301, or go to the giveBIG website. It feels good to know that you are doing something to serve the public good.  

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