January 11, 2014

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Jazz Education Network 2014 Conference Day 3

Blog Name:The New Jazz Thing with Vince Outlaw

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Posted on:January 11, 2014

As I rush off to experience Day 4 of the Jazz Education Network 2014 Annual Conference, aka #JEN14, in Dallas, here's some of the highlights of Day 3, Friday, January 10, 2014, as shared during the day on TNJT Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, Storify-like. From orienting Jazz 88 to JEN through attending Committee meetings, to cruizing the squeeking and squaking of the Exhibit all, I took in panels, adjudicated student sessions, and full blown concerts in lobbies! The day was capped off my the moving awards ceremony at the LeJENds of Jazz Education Gala Fundraiser and an evening of concerts that will be remembered forever. I am totally impressed by the JEN Board, Committees, and Presentors, but also the many volunteers, students, and Jazz fans taking part in this very well run conference. On to Day 4!!

The full story is after the split, but here's a slideshow of some shots from the day and a sample of the evening ending performance by vocal ensemble Groove For Thought...Enjoy!