June 20, 2014

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Blog Name:Progressive Nights

Blog Author:Miff Mole

Posted on:June 20, 2014

You might notice the subtle realignment with the blogname. If not it's okay, but it will bring into sharper focus the team effort being invested into Progressive Nights, the new sound of jazz radio (not a trademark phrase but it ought to be). Monday through Thursday, 10pm to Midnight. Chad Fox, Tony McGee, and yours truly. Let me just go ahead and preempt the suggestion of an over-the-line team called "The Progressive Knights." First fail is no vulgarity in team name. Sorry.
  • Go listen to Horace Silver right now. Anything you can get to. No need to go overboard. Just listen awhile and savor the sweet bluesy jazz.
  • I keep coming back to the Index of Possibilities. Much of my programming spins out of this concept. One key to the Index is don't get too tense.
  • Go listen to Eric Dolphy. Maybe you think you aren't ready. Maybe you're fooling yourself. Start with his version of "Tenderly."
Thanks for listening.