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Sunday, November 9th 2014 Playlist

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11 PM Hour,   November 9, 2014
11:28 PM Pharoah Sanders “The Creator Has A Master Plan” — Karma BUY
11:24 PM Robbie Robertson “Somewhere Down That Crazy River” — Green Peace Rainbow Warriors BUY
11:12 PM Hiromi “Spiral” — Spiral BUY
11:10 PM Medeski, Martin & Wood “End of the World Party” — Note Bleu BUY
11:01 PM Various Artists “Heartattack And Vine” — New Coat Of Paint: Songs Of Tom Waits BUY
10 PM Hour,   November 9, 2014
10:53 PM BEAT FUNKTION “Women in Neon” — Moon Town BUY
10:41 PM The Dixon-Rhyne Project “Tomorrow Sierra” — Reinvention BUY
10:38 PM John Lurie “Trouble” — African Swim and Manny & Lo BUY
10:30 PM Al Di Meola “Song to the Pharaoh Kings” — Tiramisu BUY
10:25 PM Terri Lyne Carrington “Human Revolution” — Real Life Story BUY
10:13 PM Mark Isham “Blue Sun [Album Version]” — Blue Sun BUY
10:06 PM Billie Holiday “Lady Sings the Blues” — The Complete Billie Holiday On Verve 1945-1959 [Disc 8] BUY
10:00 PM Billie Holiday “I Get A Kick Out Of You” — The Complete Billie Holiday On Verve 1945-1959 [Disc 6] BUY
9 PM Hour,   November 9, 2014
9:55 PM Skinnay Ennis Orchestra “Strange Enchantment” — Year N/A - Album N/A BUY
9:52 PM Lead Belly “Matchbox Blues” — 1935 - Album N/A BUY
9:48 PM Lead Belly “Tom Hughes Town” — 1955 - Album N/A BUY
9:45 PM Lead Belly “My Friend Blind Lemon” — 1935 - Album N/A BUY
9:42 PM Lead Belly “Death Letter Blues” — 1935 - Album N/A BUY
9:40 PM Lead Belly “C.C. Rider” — 1935 - Album N/A BUY
9:35 PM Lead Belly “Salty Dog” — 1934 - Album N/A BUY
9:33 PM Lead Belly “Take A Whiff On Me” — 1934 - Album N/A BUY
9:32 PM Lead Belly “Big Fat Woman” — 1947 - Album N/A BUY
9:30 PM Lead Belly “Fiddler's Dram” — 1946 - Album N/A BUY
9:27 PM Lead Belly “Alabama Bound” — 1946 - Album N/A BUY
9:24 PM Lead Belly “Diggin' My Potatoes” — 1946 - Album N/A BUY
9:21 PM Lead Belly “We're In The Same Boat Brother” — 1943 - Album N/A BUY
9:20 PM Lead Belly “By And By When The Morning Comes” — 1943 - Album N/A BUY
9:16 PM Lead Belly “When A Man's Along Way From Home” — 1943 - Album N/A BUY
9:14 PM Lead Belly “Grasshoppers In My Pillow” — 1944 - Album N/A BUY
9:11 PM Lead Belly “Eagle Rock Rag” — 1944 - Album N/A BUY
9:08 PM Lead Belly “Backwater Blues” — 1944 - Album N/A BUY
9:05 PM Lead Belly “Ella Speed” — 1944 - Album N/A BUY
9:03 PM Lead Belly “Jean Harlowe” — 1944 - Album N/A BUY
9:01 PM Lead Belly “Jim Crow Blues” — 1944 - Album N/A BUY
8 PM Hour,   November 9, 2014
8:58 PM Lead Belly “Take Your Hands Off It” — 1944 - Album N/A BUY
8:54 PM Lead Belly “We Shall Be Free” — 1944 - Album N/A BUY
8:52 PM Lead Belly “In The Evening When The Sun Goes Down” — 1944 - Album N/A BUY
8:50 PM Lead Belly “Salute To Blind Lemon” — 1944 - Album N/A BUY
8:46 PM Lead Belly “John Hardy” — 1943 - Album N/A BUY
8:43 PM Lead Belly “When I Was A Cowboy/Out On The Plains” — 1943 - Album N/A BUY
8:41 PM Lead Belly “Ain't You Glad” — 1943 - Album N/A BUY
8:38 PM Lead Belly “Goodnight Irene” — 1943 - Album N/A BUY
8:36 PM Lead Belly “How Long” — 1943 - Album N/A BUY
8:33 PM Lead Belly “Old Man” — 1942 - Album N/A BUY
8:31 PM Lead Belly “Corn Bread Rough” — 1942 - Album N/A BUY
8:28 PM Lead Belly “Ha Ha This-a-way” — 1941 - Album N/A BUY
8:25 PM Lead Belly “Can't You Line 'Em” — 1940 - Album N/A BUY
8:22 PM Lead Belly “Stewball/Bluebird” — 1940 - Album N/A BUY
8:19 PM Lead Belly “New York City” — 1940 - Album N/A BUY
8:16 PM Lead Belly “Sail On Little Girl” — 1940 - Album N/A BUY
8:13 PM Lead Belly “Midnight Special” — 1940 - Album N/A BUY
8:09 PM Lead Belly “Whoa Back Buck” — 1940 - Album N/A BUY
8:06 PM Lead Belly “Looky Looky Yonder/Black Betty/On A Monday” — 1939 - Album N/A BUY
8:03 PM Lead Belly “DeKalb Blues” — 1939 - Album N/A BUY
8:00 PM Lead Belly “Shorty George” — 1935 - Album N/A BUY
7 PM Hour,   November 9, 2014
7:49 PM Charlie Haden & Jim Hall “Body And Soul” — Charlie Haden - Jim Hall BUY
7:39 PM Pat Metheny “Day Trip” — Day Trip BUY
7:34 PM Berg & Potenza “Wonder Why” — First Takes BUY
7:25 PM Stryker/Slagle Band “Child's Play” — The Stryker/Slagle Band BUY
7:09 PM The Peter Sprague String Consort “Mundaka” — Dr. Einstein's Spin BUY
7:00 PM Joe Pass “On Green Dolphin Street” — The Best Of Joe Pass BUY
6 PM Hour,   November 9, 2014
6:59 PM The Modern Jazz Quartet “The Cylinder” — The Modern Jazz Quartet. European Concert (Remastered) BUY
6:50 PM The Modern Jazz Quartet “It Don't Mean a Thing (If You Ain't Got That Swing)” — The Modern Jazz Quartet. European Concert (Remastered) BUY
6:39 PM The Modern Jazz Quartet “Pyramid (Blues for Junior)” — The Modern Jazz Quartet. European Concert (Remastered) BUY
6:30 PM The Modern Jazz Quartet “Odds Against Tomorrow” — The Modern Jazz Quartet. European Concert (Remastered) BUY
6:01 PM Bob Crosby and his Orchestra “Honky Tonk Train Blues” — Bob Crosby BUY
6:00 PM Paladins “Sidetracked” — Hollywood Fat/The Paladins BUY
5 PM Hour,   November 9, 2014
5:55 PM Fatburger “Mske that Dream Come True” — Fatburger BUY
5:54 PM Preston Coleman “Fish for Supper” — Roll Em BUY
5:50 PM Earl Hines “Boogie Woogie on St Louis Blues” — Earl Hines BUY
5:47 PM Hollis Gentry III “Cherokee” — For The Record BUY
5:46 PM betty hall jones “buddy stay off that wine” — betty hall jones BUY
5:45 PM Wilbert Barranco and His Bombardiers “Weepin Willie” — Wilbert Barranco BUY
5:28 PM Slim Gaillard “Cement Mixer” — Slim Gaillard BUY
5:26 PM Fro Brigham “Bill Bailey” — Fro Brigham BUY
5:15 PM Donald Sleet “Softly as a sunrise” — All Members BUY
5:09 PM Daniel Jackson “The Rising Sun” — Out The Window BUY
5:00 PM Clifford Brown/Max Roach “Joy Spring” — Clifford Brown/MaxRoach BUY
4 PM Hour,   November 9, 2014
4:56 PM Bobby Darin “The Curtain Falls” — The Legendary Bobby Darin BUY
4:48 PM Diane Roblin “Renewed On Thanksgiving Day” — Reconnect BUY
4:39 PM Anthony Branker and Word Play “Forgotten Peoples” — The Forward (Towards Equality) Suite BUY
4:30 PM Roger Kellaway Cello Quartet “Jorjana #2” — Roger Kellaway Cello Quartet BUY
4:23 PM Thelonious Monk Quartet “'Round Midnight” — Misterioso BUY
4:13 PM Myra Melford “Dance Beyond The Color” — Dance Beyond The Color BUY
4:13 PM Chick Corea “Australia” — The Continents: Concerto For Jazz Quintet & Chamber Orchestra [Disc 1] BUY
4:04 PM Chicago Jazz Philharmonic Chamber Ensemble “El Moreno” — Sketches of Spain (Revisited) BUY
4:00 PM Marin Alsop and The Concordia Ensemble “Victory Stride (1944)” — Victory Stride: The Symphonic Music Of James P. Johnson BUY
3 PM Hour,   November 9, 2014
3:56 PM Darrell Katz and the Jazz Composers Alliance Orchestra “Wheelworks II: What Did Albert Einstein Say?” — Why Do You Ride? BUY
3:52 PM Duke Ellington “Night Creature (Third Movement): Dazzling Creature” — The Symphonic Ellington BUY
3:48 PM Michael Eaton “Individuation I” — Individuation BUY
3:41 PM Alan Chan Jazz Orchestra “Solita” — Shrimp Tale BUY
3:35 PM Hush Point “Blues and Reds” — Blues and Reds BUY
3:25 PM Billy Childs Ensemble “Into the Light” — Lyric – Jazz-Chamber Music, Vol. 1 BUY
3:09 PM George Gershwin “Rhapsody in Blue” — Gershwin Plays Rhapsody in Blue BUY
2 PM Hour,   November 9, 2014
2:59 PM Clare Fischer Big Band “Ornithardy (Featuring Bob Sheppard)” — Pacific Jazz BUY
2:54 PM Cab Calloway “Wake Up and Live” — The Best of the Big Bands BUY
2:51 PM Billie Holiday “Born To Love” — The Quintessential Billie Holiday Vol. 5 (1937 - 1938) BUY
2:48 PM Billie Holiday “Yours and Mine” — The Quintessential Vol 4 BUY
2:44 PM Bobby Darin “There's a Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder” — Great Gentlemen Of Song / Spotlight On Bobby Darin / Volume 5 BUY
2:43 PM Bobby Darin “Call Me Irrespnsible” — Ultra-Lounge BUY
2:40 PM Count Basie & His Orchestra “All Of Me” — Frankly Basie / Count Basie Plays The Hits Of Frank Sinatra BUY
2:37 PM Count Basie “TV Time” — Chairman Of The Board BUY
2:33 PM Royal Crown Revue “Zip Gun Bop (Reloaded)” — Contender BUY
2:31 PM Royal Crown Revue “Parks Place” — The Contender BUY
2:27 PM Mighty Blue Kings “Don't Let Go” — Come One, Come All BUY
2:25 PM The Mighty Blue Kings “Meet Me In Uptown” — Meet Me In Uptown BUY
2:20 PM Lee Press-On And The Nails “Palm Springs Jump” — Playing Dirty: LPN live at the Derby BUY
2:18 PM Lee Press On and the Nails “Hat Back Boogie” — Swing is Dead BUY
2:14 PM Ann Hampton Callaway “It Could Happen To Yo” — Bring Back Romance BUY
2:11 PM Ann Hampton Callaway “Route 66” — Signature BUY
2:08 PM Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga “Firefly” — Cheek To Cheek BUY
2:06 PM Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga “Goody Goody” — Cheek To Cheek BUY
2:03 PM Bette Midler “Stuff Like That There” — For The Boys BUY
2:01 PM Bette Midler “One Monkey Don't Stop No Show” — Bathhouse Betty BUY
1 PM Hour,   November 9, 2014
1:58 PM Jimmie Lunceford “Slumming On Park Avenue” — Swingdance - Vol. 2 BUY
1:54 PM Jimmie Lunceford “Rhythm Is Our Business” — Swingsation BUY
1:50 PM Johnny Mercer “Moon-Faced, Starry Eyed” — collectors series BUY
1:47 PM Johnny Mercer “The Old Music Master” — Personality - Johnny Mercer Sings BUY
1:42 PM Ella Fitzgerald “Blue Skies ” — Get Happy BUY
1:39 PM Ella Fitzgerald “I Won't Dance” — Ella Swings Brightly With Nelson BUY
1:35 PM Harry James “Barn 12” — The Best of Harry James BUY
1:32 PM Harry James “Two O'Clock Jump” — The Best of Harry James BUY
1:29 PM Johnny Hallyday “Star Eyes” — Holiday For Lovers BUY
1:26 PM Johnny Hallyday “I Love You” — Holiday For Lovers BUY
1:23 PM Peggy Lee “He's A Tramp” — The Best Of The Decca Years BUY
1:20 PM Peggy Lee “Life Is For Livin'” — Things Are Swingin' BUY
1:15 PM The Andrews Sisters “Rock-a-bye-Baby” — 50th Annivrsary BUY
1:12 PM The Andrews Sisters “Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen” — 50th Anniversary Collection Volume One BUY
1:09 PM Lionel Hampton “In The Bag” — Swingsation BUY
1:06 PM Lionel Hampton “Royal Family” — Swingsation BUY
1:03 PM Benny Goodman “Cherry” — Clarinet à la King (Vol 2) BUY
1:00 PM Benny Goodman “You Turned the Tables on Me” — Roll'em Vol. 1 BUY
Noon Hour,   November 9, 2014
12:56 PM Lavay Smith & Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers “Roll The Boogie” — Everybody's Talkin' 'Bout Miss Thing! BUY
12:53 PM lavay smith “And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine” — One Hour Mama BUY
12:50 PM Pete Jacobs & His Wartime Radio Revue “Well All Right (Tonight's The Night)” — Kiss The Boys Goodbye [Disc 2] BUY
12:46 PM Pete Jacobs “The Minor Goes A Muggin'” — Kiss the Boys Goodbye BUY
12:43 PM Renee Olstead “My Baby Just Cares For Me” — Skylark BUY
12:40 PM Renee Olstead “Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby” — Renee Olstead BUY
12:35 PM Artie Shaw “Oh, Lady Be Good!” — Begin The Beguine BUY
12:32 PM Artie Shaw “Just Kiddin' Around” — Swingdance - Vol. 1 BUY
12:29 PM Tex Beneke “At The Flying "w"” — Five Minutes More - A Tribute BUY
12:26 PM Tex Beneke “Give Me Five Minutes More” — Five Minutes More - A Tribute BUY
12:24 PM Glenn Miller “In The Mood” — The Lost Recordings BUY
12:20 PM Glenn Miller “It must be jelly” — And the Army Air Force Band, 1943-44 BUY
12:16 PM Dean Martin “Mambo Italiano” — Dino: The Essential Dean Martin BUY
12:14 PM Dean Martin “It Won't Cool Off” — A Winter Romance BUY
12:11 PM Frank Sinatra “Days Of Wine And Roses” — Days Of Wine And Roses, Moon River And Other Academy Award Winners BUY
12:09 PM Frank Sinatra “Day By Day” — Come Swing With Me BUY
12:06 PM Sammy Davis Jr. “Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone” — Ultra-Lounge, Vol. 5: Wild Cool & Swingin BUY
12:03 PM Sammy Davis Jr. “The Birth of the Blues” — Best of BUY
12:00 PM Cab Calloway “Are You Hep To The Jive?” — Are You Hep To The Jive? BUY
11 AM Hour,   November 9, 2014
11:54 AM Duke Ellington “Diminuendo In Blue” — Duke Ellington & His Famous Orchestra BUY
11:51 AM Harry James “When Your Lover Has Gone” — unknown BUY
11:48 AM Nat King Cole “Papa Loves Mambo” — The Billy May Sessions [Disc 1] BUY
11:45 AM Frank Sinatra “Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone” — Sinatra Swings with Billy May's Orchestra BUY
11:41 AM Tommy Dorsey w/ Edythe Wright vocal “Deed I Do” — unknown BUY
11:37 AM Joe Venuti, Benny Goodman, Bud Freeman “Doin' the Uptown Lowdown” — Disques Swing BUY
11:33 AM The Dorsey Brothers Orchestra “Night Wind” — 1928-35 BUY
11:31 AM Louis Armstrong “Swing That Music” — Heart Full of Rhythm BUY
11:27 AM Stan Kenton “Star Dust” — Easy Go (The 1950-52 Jazz Band) BUY
11:23 AM Elliot Lawrence & His Orchestra “Alone Together” — Eliot Lawrence Swings Cohn & Kahn BUY
11:20 AM Harry James & His Orchestra Feat. Frank Sinatra “Here Comes The Night” — The Very Best of Harry James & Frank Sinatra BUY
11:15 AM Jimmie Lunceford “Strictly Instrumental” — Life is Fine BUY
11:13 AM Mildred Bailey “Bob White” — Squeeze Me! - Big Hits from a Great Lady BUY
11:11 AM Gene Krupa's Chicagoans “Three Little Words” — Capitol: the Jazz Story 3 BUY
11:09 AM Swing Masters “Ballad in Blue” — Vol. 2 - Benny Goodman BUY
11:03 AM Sarah Vaughan “East Of The Sun” — Sarah Vaughan: It's Magic 1944-1950 BUY
11:00 AM Benny Goodman “If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight” — Birth of Swing BUY
10 AM Hour,   November 9, 2014
10:57 AM Artie Shaw “Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man” — Artie Shaw Vol. 10 BUY
10:55 AM Glenn Miller Orchestra, vocal by Ray Eberle & Modernaires “Yesterday's Gardenias” — The Complete Glenn Miller, Vol. 3 BUY
10:51 AM Claude Thornhill “A Sunday Kind Of Love” — Best Of Big Bands - Claude Thornhill BUY
10:46 AM Claude Thornhill “La Paloma” — The Jazz Arranger, Vol 2 BUY
10:42 AM Benny Carter and his Orchestra “Symphony In Riffs” — Ridin' In Rhythm (Disc 2) BUY
10:40 AM Ben Bernie Orchestra “I Want to Be Bad” — unknown BUY
10:35 AM Meade Lux Lewis “Honky-Tonk Train Blues” — Ridin' In Rhythm (Disc 2) BUY
10:33 AM Duke Ellington w Ivie Anderson vocal “There's a Lull in My Life” — Great Divas BUY
10:29 AM George Olsen and his Orchestra “Let's Misbehave” — unknown BUY
10:27 AM Henry Busse & his Orchestra “Haunting Blues” — unknown BUY
10:24 AM Isham Jones Orchestra w Eddie Stone vocal “That Sentimental Gentleman from Georgia” — unknown BUY
10:22 AM Benny Goodman “Runnin Wild” — The Essential Benny Goodman BUY
10:16 AM Swing For Lovers “It's Magic” — Out Of This World, Swing For Lovers BUY
10:13 AM Henry Mancini “Sally's Tomato” — Breakfast at Tiffany's BUY
10:07 AM Woody Herman “Central Park West” — The Concord Years BUY
10:04 AM Count Basie & His Orchestra “Honeysuckle Rose” — One O'clock Jump BUY
10:00 AM Jimmy Dorsey & His Orchestra “Dolemite” — Contrasts BUY
9 AM Hour,   November 9, 2014
9:49 AM Jim Rotondi “Evening Shades Of Blue” — Destination Up BUY
9:46 AM Sheila Jordan “Baltimore Oriole” — Portrait Of Sheila BUY
9:40 AM Nat King Cole “Sweet Lorraine” — The Complete After Midnight Sessions BUY
9:32 AM Charles McPherson “Morning Dance” — Manhattan Nocturne BUY
9:26 AM Michael O'Neill & Kenny Washington “Fly Me To The Moon” — New Beginnings BUY
9:20 AM Joey DeFrancesco “Speak Softly Love” — Goodfellas BUY
9:14 AM Sarah Vaughan “Shiny Stockings” — Viva Vaughan BUY
9:07 AM Brian Lynch And Emmet Cohen “Dark Passenger” — Questioned Answer BUY
9:00 AM Gregory Porter “Movin'” — Liquid Spirit BUY
8 AM Hour,   November 9, 2014
8:55 AM The Chris Walden Big Band “Gatsby” — Full-On! BUY
8:46 AM Christian McBride “My Favorite Things” — Out Here BUY
8:37 AM Theo Croker “It's Not You It's Me (But You Didn't Help)” — AfroPhysicist BUY
8:33 AM Eddie Harris “There Was A Time-Echo Of Harlem-” — There Was a Time (Echo of Harlem) BUY
8:26 AM Carmen Lundy “Life Is a Song in Me” — Soul to Soul BUY
8:15 AM Charlie Haden & Jim Hall “Bemsha Swing” — Charlie Haden & Jim Hall BUY
8:09 AM Kenny Barron & Dave Holland “In Walked Bud” — The Art Of Conversation BUY
8:01 AM Jonathan Kreisberg “Wild Animals We've Seen” — Wave Upon Wave BUY
7 AM Hour,   November 9, 2014
7:55 AM Phil Woods, Jim Mcneely “Warm Valley/Star Crossed Lovers/Isfahan” — Flowers For Hodges BUY
7:47 AM Nat Adderley Quintet “Warm Blue Stream” — Branching Out BUY
7:40 AM Alex Mercado Trio, Scott Colley & Antonio Sanchez “Free Man” — Symbiosis BUY
7:30 AM Kenny Burrell “Lotus Land” — Guitar Forms BUY
7:22 AM Bill O'Connell “Optimism” — Imagine BUY
7:15 AM Julie Kelly “Happy to Be” — Happy to Be BUY
7:11 AM Houston Person “Try a Little Tenderness” — The Melody Lingers On BUY
7:00 AM Hal Galper Trio “Early Autumn” — Tippin' BUY
6 AM Hour,   November 9, 2014
6:54 AM Kirk Franklin “Lovely Day” — Nu Nation Project BUY
6:49 AM Lillian Lilly “I Come to Praise Him” — Gotta Have Faith BUY
6:44 AM The Williams Brothers “Cover Me” — The Blackberry Collection v. 1 BUY
6:37 AM Ruby Terry “Think of His Goodness” — 1st Ladies of Gospel BUY
6:30 AM The Dixie Hummingbirds “Certainly Lord” — Music in the Air BUY
6:23 AM Aretha Franklin “Jesus Hears Every Prayer” — One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism BUY
6:18 AM Brother Ray Magee “Wrapped Up, Tied Up, Tangled Up” — My Greatest Expectation BUY
6:14 AM Darlene Love “O I Want to See Him” — Unconditional Love BUY
6:10 AM Smokie Norful “Praise Him” — I Need You Now BUY
6:07 AM Mahalia Jackson “Holding My Savior's Hand” — Gospel Queen BUY
6:00 AM L.A. Mass Choir “Kindness and Mercy” — Best of BUY
5 AM Hour,   November 9, 2014
5:52 AM Phil Woods “Nefertiti” — Music Du Bois BUY
5:46 AM Freddie King “Tore Down [Live]” — The Texas Cannonball BUY
5:39 AM Rick Estrin & the Nightcats “My Next Ex-Wife” — You Asked For It...Live! BUY
5:31 AM 145th Street “Long Distance Call” — Pure Mud ( Live At 98 Bottles ) BUY
5:20 AM B.B. King “Lucille” — King Of The Blues [Disc 2] BUY
5:18 AM Sunnyland Slim “Sad old Sunday (Mother�s day)” — House Rent Party BUY
5:10 AM Willie Lomax “Too Many Fences” — Ribs Are Ready BUY
5:00 AM 145th Street “I Got My MoJo Morkin'” — Pure Mud ( Live At 98 Bottles ) BUY
4 AM Hour,   November 9, 2014
4:54 AM Kelley Hunt “Release and Be Free” — The Beautiful Bones BUY
4:50 AM Luther Kent “You Are My Sunshine” — Luther BUY
4:37 AM Jimmy King “Drowning on Dry Land” — Live at Monterey BUY
4:34 AM Big Jon Atkinson “Boogie with You Baby” — Boogie with You Baby BUY
4:16 AM Will Wilde “Thirty Eight” — Raw Blues BUY
4:09 AM David Vest “Street Car” — Roadhouse Revelation BUY
4:00 AM Selwyn Birchwood “Brown Paper Bag” — Don't Call No Ambulance BUY
3 AM Hour,   November 9, 2014
3:55 AM Matt Schofield “Getaway” — Far As I Can See BUY
3:47 AM Guy King “Drown In My Own Tears” — I Am Who I Am And It Is What It Is BUY
3:40 AM Kilborn Alley Blues Band “The Breakaway” — Put It In The Alley BUY
3:30 AM B.B. King “I Gotta Move Out Of This Neighborhood” — Blues Summit BUY
3:29 AM Root Doctor Featuring Freddie Cunningham “Louisiana Bound” — New Attitude BUY
3:27 AM Claudette King “Boogie Some” — We're Onto Something BUY
3:22 AM Root Doctor Featuring Freddie Cunningham “The Other Way” — New Attitude BUY
3:13 AM Tinsley Ellis “Kiss Of Death” — Midnight Blue BUY
3:00 AM Stoney B “How Blue Can You Get” — The Stoney Blues Band BUY
2 AM Hour,   November 9, 2014
2:50 AM Chris Thomas King “You'll Be Sorry, Babe” — It's A Cold Ass World (The Beginning) BUY
2:44 AM 145th Street Deluxe Blues Band “You Is So Mean” — 145th Street Deluxe Blues Band BUY
2:30 AM Stoney B Blues Band “Mannish Boy” — The Show Live In LA BUY
2:26 AM Walter Trout “Hard Time” — The Blues Came Callin' BUY
2:21 AM Freddie King “That's All Right” — The Texas Cannonball BUY
2:15 AM Various Artists “24 Hours Denise Lasalle” — Ecko Blues Mix 6 BUY
2:10 AM The Andy T - Nick Nixon Band “Back Down South” — Livin' It Up BUY
1 AM Hour,   November 9, 2014
1:59 AM B.B. King “There Is Always One More Time” — There Is Always One More Time BUY
1:57 AM Kid & Nic Show “Honkin & Screamin” — kid&nicshow.com BUY
1:53 AM Billy Wright “Hey Little Girl” — Southern Blues Roots Of R&R BUY
1:46 AM The Rascals “See” — Best of BUY
1:43 AM Joe Tex “I Gotch You” — Reservoir Dogs Sound Track BUY
1:40 AM Eddie Kirkland “Have Mercy On Me” — It's The Blues Man BUY
1:35 AM Little Richard “Nuki Suki” — What It Is! BUY
1:33 AM Young Jessie “Do You Love Me” — Hit Git & Split BUY
1:30 AM Electric Flag “Wine-O-Wine” — Long Time Comin BUY
1:27 AM Joe Turner “My Gal's A Jockey” — Let Me Tell You About The Blues West Coast BUY
1:22 AM Illinois Jacquet “Bottoms Up” — For Jumpers Only BUY
1:19 AM Cab Calloway “Shotgun Boogie” — For Jumpers Only BUY
1:16 AM J.T. Brown “Windy City Boogie” — Windy City Boogie BUY
1:13 AM Bo Diddley “Cops & Robbers” — Best of BUY
1:10 AM Jessie Allen “What A Party” — History Of New Orleans Ain't It A Shame BUY
1:08 AM The Kingsmen “Long Green” — Best of BUY
1:05 AM The Spiders “Witchcraft” — History Of New Orleans Ain't It A Shame BUY
1:03 AM Tab Smith “Wig Song” — Jump Time BUY
1:00 AM Fats Domino “Hey Little School Girl” — History Of New Orleans Ain't It A Shame BUY
Midnight Hour,   November 9, 2014
0:56 AM Little Temple “What A Mistake” — Blood Stains On The Wall BUY
0:53 AM Sunnyland Slim “I'm Tired Of You Clowin” — Slim's Shout BUY
0:50 AM Big Jay McNeely/Sonny Warner “There Is Something On Your Mind” — In 3-D BUY
0:46 AM Smiley Lewis “I Hear You Knocking” — History Of New Orleans Ain't It A Shame BUY
0:43 AM Champion Jack Dupree “Somebody Changed The Lock On My Door” — History Of New Orleans Ain't It A Shame BUY
0:40 AM Jack McVea “Open The Door Richard” — Let Me Tell You About The Blues West Coast BUY
0:38 AM Chuck Berry “Rolly Polly” — After School Sessions BUY
0:36 AM Harry Crafton “My Baby Got a Mule Kick” — 1949-1954 BUY
0:33 AM Camille Howard “Instantaneous Boogie” — Legends Of Boogie Woogie BUY
0:31 AM Pete McKinley “Looky Here Boy” — Blood Stains On The Wall BUY
0:28 AM Buddy Banks w Fluffy Hunter “Fluffy's Debut” — Let Me Tell You About The Blues West Coast BUY
0:26 AM The Wailers “Dirty Little Robber” — At the Castle BUY
0:24 AM Roy Brown “Girl From Kokomo” — Good Rockin Tonight BUY
0:22 AM Arthur Conley “Funky Street” — Story of American Studio's BUY
0:19 AM Amos Milburn “Three Times A Fool” — Best of BUY
0:16 AM Johnny Watson “Ooo Baby” — Hit the Road BUY
0:14 AM Dean Martin “It Won't Cool Off” — A Winter Romance BUY
0:14 AM Nelson Alexander Trio “Rock That Voot” — Legends Of Boogie Woogie BUY
0:11 AM Bobby Mitchel “4x11=44” — History Of New Orleans Ain't It A Shame BUY
0:09 AM Frank Sinatra “Day By Day” — Come Swing With Me BUY
0:08 AM Earl Bostic “Don't Do It” — Blows a Fuse BUY
0:05 AM Earl King “Little Girl” — History Of New Orleans Ain't It A Shame BUY
0:03 AM Sammy Davis Jr. “The Birth of the Blues” — Best of BUY
0:03 AM Johnny Ace “Cutie Brutie” — Memorial L.P. BUY
0:00 AM Louis Jordan “Caledonia” — Millennium Collection BUY
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