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Monday, March 10th 2014 Playlist

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2 AM Hour,   March 10, 2014
2:01 AM Norris Turney “Blues for Edward” — Big Sweet n' Blue BUY
2:12 AM Frank Strazzeri Quintet & Trio “Moon And Sand” — Moon And Sand BUY
2:22 AM Joe Williams “Dimples” — I Just Want To Sing: Joe Williams 1985 BUY
2:27 AM Blue Mitchell “Hootie Blues” — A Sure Thing BUY
2:33 AM Kenny Garrett “Delta Bali Blues” — Simply Said BUY
2:39 AM Billy Taylor Trio “Walking in the Light” — You Tempt Me BUY
2:46 AM Rich Thompson “Less Is More” — Less Is More BUY
2:53 AM Kansas City Boulevard Big Band “I Concentrate On You” — Kansas City Boulevard Big Band BUY
3 AM Hour,   March 10, 2014
3:00 AM Clark Terry “Cool Vibes” — Shades Of Blue BUY
3:07 AM Herbie Mann “Who Knew” — Yardbird Suite BUY
3:14 AM Lee Wiley “Let's Do It” — Sings The Songs Of George & Ira Gershwin & Cole Porter BUY
3:20 AM Blue Mitchell “Tiger LIly” — The Cup Bearers BUY
3:28 AM Milt Jackson, Joe Pass & Ray Brown “Wave” — The Big 3 BUY
3:35 AM Bruce Forman Trio “Sea Sweet” — Formanism BUY
3:45 AM Lorraine Feather “A Household Name” — Language BUY
3:49 AM The Bob Florence Limited Edition “A Train” — Legendary BUY
4 AM Hour,   March 10, 2014
4:00 AM Lalo Schifrin “Rhapsody For Bix (Davenport Blues/Roy Garden Blues/Singing The Blues/In A Mist/Rhapsody In Bix/At Jazz Band Hall/Jazz Me Blues)” — Metamorphosis: Jazz Meets The Symphony # 4 BUY
4:25 AM Jane Monheit “Detour Ahead” — Never Never Land BUY
4:32 AM Hal Galper “Soul Bod” — Art-Work BUY
4:42 AM Frank Vignola “The Man I Love” — Vignola Plays Gershwin BUY
4:48 AM Tony Bennett “Speak Low” — Duets II BUY
4:51 AM Christian McBride “Xerxes” — Sci-Fi BUY
5 AM Hour,   March 10, 2014
5:01 AM Jeanie Bryson “Love Dance” — I Love Being Here With You BUY
5:10 AM Joe Williams “I Got It Bad” — I Just Want To Sing: Joe Williams 1985 BUY
5:17 AM Kenny Burrell “Stolen Moments” — Moon And Sand BUY
5:27 AM Kenny Burrell “Stolen Moments” — Moon And Sand BUY
5:27 AM Jimmy Smith “Cool Blues” — Cool Blues [Live] BUY
5:39 AM Doug Miller “Ice Cave” — Regeneration BUY
5:48 AM Oscar Brown Jr. “Somebody Buy Me A Drink” — Sin & Soul... And Then Some BUY
5:51 AM Blue Mitchell “Chick's Tune” — The Thing to Do BUY
6 AM Hour,   March 10, 2014
6:01 AM John Stetch “Kapusta Rag, J. Stetch” — Off With The Cuffs BUY
6:09 AM Sean Jones “Look and See” — No Need for Words BUY
6:16 AM Dave Miller “You for Me” — Better Than Anything BUY
6:22 AM Blue Mitchell Sextet “Polka Dots And Moonbeams” — Blue Soul BUY
6:28 AM Adam Smale “Night Drive” — Out Of The Blue BUY
6:34 AM Jerry Jerome “Bye Bye Blackbird” — Something Borrowed, Something Blue [Disc 1] BUY
6:43 AM Dave Stryker “I'll Be Around” — 8 Track BUY
6:48 AM Eddie Daniels “A Flower For All Seasons” — Blue Bossa BUY
6:52 AM Carol Fredette “I Am in Love” — No Sad Songs for Me BUY
6:58 AM King William Jazz Collective “What a Little Moonlight Can Do (Featuring Joan Carroll & Cody Brown)” — King William Jazz Collective BUY
7 AM Hour,   March 10, 2014
7:01 AM David Bennett Thomas “Two If By Sea” — Headspace BUY
7:11 AM Frank Sinatra “You Make Me Feel So Young” — Songs For Swingin' Lovers! BUY
7:14 AM Ray Bryant “C Jam Blues” — Con Alma BUY
7:19 AM Ron Carter “G.J.T.” — Parade BUY
7:26 AM Poncho Sanchez “I Showed Them” — Soul Sauce: Memories Of Cal Tjader BUY
7:34 AM Tim Warfield “Monkee See Monkee Doo” — Inspire Me! BUY
7:42 AM Frank Wess “It Could Happen To You” — Magic 201 BUY
7:44 AM Shirley Scott “Stompin' At The Savoy” — Roll 'Em BUY
7:48 AM Bryson, Jeanie “I Told You I Love You, Now Get Out” — Deja Blue BUY
7:52 AM Brad Steinwehe Jazz Orchestra “Dana Point (Featuring Gilbert Castellanos)” — Wgasa Jam BUY
8 AM Hour,   March 10, 2014
8:00 AM Count Basie “Exactly Like You” — Kansas City 7 BUY
8:10 AM Vanessa Rubin “Comes Love” — Girl Talk BUY
8:13 AM Johnny Coles “Little Johnny C” — Little Johnny C BUY
8:18 AM Mike Clark “Angel Eyes” — Carnival of Soul BUY
8:26 AM Blue Mitchell “Sweet Cakes” — Blues on My Mind BUY
8:33 AM Wolfe, Ben “Baby Tiger” — Ben Wolfe: From Here I See BUY
8:39 AM Cyrus Chestnut “Linus And Lucy ( LP Version )” — A Charlie Brown Christmas BUY
8:46 AM Helen Sung “Brother Thelonious” — Anthem For A New Day BUY
8:50 AM Dianne Reeves “Feels So Good (Lifted)” — Beautiful Life BUY
8:55 AM Tall & Small the Pete Christlieb & Linda Small Eleven Piece Band “The Meaning of the Blues” — High On U BUY
9 AM Hour,   March 10, 2014
9:00 AM Dexter Gordon “Coppin' The Haven” — One Flight Up BUY
9:12 AM Harold Mabern “Dance with Me” — Right on Time BUY
9:17 AM Bill Heid “Always Larry” — Wylie Avenue BUY
9:27 AM Sara Gazarek “Everything I've Got” — Blossom & Bee BUY
9:30 AM Vincent Herring “Love Walked In” — The Uptown Shuffle BUY
9:36 AM Clay Jenkins “Blues State” — Blues State BUY
9:43 AM Jeanie Bryson “'Deed I Do” — Some Cats Know: Jeanie Bryson Sings the Songs of Peggy Lee BUY
9:46 AM Kenny Burrell “Don't Cry Baby” — Kenny Burrell BUY
9:55 AM Stan Kenton Alumni Band “Neverbird” — Road Scholars LIVE BUY
10 AM Hour,   March 10, 2014
10:01 AM Stan Getz & Dizzie Gillespie “It's The Talk Of The Town” — Verve Jazz Masters 25 BUY
10:08 AM Jeremy Pelt “In My Grandfather's Words” — Face Forward, Jeremy BUY
10:12 AM Phil Upchurch “Jive Samba” — Tell The Truth! BUY
10:17 AM Kenny Dorham “Sao Paolo” — Una Mas BUY
10:26 AM Natalie Cressman “Fortune's Fool” — Turn the Sea BUY
10:31 AM Javon Jackson “T.J.” — Expression BUY
10:39 AM Ofer Assaf “Body And Soul” — Tangible Reality BUY
10:47 AM Janice Borla Group “Midnight Voyage” — Promises to Burn BUY
10:54 AM Harvie S “Creepin'” — Witchcraft BUY
10:59 AM Tall & Small the Pete Christlieb & Linda Small Eleven Piece Band “Open Country” — High On U BUY
11 AM Hour,   March 10, 2014
11:04 AM Milt Jackson “Sunflower” — Sunflower BUY
11:13 AM Mike DiRubbo “1970” — Threshold BUY
11:20 AM Randy Johnston “Is It You?” — Is It You? BUY
11:25 AM Stacey Kent “Waiter, Oh Waiter” — The Changing Lights BUY
11:30 AM Jeff Hackworth “Vaya Con Dios” — Soul to Go BUY
11:38 AM Hank Mobley “Soul Station” — Soul Station BUY
11:47 AM Dave Pike “I Love My Cigar” — Times Out Of Mind BUY
11:53 AM United States Air Force Band Of The Golden West: The Commanders “Widow's Walk” — Foe Destroyer BUY
Noon Hour,   March 10, 2014
12:00 PM Roy Haynes “Sugar Ray” — We Three BUY
12:07 PM Roy Haynes Trio “Cymbalism” — Just Us BUY
12:14 PM Roy Haynes With Booker Ervin “Bad News Blues” — Cracklin' BUY
12:23 PM Roy Haynes “Quiet Fire” — Quiet Fire BUY
12:31 PM Roy Haynes “If I Could” — Te-Vou! BUY
12:40 PM Roy Haynes “After Sunrise” — Praise BUY
12:46 PM Roy Haynes “Love Letters” — Love Letters BUY
12:55 PM Roy Haynes “James” — Whereas BUY
12:59 PM Charles Fambough “Delores” — City Tribes BUY
1 PM Hour,   March 10, 2014
1:07 PM Eliane Elias “Jungle Journey” — The Three Americas BUY
1:13 PM Lori Bell “A Ilha (The Island)” — The Music of Djavan BUY
1:22 PM Kenny Dorham “Matador - El Matador” — Matador & Inta Somethin' BUY
1:30 PM Stan Getz “There We Go” — Blue Skies BUY
1:38 PM Tessa Souter “Nara's Song - Little Sunflower” — Obsession BUY
1:41 PM Roni Ben-Hur “Anna's Dance” — Anna's Dance BUY
1:50 PM Blue Mitchell “Samba De Stacy” — Down With It BUY
1:54 PM The Bob Florence Limited Edition “Poinciana” — With All the Bells and Whistles BUY
2 PM Hour,   March 10, 2014
2:00 PM Benjamin Drazen “Inner Flights” — Inner Flights BUY
2:07 PM Kenny Garrett “Ms. Baja” — Songbook BUY
2:13 PM Kenny Drew Jr. “New York City Samba” — Kenny Drew Jr. BUY
2:23 PM Esperanza Spalding “City Of Roses” — Radio Music Society BUY
2:27 PM Takuya Kuroda “Green And Gold” — Rising Son BUY
2:32 PM Bruce Barth “My Man's Gone Now” — Three Things of Beauty BUY
2:41 PM Eddie Palmieri “Locked In (Featuring Little Johnny Rivero, Luques Curtis, Joe Locke & Anthony Carrillo)” — Eddie Palmieri Is Doin' It In The Park (Original Soundtrack) BUY
2:48 PM Pete Escovedo “La Samba” — E Music BUY
2:55 PM Pete Escovedo “Praise And Worship” — E Music BUY
2:55 PM Dizzy Gillespie All-Star Big Band “Manteca (Featuring James Moody & Jimmy Heath)” — I'm Be-Boppin' Too BUY
3 PM Hour,   March 10, 2014
3:01 PM Al Cohn - Art Farmer - Hal McKusick - Kenny Burrell “I Wouldn't” — Earthy BUY
3:08 PM Jon Faddis “Hey, Lalo!” — Teranga BUY
3:13 PM Eddie Daniels “Love Walked In” — Real Time BUY
3:22 PM Bob DeVos “Step Into Spring” — Shifting Sands BUY
3:29 PM Donald Byrd “Fancy Free” — Fancy Free BUY
3:42 PM Judson Green “Sample This” — Mojito BUY
3:47 PM Steve Gadd, Joey Defrancesco, Ronnie Cuber, Paul Bollenbeck and Edie Brickell “Way Back Home” — Live at Voce (Deluxe Edition) BUY
3:54 PM Cecilia Coleman Big Band “#1” — Oh Boy BUY
3:59 PM Native Jazz Quartet “Du Gamla, Du Fria (Thou Ancient, Thou Free) [feat. Jason Marsalis, Reuel Lubag, Christian Fabian & Ed Littlefield]” — N J Q: Stories (Featuring Jason Marsalis, Reuel Lubag, Christian Fabian & Ed Littlefield) BUY
4 PM Hour,   March 10, 2014
4:03 PM Clovis Nicolas “None Shall Wander” — Nine Stories BUY
4:09 PM Russell Bizzett Trio “Take the Coltrane” — Dream Street (Featuring Joshua White & Rob Thorsen) BUY
4:14 PM Blue Mitchell “Sweet Cakes” — Blues on My Mind BUY
4:23 PM George Benson “California Dreamin'” — Jazz Moods - Hot BUY
4:30 PM George Benson “Take The "A" Train” — Jazz Moods - Hot BUY
4:33 PM Jeanie Bryson “Skydive” — Tonight I Need You So BUY
4:41 PM George Colligan “The Shadow Of Your Smile” — Come Together BUY
4:49 PM Alvin Batiste “Clean Air” — Marsalis Music Honors Series BUY
4:54 PM The Jim Cifelli New York Nonet “Fee Fi Fo Fum/speak No Evil” — Tunnel Vision BUY
5 PM Hour,   March 10, 2014
5:01 PM Carl Allen & Rodney Whitaker “La Shea's Walk” — Get Ready BUY
5:10 PM Sean Jones “Summer's Spring” — The Search Within BUY
5:20 PM The Don Braden/Julie Michels Project “Come Together” — Come Together BUY
5:27 PM Jeremy Pelt “Milo Hayward” — Men Of Honor BUY
5:32 PM Geri Allen “Joy And Wonder” — Gathering BUY
5:36 PM Pat Metheny Group “The Girls Next Door” — We Live Here BUY
5:44 PM Takuya Kuroda “Everybody Loves The Sunshine” — Rising Son BUY
5:53 PM The Don Menza Big Band “Gravy (aka Walkin')” — Menza Lines BUY
6 PM Hour,   March 10, 2014
6:00 PM Various Artists “Taxman” — Celebrating 50 Years The Beatles A Jazz Tribute BUY
6:07 PM Maureen Kennedy “My One And Only” — Out Of The Shadows BUY
6:12 PM Mike Allen Quartet “Labyrinth” — Panorama BUY
6:23 PM Revolutionary Snake Ensemble “Parade” — Live Snakes BUY
6:30 PM Gabriel Weiss “Sandstone Cliffs (Featuring Tom Bevan, Warren Bryant, Bob Mad Dog Mathes, Henry Demichele, Mark Phelps & Danny Campbell)” — Music Therapy BUY
6:38 PM Harold Mabern “Edward Lee” — Right on Time BUY
6:45 PM Jazzweek.com Jazz Album Chart March 10, 2014 “Top 10 Countdown” — The New Jazz Thing BUY
6:48 PM George Cables “Come Sunday” — Icons and Influences BUY
6:58 PM David 'Fathead' Newman With The Tilden Webb Trio “The Gift” — Cellar Groove BUY
7 PM Hour,   March 10, 2014
7:03 PM Bruce Barth “In The Still Of The Night” — Daybreak BUY
7:09 PM Ambrose Akinmusire “Our Basement (Ed)” — The Imagined Savior Is Far Easier To Paint BUY
7:17 PM Brad Mehldau & Mark Guiliana “Taming The Dragon” — Mehliana: Taming The Dragon BUY
7:26 PM Vince Outlaw “Hearts of Light Interview Introduction” — The New Jazz Thing Interviews BUY
7:27 PM Grant Clarkson “Shadow Boxing” — Hearts Of Light BUY
7:29 PM Vince Outlaw “Hearts of Light Interview Part 1” — The New Jazz Thing Interviews BUY
7:35 PM Grant Clarkson “Jess Belle” — Hearts Of Light BUY
7:37 PM Vince Outlaw “Hearts of Light Interview Part 2” — The New Jazz Thing Interviews BUY
7:45 PM Grant Clarkson “Charlotte's Walk” — Hearts Of Light BUY
7:50 PM Vijay Iyer “Mutation I: Air” — Mutations BUY
7:56 PM The Wayne Riker Mob “Street Struttin” — Groovin' With The Top Brass BUY
8 PM Hour,   March 10, 2014
8:02 PM Dave Stryker “Aquarius” — 8 Track BUY
8:10 PM Mike Melvoin Trio “La Luna Negra” — You Know BUY
8:17 PM Blue Mitchell “West Coast Blues” — A Sure Thing BUY
8:25 PM Bobby Watson & The I Have A Dream Project “A Blues Of Hope” — Check Cashing Day BUY
8:31 PM Romero Lubambo “A Felicidade” — Só Brazilian Essence BUY
8:35 PM Rob Thorsen “Blues Clues” — Rob Thorsen Quartet: Evolution BUY
8:42 PM Bryson, Jeanie “Now Or Never” — Deja Blue BUY
8:49 PM Steve Cardenas “Subconscious-Lee” — Melody in a Dream BUY
8:53 PM John La Barbera Big Band “Trinacria” — Caravan BUY
9 PM Hour,   March 10, 2014
9:00 PM Blue Mitchell Sextet “Nica's Dream” — Blue Soul BUY
9:08 PM Hendrik Meurkens “Prague In March” — Sambahia BUY
9:14 PM Brad Mehldau Trio “Granada” — Day Is Done BUY
9:24 PM V.S.O.P. “Lawra” — V.S.O.P.: The Quintet [Live] BUY
9:33 PM Miles Davis “Code M.D.” — Decoy BUY
9:42 PM Marc Cary “Throw It Away” — Listen BUY
9:48 PM Abbey Lincoln “Throw It Away” — Abbey Sings Abbey BUY
9:54 PM Wolfe, Ben “The Good Doctor” — Ben Wolfe: From Here I See BUY
10 PM Hour,   March 10, 2014
10:00 PM James Brandon Lewis “Travels” — Divine Travels BUY
10:05 PM Hal Galper “Zen” — Furious Rubato BUY
10:11 PM Billy Bang “Da Bang” — Da Bang! BUY
10:23 PM Matt Wilson Quartet + John Medeski “Pumpkin's Delight” — Gathering Call BUY
10:31 PM Michael Formanek “The Dry Season” — Nature of the Beast BUY
10:40 PM Ornette Coleman “Focus On Sanity” — Beauty Is A Rare Thing: The Complete Atlantic Recordings [Disc 1] BUY
10:47 PM Samuel Blaser Consort In Motion “Douce Dame Jolie” — A Mirror To Machaut BUY
10:50 PM The Peter Evans Quartet “All” — Live In Lisbon BUY
11 PM Hour,   March 10, 2014
11:00 PM Sam Rivers “Involution (2008 Digital Remaster) (Rudy Van Gelder Edition)” — Dimensions & Extensions (Rudy Van Gelder Edition) BUY
11:07 PM Ambrose Akinmusire “Richard (Conduit)” — The Imagined Savior Is Far Easier To Paint BUY
11:26 PM Mark Dresser, Gerry Hemingway & Assif Tsahar “Deceptive Responses” — Code Re(a)d BUY
11:31 PM Chicago Underground Duo “Boss” — Locus BUY
11:35 PM Digital Primitives “Hardboil” — Lipsomuch/Soul Searching BUY
11:42 PM The Daniel Rosenboom Septet “Meditation” — Fallen Angeles BUY
11:48 PM Vijay Iyer “Mutation IX: Descent” — Mutations BUY
11:55 PM Rich Halley “Half Light (Featuring Clyde Reed & Dave Storrs)” — Coyotes In The City BUY
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