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Sunday, June 1st 2014 Playlist

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11 PM Hour,   June 1, 2014
11:45 PM Sonny Rollins “Someday I'll Find You” — Road Shows, Vol. 3 BUY
11:40 PM David Weiss “White Magic” — When Words Fail BUY
11:29 PM Freddie Hubbard “True Colors” — Blue Spirits BUY
11:21 PM Dave Holland Quartet “Second Thoughts” — Dream Of The Elders BUY
11:13 PM Joe Beck “I Can't Get Started” — Get Me BUY
11:03 PM Arturo O'farrill & The Afro-Latin Jazz Orchestra “Cuarto de Colores” — The Offense of the Drum BUY
11:00 PM Taste Machine “Ants” — Taste Machine EP BUY
10 PM Hour,   June 1, 2014
10:57 PM Marcus Roberts Trio “On A Special Occasion” — From Rags To Rhythm BUY
10:41 PM Pat Metheny “Orchestrion” — Orchestrion BUY
10:31 PM David Hazeltine “My Ship” — For All We Know BUY
10:22 PM Oliver Nelson, King Curtis & Jimmy Forrest “Perdido” — Soul Battle BUY
10:08 PM Orrin Evans “In My Soul” — Mother's Touch BUY
10:05 PM Billie Holiday “Now Or Never” — Lady's Decca Days Volume 1 BUY
9 PM Hour,   June 1, 2014
9:58 PM Nat M. Wills “No News Or What Killed The Dog” — 1909 - Album N/A BUY
9:54 PM Elida Morris “I Want To Go Back To Michigan” — 1914 - Album N/A BUY
9:52 PM Edward M. Favor “Mr. Dooley” — 1902 - Album N/A BUY
9:48 PM Eddie Cantor “When They're Old Enough To Know Better” — 1919 - Album N/A BUY
9:46 PM Edward Meeker “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” — 1909 - Album N/A BUY
9:43 PM Eddie Morton “The Trolly Car Swing” — 1912 - Album N/A BUY
9:41 PM Dorothy Kingsley “Call Around Any Old Time” — 1909 - Album N/A BUY
9:38 PM Dan W. Quinn “I Want To Be An Actor Lady” — 1902 - Album N/A BUY
9:35 PM Irving Kaufman “Where The Oceans Meet In Panama (That's Where I'll Meet You)” — 1914 - Album N/A BUY
9:33 PM Cal Stewart “Monkey On A String” — 1908 - Album N/A BUY
9:29 PM Byron G. Harlan “That Ruben Tango Huskin' Bee” — 1910 - Album N/A BUY
9:26 PM Bobby Naish “Snappy Stories” — 1914 - Album N/A BUY
9:23 PM Bob Roberts “Mike's The Boy” — 1906 - Album N/A BUY
9:20 PM Blanche Ring “The Billikin Man” — 1909 - Album N/A BUY
9:18 PM Billy Murray “45 Minutes From Broadway” — 1906 - Album N/A BUY
9:14 PM Billy Merson “Don't Sing At Ragtime” — 1913 - Album N/A BUY
9:10 PM Billy Jones “Ma, She's Making Eyes At Me” — 1920 - Album N/A BUY
9:07 PM Bert Williams “O Death Where Is Thy Sting” — 1918 - Album N/A BUY
9:04 PM Bert Harvey “Freckles” — 1920 - Album N/A BUY
9:01 PM Arthur Peel “Father Tried It On” — 1910 - Album N/A BUY
8 PM Hour,   June 1, 2014
8:57 PM Arthur Fields “Everybody Loves A Jazz Band” — 1917 - Album N/A BUY
8:54 PM Arthur Collins “The Belle Of Avenue A” — 1905 - Album N/A BUY
8:52 PM Andrew Keefe “I'm Old But I'm Awfully Tough” — 1905 - Album N/A BUY
8:49 PM Al Jolson “When The Grown Up Ladies Act Like Babies” — 1915 - Album N/A BUY
8:45 PM Al Bernard “Hesitation Blues” — 1919 - Album N/A BUY
8:43 PM Agnes Lynn “Jazz Baby” — 1919 - Album N/A BUY
8:40 PM Ada Reeve “Foolish Questions” — 1915 - Album N/A BUY
8:38 PM Ada Jones “All She Gets From The Iceman Is Ice” — 1908 - Album N/A BUY
8:35 PM Al Jolson “Who Played Poker With Pocahontas (When John Smith Was Away)” — 1910 - Album N/A BUY
8:32 PM Billy Murray “The Stonybrook Ball” — 1910 - Album N/A BUY
8:30 PM Bob Roberts “The Countess Of Alakazan” — 1905 - Album N/A BUY
8:26 PM Charles Denton “In The Land Where The Women Wear The Trousers” — 1910 - Album N/A BUY
8:23 PM Dolly Connely “Red Rose Rag” — 1911 - Album N/A BUY
8:20 PM Ada Jones “Yipsilante” — 1919 - Album N/A BUY
8:17 PM Irving Kaufman “You'd Be Surprised” — 1916 - Album N/A BUY
8:12 PM Billy Murray “I'm Awful Strong For You” — 1909 - Album N/A BUY
8:09 PM Nora Bayes “Hello Hawaii, How Are You” — 1910 - Album N/A BUY
8:06 PM Bert Williams “You're Gonna Get Something You Don't Expect” — 1910 - Album N/A BUY
8:03 PM Al Jolson “I Gave Her That” — 1919 - Album N/A BUY
8:00 PM Eddie Morton “Don't Make Me Laugh Bill” — 1910 - Album N/A BUY
7 PM Hour,   June 1, 2014
7:55 PM Marc Ribot Trio “I'm Confessin' (That I Love You)” — Live At The Village Vanguard BUY
7:48 PM Peter Leitch “Mean What You Say” — Mean What You Say BUY
7:41 PM Peter Leitch “After The Morning” — Duality BUY
7:33 PM Peter Leitch “Duke Ellington'S Sound Of Love” — Colours & Dimensions BUY
7:27 PM Russell Malone “Playground” — Playground BUY
7:19 PM Russell Malone “Black Butterfly” — Black Butterfly BUY
7:13 PM John Pisano “Voco w/Phil Upchurch” — Among Friends BUY
7:08 PM John Pisano “Ribbit” — Conversation Pieces BUY
7:02 PM Jack Wilkins “Walk Don't Run” — Until It's Time BUY
5 PM Hour,   June 1, 2014
5:56 PM Hollywood Fats & The Paladins “She's Fine” — Hollywood Fats & The Paladins Live - 1985 BUY
5:49 PM Missy Andersen “I Can't Stand The Rain” — Missy Andersen BUY
5:46 PM Ruby Blue “Mellow Tone” — Revealed BUY
5:42 PM Sharon DuBois “Confess” — Here I Am BUY
5:38 PM Linnzi Zaorski “I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm” — Its A Wonderful Record BUY
5:33 PM Lavay Smith & Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers “Voo-It” — Everybody's Talkin' 'Bout Miss Thing! BUY
5:28 PM Toni Price “Poor Little Fool” — Talk Memphis BUY
5:23 PM Euphoria Brass Band “Bone Temps” — EBB & Flow BUY
5:16 PM Chicago Vi “Petite Fleur” — Classic Cuts - Vol. 1 BUY
5:13 PM The Hot Club Of Cowtown “Douce Ambiance” — Rendezvous In Rhythm BUY
5:08 PM Holly Hofmann “Jack of Hearts” — Low Life BUY
5:01 PM Ira B. Liss Big Band Jazz Machine “Go 'Way Moon” — It's About Time BUY
4 PM Hour,   June 1, 2014
4:56 PM Bobby Hutcherson “Slow Change [Live]” — Now! BUY
4:51 PM The Jost Project “Walk This Way” — The Paul Jost Project: Can't Find My Way Home BUY
4:45 PM Bruce Barth “In The Still Of The Night” — Daybreak BUY
4:38 PM New Gary Burton Quartet “Monk Fish” — Guided Tour BUY
4:33 PM Jerry Tachoir Group “Chase The Dream” — Stories BUY
4:26 PM Mike Mainieri “Straphangin'” — An American Diary: The Dreamings BUY
4:21 PM Lionel Hampton & His Orchestra “Dig Those Vibes” — Vibe Boogie BUY
4:17 PM Peter Appleyard “Night And Day” — Sophisticated Ladies BUY
4:12 PM Jonathan Scales Fourchestra “Lurkin'” — Jonathan Scales Fourchestra BUY
4:03 PM Steven Kroon “Dust Till Dawn” — On The #1 BUY
4:00 PM Earl Hines Orchestra “Stompin' At The Savoy” — The Jazz Collector Edition [Disc 5] BUY
3 PM Hour,   June 1, 2014
3:55 PM Reginald Cyntje “Earth Revisited” — Elements of Life BUY
3:51 PM Milt Jackson & John Coltrane “Stairway To The Stars” — Bags & Trane [Bonus Track] BUY
3:45 PM Roan Kearsey-Lawson “Serendipity (Featuring Duncan Lamont Jr., Dorian Ford, Larry Bartley, Dave Trigwell, Ray Butcher & Geoff Mason)” — Presence In Mind BUY
3:37 PM Gust William Tsilis “Not Ever Quite” — Sequestered Days BUY
3:32 PM Mike Pope “Shadow Of A Doubt” — Cold Truth, Warm Heart BUY
3:30 PM Jason Marsalis Vibes Quartet “Discipline Discovers A World Of Mallets” — In A World Of Mallets BUY
3:23 PM The Caribbean Jazz Project “Rendezvous [Live]” — Here and Now - Live in Concert [Disc 1] BUY
3:15 PM Bobby Hutcherson “Dave's Chant” — Medina/Spiral BUY
3:10 PM Melissa Walker “The Face I Love” — I Saw The Sky BUY
3:07 PM Steve Shapiro “Just You” — Xylophobia BUY
2 PM Hour,   June 1, 2014
2:58 PM Louis Hayes “Simple Pleasures” — Return Of The Jazz Communicators BUY
2:55 PM Cab Calloway “Margie” — The Classic Tracks BUY
2:51 PM Billie Holiday “If You Were Mine” — Quintessential: Volume 1, 1933 - 1935 BUY
2:47 PM Billy May “When Your Lover Has Gone” — A Band Is Born / Big Band Bash BUY
2:45 PM Bobby Darin “I Got Rhythm” — Great Gentlemen Of Song / Spotlight On Bobby Darin / Volume 5 BUY
2:41 PM Count Basie & His Orchestra “Time Stream” — Fancy Pants BUY
2:36 PM Susie Arioli Band “Honeysuckle Rose” — Live At The Montreal International Jazz Festival BUY
2:33 PM Willie Nelson & Asleep At The Wheel “Hesitation Blues” — Willie and the Wheel BUY
2:30 PM The Hot Club Of Cowtown “Avalon” — Rendezvous In Rhythm BUY
2:27 PM Jimmy McCracklin “What's Your Phone Number” — Ham Hocks & Cornbread [Disc 1] BUY
2:24 PM Harold Tinsley “Fan Your Fanny Blues” — Ham Hocks & Cornbread [Disc 2] BUY
2:22 PM Lloyd Smith “Giddy-Up Giddy-Up” — Ham Hocks & Cornbread [Disc 4] BUY
2:19 PM Calvin Boze “Safronia B” — Ham Hocks & Cornbread [Disc 3] BUY
2:16 PM Sue Raney “It's D'lovely” — Breathless! BUY
2:14 PM Anita O'Day “I Get A Kick Out Of You” — Swings Cole Porter BUY
2:12 PM Joanie Sommers “The Best Thing For You” — Look Out! BUY
2:10 PM Chris Connor “Nice Work If You Can Get It” — Chris In Person/Chris Connor Sings George Gershwin BUY
2:07 PM Glenn Miller “Johnson Rag” — Glenn Miller--A Memorial (1944-1969) BUY
2:04 PM Artie Shaw “All Alone” — It Goes To Your Feet BUY
2:02 PM Benny Goodman “Madhouse” — The Birth Of Swing BUY
1 PM Hour,   June 1, 2014
1:58 PM Mighty Blue Kings “Buzz, Buzz, Buzz” — Live From Chicago BUY
1:54 PM The Brian Setzer Orchestra “Route 66” — The Brian Setzer Orchestra BUY
1:52 PM Lee Press-On And The Nails “Hat Back Boogie” — Swing Is Dead BUY
1:48 PM Charlie Barnet & His Orchestra “Things Ain't What They Used To Be” — Drop Me Off In Harlem BUY
1:45 PM Jimmie Lunceford & His Orchestra “I'll Take The South” — For Dancers Only BUY
1:42 PM Duke Ellington Orchestra “My Honey's Lovin' Arms” — Black, Brown & Beige [Disc 3] BUY
1:38 PM Lavay Smith & Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers “Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea” — One Hour Mama BUY
1:35 PM Indigo Swing “Hot In Harlem” — All Aboard! BUY
1:31 PM Steve Lucky & Rhumba Bums “Ain't Gonna Quit Ya” — Come Out Swingin'! BUY
1:28 PM Paul Williams “35-30” — Ham Hocks & Cornbread [Disc 2] BUY
1:25 PM Duke Henderson “Lucy Brown” — Ham Hocks & Cornbread [Disc 3] BUY
1:23 PM Tommy Ridgley “Come Home Baby” — Ham Hocks & Cornbread [Disc 4] BUY
1:19 PM Helen Carr “Then You`ve Never Been Blue” — Complete Bethlehem Collection BUY
1:17 PM Nat King Cole “I Want A Little Girl” — Big Band Cole BUY
1:13 PM Mel Tormé “I Like To Recognize The Tune” — Lulu's Back In Town BUY
1:10 PM Ella Fitzgerald “A Fine Romance” — The Complete Ella Fitzgerald Song Books: Ella Fitzgerald Sings The Jerome Kern Songbook BUY
1:06 PM Gene Krupa “Disc Jockey Jump” — Drum Crazy BUY
1:03 PM Helen Forrest “How High The Moon” — I Had The Craziest Dream BUY
1:00 PM Peggy Lee “Somebody Else Is Taking My Place” — Why Don't You Do Right? BUY
Noon Hour,   June 1, 2014
12:57 PM The Eddie Reed Big Band (ft Meghan Ivey) “Yes My Darling Daughter” — Hollywood Jump BUY
12:54 PM Renee Olstead “Thanks For The Boogie Ride” — Skylark BUY
12:47 PM Johnny Mercer “Personality” — Personality - Johnny Mercer Sings BUY
12:44 PM Ella Mae Morse “Hello Suzanne” — Barrelhouse, Boogie, And The Blues [Disc 1] BUY
12:37 PM Pete Jacobs & His Wartime Radio Revue “Easy Does It” — Kiss The Boys Goodbye [Disc 1] BUY
12:34 PM Don Miller Orchestra “I've Got The World On A String” — This Swingin' Life BUY
12:31 PM The Bill Elliott Swing Orchestra “Struttin' With Kate” — Swing Fever BUY
12:28 PM Tommy Douglas “Douglas Boogie” — Ham Hocks & Cornbread [Disc 4] BUY
12:26 PM Gene Phillips “Flying Home” — Ham Hocks & Cornbread [Disc 3] BUY
12:23 PM Wild Bill Moore “Hey Spo-Dee-O-Dee” — Ham Hocks & Cornbread [Disc 2] BUY
12:21 PM Marvin Phillips “Wine Woogie” — Ham Hocks & Cornbread [Disc 1] BUY
12:19 PM Bernie Hardison “Love Me Baby” — Ham Hocks & Cornbread [Disc 4] BUY
12:14 PM Erskine Hawkins “Hot Platter” — 1938-40 BUY
12:12 PM Jack Teagarden “Impressions Of Meade Lux Lewis” — Has Anybody Here Seen Jackson? [Disc 2] BUY
12:09 PM Lester Young “Taxi War Dance” — Lester Leaps In BUY
12:05 PM Frank Sinatra “You Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me” — Sinatra & Swingin' Brass BUY
12:03 PM Sammy Davis Jr. “Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone” — Ultra-Lounge, Vol. 5: Wild Cool & Swingin BUY
12:00 PM Dean Martin “The Object Of My Affection” — Pretty Baby BUY
11 AM Hour,   June 1, 2014
11:58 AM Cab Calloway “Are You Hep To The Jive?” — Are You Hep To The Jive? BUY
11:55 AM Les Brown “Pink Coats” — 22 Original Big Band Hits BUY
11:52 AM Glenn Miller Orchestra “Rug Cutter's Swing” — Complete Glenn Miller [Disc 5] BUY
11:47 AM Glenn Crytzer And His Syncopators “Mr. Rhythm” — Harlem Mad BUY
11:42 AM Stan Kenton Alumni Band “Yesterdays” — Road Scholars LIVE BUY
11:38 AM Tommy Dorsey “Our Love” — The Seventeen Number Ones BUY
11:35 AM Jimmy Dorsey & His Orchestra “Let's Fall In Love” — Jimmy Dorsey & His Orchestra - 1940-1950 BUY
11:31 AM Mildred Bailey “Fools Rush In” — Sunday, Monday or Always Vol.2 BUY
11:28 AM Earl "Fatha" Hines “Cavernism” — The Genius Of BUY
11:25 AM Benny Goodman & Sid Catlett “A Smo-o-o-oth One” — Roll 'Em! BUY
11:21 AM Vince Giordano's Nighthawks “Clarinet Marmalade” — Bill Chalis' The Goldkette Project BUY
11:17 AM Ivie Anderson “I'm Checkin' Out” — Great Divas BUY
11:14 AM Stan Kenton “It's All Right With Me” — Retrospective [Disc 4] BUY
11:10 AM Woody Herman “It's Coolin' Time” — The Herd Rides Again...In Stereo BUY
11:07 AM Tommy Dorsey “Puddle Wump” — The Continental BUY
11:03 AM Fats Waller and His Rhythm “It's A Sin To Tell A Lie” — The Golden Years of Jazz, Vol 2 BUY
11:00 AM Erskine Hawkins “Tuxedo Junction” — An Introduction To Erskine Hawkins - His Best Recordings 1936-47 BUY
10 AM Hour,   June 1, 2014
10:57 AM The Dorsey Brothers Orchestra “My Kinda Love” — 1928-35 BUY
10:54 AM Frank Sinatra “Don't Worry 'bout Me” — The Capitol Collectors Series BUY
10:47 AM John Burnett Swing Orchestra “How Long Has This Been Going On” — West Of State Street / East Of Harlem BUY
10:41 AM Billy Ross (Jazz) “Apple Honey” — Woody BUY
10:36 AM Les Brown “Twilight Time” — Dance To South Pacific/The Les Brown Story BUY
10:33 AM Charlie Barnet “Night Clow” — Swing And Sweat [Disc 1] BUY
10:29 AM Artie Shaw “Carioca” — 22 Original Big Band Hits BUY
10:26 AM Jimmie Lunceford & His Orchestra “Muddy Water” — For Dancers Only BUY
10:23 AM Harry James “Four Or Five Times” — Harry James: First Team Player On The Jazz Varsity BUY
10:21 AM Fred Astaire “(I've Got) Beginners Luck (Album Version)” — Top Hat: Hits From Hollywood BUY
10:15 AM Artie Shaw “One Foot In The Groove” — Artie Shaw Vol. 5 BUY
10:12 AM Glenn Miller Orchestra “Pavanne” — Complete Glenn Miller [Disc 1] BUY
10:09 AM The Bill Elliott Swing Orchestra “Somebody Loves Me” — Swingin' The Century BUY
10:07 AM Dizzy Gillespie “Lullaby Of The Leaves” — The Dizzy Gillespie Story BUY
10:04 AM Billie Holiday “That Sugar Baby O' Mine” — The Golden Years Of Jazz Volume 4 BUY
10:01 AM Benny Goodman “Swingtime in the Rockies [Remastered 1991]” — The Birth Of Swing BUY
9 AM Hour,   June 1, 2014
9:57 AM Jimmy Dorsey & His Orchestra “Dolemite” — Contrasts BUY
9:52 AM Irvin Mayfield “You Don't Know What Love Is” — Live at the Blue Note BUY
9:47 AM Miles Davis “R.J.” — E.S.P. BUY
9:43 AM Ruby Blue “Moon Ray” — Revealed BUY
9:36 AM Art Farmer “If You Could See Me Now” — Live At Stanford Jazz Workshop BUY
9:30 AM Joe Garrison and Night People “El Camino Bardo” — Veranda BUY
9:22 AM Mark Masters Ensemble “Kings” — Everything You Did (The Music Of Walter Becker And Donald Fagen) BUY
9:12 AM Brad Mehldau Trio “Embers” — House on Hill BUY
9:07 AM Jon Hendricks “Sugar” — Freddie Freeloader BUY
9:02 AM Holly Hofmann “Jack of Hearts” — Low Life BUY
8 AM Hour,   June 1, 2014
8:52 AM Lionel Hampton “Dynamic Duo” — Mostly Ballads BUY
8:41 AM Grant Green “Ezz-Thetic” — Solid BUY
8:30 AM Miles Davis “Flamenco Sketches [Alternate]” — Kind Of Blue BUY
8:21 AM Stanley Jordan “Stolen Moments” — Stolen Moments BUY
8:13 AM Gene Ammons “Madame Queen” — The Boss Is Back! BUY
8:10 AM Allison Adams Tucker “Blue Skies” — Come With Me BUY
8:07 AM Henry Franklin “Miles, A Round” — Home Cookin' BUY
8:02 AM Stéphane Grappelli & McCoy Tyner “St Louis Blues” — One On One BUY
7 AM Hour,   June 1, 2014
7:52 AM Dizzy Gillespie “The Champ” — Montreux '77 Jam BUY
7:46 AM Ahmad Jamal “Poinciana [Album Version]” — Poinciana BUY
7:42 AM Vince Guaraldi Trio “Fenwyck's Farfel” — Jazz Impressions BUY
7:35 AM Gil Evans & His Orchestra “Willow Tree” — New Bottle Old Wine BUY
7:31 AM Jim Hall “T.C. Blues” — Circles BUY
7:29 AM The Benny Goodman Sextet “Lullaby Of The Leaves” — Benny Goodman Sextet BUY
7:22 AM Bobby Hutcherson “Heroes” — Mirage BUY
7:00 AM Duke Ellington “The Queen's Suite” — The Ellington Suites BUY
6 AM Hour,   June 1, 2014
6:55 AM New Jersey Mass Choir “Deliverance” — Gospel in the Groove BUY
6:51 AM Al Green “I Get Joy” — I Get Joy BUY
6:46 AM Rev. Milton Brunson & the Thompson Community Singers “He Can Deliver” — Shout! BUY
6:41 AM Neal Roberson “How I Got Over” — Songs Mama Used to Sing IV BUY
6:36 AM Danniebelle Hall “The Jesus in Me” — Gospel's Greatest Hits BUY
6:30 AM Kurt Carr “In the Sanctuary” — Gotta Have Gospel BUY
6:24 AM Mary Mary “Yesterday” — Mary Mary BUY
6:19 AM Lonnie Hunter & the Voices of St. Mark “Get Back, Satan” — Next Level BUY
6:15 AM Aretha Franklin “The Old Landmark” — Amazing Grace BUY
6:12 AM The Five Blind Boys “Newborn Soul” — This Is Gospel: Gospel Soul BUY
6:06 AM Gladys Knight “Make Time to Love” — Gospel Truth Music Magazine Sampler #22 BUY
6:00 AM Keith "Wonderboy" Johnson “Jesus Never Gave Up” — Just Being Me BUY
5 AM Hour,   June 1, 2014
5:51 AM Bobby Bryan “She Don't Bring None Home To Me-Live” — Stranger Blues BUY
5:46 AM Howlin' Wolf “Smokestack Lightnin'” — The Chess Box BUY
5:41 AM Barbara Carr “I Love Him With A Feeling” — Stroke It BUY
5:38 AM Tomcat Courtney “Shake It Up Baby” — 'Little John' Live BUY
5:33 AM Little Joe Blue “I'm Doing All Right Again” — Little Joe Blue's Greatest Hits BUY
5:28 AM John Lee Hooker “I'm In The Mood” — The Healer BUY
5:22 AM Nora Jean Bruso “All My Life” — Going Back To Mississippi BUY
5:11 AM Johnny Winter “Black Jack (Live)” — Live In NYC '97 BUY
5:06 AM Lady Dottie And The Diamonds “Fuel To Burn” — Lady Dottie and the Diamonds BUY
5:01 AM Phillip Walker & The Big Band “Crying For My Baby” — Live At Biscuits And Blues BUY
4 AM Hour,   June 1, 2014
4:55 AM Zac Harmon “Man Is Not Meant To Be Alone” — From The Root BUY
4:49 AM Ms. Silky Soul “Been There Done That” — A Grown Ass Woman Talkin ' BUY
4:42 AM Various Artists “Johnny Cochino (Featuring Kid Ramos)” — 3rd Annual Delta Groove All-Star Blues Revue - Live At Ground Zero, Vol. 2 BUY
4:33 AM Nellie Tiger Travis “You Must Be Lovin Someone Else” — I'm Going Out Tonight BUY
4:28 AM Jarekus Singleton “High Minded” — Refuse To Lose BUY
4:17 AM Ray Bailey “Sweet Little Angel” — Resurrection BUY
4:10 AM Homesick James “Baby, Please Set A Date” — Live From The Stanhope House BUY
4:05 AM Linsey Alexander “Going Back to My Old Time Used to Be” — Been There Done That BUY
4:00 AM Lisa Mann “Move On” — Move On BUY
3 AM Hour,   June 1, 2014
3:56 AM Travis Haddix “Stankin' Thankin'” — Old Man In Love BUY
3:42 AM Joe Moss “Have You Ever Loved a Woman” — Drive Time BUY
3:36 AM Bobby Rush With Blinddog Smokin' “Skinny Little Women” — Decisions BUY
3:33 AM Diunna Greenleaf “Sunny Day Friends” — Trying to Hold On BUY
3:28 AM Mud Morganfield “Son of the Seventh Son” — Son Of The Seventh Son BUY
3:22 AM Grady Champion “Thank You For Giving Me the Blues” — Dreamin' BUY
3:11 AM Muddy Waters “She's 19 Years Old (Live)” — The Lost Tapes BUY
3:07 AM Etta James “Don't Start Me To Talking” — Blues To The Bone BUY
3:01 AM Chick Willis “Stoop Down Baby Let Your Daddy See” — Mr. Blues: The Best Of...So Far BUY
2 AM Hour,   June 1, 2014
2:55 AM Bobby "Blue" Bland “As Soon As The Weather Breaks” — "Live" On Beale Street BUY
2:43 AM Howard & The White Boys “Call Muddy Waters” — Guess Who's Coming To Dinner BUY
2:36 AM John Németh “Three Times a Fool” — Memphis Grease BUY
2:32 AM Dorothy Moore “Why Is Leavin' You So Hard To Do” — More Moore BUY
2:28 AM Toronzo Cannon “Baby Girl” — Leaving Mood BUY
2:21 AM Buddy Guy “Damn Right I Got The Blues [Live]” — Live At Legends BUY
2:12 AM Joe Louis Walker “Don't Know Why” — Live At Slims: Volume 1 BUY
2:06 AM John & Sylvia Embry “Troubles” — Troubles BUY
2:00 AM Byther Smith “Judge Of Honor” — Blues on the Moon BUY
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