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Saturday, November 26th 2022 Playlist

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7 PM Hour,   November 26, 2022
7:54 PM Duke Ellington “H'ya Sue” — N/A BUY
7:48 PM Billie Holiday “Blue Turning Grey Over You” — N/A BUY
7:45 PM Joe Houston “All Night Long” — N/A BUY
7:42 PM Willie Mabon “Seventh Son” — N/A BUY
7:39 PM Louis Jordan “Let the Good Times Roll” — N/A BUY
7:36 PM Wynonie Harris “Bad News Baby, There's No Rockin Tonight” — N/A BUY
7:36 PM Helen Humes “Million Dollar Secret” — N/A BUY
7:33 PM Andy Kirk “Hey Lawdy Mama” — N/A BUY
7:30 PM Big Sis Andrews “Hucklebuck” — N/A BUY
7:27 PM Melvin Smith “Looped” — N/A BUY
7:24 PM Buddy Johnson “A Pretty Girl, A Cadillac and Some Money” — N/A BUY
7:21 PM Billie Holiday “Them There Eyes” — N/A BUY
7:18 PM Thelonious Monk “'Round Midnight” — N/A BUY
7:15 PM Willie Mabon “I Don't Know” — N/A BUY
7:15 PM Little Esther “I'm a Bad, Bad Girl” — N/A BUY
7:12 PM Hal Singer “Cornbread” — N/A BUY
7:09 PM Ivory Joe Hunter “I Need You So” — N/A BUY
7:06 PM Ella Mae Morse “Down the Road Apiece” — N/A BUY
7:03 PM Emmit Slay “Male Call” — N/A BUY
7:00 PM Buddy Banks and Bunny Davis “Happy Home Blues” — N/A BUY
6 PM Hour,   November 26, 2022
6:57 PM The Treniers “Get Out of the Car” — N/A BUY
6:54 PM Bill Haley “Rocket 88” — N/A BUY
6:51 PM T-Bone Walker “West Side Baby” — n/a BUY
6:48 PM Jimmy Liggins “Move Out Baby” — N/A BUY
6:45 PM Illinois Jacquet “Robbin's Nest” — N/A BUY
6:42 PM Gene Krupa and Anita O'Day “Let Me Off Uptown” — N/A BUY
6:39 PM Hadda Brooks “That's My Desire” — N/A BUY
6:36 PM Percy Mayfield “Loose Lips” — N/A BUY
6:33 PM Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong “Frim Fram Sauce” — N/A BUY
6:30 PM Marvin Phillips “Wine Woogie” — N/A BUY
6:27 PM Joe Turner “Oke She Moke She Pop” — N/A BUY
6:24 PM Earl Bostic “Sleep” — N/A BUY
6:21 PM Roy Milton “Information Blues” — N/A BUY
6:18 PM BullMoose Jackson “I Want a Bow-Legged Woman” — N/A BUY
6:15 PM Sister Rosetta Tharpe “Don't Take Everybody To Be Your Friend” — N/A BUY
6:12 PM Louis Jordan “How High I Am” — N/A BUY
6:09 PM Julia Lee “I Didn't Like it the First Time” — N/A BUY
6:06 PM Billy Eckstein “Oo Bop Sh Bam” — N/A BUY
6:03 PM Joe Liggins “I Got a Right to Cry” — N/A BUY
6:00 PM Annisteen Allen “Wanted” — N/A BUY
5 PM Hour,   November 26, 2022
5:59 PM Super Chikan “El Camino” — What You See BUY
5:54 PM Super Chikan “All My Yesterdays” — Chikan Supe BUY
5:50 PM Anthony "Big A" Sherrod “Call Me a Lover” — We Juke Up in Here! BUY
5:44 PM Charlie Musselwhite “Pea Vine Blues” — Mississippi Son BUY
5:41 PM Charlie Musselwhite “Blues Up the River” — Mississippi Son BUY
5:39 PM Charlie Musselwhite “Blues Gave Me a Ride” — Mississippi Son BUY
5:30 PM Christone "Kingfish" Ingram “Rock & Roll” — 662 BUY
5:27 PM Christone "Kingfish" Ingram “Something in the Dirt” — 662 BUY
5:23 PM Christone "Kingfish" Ingram “662” — 662 BUY
5:16 PM Pat Thomas “Beefsteak Blues” — Mistakes Were Made BUY
5:13 PM Papa Lightfoot “Wine, Whiskey & Women” — Southern Blues Masters BUY
5:06 PM Jelly Roll Kings “Fishin' Musician” — Off Yonder Wall BUY
5:00 PM T-Model Ford “Chicken Head Man” — She Ain't None Of Your'n BUY
4 PM Hour,   November 26, 2022
4:54 PM Art Pepper “Popo” — The Artistry Of... BUY
4:47 PM The Jazz Crusaders “Bachafillen” — The Best Of... BUY
4:40 PM Horace Silver Quintet “Virgo” — Six Pieces of Silver BUY
4:34 PM The Chartbusters “No Room For Squares” — Chartbusters BUY
4:29 PM Stefon Harris & Blackout “Go” — Sonic Creed BUY
4:23 PM Frank Strazzeri “Budo” — Frank's Blues BUY
4:14 PM Stan Getz & Chet Baker “It's You Or No One” — Quintessence Vol 2 BUY
4:10 PM Rebecca Coupe Franks “Mars” — Planets BUY
4:03 PM Alex Tremblay “City Of Angels” — Thoughts & Images BUY
3 PM Hour,   November 26, 2022
3:56 PM Ken Fowser & Behn Gillece “Back To Back” — Duotone BUY
3:50 PM Jeremy Pelt “Part 2: The Darker Side” — Soundtrack BUY
3:45 PM Ron Carter “O.K.” — Eight Plus BUY
3:39 PM Etienne Charles “Ten To One Is Murder” — Kaiso BUY
3:31 PM Melissa Aldana “The Fool” — 12 Stars BUY
3:24 PM Buster Williams “Audacity” — Audacity BUY
3:20 PM Tom Harrell “Tribute” — Oak Tree BUY
3:10 PM Kerry Politzer “Shaky Ground” — In A Heartbeat BUY
3:04 PM Dave Pike “Why Not” — Pike's Peak BUY
3:01 PM ~~~ Track info not available ~~~
3:00 PM Keith O'Rourke “Stopped Time Shuffle” — Imp3rfect Perfectionist BUY
2 PM Hour,   November 26, 2022
2:54 PM Bela Fleck “Cheeseballs in Cowtown” — Live Art BUY
2:46 PM Alan Broadbent “If You Could See Me Now” — Developing Story BUY
2:43 PM Patti Austin “Sing Me a Swing Song” — Ella Two BUY
2:37 PM Patti Austin “Just Squeeze Me” — N/A BUY
2:37 PM Gene Cipriano “Indiana” — First Time Out BUY
2:37 PM Frank Macchia “My One and Only Love” — Saxapalooza BUY
2:33 PM Gene Cipriano “Royal Garden Blues” — First Time Out BUY
2:21 PM Frank Sinatra “It Was A Very Good Year” — n/a BUY
2:09 PM Lorraine Feather “Be My Muse” — Flirting With Disaster BUY
2:03 PM Stanley Clarke Trio “3 Wrong Notes” — Jazz In The Garden BUY
1 PM Hour,   November 26, 2022
1:54 PM Herbie Hancock “St. Louis Blues” — Gershwin's World BUY
1:45 PM Troy Roberts “Groove Merchant” — N/A BUY
1:42 PM Quincy Jones “Gravy Waltz” — Quincy Plays Hip Hits BUY
1:31 PM Marsalis Family “Struttin' With Some BBQ” — Live in New Orleans BUY
1:23 PM Dianne Reeves “Tango” — Beautiful Life BUY
1:19 PM Lee Ritenour “Couldn't Help Myself” — Dreamcatcher BUY
1:11 PM The Big Phat Band “Get Smart” — Life in the Bubble BUY
1:06 PM Randy Waldman “Spiderman Theme” — Superheroes BUY
9 AM Hour,   November 26, 2022
9:57 AM Warne Marsh “Pop Goes the Leesel” — Coolin Off in California BUY
9:54 AM Warne Marsh “Background Music” — Coolin Off in California BUY
9:52 AM Warne Marsh “Discussion” — Coolin Off in California BUY
9:50 AM Warne Marsh “The Things I Love” — Coolin Off in California BUY
9:46 AM Warne Marsh “Interview with Warne Marsh” — Coolin Off in California BUY
9:44 AM Warne Marsh “Ad Libido” — Coolin Off in California BUY
9:43 AM Warne Marsh “Au Privave” — Coolin Off in California BUY
9:32 AM Lee Konitz “Pennies in Minor” — The Real Lee Konitz BUY
9:24 AM Warne Marsh “Featherbed” — Live in Hollywood BUY
9:18 AM Ted Brown “Aretha” — Free Wheeling BUY
9:08 AM Art Pepper/Warne Marsh “I Can't Believe You're in Love with Me” — The Way it Was BUY
9:06 AM Rick Jones “Swingin” — Swingin BUY
8 AM Hour,   November 26, 2022
8:58 AM Warne Marsh “Ear Conditioning” — Jazz of Two Cities BUY
8:53 AM Lee Konitz “I Remember You” — inside hi fi BUY
8:46 AM Warne Marsh “Smog Eyes” — Coolin Off in California BUY
8:36 AM Ronnie Ball “Little Quail” — All About Ronnie BUY
8:29 AM Charlie Parker “Groovin High” — none BUY
8:20 AM Lennie Tristano “317 E. 32nd St” — none BUY
8:10 AM Lennie Tristano “All the Things You Are” — none BUY
7 AM Hour,   November 26, 2022
7:56 AM Lars Gullin “Ablution” — Europe 56 BUY
7:50 AM Lennie Tristano “Manhattan Studio” — Manhattan Studio BUY
7:45 AM Lee Konitz/Warne Marsh “Two Not One” — From Newport to Nice BUY
7:35 AM Lee Konitz/Warne Marsh “Don't Squawk” — Lee Konitz/Warne Marsh BUY
7:30 AM Lee Konitz/Warne Marsh “Topsy” — Lee Konitz/Warne Marsh BUY
7:23 AM Lennie Tristano “Line Up” — Tristano BUY
7:10 AM Lennie Tristano “Donna Lee” — Tristano BUY
7:00 AM Lennie Tristano “Lennie-Bird” — Tristano BUY
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