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Sunday, May 15th 2022 Playlist

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8 AM Hour,   May 15, 2022
8:31 AM ~~~ Track info not available ~~~
10 AM Hour,   May 15, 2022
10:02 AM Duke Ellington “All Of Me” — The Great Paris Concert BUY
10:05 AM Duke Ellington “When My Sugar Walks Down The Street” — The Complete 1932-1940 Brunswick/Columbia/ Master Recordings of Duke Ellington BUY
10:07 AM Duke Ellington “All My Loving” — The Reprise Studio Recordings BUY
10:13 AM Duke Ellington “Arabian Lover” — 1929 BUY
10:16 AM Duke Ellington “Beale Street Blues” — 1946 BUY
10:24 AM Duke Ellington “St. Louis Blues” — Fargo 1940 BUY
10:33 AM Duke Ellington “Liza” — The Complete Capitol Recordings of Duke Ellington BUY
10:36 AM Duke Ellington “I Must Have That Man” — The Complete 1932-1940 Brunswick Recordings of Duke Ellington BUY
10:39 AM Duke Ellington “Under Paris Skies” — Midnight In Paris BUY
10:42 AM Duke Ellington “Auld Lang Syne” — The Reprise Studio Recordings BUY
10:47 AM Duke Ellington “Rainy Nights” — 1924-27 BUY
10:50 AM Duke Ellington “Troubled Waters” — 1933-35 BUY
10:54 AM Duke Ellington “Frere Monk” — Live at Newport BUY
11 AM Hour,   May 15, 2022
11:01 AM Duke Ellington “Bandanna Babies” — 1928-29 BUY
11:04 AM Duke Ellington “I Should Care” — The Treasury Series BUY
11:07 AM Duke Ellington “Blue Moon” — Happy Birthday Duke! BUY
11:16 AM Duke Ellington “All Of A Sudden My Heart Sings” — The Treasury Series BUY
11:19 AM Duke Ellington “Chloe” — 1940 BUY
11:22 AM Duke Ellington “Ebony Rhapsody” — 1933-35 BUY
11:25 AM Duke Ellington “I Can't Stop Loving You” — The Reprise Studio Recordings BUY
11:34 AM Duke Ellington “There's A Lull In My Life” — The Complete 1932-1940 Brunswick/Columbia/ Master Recordings of Duke Ellington BUY
11:37 AM Duke Ellington “Call Me Irresponsible” — The Reprise Studio Sessions BUY
11:40 AM Duke Ellington “Got A Date With An Angel” — At The Bal Masque BUY
11:47 AM Duke Ellington “And Russia Is Her Name” — Unissued BUY
11:51 AM Duke Ellington “Whispering Grass” — Duke Features Hodges BUY
11:54 AM Duke Ellington “The Sidewalks Of New York” — 1940 BUY
Noon Hour,   May 15, 2022
12:00 PM Sam Kirmayer “Lost In The City” — In The Moment BUY
12:12 PM Bernie Senensky Quartet/Quintet “May In June” — Don't Look Back BUY
12:13 PM Jeremy Pelt “Be The Light” — Soundtrack BUY
12:22 PM Catherine Russell “You Stepped Out Of A Dream” — Send For Me BUY
12:25 PM Lynne Arriale Trio “The Notorious RBG (dedicated to Ruth Bader Ginsburg)” — The Lights Are Always On BUY
12:30 PM Either/Orchestra “Whisper Not” — The Calculus Of Pleasure BUY
12:40 PM Tom Wopat “Deacon Blues” — Consider It BUY
12:46 PM Nick Brignola “April Mist” — Poinciana BUY
12:53 PM CSU Northridge Jazz Band “Hey There” — The Final Set BUY
1 PM Hour,   May 15, 2022
1:01 PM Joe Alterman “The Last Time I Saw You” — The Upside Of Down BUY
1:07 PM Miles Davis “It Never Entered My Mind” — Chronicle (disc 7) BUY
1:12 PM The Dave Brubeck Quartet “I'd Walk A Country Mile” — Reflections BUY
1:21 PM Nat King Cole “Too Young To Go Steady” — Night Lights BUY
1:23 PM Gerry Mulligan Sextet “Night Lights” — Legends Live: Liederhalle Stuttgart, November 22, 1977 BUY
1:30 PM Grant Green “Green With Envy (Alternate Take)” — Green Street BUY
1:40 PM Nicole Henry “Midnight At The Oasis” — Time To Love Again BUY
1:44 PM Tal Farlow “Isn't It Romantic?” — Verve Jazz Masters 41 - Tal Farlow BUY
1:54 PM Joe Ascione Octet “My Buddy” — My Buddy: A Tribute to Buddy Rich BUY
2 PM Hour,   May 15, 2022
2:01 PM Frank Sinatra & Duke Ellington “Yellow Days” — Francis A. & Edward K. BUY
2:06 PM Sharp Radway “Caridad (Esposa Guapa)” — Black Woman-A Conversation BUY
2:12 PM Herbie Hancock “Promise Of The Sun” — The Prisoner BUY
2:22 PM Curtis Stigers “Swingin' Down At 10th & Main” — This Life BUY
2:30 PM Horace Silver “It's Time” — You Gotta Take A Little Love BUY
2:37 PM Ramsey Lewis “Lady Madonna” — Maiden Voyage (And More) BUY
2:40 PM The Chick Corea New Trio “Jitterbug Waltz” — Past, Present & Futures BUY
2:47 PM Angela Verbrugge “Jive Turkey” — Love For Connoisseurs BUY
2:53 PM Igor Butman “Take the ” — Moscow @ 3 A.M. BUY
7 PM Hour,   May 15, 2022
7:59 PM ~~~ Track info not available ~~~
8 PM Hour,   May 15, 2022
8:00 PM Kahil El'Zabar “Freedom Jazz Dance” — Freedom Jazz Dance BUY
8:08 PM Ernest Khabeer Dawkins “Stranger” — Jo'burg Jump BUY
8:17 PM Tom Guralnick Trio “Riceland” — Pitchin' BUY
8:22 PM Sun Ra “Friendly Galaxy” — Purple Night BUY
8:30 PM Mikrokolektyw “Sonar Toy” — Absent Minded BUY
8:34 PM Mary Halvorson “All The Clocks” — Bending Bridges BUY
8:43 PM Henry Threadgill “Between Orchids Lilies Blind Eyes and Cricket” — Carry The Day BUY
8:52 PM Ornette Coleman & Charlie Haden “Human Being” — Soapsuds, Soapsuds BUY
8:59 PM Trio 3 “Dance 2” — Open Ideas BUY
9 PM Hour,   May 15, 2022
9:06 PM Anthony Braxton “Opus 40N” — Complete Arista Recordings BUY
9:13 PM Chris Speed “Finale” — Yeah No BUY
9:24 PM Baikida Carroll “Jahi Sundance Lake” — Shadows and Reflections BUY
9:32 PM Harris Eisenstadt “Flabbergasted by the Unconventional” — Golden State BUY
9:40 PM Peter Madsen “The Dante Suite, Excessive Love: Jealousy” — Gravity Of Love BUY
9:49 PM Extraordinary Popular Delusions “Hail To Thee, Malthusia” — Extraordinary Popular Delusions BUY
9:52 PM Ken Vandermark Quartet “Blue Coffee” — Big Head Eddie BUY
9:58 PM Klang! “No Milk” — Tea Music BUY
10 PM Hour,   May 15, 2022
10:00 PM Ron Muldrow “Harris Me” — Diaspora BUY
10:00 PM ~~~ Track info not available ~~~
10:07 PM Snarky Puppy “Thing Of Gold” — ground UP BUY
10:14 PM Jean-Michel Pilc “Confirmation” — Threedom BUY
10:19 PM Jeff Lorber & Chuck Loeb “Straight No Chaser” — Bop BUY
10:22 PM Ray Anderson “Alligatory Crocodile” — What Because BUY
10:29 PM BAZOOKA “Well, You Needn't” — Perfectly Square BUY
10:33 PM The Cookers “Tight Squeeze” — Believe BUY
10:42 PM The Acoustic Jazz Quartet “Irrevocable and Immutable” — Organic BUY
10:49 PM Peter Erskine “Erskoman” — Motion Poet BUY
10:57 PM The Mattson 2 “Pleasure Point” — Feeling Hands BUY
11 PM Hour,   May 15, 2022
11:00 PM Kenny Garrett “Liberia” — Pursuance: The Music of John Coltrane BUY
11:08 PM Ben Allison “Dakan” — Peace Pipe BUY
11:15 PM Ellery Eskelin “Refraction” — Mirage BUY
11:19 PM Cyrus Chestnut “Nardis” — There's A Sweet Sweet Spirit BUY
11:27 PM Chick Corea “The Loop” — Trio Music: Live In Europe BUY
11:33 PM Dylan Ryan / Sand “Sky Bleached” — Sky Bleached BUY
11:36 PM John Surman “Slanted Sky” — Brewster's Rooster BUY
11:44 PM J.D. Allen “Mr Steepy” — Victory! BUY
11:47 PM Paul Bley “Closer” — Closer BUY
11:52 PM Makaya McRaven “Coppin' the Haven” — Deciphering the Message BUY
11:55 PM Ron Jackson “Roundabout (Dedicated to Ron Luque)” — Standards And My Songs BUY
11:59 PM Ran Blake “Epistrophy” — Epistrophy BUY
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