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Tuesday, February 20th 2024 Playlist

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4 PM Hour,   February 20, 2024
4:30 PM Bobby Matos “Highway One” — Live at M.O.C.A. BUY
4:21 PM Calvin Keys “Windows” — Calvinesque BUY
4:09 PM Lew Soloff, Company “Up From The Skies” — Rainbow Mountain BUY
4:01 PM Tia Fuller “Windsoar” — Decisive Steps BUY
3 PM Hour,   February 20, 2024
3:54 PM Bob Boss “The Search” — 3 Trios + BUY
3:51 PM Nancy Wilson “Why Try To Change Me Now?” — Welcome To My Love BUY
3:47 PM Nancy Wilson “But Beautiful” — But Beautiful BUY
3:14 PM Doky Brothers “Man In The Mirror” — 2 BUY
3:08 PM Jimmy Cobb “Man In The Mirror” — Remembering U BUY
3:01 PM The Cookers “Time and Time Again” — Time And Time Again BUY
2 PM Hour,   February 20, 2024
2:41 PM Franco Ambrosetti “Giant Steps” — Light Breeze BUY
2:32 PM Steve Grossman “Afternoon In Paris” — Katonah BUY
2:23 PM Ambrose Akinmusire “Confessions To My Unborn Daughter” — When The Heart Emerges Glistening BUY
2:11 PM Brad Mehldau Trio “Happy Tune” — House on Hill BUY
2:01 PM The Michael Treni Big Band “Minor Blues” — Pop-Culture Blues BUY
1 PM Hour,   February 20, 2024
1:53 PM Lew Soloff “Mea Culpa” — With A Song In My Heart BUY
1:47 PM Keith Ingham “This Will Make You Laugh” — A Mellow Bit of Rhythm BUY
1:42 PM Nancy Wilson, Taylor, Dr. Billy “I'll Be Seeing You” — Turned To Blue BUY
1:34 PM John Coltrane “Angelica” — Duke Ellington & John Coltrane BUY
1:30 PM Rossano Sportiello, Nicki Parrott “Sea Changes” — Do It Again BUY
1:23 PM John Coltrane “Tunji” — Coltrane BUY
1:04 PM John Coltrane “Out of This World” — Coltrane BUY
1:00 PM Count Basie “Ain't That Something” — Farmers Market Barbecue BUY
Noon Hour,   February 20, 2024
12:49 PM Bobby Jaspar “Seven Up” — Bobby Jaspar with George Wallington BUY
12:44 PM Bob Boss “The Search” — 3 Trios + BUY
12:40 PM Libby York “I Was Doing Alright” — Memoir BUY
12:29 PM Bob Boss “Maiden Voyage” — 3 Trios + BUY
12:25 PM John Pizzarelli “Have Another One, Not Me” — Our Love Is Here To Stay BUY
12:20 PM John Coltrane Quartet “You Don't Know What Love Is” — Ballads [Deluxe Edition] BUY
12:10 PM Phil Woods “Stockholm Sweetnin'” — This Is How I Feel About Quincy BUY
12:07 PM Mike Jones “Gone With The Wind” — Are You Sure You Three Guys Know What You're Doing? BUY
12:00 PM Wayne Bergeron “Laura” — You Call This A Living? BUY
11 AM Hour,   February 20, 2024
11:56 AM John Coltrane “In A Sentimental Mood” — Duke Ellington & John Coltrane BUY
11:50 AM Ray Vega & Thomas Marriott “Girl Talk” — East West Trumpet Summit BUY
11:44 AM Ruby Blue “Better Than Anything” — Skin BUY
11:36 AM Wes Montgomery “Here's That Rainy Day” — Wes Montgomery In Paris BUY
11:31 AM John Coltrane “Big Nick” — Duke Ellington & John Coltrane BUY
11:27 AM John Coltrane “Take The Coltrane” — Duke Ellington & John Coltrane BUY
11:17 AM Brandon Sanders “Compton's Finest” — Compton's Finest BUY
11:10 AM Tim Lin “Table Stakes” — Empathy BUY
11:06 AM John Coltrane Quartet “What's New” — Ballads [Deluxe Edition] BUY
11:00 AM John Coltrane “My Little Brown Book” — Duke Ellington & John Coltrane BUY
10 AM Hour,   February 20, 2024
10:57 AM Madeleine Peyroux “California Rain” — Half The Perfect World BUY
10:47 AM Clark Gibson “Conflict” — Counterclock BUY
10:41 AM Bobby Timmons “Damned If I Know” — Workin' Out [Compilation] BUY
10:35 AM Herb Silverstein “Younger Next Year” — Younger Next Year BUY
10:27 AM Ulysses Owens “Soulful” — A New Beat BUY
10:22 AM Steph Johnson “A Case of You” — So In Love BUY
10:15 AM John Bishop “Pointing at the Moon” — Antwerp BUY
10:09 AM Stan Bock “Ain't Nothin New” — Your Check's In The Mail BUY
10:06 AM John Coltrane Quartet “Nancy (With the Laughing Face)” — Ballads [Deluxe Edition] BUY
10:00 AM John Coltrane “The Feeling Of Jazz” — Duke Ellington & John Coltrane BUY
9 AM Hour,   February 20, 2024
9:54 AM John Coltrane “Soul Eyes” — Coltrane BUY
9:49 AM Stacey Kent “Thinking About the Rain” — Summer Me, Winter Me BUY
9:41 AM Eddie Harris “Listen Here” — The Best Of Eddie Harris BUY
9:35 AM Blue Moods “Blue Moods” — Swing And Soul BUY
9:28 AM John Coltrane “The Inch Worm” — Coltrane BUY
9:14 AM Wil Blades “Whas Up Doc” — Sketchy BUY
9:07 AM Idle Hands “Tomorrow Blues” — Get A Grip BUY
8 AM Hour,   February 20, 2024
8:59 AM John Coltrane “Miles' Mode” — Coltrane BUY
8:45 AM John Coltrane “Out of This World” — Coltrane BUY
8:42 AM Monty Alexander “Captain Bill” — Trio BUY
8:38 AM Freddy Cole “I'll Be Seeing You” — To The Ends Of The Earth BUY
8:31 AM Horace Silver “Too Much Sake” — The Tokyo Blues BUY
8:26 AM John Coltrane “Soul Eyes” — Coltrane BUY
8:12 AM Jaki Byard “Searchlight” — Out Front! BUY
8:07 AM Ike Quebec “Me And You” — Soul Samba BUY
8:01 AM Doug MacDonald “Gee's Flat” — Sextet Session BUY
7 AM Hour,   February 20, 2024
7:55 AM John Coltrane “Greensleeves” — Ballads (Deluxe Edition) (Disc 2) BUY
7:48 AM Sonny Clark “Deep in a Dream” — The Blue Note Years BUY
7:44 AM Cal Tjader “Davito” — Catch The Groove Disc 1 BUY
7:39 AM John Coltrane “It's Easy To Remember” — Ballads (Deluxe Edition) (Disc 2) BUY
7:28 AM John Lewis “Afternoon In Paris” — The Wonderful World Of Jazz BUY
7:22 AM Bob Boss “Mona Lisa” — 3 Trios + BUY
7:16 AM Bob Boss “More Than You Know” — 3 Trios + BUY
7:14 AM Frank Sinatra “Love Walked In” — Sinatra Swings... BUY
7:11 AM Frank Sinatra “The September of My Years” — Sinatra at the Sands BUY
7:00 AM Perry Robinson “Moon Over Moscow” — Funk Dumpling BUY
6 AM Hour,   February 20, 2024
6:56 AM John Coltrane Quartet “Too Young to Go Steady” — Ballads [Deluxe Edition] BUY
6:43 AM Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers “Sleeping Dance Sleep On” — Like Someone In Love BUY
6:35 AM Michel Petrucciani “Looking Up” — Live BUY
6:31 AM Cedar Walton “I Should Care” — Soul Cycle BUY
6:24 AM Clark Terry Bob Brookmeyer Quintet “Bye Bye Blackbird” — Gingerbread Men BUY
6:17 AM Brown Trio, Ray “Kelly's blues” — Don't get Sassy BUY
6:12 AM Dexter Gordon “Who Can I Turn To” — The Complete Blue Note 60's Sessions BUY
6:10 AM Kenny Drew “Let's Fall In Love” — Wilbur Ware / Kenny Drew Plays The Music Of Harry Warren and BUY
6:00 AM Enrico Pieranunzi “Song For Kenny” — The Extra Something BUY
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