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Saturday, March 16th 2024 Playlist

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10 PM Hour,   March 16, 2024
10:01 PM ~~~ Track info not available ~~~
8 PM Hour,   March 16, 2024
8:02 PM ~~~ Track info not available ~~~
8:00 PM John Coltrane “Satellite” — The Heavyweight Champion - The Complete Atlantic Recordings BUY
7 PM Hour,   March 16, 2024
7:54 PM Cecil Gant “I WONDER” — N/A BUY
7:51 PM Tiny Bradshow “I'm Gonna Have Myself A Ball” — N/A BUY
7:48 PM Charles Brown “Tell Me You'll Wait For Me” — N/A BUY
7:45 PM Buddy Johnson “Walk 'Em” — N/A BUY
7:39 PM Elliot Lawrence “Lovin' Machine” — N/A BUY
7:36 PM Floyd Dixon “Four Years” — N/A BUY
7:33 PM Joe Liggins “Rain, Rain, Rain” — N/A BUY
7:30 PM King Cole Trio “Baby Baby All The Time” — N/A BUY
7:27 PM King Pleasure “Jumping With Symphony Sid” — N/A BUY
7:24 PM Johnny Ace “Never Let Me Go” — N/A BUY
7:21 PM Crickets “Your Love” — N/A BUY
7:18 PM Buddy & Ella Johnson “Stormy Weather” — N/A BUY
7:15 PM Lucky Millinder “Big Fat Mama” — NA BUY
7:12 PM Billie Holliday “Baby Get Lost” — N/A BUY
7:09 PM Joe Turner “Adam Bit the Apple” — N/A BUY
7:06 PM Ike Carpenter “Take the A Train” — N/A BUY
7:03 PM Jimmy Liggins “That Song is Gone” — N/A BUY
7:00 PM Ella Fitzgerald “Smooth Sailing” — N/A BUY
6 PM Hour,   March 16, 2024
6:57 PM Arnett Cobb “Smooth Sailing” — N/A BUY
6:54 PM Ivory Joe Hunter “I Need You So” — N/A BUY
6:51 PM Wynonie Harris “Lovin' Machine” — N/A BUY
6:50 PM Rebirth Brass Band “We Come to Party” — N/A BUY
6:48 PM Lucky Millinder “D'Natural Blues” — N/A BUY
6:45 PM Camille Howard/Roy Milton “Thrill Me” — N/A BUY
6:44 PM Walter Wolfman Washington “Funk Is In The House” — Funk Is In The House BUY
6:42 PM Louis Jordan “Open The Door Richard” — N/A BUY
6:41 PM Wynton Marsalis “The Seductress” — Standard Time Vol. 3 BUY
6:39 PM Mercy Dee “Crepe On Your Door” — N/A BUY
6:38 PM Roderick Harper “Salty Dog” — Evolving BUY
6:36 PM Percy Mayfield “Nightless Lover” — N/A BUY
6:33 PM Billy Wright “Married Woman's Boogie” — N/A BUY
6:33 PM Branford Marsalis “Three Little Words” — The Steep Anthology BUY
6:30 PM Ray Charles “Losing Hand” — N/A BUY
6:29 PM The Meters “Fire on the Bayou” — The Very Best Of The Meters BUY
6:27 PM Melvin Smith “It Went Down Easy” — N/A BUY
6:24 PM Dinah Washington “Since I Fell For You” — N/A BUY
6:24 PM The Meters “Just Kissed My Baby” — The Very Best Of The Meters BUY
6:21 PM Roy Brown “Teenage Jamboree” — N/A BUY
6:19 PM The Meters “People Say” — The Very Best Of The Meters BUY
6:18 PM Johnny Hodges “Jeep's Blues” — N/A BUY
6:15 PM Andy Kirk “Froggy Bottom” — N/A BUY
6:12 PM BullMoose Jackson “I Love You Yes I Do” — N/A BUY
6:11 PM Jesse McBride “Somp'um Sorta Funky” — Jesse McBride Presents 'The Next Generation Quintet' BUY
6:09 PM Ravens “Always” — N/A BUY
6:06 PM Roy Milton “The Song is Ended” — N/A BUY
6:06 PM Next Generation Big Band “Alviette is Her Name” — Harold Batiste presents The Next Generation Big Band BUY
6:03 PM Nellie Lutcher “He's a Real Gone Guy” — N/A BUY
6:00 PM Roy Brown “Mighty Mighty Man” — N/A BUY
5 PM Hour,   March 16, 2024
5:59 PM Next Generation Big Band “Whistle Stop” — Harold Batiste presents The Next Generation Big Band BUY
5:56 PM Super Chikan “El Camino” — What You See BUY
5:55 PM Rebirth Brass Band “Let's Go Get 'Em” — Rebirth Of New Orleans BUY
5:54 PM Lady Trucker “Train Train Train” — Rollin' Up on Ya BUY
5:52 PM Eden Brent “Later Than You Think” — Ain't Got No Troubles BUY
5:50 PM The Congregation Big Band “Fruit Punch” — Live at the WWOZ- The Congregation Big Band BUY
5:48 PM Lucious Spiller “You Hurt Me for the Last Time” — Live Vol 1 BUY
5:47 PM Hot 8 Brass Band “Steamin' Blues” — The Life & Times of the Hot 8 Brass Band BUY
5:44 PM Terry "Big T" Williams “CC Rider” — Meet Me in the Cotton Field BUY
5:43 PM King Floyd “Groove Me” — I Feel Like Dynamite BUY
5:40 PM Pat Thomas “Rainbow at Midnight” — Mistakes Were Made BUY
5:38 PM Terry "Harmonica" Bean “Bean's Boogie” — Mistakes Were Made BUY
5:38 PM Wardell Quezerque “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” — Music for Children Ages 3 to 103 BUY
5:36 PM Wardell Quezerque “Jack and Jill” — Music for Children Ages 3 to 103 BUY
5:35 PM Rev Peyton's Big Damn Band “Blow That Horn” — The Gospel Album BUY
5:29 PM Mark Brooks “When it's Sleepy Time Down South” — My Little Margie BUY
5:28 PM Kenny Brown “All I Want” — Stingray BUY
5:26 PM Jimmy "Duck" Holmes “Done Broke Down” — Gonna Get Old Someday BUY
5:25 PM Jason Weaver “The Voscoeville” — The Voscoville BUY
5:22 PM Anthony "Big A" Sherrod “Right On Time” — Right on Time BUY
5:21 PM Germaine Bazzle “Undecided” — It's Magic BUY
5:17 PM Kermit Ruffins “I Missed You More Than Yesterday” — Happy Talk BUY
5:15 PM Kirk Fletcher w/Charlie Musselwhite “Life Gave Me a Dirty Deal” — My Blues Pathway BUY
5:11 PM Kirk Fletcher “Afraid to Die, Scared to Live” — Heartache by the Pound BUY
5:09 PM Charlie Musselwhite “Hobo Blues” — Mississippi Son BUY
5:09 PM Leroy Jones “St. Louis Blues” — Leroy Jones & Katcha Toivoila BUY
5:05 PM Louis Armstrong All-Stars “Swing That Music” — A Gift to Pops BUY
5:00 PM Charlie Musselwhite & Ben Harper “Nightclub” — If You’re Going to the City: A Tribute to Mose Allison BUY
5:00 PM The Congregation Big Band “Everyday I Get Da Blues” — Live at the WWOZ- The Congregation Big Band BUY
4 PM Hour,   March 16, 2024
4:57 PM Hank Jones “Monk's Mood” — Trio BUY
4:50 PM Ahmad Jamal “One” — Saturday Morning BUY
4:45 PM Holly Hofmann/Bill Cunliffe “Pavane” — Three's Company BUY
4:36 PM David Sills “Stoned Eyes” — Eastern View BUY
4:30 PM Karl Denson “Shuff Mountain” — Herbal Turkey Breast BUY
4:23 PM Dave McKenna & Buddy DeFranco “The Song Is You” — You Must Believe In Swing BUY
4:15 PM Ray Drummond “Sophisticated Lady” — Continuum BUY
4:09 PM Tim Warfield “Shake It For Me” — Jazzland BUY
4:02 PM Geri Allen “Gabriel's Royal Blue Reals” — The Gathering BUY
3 PM Hour,   March 16, 2024
3:55 PM Jackie McLean “The Breakout” — Hipnosis BUY
3:48 PM Eddie Daniels “Old Folks” — To Bird with Love BUY
3:42 PM Lynn Arriale “Here And Now” — Convergence BUY
3:33 PM Corey Weeds & Jeff Hamilton Trio “Max” — This Happy Madness BUY
3:27 PM Skip Wilkins “Bring The Sun” — I Concentrate On You BUY
3:20 PM Gunnar Biggs “Girl Born On Saturday” — Footprint BUY
3:13 PM Carlos Garnett “Song In My Head” — Resurgence BUY
3:06 PM Doug Webb “Jazz Car” — Triple Play BUY
3:03 PM ~~~ Track info not available ~~~
3:00 PM Harold Danko “Your Lady” — After The Rain BUY
2 PM Hour,   March 16, 2024
2:56 PM The Brecker Brothers “Out Of The Loop” — Slang BUY
2:48 PM Donald Fagen “Sunken Condos” — Slinky Thing BUY
2:40 PM Hiromi “Spiral” — Music For Three-Piece-Orchestra BUY
2:33 PM Nao Ao Marco Temporal “N/A” — Esperanza Spalding BUY
2:26 PM Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band “Swingin' for the Fences” — Samba Del Gringo BUY
2:12 PM Branford Marsallis “Four MF's Playin' Tunes” — Whiplash BUY
2:03 PM Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra “Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra-Live at MCG” — Lullaby Of The Leaves BUY
1 PM Hour,   March 16, 2024
1:54 PM Jim Beard “Lost At the Carnival” — Lost At The Carnival BUY
1:49 PM Raymond Scott “Raymond Scott Reimagined” — In an 18th Century Drawing Room BUY
1:47 PM Yo-Yo Ma & Buddy McFerrin “Hush” — Allegro Prestissimo BUY
1:44 PM Yo-Yo Ma & Buddy McFerrin “Hush” — Hush Little Baby BUY
1:37 PM New York Voices “A Day Like This” — On A Clear Day BUY
1:30 PM Andrew Synowlec “GAMES” — "Hear And Now" BUY
1:26 PM Sting “Leaving Las Vegas (soundtrack)” — My one and only love BUY
1:14 PM Miles Davis Quintet “Seven Steps to Heaven” — Seven Steps to Heaven BUY
1:07 PM Drew Zaremba “Reunion” — The Entertainer BUY
8 AM Hour,   March 16, 2024
8:54 AM Waverly Seven “The More I See You” — Yo! Bobby BUY
8:48 AM JD Allen “Put On A Happy Face” — Love Stone BUY
8:44 AM Geoff Keezer “Just Around The Corner” — Curveball BUY
8:38 AM The Bebop Guitars “Octaves For Wes” — Freshly Painted Blues BUY
8:32 AM Ben Allison “Safe Passage” — Moments Inside BUY
8:25 AM Hal Galper “Solar” — Cubist BUY
8:19 AM Nat Adderley “Sister Caroline” — Branching Out BUY
8:12 AM Neil Swainson “Kyushu” — Fire In The West BUY
8:07 AM Andy Simpkins Quintet “Summer Strut” — Calamba BUY
7 AM Hour,   March 16, 2024
7:52 AM Arturo Sandoval “Be-Bop” — N/A BUY
7:45 AM Tony Bennett “All The Things You Are” — The Silver Lining BUY
7:39 AM Raul Midon “State of Mind” — State of Mind BUY
7:25 AM Pat Metheny “Spirit Of The Air” — Orchestrion BUY
7:18 AM Chuck Owen And The Jazz Surge “All Hat No Saddle” — Whispers of the Wind BUY
7:18 AM The Hi-Lo's “Yellow Rose of Texas” — The Hi-Lo's Happen To Folk Songs BUY
7:11 AM The Big Phat Band “Deja Moo” — N/A BUY
7:00 AM Dave Grusin “Cripple Creek Breakdown” — The Orchestral Album BUY
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