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Saturday, March 9th 2024 Playlist

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10 PM Hour,   March 9, 2024
10:32 PM ~~~ Track info not available ~~~
8 PM Hour,   March 9, 2024
8:03 PM Duke Ellington “Hy'a Sue” — N/A BUY
8:00 PM Roy Brown “Love Don't Love Nobody” — N/A BUY
7 PM Hour,   March 9, 2024
7:57 PM Lucky Millinder “Ram Bunk Shus” — N/A BUY
7:57 PM Lucky Millinder “Ram Bunk Shus” — N/A BUY
7:56 PM ~~~ Track info not available ~~~
7:54 PM Crickets “You're Mine” — N/A BUY
7:51 PM Nellie Lutcher “Hurrry On Down” — N/A BUY
7:48 PM Ike Carpenter “Things Ain't What They Used To Be” — N/A BUY
7:45 PM Billy Wright “Stacked Deck” — N/A BUY
7:42 PM Count Basie “Open The Door Richard” — N/A BUY
7:39 PM King Pleasure “DB Blues” — N/A BUY
7:33 PM King Cole Trio “Gee Baby Ain't I Good to You” — N/A BUY
7:30 PM Melvin Smith “Looped” — N/A BUY
7:27 PM Joe Liggins “Trying To Lose These Blues” — N/A BUY
7:24 PM Tiny Bradhshaw “Boodie Green” — N/A BUY
7:21 PM Buddy Johnson/Prysock “You Had Better Change Your Way” — N/A BUY
7:18 PM Elliot Lawrence “60 Minute Man” — N/A BUY
7:15 PM Billie Holiday “Keeps on Raining” — N/A BUY
7:12 PM Mercy Dee “One Room Country Shack” — N/A BUY
7:09 PM Charles Brown “You Won't Let Me Go” — N/A BUY
7:06 PM Jimmy Liggins “Troubles Goodbye” — N/A BUY
7:03 PM Percy Mayfield “Two Hearts Are Greater Than One” — N/A BUY
7:00 PM Roy Brown “I Feel That Young Man's Rhythm” — N/A BUY
6 PM Hour,   March 9, 2024
6:57 PM Dinah Washington “Please Send Me Someone To Love” — N/A BUY
6:54 PM Ravens “Summertime” — N/A BUY
6:51 PM Ray Charles “Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand” — N/A BUY
6:48 PM Louis Jordan “Lollypop” — N/A BUY
6:45 PM Johnny Ace “Pledging My Love” — N/A BUY
6:42 PM Wynonie Harris “I Feel That Old Age Coming On” — N/A BUY
6:39 PM Annie Ross “Twisted” — N/A BUY
6:36 PM Wardell Gray “Twisted” — N/A BUY
6:33 PM Andy Kirk “Floyd's Guitar Blues” — N/A BUY
6:30 PM Slim & Slam “Flat Foot Floogie” — N/A BUY
6:27 PM Ivory Joe Hunter “I Almost Lost My Mind” — N/A BUY
6:24 PM Johnny Hodges “Castle Rock” — N/A BUY
6:21 PM Joe Turner “Rocks in My Bed” — N/A BUY
6:18 PM Floyd Dixon “Come Back Baby” — N/A BUY
6:15 PM Roy Milton “Coquette” — N/A BUY
6:12 PM Lonnie Johnson “Tomorrow Night” — N/A BUY
6:09 PM Camille Howard “Fool About You Daddy” — N/A BUY
6:06 PM BullMoose Jackson “I Want a Bow-Legged Woman” — N/A BUY
6:03 PM Lucky Millinder “There's Good Blues Tonight” — N/A BUY
6:00 PM Tiny Bradshaw “Soft” — N/A BUY
5 PM Hour,   March 9, 2024
5:59 PM Super Chikan “El Camino” — What You See BUY
5:58 PM Leo Welch & Sharde “Po Boy” — I Don't Prefer No Blues BUY
5:51 PM Doug MacLeod “The Sun Shine Down My Way” — Dubb BUY
5:47 PM Super Chikan “Down in the Delta” — Blues Come Home to Rooster BUY
5:40 PM Miss Gladys & Wesley Jefferson Band “Walking the Back Streets” — M for Mississippi: More Music from the Motion Picture BUY
5:36 PM Duwayne Burnside “See My Jumper Hanging on the Line” — Acoustic Burnside BUY
5:33 PM Lightnin' Malcolm “High Water” — Outlaw Justice BUY
5:27 PM Pat Thomas “Woke Up this Morning” — Mistakes Were Made BUY
5:24 PM CRUZ The Dame “You Sent Him Over” — You Sent Him Over BUY
5:20 PM Cadillac John & Bill Abel “Give It All to Me” — M for Mississippi BUY
5:13 PM Candice Ivory “See that my Grave is Kept Clean” — The Gator featuring BUY
5:11 PM Watermelon Slim “Too Much Alcohol” — Church of the Blues BUY
5:08 PM Rev Peyton's Big Damn Band “My Old Man Boogie” — Big Damn Nation BUY
5:00 PM Eden Brent “Mississippi Number One” — Mississippi Number One BUY
4 PM Hour,   March 9, 2024
4:50 PM Billy Childs “Into The Light” — Lyric BUY
4:39 PM Don Braden “Wish List” — Wish List BUY
4:30 PM Hal Galper “Soliloquy” — Art Work BUY
4:20 PM Joshua Breakstone “Hit It” — 2nd Avenue BUY
4:09 PM Jimmy Bruno Trio “Anthropology” — Live At Birdland BUY
4:00 PM Eastern Rebellion “Sunflower” — Mosaic BUY
3 PM Hour,   March 9, 2024
3:50 PM Essence All-Stars “True Blue” — Organic Grooves BUY
3:41 PM Franklin Clover Project “When I Fall In Love” — Two Worlds BUY
3:30 PM Randy Brecker “Hit or Miss” — In The Idiom BUY
3:21 PM The Chartbusters “Blues In A Jiff” — Chartbusters BUY
3:09 PM Essence Of Funk “Comin' Home Baby” — Hip Bop Essence BUY
3:00 PM Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers “Moanin'” — The Art Of Jazz BUY
2 PM Hour,   March 9, 2024
2:58 PM Tower Of Power “Down To The Night Club (Bump City) (Live)” — Soul Vaccination: Tower Of Power Live BUY
2:56 PM ~~~ Track info not available ~~~
2:50 PM Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band “The Phat Pack” — The Phat Pack BUY
2:39 PM Storm Symphonic Jazz Orchestra “Symphonic Captain's Journey” — Looking Forward, Looking Back BUY
2:34 PM Calm Symphonic Jazz Orchestra “Symphonic Captain's Journey” — Looking Forward, Looking Back BUY
2:28 PM The Hi-Lo's “Turkey In The Straw” — The Hi-Lo's Happen To Folk Songs BUY
2:25 PM Tony Bennet Count Basie Orchestra “Poor Little Rich Girl” — Strike Up The Band BUY
2:21 PM Samara Joy “Everything Happens to Me” — Samara Joy BUY
2:10 PM Chick Corea & Gary Burton “Eleanor Rigby” — Live at Burghausen Jazzfestival, 2011 BUY
2:05 PM Gary Willis “Everything's Cool ” — Bent BUY
1 PM Hour,   March 9, 2024
1:53 PM Victor Wooten, Dennis Chambers &Bob Franceshini “Liz & Opie” — TRYPNOTYX BUY
1:44 PM Bobby McFerrin “The Garden” — VOCAbuLarieS BUY
1:36 PM Joshua Redman Quartet “Mischief” — Moodswing BUY
1:29 PM GRP All-Star Big Band “Donna Dee” — GRP ALL-STAR BIG BAND/ JAPAN TOUR '93 BUY
1:25 PM Bob McChesney “Simple Gifts (Shaker Song)” — Come Sunday BUY
1:16 PM Stan Kenton and his Orchestra “A Little Minor Booze” — Live At Redlands University BUY
1:11 PM Anachronic Jazz Band “Salt Peanuts” — Anthropology BUY
1:09 PM Anachronic Jazz Band “Giant Steps ” — Anthropology BUY
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