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Bohemia After Dark: Where Hipster meets Hippie, Bopper meets Beatnik, Blues Brother meets Soul Sister, Swing meets Spoken Word. Claudia Russell (aka The Ever Lovin’ Jazz Kitty) brings an eclectic mix extending to all jazz and jazz-infused music to weeknights from 7 to 10 on Jazz 88.3. Multi-generational, always hip. Jazz and beyond finding a home where artists dwell. Sharing the sound of Bohemia After Dark. Dig and Be Dug.

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KSDS Presents the Top Female Jazz Pianists- Connie Han

Pianist/composer and Steinway Artist Connie Han has been described as “a decisively brazen talent with an exhilarating control of her skills and vision” by All About Jazz.  On her imminent Mack Avenue release Iron Starlet, Han manifests "an intimate clairvoyance into all that has come before her” with “uncompromising vitality” at the piano. Her powerful vision takes in the full evolution of her forebears, from iconic innovators like McCoy Tyner and Hank Jones through the Young Lions revolution spearheaded by the Marsalis Brothers, Kenny Kirkland and Jeff “Tain” Watts, among others.

“The music’s intention is to continue a legacy of tough, primal, raw but still intellectually engaging jazz,” Han declares. When discussing her new album, the 24-year-old is unafraid of using the word “tradition,” secure in the fact that she’s not a throwback but a fresh voice inheriting a legacy of raw power and urbane lyricism in the jazz piano idiom.

According to Downbeat Magazine, Han possesses “skills as a bop player of fearsome ability, a supple balladeer, and a groove merchant par excellence.” She has “already absorbed the post-bop piano masters” with “all the technical mastery she’ll ever need.” The New York Times describes her as “the rare musician with fearsome technical chops and a breadth of historical knowledge.” Jazziz Magazine predicts Iron Starlet will “confirm her as one of the brightest young stars in jazz.” On this trajectory, Connie Han continues on her stratospheric ascent in the jazz world as a major force to be reckoned with. 


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