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Each week KSDS explores a different theme each week--an era, group, artist, or style--with special guests, in-depth interviews, rare recordings, and commentary.

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Here are a few CD selections featured most recently:

Here are the 30 most recent tracks played on this show:

December 3rd at 9 AM Hour
9:54 AM Pete Christlieb “Tenors of Our Time” — Apogee BUY
9:42 AM Toshiko Akyoshi “March of the Tadpoles” — March of the Tadpoles BUY
9:37 AM Liz Gorrill “A Jazz Duet” — A Jazz Duet BUY
9:34 AM Connie Crothers “Concerto” — Duos BUY
9:28 AM Lenny Popkin “Chez Lennie” — Duos BUY
9:18 AM Alan Broadbent “E. 32nd St. Elegie” — Every Time I Think Of You BUY
9:14 AM Alan Broadbent “Lennie's Pennies” — Maybeck Recital Hall BUY
9:10 AM Alan Broadbent “Interview” — None BUY
9:03 AM Clare Fischer “Konitz's Lover Man” — Jazz Corps BUY
December 3rd at 8 AM Hour
8:55 AM Warne Marsh “Subconscious-lee” — Ne Plus Ultra BUY
8:40 AM Clare Fischer “Lennie's Pennies” — Thesauras BUY
8:32 AM Lennie Tristano “It's You Or No One” — Copenhagen BUY
8:17 AM Lennie Tristano “How Deep is the Ocean” — Personal Recordings BUY
8:11 AM Lennie Tristano “Dusk” — Personal Recordings BUY
8:05 AM Lennie Tristano “C Minor Complex” — The New Tristano BUY
December 3rd at 7 AM Hour
7:52 AM Lee Konitz/Jimmy Giuffre “Cork n' Bibb” — Konitz Meets Giuffre BUY
7:43 AM Lee Konitz “Palo Alto” — Live at the Half Note BUY
7:36 AM Lennie Tristano “Continuity” — Continuity BUY
7:29 AM Lee Konitz/Warne Marsh “Yardbird Suite” — Bandstand USA BUY
7:22 AM Warne Marsh “Too Close For Comfort” — Warne Marsh BUY
7:13 AM Warne Marsh “You Are Too Beautiful” — Music for Prancing BUY
7:01 AM Lee Konitz “Kary's Trance” — Very Cool BUY
November 26th at 9 AM Hour
9:57 AM Warne Marsh “Pop Goes the Leesel” — Coolin Off in California BUY
9:54 AM Warne Marsh “Background Music” — Coolin Off in California BUY
9:52 AM Warne Marsh “Discussion” — Coolin Off in California BUY
9:50 AM Warne Marsh “The Things I Love” — Coolin Off in California BUY
9:46 AM Warne Marsh “Interview with Warne Marsh” — Coolin Off in California BUY
9:44 AM Warne Marsh “Ad Libido” — Coolin Off in California BUY
9:43 AM Warne Marsh “Au Privave” — Coolin Off in California BUY
9:32 AM Lee Konitz “Pennies in Minor” — The Real Lee Konitz BUY

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