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Chris Springer
Chris Springer
No sense in having a dull Saturday when you can get the moves going with Chris Springer's Latin Grooves. Affectionately known as C-Love, he's got three hours of the hottest Latin, Salsa, and Afro-Cuban jazz we can stock (Fri/7-11p) so have a cool drink ready.

Also, you can connect to his Latin Grooves Facebook page.

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Here are a few CD selections featured most recently:

Here are the 30 most recent tracks played on this show:
May 18th at 10 PM Hour
10:53 PM Tommy Olivencia “vengo del monte” — Live
10:44 PM Tommy Olivencia “rumba a los santos” — Live
10:38 PM Tommy Olivencia “evelio y la rumba” — Live
10:33 PM Tommy Olivencia “viajera” — Live
10:28 PM Tommy Olivencia “lobo domisticado” — la herencia
10:24 PM Tommy Olivencia “pancuco” — la herencia
10:20 PM Tommy Olivencia “cuero na ma ” — la herencia
10:13 PM Tommy Olivencia “historia de un condenado” — Live
10:09 PM Tommy Olivencia “trucutu” — Live
10:04 PM Tommy Olivencia “periquito pin pin” — la herencia
May 18th at 9 PM Hour
9:59 PM Tommy Olivencia “plante bandera” — la herencia
9:54 PM Rick Davies “baile de amo” — salsa norteno
9:47 PM cache “cha cha cache” — cache
9:41 PM sonora poncena “remembranza” — puro sabor
9:36 PM Los Van Van “al paso” — Best of
9:31 PM tito rodriguez jr. “andante nena” — no vale la pena
9:26 PM Willie Rosario “mala mujer” — best of
9:22 PM mingo b “cuando se canta bonito” — various
9:13 PM michito sanchez orchestra “artista” — atencion
9:09 PM pete el conde rodriguez “bailando contigo” — generaciones
9:05 PM pete el conde rodriguez “plante bandera” — generaciones
May 18th at 8 PM Hour
8:57 PM Tito Puente “chanchullo” — Best Of
8:50 PM Orquesta Narvaez “vamos a gozar” — 65 infintary
8:45 PM chorolo y su combo “descarga atomica” — Best Of
8:37 PM Ondatropica “descarga tropica” — various
8:30 PM Black Sugar Sextet “estamos azucar” — estamos azucar
8:26 PM Tommy Olivencia “enganada” — la herencia
8:16 PM tommy olivenciala “pa lante otra vez” — la herencia
May 18th at 7 PM Hour
7:57 PM roberto torres “un caminante con salsa” — various
7:50 PM lalo rodriguez w/ machito orch “soy salsero” — fireworks

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