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Loosely Knit Chad Fox keeps the flame burning every Sunday evening between 6 and 8 p.m. exploring adventurous music of all persuasions. Grounded in the classic statements crafted by John Coltrane, Ornette Coleman, Albert Ayler, Roscoe Mitchell, Sun Ra and Cecil Taylor, Loosely Knit also embraces the development of European improvisers and you will often hear choice cuts from the ESP-Disk, Clean Feed, FMP, hatOLOGY and Black Saint labels and artists like Peter Brotzmann, Peter Kowald, Mike Osborne, Albert Manglesdorff and Mario Pavone. With one foot in the tradition of the American avant-garde and the other dancing gleefully to the sounds of modern masters like Mary Halvorson, Jason Adasiewicz, Matana Roberts, Rob Mazurek, and Darius Jones, Loosely Knit is the destination of choice for discerning and intrepid listeners of all stripes. Facebook.com/looselyknitjazz. Follow Chad on Twitter and Follow Chad on Instagram.

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Here are a few CD selections featured most recently:

Here are the 30 most recent tracks played on this show:

August 7th at 7 PM Hour
7:54 PM Charlie Haden “Dolphy's Dance” — The Montreal Tapes w/Geri Allen, Paul Motian BUY
7:46 PM Exploding Customer “Quoting Frippe: (What's The Name Of The Bass Player?)” — Live at Tampere Jazz Happening BUY
7:30 PM New York Art Quartet “O.C,” — Call It Art BUY
7:25 PM Mario Pavone “Bastos” — Boom BUY
7:15 PM Dave Douglas “D'Andrea” — Devotion BUY
7:08 PM Andrew Hill “Time Lines” — Time Lines BUY
7:00 PM Byard Lancaster “My Favorite Things” — Worlds BUY
August 7th at 6 PM Hour
6:50 PM Rent Romus' Life's Blood Ensemble “Cosmovision” — side three: New Work BUY
6:44 PM The Pyramids “They Came From Chicagao” — Otherworldly BUY
6:36 PM Sun Ra “Priest” — Somewhere Else BUY
6:28 PM Marty Ehrlich's Rites Quartet “Solace” — Frog Leg Logic BUY
6:23 PM Freedom Art Quartet “Kimbunga” — Spirits Awake BUY
6:13 PM Charles Tolliver and Music Inc. “Plight” — The Ringer BUY
6:04 PM Mitch Kessler “Erratica” — Erratica BUY
6:00 PM Cecil Taylor “Wallering” — Looking Ahead! BUY
July 31st at 7 PM Hour
7:48 PM Mark Dresser Seven “Black Arthur's Bounce (in memory of Arthur Blythe)” — Ain't Nothing but a Cyber Coup & You BUY
7:42 PM Blue Reality Quartet! “Joe's Train” — Blue Reality Quartet! BUY
7:32 PM Kjetil Moster “Pajama Jazz” — Ran Do BUY
7:25 PM The Matt Kendrick Unit “Jonesin'” — Art/Jazz BUY
7:20 PM Jacob Sacks “Ill Blues” — Fishes BUY
7:00 PM Keefe Jackson “Wind-Up Toy” — Just Like This BUY
July 31st at 6 PM Hour
6:53 PM Cortex “Blue Gromka” — Legal Tender BUY
6:48 PM Jason Roebke Octet “Shadow” — High Red Center BUY
6:42 PM JD Allen “Red Label” — Toys/Die Dreaming BUY
6:35 PM Will Bernard “Surds” — Pond Life BUY
6:30 PM Jacob Garchik “Pastiche” — Assembly BUY
6:22 PM Cecil Taylor “O.P. (Take 1)” — The Complete Candid Recordings Of Cecil Taylor And Buell Nei BUY
6:14 PM Francesco Cusa Trio “Accelerating” — From Sun Ra to Donald Trump BUY
6:09 PM Devin Gray “Down Time” — Dirigo Rataplan BUY
6:09 PM Erik Friedlander “Pendulum At Falcon's Lair” — Oscalypso (Tribute to Oscar Pettiford) BUY

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