Saturday Jazz

About The Program

Saturday Jazz is the radio place for a bit of everything. Miff Mole mixes it up with classic jazz recordings, straight-ahead music, contemporary sounds and new releases to our library.

Here are a few CD selections featured most recently:

Here are the 30 most recent tracks played on this show:

December 3rd at 4 PM Hour
4:58 PM Joe Lovano “Birdyard” — Birdsongs BUY
4:50 PM Greg Gisbert “Eleventh Hour” — Harcology BUY
4:44 PM Wayne Shorter “Infant Eyes” — Footprints: The Life and Music Of... BUY
4:37 PM Arthur Blythe “Opus 1” — Focus BUY
4:32 PM Ted Kooshian “Desert Island Track” — Hubub! BUY
4:24 PM Pat Martino “Black Glass” — Interchange BUY
4:17 PM Brian Charette “Polka Dot Pinup” — Jackpot BUY
4:10 PM The Bad Plus “As This Moment Slips Away” — The Bad Plus Joshua Redman BUY
4:03 PM Paul Bollenback “Dancing Leaf” — Invocation BUY
December 3rd at 3 PM Hour
3:57 PM Neil Swainson “Fool's Gold” — Fire In The West BUY
3:48 PM Alvin Batiste “Bat Trad” — Marsalis Music Honors Series BUY
3:41 PM Mike Wofford “Taksim Square” — Synergy BUY
3:33 PM Jackie McLean “The Reason Why” — Hipnosis BUY
3:25 PM Bryan Carter “Enchantment” — Enchantment BUY
3:20 PM Darren Johnston “Little Gold Fish” — Life in Time BUY
3:12 PM Doug Webb “Stanley” — Back East BUY
3:05 PM Christopher Hollyday “Autumn in New York” — Telepathy BUY
3:00 PM Rufus Reid “You Make Me Smile” — Celebration BUY
November 28th at 5 PM Hour
5:47 PM Jackie McLean “The Reason Why” — Hipnosis BUY
November 26th at 4 PM Hour
4:54 PM Art Pepper “Popo” — The Artistry Of... BUY
4:47 PM The Jazz Crusaders “Bachafillen” — The Best Of... BUY
4:40 PM Horace Silver Quintet “Virgo” — Six Pieces of Silver BUY
4:34 PM The Chartbusters “No Room For Squares” — Chartbusters BUY
4:29 PM Stefon Harris & Blackout “Go” — Sonic Creed BUY
4:23 PM Frank Strazzeri “Budo” — Frank's Blues BUY
4:14 PM Stan Getz & Chet Baker “It's You Or No One” — Quintessence Vol 2 BUY
4:10 PM Rebecca Coupe Franks “Mars” — Planets BUY
4:03 PM Alex Tremblay “City Of Angels” — Thoughts & Images BUY
November 26th at 3 PM Hour
3:56 PM Ken Fowser & Behn Gillece “Back To Back” — Duotone BUY

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