Sunday Night Jazz

About The Program

The conclusion of Free Time at 10pm can be jarring if one dives back into a subdued realm. Avoid that proposition by listening to Late Sunday Jazz until midnight. It's not FT but it has enough activity and enough commitment to make the transition easier. Sunday 10pm-Midnight.

Here are a few CD selections featured most recently:

Here are the 30 most recent tracks played on this show:

August 7th at 11 PM Hour
11:51 PM Brian Bromberg “Chameleon” — Downright Upright BUY
11:41 PM John Stowell - Scenes “Macchu Picchu” — Along The Way BUY
11:30 PM Mike Clark “Stuff” — Actual Proof BUY
11:22 PM Kenny Garrett “African Exchange Student” — African Exchange Student BUY
11:11 PM Gary Burton Quartet, Eberhard Weber “Sea Journey” — Passengers BUY
11:00 PM Arthur Blythe “Jana's Delight” — Retroflection BUY
August 7th at 10 PM Hour
10:50 PM Christian Scott “An Unending Repentance” — Yesterday You Said Tomorrow BUY
10:41 PM Eric Von Essen “Silvana” — The Music of Eric Von Essen Vol. 1 BUY
10:30 PM Peter Erskine “New Old Age” — You Never Know BUY
10:21 PM Dave Douglas “Little Feet” — Time Travel BUY
10:10 PM George Schuller “Common Mama” — Like Before, Somewhat After BUY
10:00 PM Michael Brecker “Syzygy” — Michael Brecker BUY
July 31st at 11 PM Hour
11:53 PM John McNeil “Bernie's Tune” — East Coast Cool BUY
11:46 PM Goldings, Bernstein, Stewart “Lurkers” — Perpetual Pendulum BUY
11:36 PM Thomas Marriott “Tout De Suite” — Individuation BUY
11:29 PM Wallace Roney “Lawra” — Verses BUY
11:22 PM Ben Allison “Voyage of the Nautilus” — Moments Inside BUY
11:12 PM Joshua Redman “Molten Soul” — Elastic BUY
11:07 PM Boris Kozlov “The More Things Change” — First Things First BUY
11:01 PM Frank Rosolino “Free for All” — Fond Memories BUY
July 31st at 10 PM Hour
10:52 PM Chris Potter “Migrations” — Traveling Mercies BUY
10:45 PM Marcus Printup “Eclipse” — Unveiled BUY
10:37 PM D.D. Jackson “Jam Band” — Sigame BUY
10:31 PM Fred Hersch Trio w/Crosby Street String Quartet “Begin Again” — Breath By Breath BUY
10:22 PM Ximo Tebar “26-2” — Steps BUY
10:14 PM Steve Khan “Turnaround” — Headline BUY
10:08 PM John Gordon, Bill Charlap “Compensation” — Contrasts BUY
10:00 PM Roberto Magris “Match Point” — Match Point BUY

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