The Saturday Night Blues Ball

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Join KSDS Jazz 88.3’s Ron Dhanifu for the Saturday Night Blues Ball featuring a vast landscape of the Blues from Robert Johnson to Christone “Kingfish” Ingram and everything in between.

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Here are a few CD selections featured most recently:

Here are the 30 most recent tracks played on this show:

October 1st at 11 PM Hour
11:53 PM Aretha Franklin - James Cleveland “Precious Memories” — Jubilation, Vol. 1 (Black Gospel) BUY
11:41 PM Mavis Staples “You Are Not Alone” — You Are Not Alone BUY
11:24 PM Earl Gaines “If I Could Do It All Over” — Nothin' But the Blues BUY
11:18 PM Jeannie - Jimmy Cheatham “Rock Me in Your Arms Tonight” — Back to the Neighborhood BUY
11:14 PM Muddy Waters “After Hours” — Can't Get No Grindin' BUY
11:10 PM Nancy Wilson “Let's Make The Most Of A Beautiful Thing” — Welcome To My Love BUY
11:01 PM Roy Gaines and his Orchestra “Rock With You” — Tuxedo Blues BUY
October 1st at 10 PM Hour
10:53 PM Bryan Lee “My Lady Don't Love My Lady” — My Lady Don't Love My Lady BUY
10:50 PM Ms. Jody “I Might Be Your Part Time Lover But I Won't Be Your Full Tim” — I Never Take A Day Off BUY
10:47 PM Tutu Jones “Romance Avenue” — Staying Power BUY
10:40 PM Jimmy Dawkins “If It Ain't Love” — B Phur Real BUY
10:36 PM Dennis Jones “Somthing Good” — Passion For The Blues BUY
10:24 PM Willie Kent “Help Me Make It” — Make Room For The Blues BUY
10:20 PM Artie "Blues Boy" White “All in the Open Now” — Different Shades Of Blue BUY
10:16 PM Ann Rabson “Not as Sorry as I Used to Be” — Struttin' My Stuff BUY
10:12 PM Lee "Shot" Williams “Who's Knockin' Boots?” — Starts with a P. BUY
10:08 PM Teresa Roberson “Nobody Told Me” — Na Na Song BUY
10:04 PM Johnny Rawls “Got to be Careful” — Lucky Man BUY
10:00 PM Junior Wells “Why Are People Like That?” — Keep on Steppin': The Best of Junior Wells BUY
October 1st at 9 PM Hour
9:51 PM Candye Kane “I'm Lucky” — Guitar'd And Feathered BUY
9:47 PM Stevie Ray Vaughan - Double Trouble “Change It” — Soul to Soul BUY
9:43 PM John Mayall “All My Life” — A Sense Of Place BUY
9:36 PM Denise LaSalle “Blues Party Tonight” — Smokin' In Bed BUY
9:21 PM Nathaniel Dove “I'm Ready” — Deep Blues Experience BUY
9:17 PM Laurie Morvan Band “Ooh Ooh Baby” — Fire It Up! BUY
9:13 PM Clyde Hopkins “Don't Mistreat a Friend” — Don't Mistreat a Friend BUY
9:09 PM Toni Lynn Washington “Bad Intentions” — Blue at Midnight BUY
9:05 PM Big Pete Pearson “Sister From the City” — Finger In Your Eye BUY
9:00 PM Irene Reid “Ain't Doing Too Bad” — I Ain't Doing Too Bad BUY
October 1st at 8 PM Hour
8:56 PM The Hoodoo Kings “If I Ever Get Lucky” — The Hoodoo Kings BUY

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