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Benny Golson Documentary

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Blog Author:San Diego's Jazz 88.3

Posted on:January 17, 2023

For the last four years producer, Jacey Falk has been working on his first film. The film, Benny Golson: Looking Beyond The Horizon. The film documents the life of jazz icon, Benny Golson.

A legendary saxophonist, composer and arranger are all things that could be said about the jazz icon. For over 65 years he has left an ineradicable mark on the worlds of music and pop culture. His songs Killer Joe, I Remember Clifford, Whisper Not, Stablemates, Blues March & Along Came Betty have become jazz standards and his saxophone techniques have been studied by musicians around the world. “Looking Beyond The Horizon” takes the viewer on a magic carpet ride into his illustrious career. Tom Hanks, Quincy Jones, Jon Batiste, Branford Marsalis, Naughty By Nature, Kevin Eubanks and others also help tell the Golson story.

The film is well on its way to completion and now the remaining funds are needed to achieve that goal. Here is the GoFundMe link if you want to help support the making of this film. The Benny Golson story is an important story and it needs to be told!

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