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Using Anchors

Blog Name:Jazz 88.3 Website Development

Blog Author:Lev Shamilov

Posted on:August 9, 2016

This is a simple instruction to add anchors to the blog articles using NetChain Communications Web Framework Control Panel.

To add an anchor to the blog article you need to select any word or image which will be used as the place-holder for the anchor. This is simply to tell the system about the location of your anchor, not to be confused with the the actual anchor word, which you will specify later.


Let's say you want to place the anchor at word "Example" (see above) and the actual anchor word suppose to be "sample". To do that, select the word Example. You can select several words or an image, but selecting more than one word doesn't make sense, because the anchor drops to the top edge of the selected object anyway. Then press on the Bookmark button (5th button in the second row of the blog editor). This will bring up the Bookmark dialog box, as shown below.

If you don't have any existing bookmarks/anchors on the same page, then the list above will be empty, otherwise you will see other bookmarks. Just type the desired word that you want to use as the anchor in the Name text-box, in our case word "sample" and press the insert button. After that you will see the OK button and now just press the OK button.

That's it. 

Now you can link to this page using the entire address and adding the pound symbol and the anchor word at the end, like this:

As always, when finish editing, don't forget to press the Update or Apply button in the upper left corner of the blog editor, so save the changes in your article, before you can see the changes. You don't need to reload website after making changes on the already existing article, so you can just refresh the page with the article to make sure your changes work.

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