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Creative Music August 28, 2014 10pm - Midnight
Blog Name: Progressive NightsAuthor: Miff Mole Posted on: August 29, 2014
Three Day Weekend! Award Winning Jazz Radio! Large Ensembles Set On Stun!
  • I might be persnickety when it comes to Personal Inclinations In Music Selection but it was a full-on throw-down program of large groups, ensembles, big bands, and like that. On the one hand there was no Sun Ra or 8 Bold Souls or Creative Orchestra Music. On the other, Secret Society and New York Hieroglyphics and Box Canyon Overview. "It's all about texture" said Jared Gold after slaying us at Oliver Lake some years back.
  • Lester Bowie. Enough said. Well, okay...Julius Hemphill, too. Very High Level.
  • Sam Rivers swang at the conclusion and really wrapped it up.
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Creative Music August 21, 2014 10pm - Midnight
Blog Name: Progressive NightsAuthor: Miff Mole Posted on: August 22, 2014
Straight to bullet points:
  • Did not know that Joey DeFrancesco plays trumpet. The new disc with Bobby Hutcherson and Billy Hart is sweet but my ears went 'wait, what?' Had to go to the liner notes. Did not know that.
  • Viper's Drag makes me pine for Air Lore. Long time in between, less so if I had more time and attention span.
  • Marc Cary surely must be in the running for top pianist. Not competitively or categorically, but thinking about unique voice and interaction and dynamic group chemistry...right up there, near the top.
Somebody asked me if I mean it when I say "Thanks for listening." Well, you know, of course I mean it. The whole show has been about intention and then at the end I'm gonna bs? No, I am not gonna. Thanks for listening!
Creative Music August 14, 2014 10pm - Midnight
Blog Name: Progressive NightsAuthor: Miff Mole Posted on: August 15, 2014
Initial impressions for three bullet point items regarding 8/14:
  • Ian Tordella made Stereolab sound like a genius. Pretty sure I said Radiohead on the show. Either way, Tragic Comedy is great.
  • Still really like the Steve Wilson/Lewis Nash "Duologue." That's not going to change either, especially after Friday shift where Freedom Jazz Dance is solo drums. nice.
  • Davis played by Archie Shepp on tenor sax and Buell Neidlinger on bass somehow makes me feel like Dali played by Coleman Hawkins. The sound is deep.
  • Jeff Parker Trio is a shapeshifter, fitting anywhere as needed like the Index of Possibilities.
Thanks for listening...
Creative Music August 7, 2014 10pm - Midnight
Blog Name: Progressive NightsAuthor: Miff Mole Posted on: August 8, 2014
Rahsaan Roland Kirk gets the birthday spotlight feature and recognition for being very far out front and totally at ease with it. If he created only "Three For The Festival" his role would have been fulfilled. That line has a critical mass that will not be denied. As it is, there is more inspirational material for musicians and listeners alike. Elsewhere...
  • Steve Wilson / Lewis Nash "Duologue" goes straight onto my list of favorite duo recordings. Buster Bee, the Haden duos, Waldron/Lacy. Yeah, Duologue is on that list.
  • In Between pretty much anticipates Dysnomia although it's easy to say that in retrospect. That's the only reason except also to mention that Dawn of Midi is returning to San Diego 9/20 at Carlsbad Music Festival. Dysnomia is actually dangerous when consumed live.
  • Kirk closes with deception in the form of Untitled Blues and Lester Leaps In. Gotta watch your sacroiliac.
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Jazz 88.3 JazzWeek Station of the Year 2014
Blog Name: Home Page NewsAuthor: Miff Mole Posted on: August 7, 2014
Message from Jazz 88.3 Program Director, Claudia Russell- "We are thrilled to receive this award. The JazzWeek awards are voted on by people directly connected to the industry. Our listeners vote for us every time they tune in and we will continue to strive to give you our best."
Creative Music July 31, 2014 10pm - Midnight
Blog Name: Progressive NightsAuthor: Miff Mole Posted on: July 31, 2014
One of my first go-to albums as a young DJ was Fried Buzzard by Lou Donaldson. Idris Muhammad was there. And now there is the sorrow of his passing. He was artistic and he was solid. Beyond that, he recorded in the upper echelon of the modern cats with traditional roots. Dig him.
  1. Lou Donaldson - Midnight Creeper
  2. Ahmad Jamal - Big Byrd
  3. Joe Lovano - Friendly Fire
  4. Charles Earland - Black Talk
  5. Pharoah Sanders - Sun In Aquarius
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Creative Music July 24, 2014 10pm - Midnight
Blog Name: Progressive NightsAuthor: Miff Mole Posted on: July 25, 2014
A lot of orange this time, heavy lines in the lower layers. Ideas forming thinking hearing music...
  • Titles as colors: Contours, Silent Observation, Undula.
  • Titles as structure: Hottentot, Question, Metamorphosis.
  • Titles as primary: Absence, Coaster, Pulse
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Creative Music July 17, 2014 10pm - Midnight
Blog Name: Progressive NightsAuthor: Miff Mole Posted on: July 18, 2014
To pay proper tribute to bassist Charlie Haden would take some hours, even days. A national holiday would work but two hours is all I have. This program focused on three things; Ornette Coleman, Keith Jarrett, and the duets.
  • Death and the Flower - this brews into a creative storm without leaving a mark.
  • First Song - (for Ruth) is often added, for his wife. Pretty tune, with Pat Metheny. A lot of people love him, Metheny.
  • Circus '68 '69 - from the carousel intro to the chaotic finale, a great translation of political dystopia. Music Liberation Orchestra.
  • Back Home Blues - a Charlie Parker line from Quartet West. Cleanse the palate, ready to continue.
  • Folk Medley - little solo tucked into the middle of Don Cherry's Art Deco. Proof of Haden's value.
  • Blues In Motian - Could have done two hours of Montreal Tapes and been happy.
  • Pocket Full of Cherry - Keith Jarrett plays alto sax, Dewey Redman on tenor. 60th minute at full tilt.
  • For a Free Portugal - with Paul Motian.  see this
  • Out of Focus - with Don Cherry.
  • O.C. - with Ornette Coleman.
  • Blues Connotation, Folk Tale, and Ramblin. This was it. This was where I started. One of the places, anyway.
  • For Turiya - with Alice Coltrane on harp. A heavenly sendoff. Happy/sad right now.
Thanks for listening

Creative Music July 10, 2014 10pm - Midnight
Blog Name: Progressive NightsAuthor: Miff Mole Posted on: July 13, 2014
Missed the live blog on Thursday night, went camping, came back to World Cup final. Exhausted of every bit of concentration but there are still highlights that shine through.
  • More research into George Russell is warranted. A great period in the early 60's with incredible timeless creativity of arrangement and playing. Ezz-thetic, Stratusphunk, In K.C.
  • Trane, India, extended group, Village Vanguard. Free Time!
  • Rob Mazurek, Skull Sessions. Could solid matter become more dense? When do layers of sound collapse and/or expand by telepathic insinuation? Yes, and on cue, generally speaking.
Thanks for listening.
Creative Music July 3, 2014 10pm - Midnight
Blog Name: Progressive NightsAuthor: Miff Mole Posted on: July 4, 2014
Here is an example of cross-media promotion, I assume, or in other words pushing the same material through a new outlet. On facebook last night I posted "On My Mind: Index of Possibilities, Transitions, and several Blind Shots." The Index of Possibilities is automatic within the concept of Creative Music. Transitions are useful/mandatory juxtapositions of texture between moving Index Items. Blind Shots are simply a blind shot or more.
  • Rudy Royston- Gangs of New York- 303
  • Horace Tapscott, so much
  • Solo 1 gets a shot in the final minute...stoppage time goal!
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