May 7, 2012

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Our Music Director, Joe Kocherhans, will be in Europe!

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Posted on:May 7, 2012

Attention to all our European fans and listeners! Our music director, Joe Kocherhans, will be across the pond during the month of May and may be near you. If youíre interested in a meet ní greet sort of thing, heíll be in these towns during the following dates:

May 9 - 13: Dubrovnik, Croatia
May 14-16: Split, Croatia
May 17-19: Bruges, Belgium
May 20-22: Brussels, Belgium
May 23-25: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
May 26-27: Sligo, Ireland
May 28: Donegal, Ireland
May 29-30: Dunfanaghy, Ireland
May 31: Belfast, Northern Ireland
June 1: Dublin, Ireland

Shoot him an email at joek at jazz88 dot org if youíre interested in meeting up with him!