October 13, 2014

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Ray Brown - Jazz 88 Artist of the Week October 13 2014

Blog Name:Jazz 88.3 Blog

Blog Author:Vince Outlaw

Posted on:October 13, 2014

Ray Brown, bassist extraordinaire in both mainstream and be-bop styles, met and played with Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie on his first day in New York in 1945, having been born (October 13, 1926) and grown up in Pittsburgh, PA. The famous Ray Brown Trio included, among other pianists, San Diego's own Geoffrey Keezer! You'll be hearing from this fantastic leader, accompanist, and mentor all week on San Diego's Jazz 88.3!

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Creative Music October 9, 2014 10pm - Midnight

Blog Name:Progressive Nights

Blog Author:San Diego's Jazz 88.3

Posted on:October 13, 2014

Generally speaking I'm slow to assemble a program. I'm open to suggestion from anywhere beforehand. But when it all comes into focus and the thoughts, pictures, and memories build a structures that is ready. I leave a window open, just in case.
  • Rambler is a fun tune by tuba master Bob Stewart. I'm so glad Arthur Blythe has included the lower register in so much of his work. Grandpa had a Rambler and it was something else entirely.
  • Ken Thomson is Who To Watch For. Out of the blue is this tune called Welding For Freedom and it justifies my strategy of leaving a window open. Win/win.
  • Nathan Hubbard collect SDMA for Best Jazz Album. There was a lot of texture in the eleven o'clock hour. Tons of great names contributing, and Nathan making it bubble. xlnt
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