November 23, 2015

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Fourplay Celebrates 25 Years With Silver Leading New Release at Jazz 88.3 November 23 2015

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Posted on:November 23, 2015

A full spectrum mix of New Jazz Music being added to the Jazz 88.3 Music Library the week of November 16, 2015, including music from vocal Lee Hartley ("Whole Lotta Something'" who recently performed at the historic Jazz 88.3 Happy Hour with Legend Les McCann (who just so happen's to guest on Lee's new disc!). These new releases will be featured by all your favorite Jazz 88.3 hosts in the weeks to come!
Fourplay Celebrates 25 Years With Silver Leading New Release at Jazz 88.3 November 23 2015
Your Jazz 88.3 hosts will be introducing you to these new releases all week, so Listen Long, Often, and LIVE at 88.3 FM San Diego and Worldwide at!  

READ THE FULL ARTICLE for links to artists websites, release reviews, and additional listening notes from the Jazz 88 Music staff....

THANK YOU - 2015 Fall Membership Drive Final Moments and Top 10 Jazz Artists

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Posted on:November 23, 2015

Congratulations to everyone for a very successful 2015 Fall Membership Drive. The drive concluded during an electric final few minutes of The Guitar Hour with Jazz 88.3 Guests, Staff, and Volunteers gathered for the announcement of the final Daily and Grand Sweepstakes Winners, along with the unofficial total amount raised. We have an unofficial total of 193,000 which will go a little higher when all the pledges are totaled.  That is a very impressive number and you should all be very proud of the effort made to support Jazz here in San Diego and around the world!

If you missed the last minutes, please relive it with us by playing our Jazz 88 Speakeasy Audio of the final minutes...

The Favorite Artist Poll Winner is Miles Davis. Thank you all for making your voice heard...this is an all star lineup for sure! Your hosts will be playing this music through the day Monday and during the week as we celebrate this great pledge drive with you!
This is the top ten in order:
  1. Miles Davis
  2. Frank Sinatra
  3. Dave Brubeck
  4. Thelonious Monk
  5. John Coltrane
  6. Duke Ellington
  7. Ella Fitzgerald
  8. Oscar Peterson
  9. Billie Holiday
  10. Pat Metheny