April 6, 2015

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How Jazz 88.3 Hosts and Listeners Are Sharing Billie Holiday's 100th Birthday

Blog Name:Jazz 88.3 Blog

Blog Author:Vince Outlaw

Posted on:April 6, 2015

April 7, 2015 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of one of the most influential Jazz artists in the history of the music, Billie Holiday. The impact of her music is something that Jazz 88.3 on-air hosts try to communicate when they individually hand-program their daily and weekly shows...As Jazz 88.3's Sue Palmer says, 

"What a force Billie was!!!"

To mark the occasion, some of the on-air hosts at Jazz 88.3 have contributed thoughts and some of the digital resources they use when individually programming their music shows for their Jazz 88.3 listeners and supporters.  Jazz 88.3 hosts today will be remembering Lady Day by sharing the great music she has made and influenced with you, so please LISTEN LIVE by radio, cable, computer, smartphone wherever you may be.

READ THE FULL ARTICLE for thoughts, links, video's, and more...and then SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON LADY DAY via a COMMENT below or on any of of SOCIAL MEDIA platforms.