June 4, 2015

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Young Jazz Lions Looking For A New Den

Blog Name:Jazz 88.3 Blog

Blog Author:Vince Outlaw

Posted on:June 4, 2015

Word came to Jazz 88.3 via Facebook from San Diego Jazz trumpter, band leader, educator, and entrepreneur Gilbert Castellanos...

 Hello family & friends, I am sad to say that the month of June will be the last month for the Young Lions series at Croce's Park West. I want to thank the people who came out on Wednesday nights to support the young musicians. I am proud of the young talented musicians for the work they put into promoting their night, preparing and rehearsing music for their sets, and showing true professionalism on stage. This is really where my passion and heart and soul is, watching these young adults blossom into amazing musicians! I also want to thank Ingrid Croce and Jimmy Rock for giving us a home to perform for the last 16 months. I DO NOT want this to be the end of the young lion series! It's crucial that we keep this going for the future of jazz in San Diego! As of today, I am searching for a new home for the series! I would love to get the program back on it's feet by July! Please feel free to inbox me if you would like to share your thoughts/suggestions! 

Keep jazz alive!!!

With love and respect,


Gilbert estimates that there have been over 200 young musicians that have played for the series, with 80% of them still in high school. The evening usually draws a big crowd with standing room only being not uncommon. Gilbert's goal is to "find a venue that can guarantee the young musicians a fee" in order to keep the evening free and "really pack the joint!" According to Gilbert, the lions have been doing a "great job" promoting their nights on the bandstand. 

Jazz 88.3 is helping to get this search underway with this blog post, but this is an opportunity that will take the community of business leaders, art directors and presenters, music educators to move forward AND ESPECIALLY the support of Jazz, Music, Education, and Art Lovers and Supporters dedicating themselves to go and see and hear and exhort The Future of Jazz forward to do as Gilbert says, KEEP JAZZ ALIVE, at whatever home these Young Lions find next. 

If you have ideas for a venue to keep the Young Lions series alive, contact Gillbert Castellanos via email at Gilbertc1972@aol.com, his personal Facebook page or the Gilbert Castellanos Music Facebook Fan Page (and give it a "Like" too ;) 

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